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***** AUTHOR'S NOTE *****

We are writing this story from the perspective of a group of closely knit young men, living in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

This chapter is written from the perspective of Brayen.

We use "--------------" to indicate the passage of time, as necessary.

Tyler & Brayen


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Tyler & Brayen

Thicker than Water - Chapter 2

I walked across the hall into the bathroom; head, spinning. Ever since I was six, I knew I was gay; never a doubt, but never have I let my mates know. I knew I had the hot's for Bryan when we were in secondary school ... my feelings have only intensified with time. Hearing about his dad watching him cop a root with a bloke ... jealousy and a little hurt; but, he didn't know ... how could he, I never let on.

We were just in the shower, totally naked; me getting off on my mate; fingering my spoof deep into him; making, me, a part of, him!

My cock, hard again ... rock hard.

Maybe I'll douche, then finger myself for a while, thinking of Bryan smashing my back, before wanking one out.

No way I could sleep ... just, no way.



warm water plunging into the toilet; final round complete.

Whistle clean.

I put the bag, hose and nozzle back in their little sack, tucking it inside my travel bag; carefully, placing the bag in the under cabinet.

I turned the shower on, letting the water warm until the glass was fogged before stepping in.

Ahhhh, heat felt good dancing on my skin. I lathered up, washing every part of me; the day rinsing down the drain. I dried off, hanging my towel next to the unused one I'd pulled for Bryan.

Squeeze of Colgate; tingle on tongue as I finished. Turning, I could see Bella's nose pressed under the door. I opened the door, Bella licking my toes; bending to scratch her chin.

I walked down the hall to my room, looking out onto the deck; a flash scorching the sky. Hmmm, looks like a big one.

I opened the siding glass door, pulling Gem's bed inside -- no way she'd be out tonight. Bella was already curled up on the bottom of the bed.

I pulled a pair of Iron Man Avengers out of my dresser, slipping them on. My cock, semi; I gave a short tug, freeing my balls.

I walked down the hall, entering the master bathroom. I cleaned everything, mopping up water from around the shower. Mmmm; I closed my eyes ... cock jumping as I relived every part of Bryan. I dumped the wet towels into the laundry then made my way to the dining room.

Bright flashes outside as I sat at the table. I poured a tall vodka, slowly sipping it, enjoying the burn. I walked around, turning out lights; dimming the one over the table.

White-blue strobe followed by the distant sound of barrels tumbling ... patter of rain on the window; petrichor ... the smell of rain filled the room. I took a deep breath ... mmmm, fresh. I feel good ... just the right amount of spirits; cozy, here at home.

I poured a quarter glass; screwing the top, placing what remained of the vodka back in the bureau. I turned the dining light off. Soft traces of blue-white flashes followed me as I walked down the hall. I peeked in on Bryan ... gentle snores; the tan of his torso, latte brown.

I left his door cracked.

My room is straight across from the main bath. Sliding glass doors open onto a small deck that connects to a main deck; full pool and sauna. I fluffed a pillow, setting my drink on the night stand. I plugged the earpods into my iPod, snuggly putting them in my ears, flipping to 'fav1' playlist; lying back, feeling the pillow connect. I reached over, dimming the light. I took a long sip, letting the vapors warm my sinuses.

My hand wandered along the inner band of my Avengers; finger brushing the inside of my ball sac; skin barely stroking the hairs, cock swelling rapidly.

'Tell me something I need to know

Then take my breath and never let it go

If you just let me invade your space

I'll take the pleasure, take it with the pain'

Eyes closed. Ariana Grande in the middle of my head.

Bryan sprinting then jumping, straddling a player as he scored a specky; hard pack and treasure trail beaded in sweat, exposed, as he threw the high mark.

'Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder

And if you really need me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder

Baby, love me harder

Love me, love me, love me

Harder, harder, harder'

Ariana, vibrating through me.

Bryan, at Surfers Paradise Beergarden, leaning back in a chair wearing a wife beater, biceps bulging; winking at me.

Uhhh ... my finger slipped along, lightly grazing my shaft; rising and falling along the veins ... slowly ... moving up ... squeezing my head.

'If you know about me and choose to stay

Then take this pleasure and take it with the pain'

Spotting Bryan in the gym, watching him chalk before benching; silky black tuffs of hair peeking from under his arms as he pressed weight, junk straining under red nylon.

'Can you feel the pressure between your hips?

I'll make it feel like the first time'

My hand worked its way, completely in my briefs ... cupping my sac, slowly tugging.

Bryan in the sauna, large feet resting next to mine; long dense eyelashes lazily blinking, sun on his face.

