The next morning I arrived at the old stables early and loaded Sun Dancer into my horsebox, I loaded her buckets and grooming kit into the jeep and headed over to the new stables. I arrived just as the sun was appearing and quickly unloaded Dancer, leading her around the stables to familiarize her with her new surroundings. Then I led her to the stable and as I began grooming her I heard the grooms approaching, talking and laughing loudly. Some of the horses neighed in greeting, anticipating their breakfast. I could hear some of the grooms calling out to their charges and I was pleased because it was a sign that the horses were well treated and loved.

A shadow darkened the doorway and Dancer shied against me, looking up I saw Hoss (Albert) standing in the doorway, he grinned lewdly as he fondled himself boldly.

"Morning! How is our pretty new comer this morning? Feeling horny? What some of this?" Questioned big burly brown man as he thrust his hips suggestively and presented a sharp outline of his monstrous cock.

Caution lights flashed in my head, remembering that Sam had cautioned me about Hoss being mean and I feared for Dancer.

"Oh! No thanks, not before breakfast." I said in a forced jovial voice and smiled falsely.

"It's a full course meal all on its own." Insisted Hoss as he unbuttoned his navy overalls and flopped out his hardening cock.

I watched fascinating by the sheer size as it reached full erection, it hung in a arc, pointing downwards and the forskin rolled back, exposing the humongous bulbous cockhead. Precum oozed from it in long silvery strands. The length and girth were unbelievable, that massive cock belonged on a horse not a human being.

"I'm a vegetarian!" I laughed, "especially this time of the morning."

"Well you can't blame a man for trying!" Grinned Hoss as he wanked it a couple of times before stuffing it back into his overalls. He turned and sauntered off.

Dancer shied again as Sam's grinning face suddenly appeared over the next door stable partition.

"Morning sexy! You handled that perfectly. He'll go easy on you and your mare because you passed his test. If you'd been rude and short with him he'd have probably fucked Dancer here to spite you but you've won an ally there and he'll probably protect you and Dancer from now on because you were kind to him." Jake informed me as he called softly to my horse and commented on her looks, height and build.

I finished grooming my horse and as I was moving down the stables to the horsebox to collect her buckets I was followed by wolf whistles. I grinned openly as I looked back and saw strange black men popping their heads out of doorways and cat calling to me. I retrieved the buckets and on the way back to the stable I received the same fanfare.

"You made a hit!" Laughed Sam as he appeared in the doorway and crossing the stable he first petted Dancer before he hugged me into his huge muscular arms and kissing me deeply he ground is hardening cock into my crotch. "Would you like to join us for breakfast in the bunkhouse? I'm sure the boys would enjoy it?"

" No thanks! I have some prior arrangements this morning but I shall be back later today to ride and we could get together then." I answered as I kissed Sam back and headed towards the door.

"By the way, are you involved with anyone?" Asked Sam as he looked intently at me.

"No, I'm single and no-one has asked me for a commitment. I'm free!" I laughed as I headed under the chain across the doorway. "See you later this afternoon."

I headed for my jeep and found the horsebox had been unhitched and a group of maybe 6 black men were gathered around the jeep. They chorused a greeting to which I replied, smiling broadly. Questions flew about my previous stables, my horse and if I was involved. I laughingly answered their questions but purposely avoided the last as I climbed into my vehicle and smiling at all of them I departed.

I completed my business and after changing into my jodhpurs, boots and T-shirt I arrived at the stables. I carried my saddle and bridle to Dancer's stable and while I was saddling up a shadow again crossed the doorway. I looked around Dancer's chest and a tall black man stood looking at me. He didn't smile or acknowledge any friendship.

"I'm Julian." He said, "I bunk in Sam's room."

"Hi Julian, I'm Mike." I said as I extended my hand and smiled at the tall slim groom.

"He obviously didn't mention me." He stated as he deliberately ignored my out stretched hand, "as I said we bunk together."

Warning lights flashed and I dropped my hand and answered the man, "no he didn't mention you and if I've over stepped any boundaries I apologise but none were set."

"I see." Snapped Julian as he turned and walked away, anger prominently pronounced in his stride.

I lead Dancer out of her stable and together we walked towards a paddock that had been allotted to me and I wanted to familiarize my horse with it before I turned her loose into strange surroundings. I mounted after I'd closed the gate and at a walked we headed off into the paddock. I rode around the perimeter and once around we trotted and cantered, allowing Dancer to stretch her legs. After an hour, I unsaddled and walked my horse to cool her down. Suddenly Sam appeared on the opposite side of my horse.

