Luke rolled over and killed his alarm clock. It was already 6:30 in the morning and time to get up. He stared at the ceiling with his mind in turmoil, confused at how he should feel. Monday morning and a whole new week lay before him but he couldn't get the weekend out of his mind. Saturday being so great, the pure bliss of his fantasies becoming reality with Bruce. The sex was so intimate, physical and just as important to him was getting to stay the night, the snuggling up together, waking up to Bruce pushing cock into him. But instead of spending Sunday together like he hoped Bruce eased him out saying he had things to do.

Luke had hoped their hooking up would lead to more but he also knew the score with Bruce, how he had admitted to sex with guys before but still preferred sex with women and in the end it was just sex for Bruce. And for Luke it should have been enough, had been so many times in the past, but for some reason it seemed more important to make a connection with someone, to have it be more than just sex for this place didn't seem to offer many opportunities.

Rolling out of bed Luke went through his morning ritual, two cups of coffee, a quick scrambled egg and a couple pieces of toast, shower, shave and clothes on he headed out. He eased along the narrow two lane roads, windows down letting the warm early morning breeze wash over him. He cut by one field after the next until he came to the grain elevator where he was going to meet with the co-op members who ran it. Soybeans were not ready for combining and corn was wrapping up so traffic was light at the elevator.

Parked off to the side out of the way he strolled across the parking lot to the main office and warehouse building with the scales at one end and loading dock doors along the other end for picking up seed and other supplies. Up the steps and through the door he found himself in the waiting area looking at the back of a guy leaned on the counter, a shirt with the sleeves ripped off revealing his tanned muscular arms. Glancing down he saw the jeans that were worn and faded, the hem of each leg torn loose where they draped over old worn work boots.

"...I tell ya Billy, them woods down behind old man Grover's place are full of turkey" the guy was saying as Luke came up to the counter.

"Tommy, that old man is not going to let anyone hunt on his property, hasn't in thirty years" Billy said from behind the counter shaking his head then he looked over at Luke, "you're with the ag department?"

"Yes, sir" Luke replied.

"You'll be in John's office so why don't you have a seat for I don't think all the guys are here yet."

"Okay" Luke responded as he saw Tommy turn toward him giving him that casual once over all the locals typically gave him the first time they met him. It gave him the excuse to look back and he saw a guy who looked early twenties, scraggly beard coming in and long straight brown hair protruding out from the cap pulled down tight, the bib curved tightly.

"You that Luke fellow?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah and I overheard your Tommy. Is that right?"

"Yep. So you're here to work with all us farmers?"

Luke realized this one going to be a fragmented conversation, one yes or no question after the next and although he found Tommy attractive in that rough country boy way he wished John would come rescue him.

"Yes, I'm with the ag department and will be working with you guys to determine the best crops to grow in the future, the ones anticipated to do the best with the changing weather and the ones to have the best market potential."

Tommy laughed sarcastically leaning back against the counter, his long legs stretched out in fromt of him. Luke couldn't help but notice how his shirttail parted at the front showing the bulge in the crotch of his jeans. "Shit...we'll see how that works out" Tommy finally stated pushing up his cap and winking over toward Billy behind the counter. Luke wanted to dislike Tommy but as he watched him raise his arm revealing the dark thick hair in the pit he found himself wondering about him in other ways. He wondered about the body concealed within clothes and whether or not he was willing. 'Could he be like Bruce, a guy willing to play around?' he asked himself as he let his eyes scan back up to Tommy's face where he saw him staring back with a grin on his face. 'Busted' Luke thought as someone finally came from the back breaking the stares between him and Tommy.

"Luke? I'm John, come on back. All the guys are here except Travis and he is on his way."

When the meeting ended Luke made his way out through the reception area not surprised to see Tommy was gone, other farmers now standing at the counter talking with Billy. Through the window he saw a grain truck pull from the scales heading toward the elevator. He had one more stop scheduled and he drove that way hoping it would be a short meeting allowing him to get back to his office to take care of the day's paperwork and mail.

Tuesday was the same routine as well as Wednesday and each day he wondered if Bruce would call him, or maybe he should call Bruce, then berating himself for the way he was obsessing over him. Thursday he spent in his office for a front blew through during the early morning hours where he found a slow rain falling when he woke. He canceled the meeting he had set up for it involved surveying farm operations and settled himself in his office relieved to have a day inside.

