As I saddled my horse, I thought about yesterday and being with Hoss as my butthole was still tender from taking the humongous 13" black cock to the hilt. Although I didn't regret one single second of the huge thick cock as it had rasped my prostrate and caused me exquisite ecstasy. I mounted my horse and headed out on an outride to view the countryside because up until now I had only been working Sun Dancer in the paddocks and decided I wanted to learn the lay of the vast estate. I had been riding approximately an hour when a plantation of pine trees loomed ahead and I slowed Dancer to a gentle canter as I approached and entered. The strong heady pine aroma surrounded us as I slowed to a walk and enjoyed the coolness and the closeness of the trees. The pathway twisted and turned through the trees and as I rounded a corner I noticed another horse standing tethered to a young tree. It nickered gently to Dancer as we approached and I raised myself up in my stirrups for a better view. I knew the rider hadn't had a mishap as the horse was tethered but I decided to investigate just in case. I tethered Dancer nearby and set out on foot. As I approached a clearing in the middle of the trees I saw Jorge the the coal black man from Somalia you had recently joined the stables. I was just about to call out to him when I noticed he had his jophers down around his knees and he was slightly crouched as he had wanked his pitch black cock and he was groaning out loud. He stopped and spat into his hand as he resumed his rhythm. I watched the sight enjoying the voyeuristic role as I rubbed my throbbing cock through my jophers. At that moment the horses squealed loudly at each other which alerted the coal black man and as he raised his head in the direction of the horses he caught sight of me. My face flushed bright red as I was caught but Jorge smiled broadly as he waved and beckoned me to him. "Hi! How you doing? We met yesterday after you and Hoss had been fucking in the feed room." Called Jorge as he proudly displayed his thick black hard cock. "Hi! I guess you caught me! Although it was worth watching!" I answered as I approached the very black man with a pronounced bulge protruding from my jophers. "I can see you were enjoying me! I'm happy I could produce that effect on you." Grinned Jorge as he made no attempt to cover his fat black fuck stick that was throbbing with the beat of his heart. I couldn't help staring at the pitch black cock that was a good 9" and about 5" in diameter. Jorge's hefty cock was crowned with a bush of krinkly pubic hair that spread upwards to his naval and out down his pitch black thighs. He skinned back his forskin and revealed a big blunt black cockhead that seemed almost square with rounded corners. The cockhead was as thick as the shaft which was incredibly straight, as I looked at that blacker than black cock I marvelled at its dimensions because it was one of the nicest cocks I'd ever seen. "Yeah! I'm enjoying what I'm seeing. In fact I'd enjoy it more if I could feel and play with it." I answered as I stepped forwards. "I'm all yours, take as much as you like." Laughed the black Somalian as he stepped forwards and thrust his hips and cock at me. I needed no second bidding and boldly grasped the thick throbbing charcoal log. Squeezing and wanking it slowly I explored the length and breadth of the amazing meat, Jorge groaned as his hand reached out and unzipped my jophers. He wasted no time as he wrestled my jophers and underpants down to my knees, my throbbing 8" cock leapt free and slapped against me. "Yeah! I heard you had a nice cock and it is true." Remarked Jorge as he squeezed my shaft and hefted my balls into his other hand. We stood facing each other as we fondled each other's cocks. I reached out and hefted Jorge's balls into my hand and they were like chicken eggs in size and they filled my palm. "Wow! You've got some man sized nuts here! I'll bet you shoot a cupful of cock snot from these beauties." I marvelled as I rolled the hefty black scrotum in my hand and squeezed it gently. As rolled them around I wanked the black fuck stick, Jorge mimicked my every move. I increased the rhythm of my wanking on his cock and he followed. "We should lie down because my mouth is watering for your pretty white cock." Groaned Jorge as he lent forward and licked the precum oozing from my thick throbbing white cock. I looked down at the carpet of pine needles beneath my boots and nodded my consent as I bent down, never letting go of the hard black throbbing cock. Jorge knelt with me and we settled on the pine needles in opposite directions. As the coal black cock levelled with my mouth, I licked the big swollen cockhead like an ice-cream cone on a hot summers day. I curled my tongue around it as I dragged the forskin back hard and squeezed the