"Enjoy your ride?" He asked.

"Yeah, great! I met Julian before my ride and he wasn't pleased to meet me. Do you two have something going on between you? Because I don't intend to encroach on any affairs that could jeopardise my horse staying at the stables." I stated with a little annoyance etching my voice.

"We bunk together and sometimes we fuck or suck together but there has never been talk of a commitment. I know he fucks around with the other grooms, hell so do I. We were all in jail together when the Anderson's began this program to rehabilit prisoners. Giving us a chance to reajust to civilian life without being tempted to roam the streets of the city." Explained Sam.

"Well he was angry, just how long have you two been fucking together?" I asked.

"Well let's see, 3 years in prison and 2 here! Oh fuck! Now I see where he is coming from but don't worry I'll sort everything out." Said Sam trying to reassure me.

"No Sam, I'm sorry but we're just buddies from here on out. You're taken my friend and that's that." I explained adamantly and walked away.

I stabled my horse and as I headed down the stalls to retrieve water for the taps I happened to over hear some heavy breathing and sucking noises. My curiosity won over an I approached the stable curiously and there before me was Julian on his knees sucking Sam's big black cock, I smiled to myself as I crept away, leaving the two lovers. As I passed the next stable a big brown hand shot out and grabbed my arm. I froze in my tracks and swung my head to be greeted by Hoss with his monstrous cock clutched in his big hand and he was wanking himself.

"I'm sorry! I wanted to warn you but you had to hear it from Julian himself." Said Hoss apologetically.

I looked into Hoss's eyes and they showed genuine concern and apathy for me, I couldn't help it but my eyes were drawn down to the incredible cock grasped in the huge hand. The mere proportions of the massive brown cock were hard to comprehend. I watched mesmerised as the incredible weapon throbed with his heartbeat and the helmet shaped cockhead was the size of a large apple. The sharft was laced with veins and the girth was as thick as a beer can. His balls were covered by his overalls but still managed to present a huge bulge. I took in every inch of that monstrous cock noting that it was cut and the huge head glistened with precum.

"You like what you see? Go ahead, touch it! It won't bite you maybe spit a mega man sized load of hot cum but it definitely won't bite!" Chuckled Hoss as he thrust his hips forwards and wanked himself slowly as he watched my face, "your face tells me you're interest but Sam has put wild notions in your head. What did he tell you to put you off me? There are many rumours floating around because some of these men have cock envy and make up stories about me to keep the pretty ones like you away. I'll bet he told you I fuck horses!"

"You mean to tell me that fool made up the story?" I asked surprised.

"Hell yeah! It's only a rumour, believe me I'm not perverted and I'm no rapist because that's another rumour that I rape my victims, fucking hell I'd split somebody in half if I tried to rape them with this!" Stated Hoss with hurt in his eyes and tone.

My heart went out to this giant on a man who in fact seemed gentle and genuine. Before I realised what I was doing I had reached out and clasped the monstrous cock as I moved into the stable and up against Hoss's massive frame. I laid my head against his chest and his heart beat like a runaway train. The cock in my hand throbed with each pulse and I actually felt it thickened as my gentle giant sighed deeply and held me against himself. My hand couldn't quite encircle the very thick throbbing girth and I placed my other hand beneath as I began to slowly wanked the monstrous cock. Hoss whispered in my ear that we should find some place private and although the stables were practically deserted of people, we should rather be safe than sorry. The sound of heavy sex could be heard from the next door stable and as Hoss stuffed his huge cock back into his overalls the grabbed my hand and together we hurried down the stables. We stopped outside the feed room and Hoss reached up to the window sill and produced a key with which he unlocked the door and gestured me inside. The room was neat with sacks and boxes in piles and as we entered Hoss locked the door, leaving the key in the lock which reassured me that he wouldn't harm me.

