A few days later I managed to catch up on all the work I'd let lapse and my butthole had recovered from the huge 13" cock that Hoss had pushed up me. I also hadn't had sex since Jorge had presented me with his very talented man pussy and I was as randy as a tom cat in a new suburb. I arrived at the stables pretty early and was busy saddling my horse when the stable doorway was shadowed. Looking over the back of my horse I was greeted by a tall burly black man whom I hadn't seen before.
"Hi! My name is Daniel and I'm new here, I wondered whether you would mind me accompanying you on your ride? I already have a horse saddled but I am unsure of the lay of the estate and would greatly appreciate it if you could show me some of the routes to ride as my string of horses are in need of exercise. I wouldn't be a incumbrance because I'm a seasoned rider and I can keep up with you." Asked the big burly black man with a pleading look. 

" Hi Daniel, I'm Mike and you can certainly ride along with me. I'll just finished saddling up and be with you momentarily." I answered as I smiled at the big black stranger.
He stood approximately 6ft. and had broad shoulders that tapered into a slim strong waist. His tight fitting jophers enhanced his muscular thighs and left little to the imagination as the stretchy material was moulded to the more than ample bulge nestled between the muscular thighs. My eyes travelled his body and came to rest of his face, which was relatively good looking. His sharp aquatic features fortold his ancestry was obviously Arabic although his build was African. We mounted our horses and left the stable yard at a brisk walk. The horses were fresh and frisky and rearing to go but we kept them at a respectable pace. 

As we rode I glanced over at Daniel and his ample bulge was bunched up against the pommel making it look even bigger. I look up from the bulge and caught him staring at my bulge. 

"So Daniel, what were you in prison for?" I asked as my horse began to jog and pull impatiently at the reins to stretch her legs. 

"I trusted the wrong people, I bought stuff that was stolen and due to unforeseen circumstances I ended up with a 10 year sentence. Believe me when I say that from the law's side I definitely looked guilty and I've learned my lesson. The Andersons have been really decent to me, considering I've only been here a week and they have given me a home with no boundaries and they have my full trust." Explained the handsome black man riding beside me. 

"Daniel, Dancer is ready to go so keep up and I'll see you at the end of this road!" I shouted as I gave my horse her head and she galloped off and I leaned into the saddle and allowed the rhythm of my galloping to cause the saddle to rub against my cock.
I must have galloped for about 15 minutes with trees flashing past me when I slowed my horse and eventually pulled up. At the moment I heard a horse whining and suddenly Daniel's horse emerged from the forest but he was riderless. The horse slowed and approached my horse and as I grabbed the reins I became alarmed because I hadn't imagined Daniel to be a bad rider. While I rode back along the road I recalled the conversation I had had with Daniel and then it dawned on me. He had only been on the estate a week, so therefore he didn't know how to ride. I called his name as I rode slowly and about 10 minutes later I saw him limping along. 

"Oh my God! Are you alright? I'm so sorry, I thought you knew how to ride!" I apologised as I quickly dismounted and moved over to support the limping, dishevelled black man.
"I'm okay, just my dignity is bruised. Although I could do with somewhere quiet to sit while I gather my shattered nerves." Said Daniel as he leaned on me. 

"Sure, let's move into that clearing over there. I'll fasten the horses and I'll get you some water to drink." I offered as we moved slowly off the road, through some tall shrubs and into the clearing. I tethered the horses and suggested we move down to the small stream that was flowing through the forest. 

Daniel agreed and we moved further into the forest and found a place to sit. Daniel lowered himself to a large boulder and groaned with the effort. I reached into my pocket and extracted my handkerchief and moving to the river I wet it and moving back to Daniel I wiped his face. 

"I think my leg is grazed because I bounced and slid along the road when I was unseated." Said Daniel has he indicated the dirty mark on his jophers as they stretched across his muscular thigh. 

"I'll just wet this again." I said as I moved back to the river. 