So what do I do if I can't figure it out?

'You got to try, try, try again, yeah'

Billy and Bryan shirtless, scoring a goal; belly-bumping each other 'congrats' ... the crack between Bryan's globes glistening, as he turned and 'rat-tailed' me with his wet tee; his smell, on the side of my neck all the way to the pub, after the game.

'Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder (love me harder)

And if you really need me, you gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, got to love me harder (Imma love you harder)

Love me, love me, love me

Harder, harder, harder'


I ripped the ear pods out ... a hand on my shoulder.

Eyes wide open. Bella jumped off the bed; Gem on all fours.

"s'orry hopper," Bryan's voice hovered over; my hand slowly retreating from my briefs. "didn't mean to startle you,"

"Dott," breathing, calmer, "no worries, mate".

I sat up.

Bryan was holding a wet towel at his side; Avengers hugging his manliness. I sat on the edge of the bed, Bryan approached ... his leg moving between mine.

"wuz i   ...   wuz i dreaming?"   voice, husky with a little scratch.

"uh," licking my lips, tongue sticking ... mouth bone dry,   "no,"

Time ... lethargic.

Bryan's eyelids dreamily opening then closing.

Slowly he moved forward; leg nesting on my crotch ... me responding.

Bryan leaned in ... me lying back; strong arms supported his frame ... hovering over me.

Soft lips on mine ... Dott kissed me; slow, sensual ... gently tugging on my lower lip as he pulled back; eyes softly locked to mine.

"D o t t," i whispered.

Dott put a finger over my lips.

"Shhhhh," his finger gingerly running along my cheek.

Dott looked into me as his finger slowly descended ... softness dancing on my neck; my cock throbbing, pressed wetly in my Avengers, against him. Heat pulsed between us.

"I have wanted you bro," lowering to a breath, "for    s o     long,"

"Aa aaa aaa aah," his finger migrated, pausing on my apple, then skimming along my skin; the back of his hand resting in the center of my chest ... my heart beating against him.

"I was the one," he paused as his knuckles grazing my cheek, "who hid from y o u,".

Dott's breath grazed my other cheek, nose skimming mine; our lips touching ... Dott nibbling; me responding.

"Bro," voice scraping, body shivering, "y o u," ... barely audible, "it's always been," my lips pecked his, "y o u,".

Dott took my hand, pulling me up. Firm hands encircled my neck, thumbs gently stroking my jaws; lips joining; his tongue entering me ... exploring, slowly ... mine responding. Dott lowered his hand to the nape of my neck; fingers barely touching my skin ... heat pulsed between us.

SNAAPPPPP ... the room lucent white ... then, BOOOOMMMMM , a wash of rain slapped against glass.

"Yeah Hop," Dott's smile creeping across my lips, "EXACTLY how I feel,"; his meat, throbbing, rock hard against mine.

A steady roar surrounded us ... belts of rain mixed with hail, beat against the roof; pings ... hail knocking on the glass ... clangs hitting the gutters.

Dott turned off the light.

Flickers of whitish-blue strobed through the glass; Dott slowly sliding to his knees.

"ahh," I gasped; Dott's tongue flicking, tasting the excitement soaking through my Avengers,

"grrrrr," a deep growl as prenut swirled over his buds, "oh fuck Brayen," tongue pushing, lips surrounding my cock head; hands gripping his head ... Dott kneading my globes.

Dott tugged, pulling the Avenger's down; bush fluffing out, meat springing ... Dott's warm mouth engulfing me.

"Aw fuck!" hands gripped his head; wet warmth all around me; legs weakening.

CLAPPPP ping clang RUUMMmmmmbbbllll ... rrroooarrrrrr     a band of rain as another squall hit.

Dott's mouth surrounding me ... tongue swirling over veinage ... pulse; prenutt pushed out of my slit,

"mmmmmmm," Dott's hands gripped my ass as my flavor hit.

Dott slowly pulled off, rising.

My finger, shaking, edged forward ... nipple jumping, erect; knuckles skimming along the soft hairs of his chest; finger in the fissure of six pack. I lowered myself, inhaling Dott's masculinity; hands shaking, lowering his Avengers. Thick veiny wetness on my lips ... slurping, slowly, toward his cock head; tongue dipping into the large slit ... prenut spraying. I sucked Dott's manhood into my mouth,

"Aw shit," Dott panted, "holy fuck, y e a h," as I munched down, Dott's essence, full; sweet creaminess on my buds.

Working him ... driving him ... prenut spraying; tasting.

"mmmmm," my cock jumped, dripping with excitement.