He turned and reaching out he drew me up against his huge burly frame and tilting my head upwards he kissed me. His very thick brown lips captured my mouth and while sucking gently on my lips he prodded them with his tongue for entry. I opened my mouth and sucked his tongue into it, swivelling mine around his and coaxing it into a sword fight of passion. Hoss groaned as he squeezed me tighter, crushing me against his huge body and cock. It nudged me in the chest as the 6 ft. 7" brown giant reached down and began to rub my hard throbbing cock. He unhooked the clasp on my jodhpurs and slid the zip down, pushing my jodhpurs down around my hips and freeing my rock hard cock. His huge brown hand engulfed my cock is he gently squeezed and began to wank it slowly. I groaned as I pressed myself up hard against him. Reaching up I unbuttoned his overalls and reaching in I freed his massive cock, Hoss groaned and pulled away from me as he dragged his overalls over his shoulders and down his burly body. I watched as he exposed himself and his he stood before me naked I drank in every exposed inch of huge naked brown flesh. Starting at his big clean shaven head I allowed my eyes to travel down to his broad forehead almond shaped eyes, down to his big splayed nose, very thick brown lips the top one as thick as the bottom to his squared chin and down to his very thick neck which ran straight into great big shoulders and arms like logs. His chest was smooth with large dark brown nipples and his slight paunch was also smooth, his broad hips tapered into tree trunk legs and nestled between them was a neatly trimmed bush of black crinkly pubic hair that crowned the tremendous base of the massive cock. The base was much thicker than the sharft which tapered slightly to the huge head.

I stripped my clothes and presented myself to Hoss who swallowed hard and groaned that I was just right, I smiled and said he was just right as well maybe even a little better. He smiled broadly as he stepped forwards to me and lifting me up he placed me on top of a pile of sacks. Kissing me he moved down, licking my neck and taking my nipple into his mouth he sucked on it as he grabbed the nub between his teeth and rolled it. My cock responded by jerking and oozing precum which pooled in my naval. Hoss then moved down licking and nibbling my body until he reached my cock. He lapped up the pooled precum and I watched as his thick lips encircled my throbbing white cock. His tongue lathed my cockhead, rubbing the ridge right around until it found the knot of sensitive nerve ends nestled beneath and he drilled his tongue against and over it causing me to cry out and grasp his head trying to sink my throbbing cock into the hot wet cavern but Hoss held back and forced the tip of his tongue into my puffy slit, gathering more precum. Then he released my cock and licking down the sharft he reached my balls which he crammed into his mouth and as he sucked he swirled his tongue over and around them, driving me crazy. He then moved up my sharft and swallowed my cock completely, his lips meshed into my pubes as he sucked and moved his head up and down fucking me with his mouth. He reached up and squeezed my nipples and I could feel myself building towards an orgasm. I gasped that I was close as I felt my balls tighten and Hoss quickly released my cock and stepped back.

"I don't want you to cum to soon, it must last." Stated Hoss as he gazed down at me and caressed my cheek lovingly.

"Let me pleasure you now, this can't be one sided." I returned as I jumped down from the sacks and reached for the enormous throbbing brown cock with precum pouring from the big slit.

Lifting the huge brown cock I grasped it in both hands and pushed it up against the big brown man's abdomen, it reached past his naval to about four inches below his breast bone. With his cock in this position I could clearly see his balls and what a pair he had. They hung low and were the size of medium sized potatoes, they matched the size of his cock as I thought these balls were the size of a Shetland pony I'd had as a kid. I hefted the humongous balls in my hand but they over flowed and as I knelt I began licking the huge bag, it was completely smooth and as I licked the huge matching pair moved around as though they had a life of their own. Hoss groaned deeply as I lathing it and then I opened wide and crammed a ball into my mouth. I sucked on it and swirled my tongue then I released it and took the other repeating the same procedure while Hoss moaned and opened his legs wide giving me puts full access to his out sized man meat. I licked up the sharft and nibbled on the thick tube running the under side of the massive brown cock. Continuing to lick upwards I reached the big throbbing brown cockhead and licking harder on the ridge of the huge helmet I preceded around until I jabbed my tongue into the slit in savoured the copious precum that oozed freely. Opening my mouth I crammed the big cockhead into it and as it entered my jaw was stretched to its limit. Swivelling my tongue and sucking I grasped the thick throbbing sharft with both hands and wanked. Groans and moans sounded from the big burly groom and he reached down and grabbed his balls in his huge hand. He tugged them down and twisted them from side to side as I sucked, licked and wanked.

"Stop! Oh baby! I'm close, very close!" Groaned Hoss as he released his balls and I released his cock, "I want you to fuck me because I know I can't fuck you."

"Yeah! I'd love to fuck your big muscular butt and as for you fucking me maybe we could work a plan at a later date." I stated as I released the huge throbbing cock.

