I arrived at the new stables in the late afternoon, how I came to be there was because the stables that I had my horse stabled at the moment were not taking proper care of the stables or the animals and word was out that the owners were selling the property, therefore the lack of interest. 

I met and spoke with the new owners who were pleasant, accommodating and knowledgeable.  This pleased me, I decided to stable my horse we them, they were thrilled and invited me to inspect the stables more closely. They unfortunately had to leave to transport a horse to a stud farm but insisted I make myself at home, which I did as I wandered back over to the stable block to investigate the stables more closely. 

I had just celebrated my 20th birthday and had recently come out of the closet about my sexuality.  I had decided I was gay at an early age, 10 years old to be exact and I had had my fair share of sexual experiences. Starting with boys my own age and moving up to men as I found out the pleasure of big thick cocks that produce precum and cum.  I had lost my cherry at 16 and although I enjoyed fucking I wasn't adverse to being fucked. 

I was built average, 5 ft. 10" in height with blonde hair and green eyes that according to people were stunning and alluring.  I was fairly good looking with a thick 8" cock that always received admiration on presentation. 

As I walked down the loose boxes, inspecting the cleanliness and neatness which impressed me more I happened to notice a group of black grooms walking away from the stable block.  They had obviously finished their horses and were going to the bunkhouse where they slept.  The owners had informed me that all the grooms were negroes which kind of excited me as I had never been in close contact with a black man before.I had seen videos and pictures of them naked and they were always extremely well hung but I guessed they were specially chosen for their pornographic roles. 

I continued around the corner and was slowly walking down the second row of loose boxes, looking into each one as I passed when I reached the middle of the building and was suddenly confronted by a tall muscular black man.  He was stripped to the waist (he had rolled the top half of his overalls down and tied them around his waist) and was busy raking the sawdust bedding of the empty stable.  I immediately gathered that the horse being transported by the owners belonged this loose box. My eyes travelled down his huge frame as I mentally noted his very dark muscular torso with muscles rippling as he worked. 

"Hi there!  How you doing?  I'm Samuel although everyone calls me Sam. Can I help you in any way?"  Said the big black man as he smiled at me. 

"Hi Sam, I'm doing very well thanks and my name is Mike.  I'm just looking other the stables as I shall being stabling my horse here as from tomorrow."  I answered with a big grin.

"Welcome!  I guess I'll be your groom as Cavalier has gone to the stud farm and I'm one horse short of my string.  We each do 4 or 5 horses, what's your horse's name?"  Inquired the big black man as he turned to face me.

"SUN DANCER!  She is a dark Palomino, 16.3 hh and a B grade jumper, I to cross country and three phase competitions with her.  I've had her since I was 16 and we've got a great friendship and love for each other. I spend all my free time with her and usually do most of her grooming so you would probably just have to do the stable."  I offered as my eyes explored the big black man in front of me.

He was about 30 with broad features, a thick bull neck that squared off into wide muscular shoulders and chest.  His chest was covered with crinkly black negroid hair and his nipples were the size of black dollars with fairly large nubs protruding and his abdomen sported a defined six pack of muscles coated in the same crinkly hair which disappeared under the folded arms of the Navy blue overalls.  My eyes continued down to the crotch area and I couldn't help frowning as my eyes made out the long thick cylindrical shape running half way down the inside of the thick muscular thigh.  I studied it briefly before quickly averting my eyes back up Sam's face but that knowing smile on his thick black lips told me I had been caught ogling and I blushed. The big black man moved his legs outwards as he thrust his hips forwards thus exposing and defining the big cock running down his thigh.

"As I said before, is there anything I can help you with and I mean anything!?"  Smiled the big black man as his eyes travelled my body and settled on my jodhpurs at crotch area where my cock was displaying a healthy bulge.

I asked some questions on the feeding, leading and exercising of the horses during the day and Sam answered them quickly, precisely and to my liking. I then enquired about the other grooms and their horses and he answered me openly and honestly as he continued to sneak stares at my crotch. I was becoming increasingly aroused and my cock was starting to respond as was his, judging by the cylindrical bulge in his overalls which was becoming increasingly pronounced. The air was filled with sexual electricity and the tension was building.