thick base with both hands, trapping the blood within the shaft and squeezing more into it causing it to thickened and throbed. A pencil thick vein bulged and ran the length of the shaft as the huge cockhead became shiny with engorged blood. I licked the perimeter of the cockhead and concentrated on the knot below the slit causing precum to ooze freely down onto my tongue and I savoured the salty sweet flavour. The black Somalian's legs were stiff with his thigh muscles taunt with ecstasy as my hands and tongue worked his throbbing black skin flute. I licked down the thick shaft and around the thicker base, nuzzling the black krinkly pubic bush. The heavy aroma of fresh sweet sweat filled my nostrils and moving below I sucked one of his big balls into my mouth. Jorge groaned and thrust his hips forwards as French words flew from his mouth. He had a firm grip of my cock and was wanking and sucking me in rhythm to my movements and once he'd finished his verbal moaning and groaning he plunged my cock back into his hot talented mouth, swallowing my cock to the hilt. His tongue lashed the base of my throbbing 8" cock and it flicked across my balls and now it was my turn to babble in ecstasy and I did. The sensation was incredible and I'd never experienced it before. I sucked and swallowed the big thick black cock into my throat and felt my throat stretch to accommodate the charcoal meat stick. I pulled gently on the big balls as a ran my finger along the ridge behind his balls up towards his butthole. I knew this was a very sensitive area and Jorge responded my thrusting his weapon down my throat to the hilt. I quickly regulated my breathing as my throat filled and my nose sank into the pubic bush. I continued rubbing and Jorge fucked my throat as he sucked and bobbed his head on my throbbing cock. " Oh fuck yeah! Man you sure know how to work a man's cock! Yeah! Work that meat white boy!" Cried out the big coal black man as he thrust his hard throbbing cock into my moist weight mouth. We were both breathing heavily as our orgasms built and we worked each other feverish, sucking and licking each other's cocks. Jorge began moaning around my throbbing cock and the vibrations reverberated through my rock hard cock pushing me closer to my climax and I began groaning which in turn caused a chain reaction through Jorge's cock. It swelled thicker and I extracted it into until just the big blunt head is resting I slipped my finger up and pushed it into his puckered butthole which triggered his climax into my mouth and then the hot thick jets of cum splattered against the back of my mouth, until my mouth was filled and as I swallowed more followed. This pushed me into my climax and my cock erupted into Jorge's hot wet mouth. Together we emptied our balls into each other as our bodies jerked and thrashed around in their macabre dance of sexual ecstasy. We sucked each other until our cocks became too sensitive and as we rolled onto our backs we were both breathing heavily from the exquisite sensations we had provided each other. We lay beside each other until we'd regained our senses when Jorge reached over and lifting my still hard cock he began to slowly wank it, coaxing it into a hard throbbing state. "White boy! How about you let my butt polish your big pink helmet! I know your butthole is mighty tender after taking Hoss's pile driver. That man sure was first in line when they handed out meat weasels, yes sir!" Grinned Jorge as he lent over and began licking and sucking my cock. My cock responded by oozing precum like a faucet and Jorge reached into his jophers which were lying nearby and extracted a tube of lip balm. Before he could open it, I grasped his throbbing black cock and sucked it into a rock hard state. While I was sucking I fingered and rubbed his black puckered rosette until he was groaning. I grasped under his knees and pushed them up and back against his abdomen, exposing his coal bubble butt. Jorge took a firm grip on his knees and drew them into his chest as I grasped his butt cheeks and forced them opening. I then began sucking on his balls and licking downwards to his puckered butthole. I did this a couple of times until Jorge was moaning then I dragged my tongue over his butthole. Jorge reacted with a jolt and moaned for more. I obliged him by driving my tongue tip into his tight black rosette. "Oh fuck yeah! Eat me white boy!" Cried Jorge as he dragged his knees wider apart. I plunged my tongue into his hot tight butthole and wiggled it around while I eased my finger in as well, using my tongue and saliva as a lubricant. His butthole had a musky flavour and I inserted another finger while I finger fucked him. He was moaning and groaning as I pushed a third finger into the black man's ass and pulled and stretched on it until I was ready to enter him. " Get