As I turned to return to Daniel with the wet handkerchief, I stopped dead because the big black man had pulled his jophers down to his knees and was bent over examining his thigh. As I approached he straightened and my eyes nearly popped out as I ogled his bulge concealed in a white jockstrap that contrasted sharply with his dark brown skin. His thighs were covered in crinkly black negroid hair which excited me as I hadn't encountered a hairy black man. 

"I think there is some grit in this graze because it is stinging like a son of a bitch."  Said Daniel as he gazed down at his hairy muscular black thigh. 

I moved over to Daniel and tried to hand him the wet handkerchief but he just thrust out his thigh and leaned back, allowing me access to his muscular thigh.  As I wiped gently on the skin graze, water trickled down around to his inner leg.  I finished dabbing at the graze and moved my hand across to wipe the excess water that had trickled there and in doing so my hand brushed against the big jockstrap bulge and an electric shock seemed to flash from the black hairy man to me.  I was suddenly conscious of the heat and masculine musk emanating from the over stuffed jockstrap.  Daniel moved slightly and his crotch rubbed against my arm again and as it brushed me the big black man sighed.  I looked up into his eyes and pure lust burned in the cocoa brown eyes. 

"I want you!"  Whispered Daniel.
I reached up and grasped the elastic of the bulging jockstrap and pulled it down, releasing the handsome black man's cock.  It hung down about 7" that although it wasn't half it was almost as thick as my cock when I was hard.  Although uncut the forskin only covered half the bulbous black cockhead.  The thick black cock hung over a fairly tight scrotum with twin balls the size of extra large chicken eggs and it was smooth although the pubic hair crowning the base of thick black cock was bushy and dense.  Crinkly black negriod spread upwards across the partially expose abdomen into the white sports shirt and it spread out and down the big muscular thighs right down to the strong ankles. 

"Touch me Mike, I need a man desperately."  Said Daniel in a hoarse voice filled with lust.
I needed no second bidding, I grasped the semi erect black cock and squeezed.  Feeling the spongy shaft beginning to firm and drew the forskin back, exposing the bulbous black cockhead.  Daniel groaned as his mouth captured mine and as his lips suctioned onto mine his tongue probed between my lips and I opened my mouth giving him access.  Our tongues fenced around and he sucked mine into his mouth as his hands opened my jophers and pushed them and my underpants down, freeing my cock which was rock hard and throbbing.  Daniel then lifted my shirt and we broke our kiss as my shirt fell to the floor.  I removed Daniel's shirt and dropped it to the ground, my eyes travelled downwards and my cock jerked as I surveyed the incredulity hairy black man.  He shaved right down to the base of his neck and the crinkly black hair began, spreading across his shoulders down across his chest and abdomen. 

"The look in your eyes tells me I'm the first hairy black man you've encountered, so loosely speaking I'm your first."  Said the handsome black man as his cock jerked in my hand.
I looked down and I was holding a rock hard thick black 10" cock, it throbbed against the palm of my hand and I squeezed it as I gently wanked it.  I then dragged the skin back against the base and the cock pulsed as blood engorged it making it pulse with his heartbeat.  His hand encircled my throbbing cock and as he squeezed and fondled he captured my mouth again.  I responded and with my free hand I found his nipple and taking it between my thumb and finger I squeezed, rolled and pulled making the hairy black man's body jerk against me as he groaned into my mouth and he thrust his hips into my hand driving it up against his pelvic. We stood wanking each other slowing, squeezing and groping each other's rock hard throbbing cocks and kissing deeply and passionately.
Daniel then sank to his knees and kissed my throbbing dark red cockhead, then he began licking my blood engorged cockhead like a ice-cream cone that was melting in the sun.  I groaned loudly as I thrust my hips and cock forwards smearing precum across Daniel's brown lips and cheek almost as though a snail had crawled there.  Daniel grabbed the base of my cock and as he squeezed he opened his mouth and my cockhead entered, as his lips closed around it he began sucking and swirling his tongue, concentrating on the thick ridge and sensitive puffy piss slit.  I cried out as the wet warm cavern sent sensations raging through my rock hard cock and into my groin that made my knees weak so that my had to grasp onto Daniel's hairy shoulders for support.  I looked down and was amazed not only by the handsome black man attached to my throbbing cock but by the black man's hairy back.  The crinkly hair covered his back and his butt like a carpet. 