Occasionally it rumbled hard enough to rattle the windows and a couple of times the power went off. By four o'clock he finally found himself stir crazy, more than ready to call it a day. At home he made dinner and sat in the living room watching the news as he ate, his feet propped on one of the unopened boxes. After a long hot shower and a change of clothes he felt antsy instead of ready for bed. He flipped through several channels on television bored with everything he saw. He picked up his tablet and scrolled though the social media sites then flipped to a couple of sites he followed until bored with it all finally setting the tablet down. Leaning back he stared at the ceiling as he listened to the rain.

"Fuck it" he muttered as he got up and went into his bedroom. He slipped on a pair of jeans, a v-neck t-shirt, put on his hiking boots. He grabbed a ball cap, his keys, wallet and cell phone and headed out the door. He knew there were a couple of bars back in town and he eased along the wet roads going that way.

The first bar he came to had a semi, a couple of motorcycles that surprised him to see in this weather and a few pickup trucks. He started to stop but decided to check out the other bar. It was on the opposite side of town in an old warehouse. The parking lot had pickups, Jeeps and several cars and he parked in the first available space.

As he approached the door he heard country music playing. He knew not to expect anything else as he opened the door to the dimly lit interior. He scanned the room and saw pool tables through a wide opening in the side wall and to the back a bar that extended from side wall to side wall. Tables and chairs were scattered around the room and a few booths lined one side wall. A juke box sat near the front where two women were looking at different options as they talked amongst themselves.

The crowd was a mixture of young and old, men and women, and Luke felt this was as good as it was going to get on a Thursday night. He ordered a beer and leaned against the bar looking around the room again. He recognized several of the men having met them the last couple of weeks. They were in small groups sitting in booths or one of the tables drinking and talking quietly, an occasional laugh the only sound louder than the music.

Movement to his left caused him to turn where he saw a woman approach smiling up at him.

"Buy a girl a drink" she asked sliding up close.

"Huh...yeah okay...Bartender" he called out nodding toward the woman. The bartender sat a beer down and took the money Luke had tossed down for it.

"You're new" the woman said, "I'm Becky."


"Luke" she repeated dragging out his name an impossibly long time, "you passing through or new to the area?"

Luke began to respond when he suddenly noticed Bruce walk out from the other room heading to the juke box. "I' me, I see a friend" he replied thrilled to see anyone he knew, and it being Bruce was just too much for him and he pulled away from the bar leaving the woman staring after him.


"Hey man" Bruce replied when he turned and saw it was him. "You're out on the town too!"

"I was kind of stir crazy after being inside all day. So can I buy you a beer?"

"Thanks but I'm good; we have a pitcher at our table" Bruce replied nodding toward the other side.

Luke caught the 'we' and felt himself tighten up and afraid Bruce would notice his response he pulled away a little. "Well, I guess I should let you alone and..."

"Oh hell, come on over. You play pool right? Goddamn we need someone who can play."

The other side was one large room with four tables spaced equally front to back. Bruce led Luke to the back table where four others were standing around.

"This is Shelley" Bruce said introducing Luke to the woman he hugged up to as the moved to the side wall, "and over there is Tim and his girlfriend Amanda and that is Cathy, Amanda's cousin visiting from Mobile."

Luke spoke to each one and moved over to the side wall to the opposite side of Shelley.

"Who's up" Tim asked as he racked up the balls.

"Let Luke play" Bruce stated as he looked over at Luke smiling. "I don't think he's had as much as the rest of us and might actually be able to aim" laughing at his own joke.

A few minutes into the game Luke began to find the feel of the game with that relaxed aim that gave him clean smooth hits with the cue ball. He had some catching up to do but after a few good shots had the game evened up.

"Shit...the son of a bitch can play" Tim said shaking his head as he watched another of Luke's ball drop into the side pocket.

Luke was lining up another shot, his eyes looking along his shot when he heard a familiar voice calling out to someone then laughing. He diverted his eyes up briefly and saw it was the guy from the grain elevator, Tommy, with three other guys setting up to play two tables over. Luke tried to regain his focus but his eyes kept cutting up to that voice, the slow drawl accentuated with Tommy's apparent intoxicated state. When he shot he caught the cue ball off to the side too much and it spun off in an ugly arc across the table.

"Damn, that was ugly" Bruce uttered as the cue ball hit a few balls and came to a stop along the rail.