Hoss spread a some horse blankets over a pile of empty sacks and I stood watching the massive burly man moving around with an agility of a cat his huge cock swinging around and every now and then he'd wank it to keep the massive erection. Having completed the task he grabbed a tube on KY and squeezing some onto his hand he reached behind himself and began to lubricate his butthole, he dug between his big brown butt cheeks and when he was satisfied a crouched down on hands and knees. The looked over his shoulder and smiling at me he wiggled his broad hips, licked his lips and winked.

"I'm ready, bring me that big thick white dick and fill my hungry man hole." Grinned Hoss.

I wanked my 8" cock and reaching for the KY I liberally lubricated my throbbing trouser snake. I crawled up behind the huge brown butt and taking aim I rubbed my throbbing maroon cockhead around the puckered rosette. I pushed against the tight rosette and it opened to admit my throbbing cockhead and immediately tightened just behind the head and held me. I waited until the sphincter relaxed and began to ease the sharft in inch by inch until I had my pubes were pressed against the big brown muscular butt. Hoss groaned and flexed his muscles around my cock, gripping it tightly as the sphincter gripped around the base of my cock cutting the blood supply and I could feel my cock throb and thicken. Hoss moaned as he began to gently rock himself back and fourth, dragging me with him by the firm grip on my cock. He stopped and relaxed as I felt the tension released I drew my cock back out three quarters of the way out I suddenly changed direction and rammed my cock up into Hoss.

He groaned and I repeated the procedure over and over until I was fucking his big hard butt in long strokes, my hips slapping against his butt, my thighs slapping against his tree trunk thighs and my balls colliding with his huge bull balls. As I fucked Hoss harder and harder his moaning became a whimper and his hips gyrated using my cock as his mixing spoon.

"Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck me! Yeah baby! Work my man hole!" Whimpered Hoss as his head whipped back and forth on his muscular bull neck.

"Lie on your back, I want to see your face as I fuck you." I ordered and Hoss flipped over onto his back, placing his huge over my shoulders and grabbing my cock he inserted it into his butthole and clasping my hips he pulled me up against himself as my cock rammed into him.

As I fucked the big brown groom he thrust his hips up to meet me and I watched in fascination as his monstrous cock rubbed against his breastbone the huge head oozed precum and the big man lifted his head and licked his own cockhead. The scene was so hot that I completely lost it and began thrusting viciously into Hoss and he licked himself faster. He suddenly grabbed his cock and pushing it at the incredibly thick base he brought it up against my chest and I lowered my head and engulfed his huge shiny cockhead causing in to growl out loud as I sucked and fucked him. His head whipped about as his face twisted into a garish mask of animal lust. He pulled my hips against himself as I fucked he forced every inch of my throbbing cock into his hungry man hole. I could feel his cock pulse and begin to thicken as his butthole milked my thrusting cock and together we pushed each other until we both crested the wave of ecstasy and as we toppled into orgasmic lustful climaxes together we shouted, groaned and cried in unison as are body juices burst from our hard throbbing cocks and appointed both bowels and mouth with hot jets of man juice. Sweat drenched us as my flopped onto Hoss with his huge cock dribbling cum onto us and I lay on his huge frame with my still hard cock embedded in his tight butthole.

"I've been fucked before but this was totally different! I've hardly ever been included, mostly they fuck my butt and wank my big cock and never bothered to make love like you did." Sighed Hoss as his massive arms encircled me and held against himself, his heart beat like a runaway train.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was incredible for me to. I've never had sex with such a big man before and your cock is sensational." I smiled up at him as I licked his huge nipple and pushed my hard cock into his relaxed butthole,"I'd like to try your cock if you're very, very gentle."

"Would you? Could you handle the size?" Asked Hoss eagerly as his cock throbed with new life and he raised himself up onto his elbows.

"GENTLY, VERY GENTLY!" I stated,"I'll control everything and as soon as I can't handle it I'm stopping."

The big black man nodded vigorously in agreement and requested which position he should get himself into. I suggested he lay on his back and I straddle his body and handle his monstrous cock. He agreed and reached for the KY, squeezing copious amounts into his hand and smearing it liberally over his cock. I stood with one foot on each side of his broad burly body and he reached up between my legs and smeared KY around my puckered butthole. He slowly inserted 1 of his thick fingers and began to finger my hole. He worked his finger into me, stretching and pushing then he inserted another and it felt like a medium sized cock. He worked those until he was stretching and pulling on my ring and then he pushed a third finger into me, I grabbed his wrist and he stopped pulling but he wiggled his fingers around inside me making me groan. I relaxed and another finger squeezed into me and now I felt full as they moved around stretching me opened to accept the humongous man meat that bounced up and down on this huge man's abdomen.