The sight excited me immensely and I thrust hard, driving my cock into the sucking mouth.  Daniel took my cock and swallowed it down into his throat and as his silky throat muscles gripped and caressed my throbbing white cock I groaned like an animal and ran my fingers down Daniel's hairy back.  The feeling was strangely invigorating and a tremendous turn on for me making me face fuck the handsome black man and moan as my cock plunged through his wet sucking mouth and down his silky smooth throat.  I reared back as I thrust and looking down I watched as Daniel worked my cock and his rock hard 10" in the same rhythm. I extracted my my cock and sank to my knees, kissing Daniel's slightly swollen lips then I lay down and Daniel positioned himself into a 69, as we both grasped each other's cocks we suctioned onto the bulbous cockheads and began sucking and wanking. 

I worked slowly and after extracting numerous groans of appreciation from the handsome hairy black man I managed to swallow almost all the hard thick throbbing black 10" cock.  I massaged and gently pulled on the huge twin balls and ran my hands over the muscular hairy black thighs.  We withered and writhed as we sucked and explored each other until our ecstasy peaked and we climaxed simultaneously, filling each other's mouths with jets of hot salty sweet man juices.  Once our cocks began to soften, Daniel extracted his and turned to lie next to me and as he gathered me into his powerful arms he thanked me and he kissed me very passionately all over my face and ending up on my lips.  We lay together regaining our breath and listening to the gentle sounds of nature that surrounded us.  I couldn't keep my hands off the hairy black man lying beside me and as I gently stroked and caressed his body, his cock responded by thickening and lifting until it was poking my abdomen.  Daniel gently thrust against me until my cock responded and soon we were rubbing our throbbing cocks together. 

I pushed Daniel over onto his back and I began kissing his strong jaw line moving down his neck across his hairy muscular chest.  I latched onto his hard nipple, sucking and chewing gently as I moved from one to the other and then down over his hairy abdomen, gently licking and biting until I nuzzled into the bushy pubic hair.  The masculine musky aroma tantalised my nostrils which in turn made my cock throb, I then moved down and ignored the hard throbbing black 10" black butt stretcher and moved directly to the big smooth scrotum.  I took one large ball into my mouth and sucked as I stroked it with my tongue then I took the other and repeated the procedure.  I then sucked on the smooth meaty scrotum and all the while Daniel was withering, groaning and urging me on with verbally.
"Oh yeah!  That's it!  Suck my nipple!  Oh!  Yeah!  Bite me!  Make this nigga hurt!  Oh fuck!  Yeah suck my balls!  Yeah fuck!  You're one hot white nigga lover!  Work those big black balls!  Oh fuck yeah!  Suck me! Oh yeah!"  Cried the hairy handsome man as he thrust and writhed beneath me. 

As I was working on Daniel's balls he spread his legs to give me free access and I seized the opportunity.  I grasped him under his knees and lifting his legs I pushed them upwards and back, exposing his hairy butt cheeks and hairy butthole.  I worked down and from his balls to his hairy butt and as I nipped and licked I moved towards the hairy puckered butthole and after lapping and licking I drilled my tongue into the sphincter. It open and grasped my tongue and I went deeper, sucking onto the black rosette as I tongue fucked the handsome black man.  Daniel cried out aloud and grabbing my head he forced me up against his butthole, demanding me to fuck him deeper and harder.  Taking him literary at his word I used my saliva to lubricate my rock hard throbbing white cock and placing it against the puckered black rosette nestled amongst the whorls of crinkly black pubic hair I pushed my throbbing maroon cockhead in past the sphincter muscle and waited until Daniel was comfortable.  Once his butthole had stopped spasmsiming I proceeded to push up into the hot wet silky channel and as my white cock entered the hairy black man I groaned in ecstasy.  His muscles relaxed to allow my intrusion and once I reached the hilt his butthole muscles gripped my cock and he proceeded to milk my cock as he rotated his butt.  I proceeded to thrust into Daniel as I rotated my hips and worked in opposite direction to his rotation we together managed to touch almost every possible place inside that hot silky channel.  We were both moaning, groaning and urging edge other on. 