Luke never had a chance with Tim finishing the game with his next play and he felt relieved to be able to stand aside. He kept glancing over watching those four guys play, the rowdy banter, the overzealous way one of them hit the cue ball and how Tommy seemed to be the leader of the group, the one who kept them focused on playing.

Tim then Cathy each returned at different times with a fresh pitcher of beer for everyone and Luke began to feel them and after finishing the one in his hand also felt the urgent need to piss.

"I'll be back" he said to no one in particular as he headed to the opening leading to the other side where he saw the men's room sign. As he passed the second table Tommy was leaning over the table, his back to Luke, aiming a shot. Back and forth he moved his arm lining up the shot. Luke let his eyes quickly scan down the lanky body, the way Tommy was leaned over, his shirt riding up revealing the waistband of his white underwear, a couple of inches exposed with the low waist jeans he was wearing. Luke made himself look away as he headed to the men's room.

He stood at the last urinal feeling the relief as he pissed. Speakers in the room played the music from the juke box and he found himself rocking on his heels in time with the song. He leaned forward watching the heavy stream wondering how long it was going to take to empty his bladder. The door squeaked open and he stood up straight staring at the wall. Someone came up to the urinal two away and he glanced over. It was Tommy.

" were at the elevator the other day" Tommy said, his voice slightly slurred.

Luke looked over at Tommy who was swaying back and forth slightly as he pissed. When he swayed back Luke could see the cock he was holding, the loose shaft arched down slightly releasing a steady stream. Luke tried hard to divert his eyes as he responded.

"Yeah, I was there to meet with the co-op."

"So you know Bruce?"

The question seemed accusatory, something off in the tone, but he couldn't figure out what.

"Yeah I know him."

"You guys hang out together much?"

"No...not much" which was the truth although he sensed Tommy meant something else.

Luke finished and quickly washed his hands and headed out leaving Tommy at the urinal. Tommy seemed to be trying to corner him so getting out as quickly as possible seemed prudent.

Back at the pool table he watched a couple more games then told everyone he had enough for one night. He knew Bruce wasn't available, not this night and two tables over Tommy seemed to be looking his way every time he glanced over.

Outside the bar he suddenly didn't feel the anxiety he felt inside and his pace naturally slowed, an easy going stroll through the parking lot to his Tahoe. He pulled out his keys unlocking the doors and moved up to the vehicle to open the door.

The push was so sudden he dropped his keys as he slammed into the side of the Tahoe, an arm at the back of his neck pressing his head against the side glass.

"I saw you looking at me" Tommy slurred in his ear. Tommy pressed tightly to his back pressing him into the side of truck. "I bet Bruce enjoyed this ass...didn't he?"

"What are you talking about? Get off me" Luke replied, suddenly anger overtaking his initial shock and fear.

Tommy grabbed his left wrist and twisted it down and between them pressing it against the Tommy's growing bulge within the jeans he wore.

"Come want it. I know you do. You like sucking dick don't ya?" Tommy slurred as he ground his crotch into Luke's hand.

In any other scenario, any of a number of situations Luke could see himself messing around with Tommy. He did find him attractive, very attractive but there was something wrong with this, the aggressiveness of it, the accusatory nature of what he was saying and Luke just couldn't submit to him. Not like this, Tommy trying to force him. He relaxed his body and when he felt Tommy do the same he swung around fast bringing up the fist of his other hand landing a punch that knocked Tommy back hard. Tommy went down landing on his ass and Luke found himself standing over him fists balled up ready for any retaliation.

"What the fuck?" Tommy uttered as he wiped the blood from his lower lip but he didn't try to get up, suddenly his drunken state catching up with him as he sat on the ground looking up at Luke.

"Just leave me alone" Luke said getting into his Tahoe. As he pulled away he saw Tommy was still sitting on the ground and he wondered if he'd heard the last of this or if Tommy would keep his mouth shut considering how everything turned out.

At home he sat on the sofa leaned back with his feet propped up on the coffee table just staring at the ceiling. The only light coming from the kitchen while music played over his computer system, some electronic music, something no station in the area would ever play. He had it turned up loud enough to drown out any noise from outside and almost, but not quite, drown out any of the noise circulating within his head.

The next few days Luke kept to himself, going to work the next day and then spending the weekend at home doing those final things he had been putting off. He ignored the message from Bruce on Saturday and on Sunday he got out his bicycle, aired up the tires and went for a long slow ride around the countryside.