"I'm ready!" I stated as I crouched down slightly, bending my knees and reaching for the humongous throbbing brown cock.

Hoss pushed his hand against the base and his pubic hair, holding the massive cock upright. I grasped it with both hands and slowly lowered myself, Hoss kept his fingers inside me until the head touched his palm and he opened his fingers as he withdrew them and I moved the huge brown cockhead into place. Once his fingers exited I quickly inserted the head and as it pushed into me, pain flashed from my sphincter and spread. I gritted my teeth and waited, breathing deeply. Finally the pain abated and I pushed down like I was taking a dump and the thick throbbing sharft began to invade my body. It stretched me to the fullest and touched places I'd ever experienced before. Sweat drenched our bodies as I looked down into Hoss's eyes and realised this was another first for him as well. I moved down until I had 8" inside me and feeling down the sharft there were still 5" left. I pushed again and another 3 entered then I stop and panting from the pain and pressure I breathed deeply. All the while Hoss was groaning and moaning in total lust.

I began to lift myself and the huge piece of meat moved down towards my sphincter, the ridge of big cockhead scraped and bumped over my prostrate sending shivers through my body and precum oozing from my cockhead. I changed direction and began to lower myself, the huge cock pushed into me and it was easier this time but again at 11" I felt it was enough and began to gyrate my hips as I lifted and lowered myself, fucking the monstrous meat into my body. Hoss squeezed his nipple and stretched it as he massaged and tugged his huge balls, rolling his eyes and licking his lips as he growled in ecstasy and tightened his great big thighs. By this time I have built a rhythm and with my hands on Hoss's broad hips I fucked myself with the humongous cock. My butthole was stretched to its utmost and in a last effort I dropped onto the last 2" of thick cock. Crinkly pubic hair scratched my sensitive butthole as I cried out and Hoss echoed along with me.

His cock twitched and jerked inside me and I felt it throb. The sensation was undescribable as I ground my butthole against his pubic bone, his head whipped as he stretched and rolled his nipples to extraordinary lengths. Tears ran down his cheeks as his tongue circled his thick brown lips and he began to gently thrust upwards, driving his cock against my guts. Cum flowed from my cock as I experienced multiple orgasms, they never seemed to end, 1 flowing into the other. I lifted myself and began to lower when Hoss wrapped his arms around me and flipped us over onto my back. Then he waited as I wrapped my legs around his broad waist and then he began to gently fuck me, never extracting more than 4" of his cock before he pressed it back in and together we groaned as this went on for approximately 15 wonderful minutes. I felt his huge balls constrict against my butthole and his massive cock swelled, stretching me to my limits as it began to throb and I felt the first gush of cum hose my bowels. Hoss threw his head back and an animalistic sound erupted from deep within his chest as his cock pumped the hot the jets into my body. My cock joined the parade and cum flew across my chest but before it could spew another load, Hoss lowered his great head and sucked it into his mouth, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of cum.

I fell against Hoss's heaving chest and he held me to him as our hearts beat together and our bodies meshed with our sweat. Hoss drew my face to his and me kissed passionately. I knew instantly this man had been falsely judged by Sam, probably because he was jealous of the gentle giant's humongous cock and body. This man was a passionate, gentle and considerate lover whom I intended to have on more than one occasion, my butt's sensitivity permitting. We were roused by a banging on the feed room door and as we quickly dressed, Hoss tidied away the horse blankets while I opened the door. Standing outside was a coal black man, his white eyes contrasted sharply with his pitch black complexion and his defined features made him a good looking man. He smiled and his teeth contrasted with his pitch black lips. I felt my cock twitch and I smiled back.

"Sorry to interrupt, but I need to get one of my string his extra feed. He is being built up for a race." Explained the coal black man with a slight French accent.

I turned to Hoss and he smiled as he winked at me and introduced us.

"Jorge meet Mike. Jorge is from Somalia and joined us a couple of months ago." Introduced Hoss.

Jorge entered and sniffed hard as he turned and smiled broadly at me, I dropped my eyes and noted a tell tale bulge beginning to show at crotch level. I smiled back and winked as I exited the feed room followed closely my Hoss. We parted outside without any future plans but we certainly thanked each other and after a final grope from one another parted.



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