I was wearing a jockstrap which luckily confined my cock and as I watched the big muscular negro licked his thick black lips as his eyes slowly travelled down to my bulging crotch.  I quickly glanced left and right of the stable block and realised we were alone, feeling more confident I stepped closer and that was all Sam needed.  He stepped up and grabbed my wrist as he pulled me into the stable and swung the bottom door shut.

"Man, you have the most incredible eyes I've ever seen and you're almost as pretty as a woman with that build," he said as he swung his big arm around my waist and clutched my butt cheek in 1 hand, "damned fine butt you have, definitely from pounding that lucky saddle of yours."  He chuckled deeply as he fondled me and dragged me up against his huge frame.

I was pressed up against this strange black man and I was feeling anxious although the masculine smell and crinkly hair that scratched against my face was causing me to become rather confused as Sam took the initiative and placed my trembling hand over his crotch.  This action tipped the scales and I abandoned caution and grope the bulge in the palm of my hand.  I felt an extremely big scrotum with a pair of large balls which I massaged gently as my hand moved I felt the big rubbery cock perched above and moving my hand onto it I grasped it and it filled my hand. I squeezed as I felt it twitch and throb in my hand and I moved my hand downwards, squeezing and groping as I went.  Eventually I found the end and was presented with a big bulbous cockhead that filled the palm of my hand. I squeezed and fondled as the big cock expanded by length and width and the big 6ft.6" negro groaned into my hair as he ground his hips into my hand and his big muscular body against mine, I couldn't believe I was being sexual with this completely strange black man.

"What are we doing, why?" I stammered, "are you sure?"

Before I could finish the sentence Sam's thick black lips captured my mouth and his tongue forced itself urgently inwards, exploring my mouth and enticing my tongue into a passionate kiss. He held me tightly against his big muscular frame as one hand caressed my butt and the other searched my nipple and latched onto it sending signals through my body to my already hard cock, making it into a steel rod which matched the one in my hand. I groaned as I responded and abandoned caution completely with my only thought being to get as much of this black man as possible. The immediate attraction was uncomprehensable and lust took me completely out of character to myself.

"I have never seen such amazing eyes, you have hypnotised me completely I never act this forward, I'm sorry but I have to have you. You're so fucking amazing." Breathed Sam as he slipped his tongue into my ear and begin exploring.

As he sucked on my earlobe my cock jerked and I had to free it from the confines of my jockstrap. I unhooked the clasp holding my jodhpurs at the waist and before I could finish Sam took charge. He slowly unzipped my jodhpurs and pushed them down to my knees, he then squeezed my cock and balls in the jockstrap before he yanked my jockstrap down, freeing my cock to spring up and slap my tummy. He then proceeded to kiss me deeply, forcing his tongue down into the depths of my mouth as his big hand grasped my hard 8" and began to slowly wank me. I groaned as I thrust myself against his hand but he kept a slow tantalising rhythm as he wanked me and squeezed my nipple simultaneously.

Sam slowly moved his mouth down to my neck, kissing and licking until he reached my nipple whereupon he sucked it into his mouth as he clasped it firmly between his teeth and keeping a firm grip he lavished it with his tongue as his other hand grasped my balls and massaged them in rhythm with his wanking hand. My body was ignited with sensations and I squeezed and massaged his confined cock through his overalls as I moaned in sexual bliss. I tried to undo his overalls but couldn't reach the knot and just as I thought I had, he dropped to his knees and lifting my thick throbbing cock he licked my scrotum, probing into the groin with his tongue and eventually opening his mouth and engulfing my scrotum with both balls in his mouth he swivelled and sucked on them as I ground my crotch against him forcing my cock up against his nose and forehead and revelling in the feel of his hair as it tickled my sensitive cockhead.