By Tuesday Luke was finding himself back into his routine, his feelings about understanding Bruce was obviously just a hook up and the belligerence of Tommy now seemed just a distance memory. It was around three o'clock when he found himself coming to the general store and he wheeled into the lot parking next to one of the pickups.

Inside he immediately realized Tommy was standing among the men at the front counter. He hesitated a moment before moving on to the drink coolers, speaking to everyone as he passed by them, shaking hands and asking how their families were doing. When he came to Tommy he found himself looking at Tommy's outstretched hand. He hesitated, just a brief moment, but he saw Tommy flinch and thought better of his initial idea of ignoring him.

"Tommy" he said as he shook his hand.

"Luke" Tommy replied, his voice low, flat, and Luke realized Tommy couldn't look him in the eye.

Drink in hand he stood among the men talking about the weather, the latest crop prices and even some of the community gossip. When he finished the drink he told everyone he had to get going as he headed to the door. He didn't notice Tommy had stood up and slowly began to follow him out but as he approached his Tahoe he sensed someone behind him. The footsteps in the gravel or the exhale of breath or some other sense that gave awareness to someone else was behind him. Turning he found it was Tommy standing a few feet away.

"Listen...about the other night...I..." Tommy stammered then looked around making sure no one was around and once satisfied they were alone he looked down at the ground, kicking one foot back and forth across the gravel surface. "I just want to apologize about the other night. I don't know why...well, I guess...look, I'm sorry."

"Okay but I don't understand. Why did you attack me like that?"

"I'm not like Bruce, okay, I...just..." Tommy replied unable to finish what he wanted to say.

"Look...I know sometimes things can be hard especially in a small place like this which even for me is difficult. It's okay; we can forget about last Thursday."

"Really?" Tommy replied as he looked up smiling for the first time.

"Really. Look I really have to go. See ya around" Luke replied getting into his Tahoe. As he backed up he saw Tommy walking back toward the store entrance and as he drove off Tommy looked up and gave him a casual wave.

'That was odd' he thought as he headed to the McCullough place.

It was after six when he finally walked into his house and just as he laid his cell phone down it beeped with a message.

Hey U want to do somthng?

It was Bruce.

After talking with Bruce on the phone Luke sat staring at it wondering if it was a mistake. A mistake to go over to Bruce's house to fuck around as Bruce referred to it. Yeah it was fun, the surprising way Bruce could be so physical, so aggressive, made the sex really great. But...

Luke wasn't a prude who didn't enjoy messing around. He was going over to Bruce's place after all, but he was beginning to want something more. Was it him getting older and ready for more of a routine to his life, the constant routine of his job, the rituals of daily life and daring to hope, he would eventually find someone to share it with on a daily basis? And Bruce didn't seem to be someone who would accept such a role in his life.

There were many aspects of Bruce's personality he liked. The carefree attitude, the way he wasn't self-conscious about anything they did sexually, seemingly not to have any boundaries. But if Bruce every settled down Luke knew it wouldn't be with another guy. He was sure of it.

He showered off and pulled on a pair of old jeans, worn and frayed, not bothering with underwear. He grabbed up a t-shirt, a stretched out v-neck that hung loosely on him, and pulled it on as he headed toward the back door. He drove at the 45 mph speed limit on the old narrow two lane road not feeling any sense of urgency. They had all night.

Pulling around to the back of Bruce's house he felt his cock's confinement in his jeans, the beginnings of an erection, the anticipation of sex with Bruce becoming real in his imagination. He thought of last time, the aggressive way Bruce took charge and he absentmindedly tugged on his cock, adjusting it within his jeans.

'Tonight I'm in charge' he thought as he stepped out of his Tahoe and headed for the back door. He didn't knock, didn't call out to Bruce when he got to the door. Instead in went in as if he owned the place. He heard Bruce in the master bedroom doing something and he slipped his hands into the front pockets of his jeans and pushed down, relaxed his body as he felt the way he pushed the jeans down low, so low a gap formed between the t-shirt and jeans revealing his lower abdomen. He felt his arousal, felt the way his jeans touched his body, the way they rubbed against him. He felt his masculinity, his sex. Even his nipples were erect, rubbing against the soft t-shirt.

At the door to Bruce's bedroom he stood in the door watching Bruce slipping on a t-shirt wearing a pair of gym shorts that curved seductively around his ass. As the t-shirt came down in place Bruce turned seeing Luke for the first time. He didn't seemed shocked to him already in his house unannounced as he smiled at him.