Dott gently extracted himself,

"Brus, gotta slow," as he helped me up. Dott gently caressed my neck, soft lips nibbling mine. Dott's hands slipped around my torso; my arms hugged his neck, foreheads resting together.

"a over t"    I whispered ('arse over tit' ... head over heels)

"a over t"   Dott's fingernails browsed my belly.

rrrrooooaaaarrrr    another band of rain blasted    ...   ping clang , ping ping clang, ping ping

Dott slowly pulled away, hand lingering on my hip.

"Be right back mate," as he slipped from the room.

I scooped up my iPod, placing it into the sound dock; flipping on the 'favs2' playlist.

Distant sound, Dott's strong torrent hitting water, made my cock throb; all manly man. I slipped the covers down, crawling into bed, pulling the sheet over; fluffing the extra pillow.

Dott appeared, leaning on the doorframe ... strobing blue-white silhouette. Slowly he walked over, the roar of rain dampened as Peter Gabriel's voice surrounded us,

'The book of love is long and boring

No one can lift the damn thing

Its full of charts and facts'

Dott slowly pulled the sheet down, crawling on top of me; heartbeat thumping, warm breath, tingles along my skin; his toes pushing against mine.

'But I,

I love it when you read me.

And you,

You can read me anything'

My legs slid up, toes softly caressing him, sliding up then over the hardness of his globes; our lips entwined, cocks pressed, excitement seeping ... wetting us.

'The book of love has music in it,

In fact that's where music comes from'

Tongues violently wanting, needing ... exploring, tasting; hands feeling, fingers knowing ... wandering ... tingles, electricity as our bodies ground together.

'But I

I love it when you sing to me.

And you,

You can sing me anytime'

Dott slowly moved, our mixing prenut dribbling, wetting the sheet below; warm moist softness of his tongue along my skin ... tasting, glancing down me ... swirling around my nipples, pulling them firmly erect.

Shivers descended through me as Dott made his way along my belly, dipping into my navel, swirling around the rim; strong hands gently slipping over me; my fingers, exploring his back, neck, the back of his head ... soft litheness of his ears.

'And I,

I love it when you give me things.

And you,

You ought to give me wedding rings'

Dott nibbled along the rim of my forest, cock pulsing under his chin ... inhaling; tongue dipping in then working down, slowly slithering along the outside of my sac, lunging to take my nut,

"aaahhhh," I gasped, as Dott slowly rolled my nut over his tongue,

"mmmmm," vibrated through my sac, as he moaned; my legs slowly slipping from around him,

'It's a little bit funny this feeling inside

I'm not one of those who can easily hide'     .... Ellie Gouldings' voice ...

My cock pulsed pushing prenut out as Dott took my other nut into his mouth ... wet silky heat surrounding my jewels, then,

"Aw fuckin-A," as Dott swallowed my meat; unbelievable titillations ... vision narrowing.

Strobes of bright white cut through the blackness.

'So excuse me forgetting but these things I do

You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue'

I bucked my hips as Dott munched down; tight sucks, swirls of heat ... excitement jumping from my slit ... feet pushing into the bed,

'How wonderful life is while you're in the world'

"AAAAAAAH" moan reverberating off ceiling, mixing with the drone of rain as Dott pulled my legs up, exposing my pussy.

"AAA AAAA AAAA ohmygod Aaa Aaa," as Dott drove his tongue into my cunt,

"AAA ohmygo AAA AAAAAA" his spear twisting around, my cunt surrendering,

"OH FUCK,"     slurppp   , the sounds of Dott eating me out, dampened against the bedding,


slluurrrppp   slurp   slurp    SlUrP    slurp    ...   drool sliding down, wetting my perineum; Dott's nose elevating my balls.

Deep pressure. Deep deep pressure ... in my balls; tingles through my shaft.

sllurrrp slurp sllurrrp slurp sssLRRPP SLrpp Slurrppp

Strobed whiteness pulsed around us, rain dancing on the roof, pings clang pings clang clang ping

slurp SLUURRP    my cunt lips stretched apart; intense, deep, throbbing pressure.

Gouldings fading ...

Dott rising; massive pole jumping, drooling.

Dott scooped up the pillow next to me; I arched my back as he stuffed it underneath. Dott gripped my ankles, pulling my legs up; hot breath on my lips, tongue licking along the rim; the heat of his body on mine.

"I WANT YOU"   cock head, wet, on my introitus,    "I want you Hop,   b a d ,".