Sam then licked up my thick sharft until he reached my cockhead that was oozing precum in copious amounts and without any hesitation he engulfed my cockhead and while swivelling his tongue and sucking he slowly swallowed and my cock moved into and downwards, slowly being enveloped my velvety massaging muscles. As I looked down his thick black lips were extended and his cheeks were hollowed and he lifted his eyes to stare at me as he slowly swallowed my cock. I watched his lips moving up my thick sharft and the contrast between black and white made my cock throb which he acknowledged my groaning and sending vibrations reverberated through my sensitive fuck steak and causing me to moan in lust. Sam's lips and nose reached and entered my pubic hair as my cock bottomed out in his hot mouth and throat. He sucked me like that for a while before he began to move his head. He moved back halfway up my cock then he began bobbing his head and sucking. I clasped my hands behind his head as I begin to slowly face fuck this amazing black man at the end of my cock. My fucked and he sucked me for some time until I felt my balls tighten and my cock began to really throb and thicken. Sam quickly pulled off my cock and sitting back on his haunches with a string of saliva and precum still attaching his thick black lips to my cock he looked up at me and smiled.

"Stand up! It's my turn to pleasure you." I growled in pure animal lust.

"Take me! I'm yours!" Grinned the big black negro as he slowly rose to his full height, his cock was straining outwards against the Navy blue overalls and he slowly undid the knot holding them up. Once the knot was released the overalls drop to the ground and he stepped out.

He was completely naked, having no underwear and his huge thick pitch black cock sprung up into a slight downward curve. It was enormous with thick veins cris-crossing the thick sharft and a big black cockhead the shape of a helmet perched on the end. My first black cock and it was almost majestic in its splendour. I fell to my knees and clasping my hands around the throbbing black python I began licking the pitch black cockhead as I savoured the streaming precum from the puffy slit. My tongue circled the thick ridge running the perimeter of the helmet and eventually concentrating on the small knot beneath the slit underneath the cockhead. Sam groaned lustful obscenities as he squeezed his big nipples and watched me slowly engulfing his big black cockhead.

"Aah Baby! Yeah! Work that nigga snake! Suck my black boy! Yeah, suck my baby maker!" Growled the big black man as he began to rotate his hips and tense his big muscular thighs. His legs were very hairy right down to his ankles which intrigued me as I always imagined black men to be smooth BUT believe me I wasn't disappointed with my big black man for a single second.

I opened my mouth and the big black cock entered downwards as I swallowed and my tongue encircled it, lubricating it with saliva and precum for an easily entrance into my throat. I'd swallowed cocks before some big but this was the biggest and as the 10" bottomed out in my throat and my lips and nose disappeared into the aromatic crinkly black pubic hair I groaned in total ecstasy. Black cock definitely tasted different and I was hooked as my throat muscles massaged the humongous black meat lodged in my gullet. I raised my eyes and Sam was watching me with lust glazed brown eyes and his thick lips stretched back in a snarl of ecstasy. I was good at cock sucking and I pulled out all the stops as I worked my throat, bobbed my head, sucked and swivelled my tongue. Sam went from snarling and growling to whimpering as his cock fucked into my mouth and throat. I could feel he wanted to cum but I wanted his babies far up my butthole and I wasn't sure how fast his recovery was and I wasn't going to be denied.

"Whoa big boy! I got something else in mind." I said as I extracted the huge hard black throbbing cock.

"Oh God! I was so close! Oh baby! Please let me finish!" Groaned Sam as he pushed forcefully on my shoulders trying to drive me down to my knees so he could cum in mouth.

"I want you to fuck me!" I stated as I pushed upwards and resisted being forced back down.

"Oh sorry! I wasn't sure you could handle 10" of pure nigga pleasure." Grinned Sam as the idea reached home and the prospect of drilling my tight rounded butt appealed more to him.

I bent and peered through my legs at Sam as I grasped my butt cheeks and spreading them I presented my hairy butthole to the big black negro.

"How does that grab you?" I questioned, smiling mischievously at the big black hunk with the massive cock dripping precum like a faucet.