"Hey" Bruce whispered as his eyes scanned up and down Luke, moved enticingly over every inch of the body standing before him.

"You like what you see?" Luke asked in a firm tone of voice.

"Yes" Bruce replied answering the way a child would answer an adult or the way a boy would answer his man.

"Show me" Luke commanded.

Bruce came up to him, close, so close he could see the smooth texture of his skin, the faint outline of where his beard came in and the sensuous shape of his mouth and he thought of it wrapped around his cock. With very little pressure he pushed down on Bruce's shoulders and watched him descend down to his knees.

Bruce pressed his face into the crotch of his jeans, mouthed the outline of his growing cock, and blew warm breath through the fabric warming it arousing him even more. He felt it flex as Bruce mouthed the head. He felt the frantic touch of Bruce's fingers moving along the waistband of his jeans, felt them move from his waist around to the front where they fumbled to undo the snap and work the zipper down. He felt Bruce's lips press to his skin above his pubic hair, the warm touch electric as he felt the air touch more and more of his of body as Bruce opened his jeans and worked them down. Closing his eyes he let himself become emerged into the sensation of Bruce lips moving along the shaft of his cock, the feel of them circling the head, the swipe of a tongue, and the strangely erotic nip of teeth against the flared head then he inhaled sharply as he felt his cock sink into Bruce's mouth. Bruce moved seductively, slowly, along his cock, letting it sink all the way into his mouth and push into his throat then slide back out moving slickly along his tongue and dragging along the lips wrapped tightly around it.

Luke wanted to get naked, wanted to feel the air touch his skin everywhere, wanted to be exposed to Bruce, all of him and he slipped his t-shirt over his head and dragged the soft garment down his chest till it raked over Bruce's head as it pumped back and forth on his cock.

"Shit...suck me" he urged as he tossed the t-shirt on the floor and slipped off one shoe then the other using his feet. Bruce knew what he wanted, what he needed helping to work his jeans down till the two of them working together got each leg free. Naked, every inch of his skin sensitive to every air movement, every touch, he felt Bruce's hands touch the back of his legs, lightly, barely grazing over the soft hairs, almost ticklish, then pressing against them softly, the contact warm then the hands moved up till they held each ass cheek, squeezing them, massaging them as the hot slick mouth kept moving on his cock.

He took Bruce's head between his hands and held him firmly in place while he fucked his hips back and forth pushing his cock deeply inward then pulling back only to repeat, over and over, faster and faster till he felt Bruce's drool run down his cock shaft, felt it dribble down on his sac and spatter droplets onto his legs. Bruce gagged at times, almost choked, as he pumped his hips, pumped them furiously feeling his engorged cock thrusting in the hot slick mouth.

The urge to cum rose up quickly, his arousal so great, the feel of Bruce's mouth too intense and he felt his body tense up tight, felt every muscle flex tightly as his cock thickened and grew even harder. He cried out as he shoved forward in some parallel urge mimicking the cum surging through his cock till he felt the ejaculation, the force of it, with his cock buried all the way inward pumping cum down Bruce's throat.

"Fuck" he uttered as he felt his cock ejaculate each time. He felt himself relax and pull back pumping the last of his load into Bruce's mouth. Bruce sucked hard on his cock drawing out every drop then he worked his mouth along the shaft, back and forth until the sensation grew too much.

"Stop" he cried out pushing Bruce back just a little too roughly making him land on his ass. Bruce looked up smiling, mischievously, devilishly and he licked his lips of the cum that had leaked out covering them.

"Nasty fucker" Bruce uttered smiling up at him.

"Get naked" Luke said as he reached down and helped Bruce stand up. Luke tore at Bruce's clothes, roughly tugging the t-shirt over his head hearing it rip as he forced it off the long lanky arms. Bruce had barely regained his balance when he shoved the gym shorts down and stepping on them between Bruce's feet he pushed him back toward the bed leaving him completely naked.

"You going to fuck me now?" Bruce asked seductively, his voice raunchy with his desire.

"Yes" he replied as he pushed Bruce down on the bed, grabbed up each leg pushing them back folding Bruce over till his ass rose up spread open, so smooth, hairless, open to him, ready. He moved up to it, pressed his still hard cock to it and pressed down breaching the tight opening.

"Fffuuuuccccckkkkk" Bruce uttered throwing his head back and clutching tightly handfuls of the sheet as he took Luke, every inch as it penetrated him.