Dott's voice lowered, his mouth a little dry,   "i wanna root,"

"f u c k     m e" I whispered,

Squall pulsing against the glass; flickers of light; groan of rafters,

" p l e a s e,"

Dott spit a huge hawker, ppthuump, it splashed into his palm; the sound of him slicking, ppthmpp phypppp .... lubing his virility;

Dott pulled my legs, opening me ... pussy lips quivering.

Wind and driving rain; a waterfall on the glass.   Ping Clang Ping Ping Clang . Distant rumble.

Dott placed his cock head against my pussy lips; gentle pressure.

'What would I do without your smart mouth?

Drawing me in, and you kicking me out'    ....     Legend's voice, tamponading the roar,

"Yeah baby,    t h a t ' s it,  " as my lips separated; my pulse around the rim of his manhood,     "just relax,    y   e   a   h,     that's it,    r  e  l  a  x"

More pressure, as I willed myself to relax; burning ... pressure ... burning ... pressure; Legend's voice ... whistling of wind ... pressure ... flicker of light,

"y   e  a  h,   sweet Jeezus.    y  e  a  h,

"UHH," as I surrounded Dott's head,

'But I'm breathing fine'       ...   Legend's voice; silk.

Fullness ... every vein a tingle as my pussy lips jumped over them, Dott's shaft distending me; his bull sac heavy on my cheeks,

'Cause all of me

Loves all of you

Love your curves and all your edges'

Stiff tongue on mine, cunt contracting then relaxing around the hard thickness of his manhood; trickles of prenut becoming a continuous stream ... my tongue responding on his,

'I'll give my all to you

Your my end and my beginning

Even when I lose I'm winning'

Dott slowly sliding out then pushing back in, balls deep; cunt walls pulled with him, sucking ... slowly out, then in, cunt squeezing along his shaft; eyes back, eyelids fluttering;

Dott's heart beating inside of me.

'And you give me all of you'      ...   Legend  lilting through the roar of the storm.

"Oh fuck," Dott moaned,   "way tight     ....    s o o o    tight,"

Deep pressure, electricity through my shaft; pulsing, drools of prenut slipping along my sides.

"Fuck me Dott,     f  u  c      k    m e e e," my hands grabbed my ankles; Dott's hands on either side, pushed hard on the mattress.

WHOOOMP  Dott slammed into me,  waaaP   headboard to the wall,

"Yeah  oh   y   e   a   h,    fuck    m e e e e,"

slliippp    cunt pulled along his shaft,

WHOOOMP  Dott driving into me,  waaap   of the headboard;

wind howling ... water pounding ... thunder rumbling; lightening jetting in.

WHOOOMP   waap p p   slliipp    ,   WHOOOMP   waap   slliipp ,  WHOOOMP    waap p p    slliipp  ,   WHOOOMP   waap     slliipp ,   WHOOOMP   waap p p   slliipp    ,    WHOOOMP   waap   slliipp  ,   WHOOOMP   waap p p    slliipp ,    WHOOOMP   waap   slliipp   ,    WHOOOMP    waap     slliipp,

aggressive virility,

intense pressure, bubbling inside, warm tingles into my toes,

WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip ,

WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip ,

WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip ,

WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip ,

crescendo of rain battering the roof ... rafters competing with headboard.


WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip , WHOOMP wap slip ,

'Cause all of me

Loves all of you'

"AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW UUUGGGGGGGGGGG"    my cunt seized; a torrent of nut spray pummeled Dott's chin,

"AWWWW FUCK YEAH,   Y E A H oh fuck   Y E A A A H h h"

WOOOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHH    cunt walls pushed aside, GGURRgggglllee Dott exploded, violently spewing his fertility,

"H o l y   sweet   f u c k!",

WOOOOOOOOOSSSSHHHHH guuurrggllll    semen forced deep into me,

SPPOOOOOOSSSSHHHHHHH   a rope of jizz coated the pillow,

WOOOOOOOOSHHHHH    hot ejaculate erupting   gurg g glll    trying to push out; held in by Dott's post,

Spoossh Spoosh   my prostate contracting against Dott's hardness,

Woosh    wssp     dribbles continuing to bubble; Dott's ass rippling as he pushed the last remnants of himself into me.

My legs slid, limp around him; arms flopped to the side ... heaving chests, hot breaths, wet skin; en mass.

Dott's head rose, his strong hands surrounded my face, weight pressed against me ... gentle throbbing of his manhood inside me,

"Luv ya," head dipping, nose touching mine, "always have,"

"Luv ya too," our lips, gently kissing,

"... Always have"

Brothers by blood,

Lovers by seed.


Tyler Waggoner

[email protected]


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