"MMMmmmhh!Baby! You have no idea." Grinned Sam as he advanced, his cock waving and jerking as he moved.

I braced myself and was taken completely off guard when he sank to his knees behind me and placing his hands over mine he pushed his face into my crack and began licking,starting at the top and lapping hungrily down over my puckered butthole down under, nibbling on the bridge between my balls and my butt. I spread my legs as my cock slapped against me from the sensations flooding my crotch. He then worked back up licking until he reached my butthole where he drilled his tongue into me. I clamped down then released and relaxed as his tongue dug into me, driving me crazy as he bore deeper. Sam was an experienced lover and he had me whimpering in a lust driven frenzy as he rimmed my butthole.

"Oh baby! Are you ready for me?" Asked Sam as he rose up behind me and reaching into his overall pocket he extracted a tube of cream,"I happened to have this for my lips and it will ease things a little."

The big black negro grinned mischievously as he liberally coated his massive 10" cock. With the skin oiled the monstrous weapon was much darker in colour than the huge muscular body. Sam approached and grasping his cock in his big and he rubbed it over my butthole, uttering soothing phrases as he applied more cream to my butthole. He eased a finger into me and then two and as he worked them, stretching and pulling until he had three fingers embedded in my relaxed butthole. Then he placed his cockhead against me and pushed, the huge bulbous head popped into me and my sphincter spasmed at the intrusion. He waited until I'd relaxed and again he pushed as four thick inches burrowed into my sharft. I felt the fullest I had ever felt as that huge cock invaded my body and as it sank into me and scraped across my prostrate my body was flooded with white hot sensations.

His cock was so thick that as it pushed into me and scraped places that had never been touched before had me groaning, moaning, growling and whimpering as I pushed backwards trying to get as much cock into me as quickly as possible. Sam held my hips tightly, monitoring his entry so as not to hurt me. Once he had bottomed out to the hilt and I felt his crinkly pubic hair pressed against my butthole he stopped and made his cock jerked inside my overstuffed butthole, driving me crazy. He began his withdrawal at the same even pace until just the head rested inside my butthole, then he began his invasion again only a little faster, and so doing until he was in a steady rhythm fucking my butthole. He dragged me up against his hairy body as he grasped my hard throbbing 8" cock and wanked me in rhythm with his pile driver. I twisted my head and he leaned forward and we kissed passionately as he fucked, wanked worked my body to his pleasure but not forgetting mine. He fucked me steadily keeping his rhythm until I felt his body tense and he stopped kissing me as he grabbed my shoulders and again thrusting, getting harder and harder, faster and faster until he was fucking me so hard his hips, balls and thighs were slapping up against me and precum was spurting out of my cock in streams.

I reached down and gripping my cock I wanked myself furiously, my balls tightened and my cock swelled as my orgasm built towards its peak. Suddenly I climaxed and as jets of cum spurted from my cock my body was invaded with sensations I'd never felt before, an animalistic growl erupted from my throat as my body jerked spasmodically in its macabre dance of ecstasy. Sam held me as my butthole gripped his cock racing up his orgasm. His cock swelled thicker and I felt the first few jets of hot man juice splash into my bowels and as my motor senses returned Sam abandoned his. He thrust, jerked, growled and swore as his climax captured his soul and he poured his man sauce into me.

We were drenched in sweat as he regained his senses he held and kissed my ears and neck as he muttered loving words. Telling me I was the best fuck he'd had since he could remember and to please not leave him as he'd be lost. I smiled to myself as I realised we were complete strangers an hour ago and now we were connected in the best possible way.

Sam slowly withdrew his still hard cock and I felt so, so empty, he turned me to himself and held me against his huge frame. He kissed my head, forehead and nose as he held me he smiled.

"Now it's my turn to be fucked, I can't wait to feel that big thick white trouser snake of yours ramming my butt. You're well hung for a white boy!" He chuckled as the big hairy black negro reached down and fondled my semi erect cock.