Pushing down till his hips pressed tightly to Bruce's ass he ground down hard letting Bruce feel the weight of him, the way his cock felt buried into the stretched open hole. Luke began to fuck, to work his hips up and down driving his cock into the tight hole feeling it loosen with his fuck. He pumped slowly at first but soon felt his arousal anew, felt the need for his cock to thrust harder, faster, the slick rub of Bruce's insides stroking it.

He moved over Bruce folding him in half. He moved up face to face with him, his hips pumping furiously, roughly, the bed rocking beneath them. He kissed Bruce, pushed his tongue into Bruce's mouth as he held him down and fucked. Fucked to feel the pleasure of it, to feel Bruce's ass milk his cock, to feel the way he could sink it all the way into Bruce over and over till the pleasure of it was too much.

"Feel my cock in your hole" Luke grunted, his voice almost alien to him as he pushed into Bruce. "Goddamn...take me...take me" he commanded as his voice trailed off.

He felt his exertions, the way his body undulated and moved on top of Bruce. His skin felt hot as he moved slickly over Bruce, their contact slick with sweat and he drove inward over and over. Bruce moaned and grunted in rhythm with his fuck, every thrust inward.

He pulled up and jerked his cock out, grabbed one of Bruce's legs and flipped him over, twisting the long lanky body around, ass up, head pushed down into the mattress and he drove his cock back into the stretched open hole, all the way.

"Oh...fuck...fuck me" Bruce grunted beneath him as he hammered his hips against Bruce's ass.

Bruce wanted to fuck around, wanted him to come over and 'do him' so he was, hard, fast, every aspect physically aggressive.

"You like my cock fucking in you in the ass?" Luke asked in a demanding voice.

"Yes" Bruce uttered as he reached back and spread his ass cheeks. "Fuck me."

Luke held Bruce by the wrists, forced Bruce to keep his cheeks spread open as he drove his cock into him till he felt cum surge through his cock, felt his second load as it ejaculated into Bruce, and he kept pumping his hips with every ejaculation till he was spent and his cock was sliding slickly through his load. He pumped his hips till his cock grew too sensitive for any more stimulation.

Pulling out he flipped Bruce over on his back as he dropped down on his knees between the long legs draped over the side of the bed. Bruce's cock was standing up tall, flexing with his arousal, the head wet with its leakage. Luke sank his mouth over it, his lips tightly wrapped around the shaft as he felt the way it filled his mouth and pushed into his throat.

"Oh shit" Bruce cried out grabbing Luke by the head and holding him down on his cock as it erupted. Luke sucked, sucked hard taking each wad then drawing out every last drop his mouth pulled up till on the head was trapped between his lips and his hand milked its way upward. He sucked till Bruce was spent and fell still on the bed.

"Shit...I'm spent" Bruce said as Luke moved up next to him. They shifted around on the bed their naked bodies pressed together, so warm against each other, slick with their sweat and they lay still for a long time neither saying anything.

"Boy you were wound up" Bruce finally whispered.

"Yeah...I guess so" Luke replied, adding "you want me to leave now or in the morning?"

"Oh hell no you're not leaving yet" Bruce replied turning to face Luke, "I think you have at least one more fuck in ya before morning."

"Maybe" Luke replied smiling. After a silence Luke relaxed and rolled on his back next to Bruce. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yeah sure."

"Did you every fuck Tommy?"

"Tommy?" Bruce replied and he laughed lightly and rolled onto his back next to Luke staring up at the ceiling. "Yeah we use to fuck around. It was really fun until..."

"Until? Until what?"

"Well....he got kinda serious. Wanted me to stop seeing other people and he wanted to move in with me."


"Seriously. That is one boy who probably should have moved away, gone somewhere he could..." Bruce trailed off not finishing his thought.

Luke let the topic drop but realized it made perfect sense now the way Tommy had acted. Jealousy, a longing, all mixed up with his anxieties.

Bruce reached over and turned out the light putting the room in darkness except for the light coming through the door. Sleep finally took them, first Bruce then Luke and they slept soundly due to their exertions. How long they slept neither knew but sometime in the middle of the night one of them stirred, rubbed up against the other, their cocks already hard, and soon Luke had Bruce on his stomach taking him, slow thrusts inward, cock sinking all the way into Bruce's hole. Luke would fuck a long time making Bruce beg for it, beg for Luke to cum, beg for Luke to fill his hole once again.



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