ready big boy! I'm going to fuck your tight black bubble butt! Yeah! Here comes my white skin flute, let's hear you play me a fine tune! Easy does it!" I groaned as I pressed my throbbing inflated cockhead against the tight black puckered rosette. My cockhead eased slowly into the tight sphincter and as it entered the muscle seemed to nip at my cockhead. It certainly wasn't the first time Jorge had been butt fucked but he hadn't done it on a regular basis because his butthole was tight and as I pushed up into the round black muscle surrounding my throbbing cock I had Jorge groaned together. The hot wet silky muscle sleeve caressed and massaged my hard throbbing white cock as it welcomed the 8" shaft. I had my cock buried to the hilt in the coal black Somalian and he was moaning in blissful pleasure as I filled him with hot hard throbbing meat. "Oh God yes! My butthole is yours! I'm so full, I can feel your heart beating! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Cried Jorge has he tried to thrust himself onto my hard white cock. "Oh yes! Fuck you're tight! Oh baby! I'm going to fuck you good and solid! Feel my hot meat sword! I groaned as I ground my pelvic against Jorge's bubble butt, driving the last thick inch into him. Jorge groaned and his face grimaced into a mask of passion as he urged me on, begging me do fuck him hard and rough. I withdrew my throbbing 8" cock completely and rammed the whole hard length back into the little black rosette. Jorge grunted with the forceful reentry and throwing his head from side to side he reached for his dime sized black nipples and squeezed and pulled them roughly. "Oh fuck me! Oh yes baby! Fuck me harder! Feed my hungry man pussy! Oh geez yes! Ram my black man cunt! Fuck me! Yes, yes!" Cried the big black man as I rammed into his muscular black butthole. I fucked and swivelled my hips as my cock pistoned into the depths of the hot wet grasping man pussy beneath me. I used Jorge's butthole like a mixing bowl and my cock as the spoon and as it plunged I managed to stimulate the black man's prostrate mercilessly because he was crying, moaning, groaning and cursing me in English and French. His hard thick black 9" cock spewed precum copiously as I ravaged his butthole and I instructed him to point his big cock upwards and push the base to hold it in place. I then rested my weight on my knees and while I thrust into Jorge's ass I lowered my mouth and captivated his huge bulbous black cockhead and sucked on the blood engorged precum leaking man meat which drove Jorge over the edge. His face twisted into a macabre mask as his body snapped into a tight spasm, his cock swelled even thicker as his big balls pulled up fuck and the finger thick tube running up the length of his big thick cock throbed and hot thick jets of cock snot erupted into my mouth, filling it as though he hadn't in weeks. I swallowed the thick salty man juice and as his cock erupted so his butthole gripped and spasmsed around my hard throbbing cock. I felt an electric jolt lurch through my balls and cock as my hot cum surged up through the shaft and splattered into the big black Somalian's bowels in a unstoppable flood. I pulled my mouth of the huge hard throbbing black cock and as I cried out in ecstasy, my mouthful of black man cock juice sprayed into Jorge's face causing him to cum a second burst. He coated his chest, neck and chin in his thick white cum while my body jerked and thrust in spastic ecstasy. Jorge's butthole milked my cock as we fought to regain our basic motor skills. Eventually I managed to extract my over sensitive softening cock and rolled onto the pine needles beside the coal black man and we lay staring into each other's eyes. "Man, you were fucking fantastic! I don't often offer my butt to men but Hoss couldn't stop praising you, so I had to have you and believe me I am determined to have you up my butthole again and again!" Grinned Jorge "if you're willing that is." "You have one talented man pussy! It would be MY PLEASURE!" I laughed, "you also have an amazing piece of man meat hanging between your hairy thighs, I intend to have that up me once I've recovered from the fucking that Hoss's tree stump inflicted on my butthole." We both lay laughing and recovering before we dressed, kissing and fondling each other in between each garment. We then rode out together and Jorge showed me around the estate, pointing out the best riding pathways then we headed back to the stables and were closely watched by the other black men who were mucking out stables and I could feel their stares and hear lewd comments. Seemingly I was a sort after commodity and looking around I decided I wasn't going to limit myself to one black man when there were still quite a few left unexplored.



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