"Oh yeah!  Fuck my nigga butt!  Work this black man!  Fuck me!  Oh fuck yeah!  Ram my manhole!  Fuck me!  Ram that white meat harder!"  Cried the handsome black man as a stretched his knees wider apart. 

"Yes!  Take my cock!  Oh fuck yes!  Hot fucking ass!  Yeah nigga I'm gonna ram you full of white meat!  Open your man pussy yeah!"  I grunted as I thrust rythmicly into the black man using my cock as a spoon and his hairy black butt as my mixing bowl. 

We were drenched in sweat as we fucked and stared into each other's eyes and urged each other on, I could feel my balls slapping against Daniel and I looked down briefly to see his huge black cock bouncing thick and swollen against his hairy abdomen.  The sight spurred me on into a higher gear.  As I thrust my cock two the hilt, forcing the last thick inch into the hairy black butthole I flicked my eyes up to meet Daniel's and caught his face twisted into a grimace of pure lust and at that moment his cock erupted and ropes of thick white cum splattered across his face, chest and abdomen.  The contrast of white cum on black skin set me off as I sank my cock deeply into Daniel I cried out loudly and pumped my man seed deep into the black man's bowels.  We both writhed in ecstasy grunting and grinding our bodies against one another as animalistic sounds erupted from our throats.  Once our bodies had returned to normal I withdrew my semi erect cock and collapsed onto the ground next to Daniel.  We lay together breathing heavily, not talking just holding hands and sharing the moment. 

"  Oh my God!  You were fucking fantastic!  I needed my butt fucked so desperately but now I need to fuck, if you're up to it!"  Said Daniel as he propped himself up onto his elbow and began wanking his cock. 

"Thanks for the compliment!  Hell yes!  I'm up to being fucked by that black Python of yours!"  I answered as I lifted my legs and grasped my knees, pulling them back and open to reveal my puckered pink rosette. 

The big black man didn't wait, he flipped up onto his knees and crawled around to my butthole where he dropped down and became rimming me.  He worked his tongue expertly, tongue fucking me until I was withering in animal lust, begging for his fat fuck stake.  Daniel reached for his jophers and produced a tube of lubricant which he smeared liberally over his hard throbbing black cock.  I questioned him as to why he hadn't informed he had lubricant when I fucked him at he told me he enjoyed it dry and hard.  He then inserted his bulbous black cockhead into my pink butthole and I grimaced as I sphincter stretched.  He waited until I was comfortable then he began a slow steady rhythm and on each inward thrust he inserted and inch until he was 8" up my butthole fucked throbbed.  His fat cock filled me and massaged my prostrate causing me to throw my head from side to side and groan like an animal. 

Daniel positioned himself over me on his arms and toes and as he fucked his rock hard fat black 10" cock into me a ground his hips against me on the downward thrust, causing the thick base and crinkly black pubic hair to scrape against my over stuffed butthole.  He then withdrew until just the bulbous black head remained then he long dicked down driving 10" into me to the hilt, he kept up the rhythm until I was delirious with lust and as my cock exploded and cum drenched my chest Daniel finally followed me into ecstasy.  My butthole spasmsiming around his cock and black man seed hosing my bowels deeply, thick cum coating my chest we collapsed together, our hearts up beating in rapid rhythm against each other and our sweat infusing our bodies together we lay in blissful ecstasy that only two men can experience when they had fucked each other and shared their seed with one another. 

When we had regained our motor skills we rinsed ourselves in the stream, dressed and mounting up we rode back talking intimately, Daniel told me of his life in prison and I told him some of mine, mostly of the stables and he extracted a promise from me that we would fuck together again but I clearly stated that I was nobody's property and I intended to fuck with more of the grooms before I decided to settle down.  Daniel accepted my straight forward speech and we rode into the stable yard talking and laughing without devulging to much obvious signs that we had just fucked each other to blissful ecstasy.



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