I needed no second bidding as I reached for the tube of cream and liberally coated my steadily rising cock. Sam took the cream and worked his butthole and when he was ready he turned and bent over, presenting me with his huge muscular bubble butt. The hairy crack beckoned me and I approached with my rock hard cock. I placed my throbbing cockhead against the pitch black puckered rosette and pushed. There was a slight resistance and then my cockhead popped through and was immediately gripped by a tight circle of muscle. As his sphincter relaxed so I slowly eased my thick throbbing cock into a channel of velvet heat, that closed around my invading butt fucker. As I pushed into Sam he groaned and I gathered I'd encountered his prostrate and to confirm my assumption I reached around and grasped the humongous throbbing black cock. I began wanking it as I bottomed out to the hilt in the big muscular black butt. Sam reached behind them clasped my hips, dragging me up against him as his butthole muscles began milking my throbbing cock and I began thrusting slowly building up a rhythm until I was fucking the big black negro, with long dick length strokes and he reciprocated by thrusting back and gyrating his hips as he pulled me against him on the inward thrust and making sure I buried my cock fully.

His cock was leaking precum and as I wanked I collected it and used it as lubricant as I wanked his huge cock. Sam's head was rolling around his shoulders as he mouthed sexual obscenities and I concentrated on hitting the right places to heighten his pleasure. We worked well together as he milked and I fucked, we were both groaning and moaning as we thrashed up against each other in total abandon. We timed our approaching orgasms and at the right moment we climaxed together with me pumping hot jets of white man baby juice into his deep black bowels and I wanked is cock as I came which was precisely the same time that thick jets of black man cock snot eruption from the monstrous black python that had swelled in my hand and was throbbing and jerking in the throes of ultimate sexual gratification. We were groaning, growling and swearing out loud and hadn't realised that someone was watching us. In fact as we regained our composure we both heard.

"Oh fuck I'm coming! Oh! Oh sweet Jeuses! Yeah!" Groaned the big burly brown man as he wanked himself. His hand moved rapidly up, down and around a huge brown cock that out rivalled Sam's in length and was much, much thicker. The cock was absolutely humongous, easily 13" and a good 8" in diameter. The cock looked almost grotesque as the burly brown man hefted the monstrous weapon which was spurting huge jets of cum.

Once the man and regained his composure and stood with a guilty smile on his face like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He was about 40 years old with a big bald head and a huge square frame. His navy blue overalls were bunched around his knees and his massive cock was devoid of any pubic hair.

"I've terribly sorry guys! But you two fucking together were so fucking amazing I couldn't help wanking off to the hot scene you presented. I only regret I wasn't included." Grinned the big burly man as he replaced his cock and dressed himself into his overalls.

Sam introduced us, his name was Albert but everybody called in Hoss and while he shook my hand he fondled my semi erect cock. Sam immediately warned him off and I felt very protected. We dressed as Hoss questioned me about my horse and how I came to be involved with Sam. Before I could explain, Sam fed him a line that I went along with, trusting the pitch black negro as he placed a protective arm around my shoulders.

"If you're new to the stables, don't limit yourself yet," chuckled Hoss "there is plenty black cock floating around here and you might feel inclined to sample it before you settle. I mean there's me and me and me." Laughed the big brown burly man as he eyed me in a lured way that made me a little uneasy," How would you like to ride this baby?" Laughed Hoss as he gripped his crotch and thrust his hips suggestively.

"No thanks! I'm happy with what I have." I said quickly as I snuggled into Sam for protection.

Hoss grinned at me as he moved off down the stable block.

"Be careful of that one, he can be mean and his favourite draw card is to fuck the horses while a young boy is watching then he makes the boy fuck his butthole because he could never get that monstrous cock into a human," Cautioned Sam as we moved out towards my car," of course if you would like to try some of the other men here I'd be only to happy to introduce you, provided I could participate in the fun." Smiled Sam as he opened the door for me and kissed me good night.

As I drove out the stable yard my mind raced as I considered what Sam had just said. He was such a passionate man, did I need to meet other people or was this big black negro enough for me????????



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