A whirlwind romance.

Everyone had heard of them, but did they truly exist Luke wondered, that is until recently. It had been only three months since Tommy and he had first gotten together and since then they were together more often than not. Luke had wondered if Tommy would really be alright being seen around the community and in town as his constant companion. Dinners in town, arriving together at community events and there was the fact Tommy's truck was at his house overnight nearly every day. He knew some people had to be gossiping about them and there were a few times he had gone into the general store and thought the conversation suddenly changed as he entered. But there had been no negative reactions and he wondered if he should relax, let his guard down or if he should expect everything to come to a head at some inopportune moment.

He rolled over and let his hand slide over Tommy's chest feeling the smooth softness of the skin, that warmth only being in bed all night seemed to give someone. Tommy stirred, shifted slightly snuggling up to him even closer. He let his hand move downward over Tommy's stomach that rose and fell with his slow breathing rhythm. Luke kissed him around the ear using his nose to push the hair out of the way as his raked his tongue over it.

"That tickles" Tommy mumbled as a smile formed on his face. Tommy took Luke's hand and pushed it down. Luke felt the morning erection brush along his hand and he slipped his fingers around it. He slowly stroked Tommy then moved on top of him.

Like so many mornings they made out for a long time, slowly manipulating each other, barely awake for a long time, until one of them couldn't take it any longer. This morning it was Luke who was soon hovering over Tommy pumping his cock into the tight ass angled up toward him. Tommy grabbed at the sheets, moaning with their fuck, pushing up to meet every downward thrust.

Tommy buried his face into a pillow stifling his cry as he pushed up taking Luke's cock all the way. Their bodies came together over and over, rocking the bed, the frame squeaking with their movements, the rocking of their fuck. Their skin glistened with their exertions, hot, slick, as Luke moved over Tommy. Luke felt his release coursing through him, the way his cock grew so sensitive, grew thicker, harder, and he plunged into Tommy all the way. He pushed inward with every ejaculation feeling the release drain him completely from the physical exhaustion of his exertion. He slowed as he ejaculated the last of his load, his hips moving up and down fluidly, gently, pushing down against Tommy's ass till he was spent. Exhausted, Luke lay on Tommy's back breathing hard.

Then it was Tommy's turn. So erect, his arousal built nearly to climax. He rolled Luke over to his side and slipped up close pulling up Luke's leg. He nudged his cock up to Luke's opening and pushed forward breaching the tightness. Luke shivered and squirmed within his arms as he sank deeply into him.

Tommy didn't last long as he soon pumped his load into Luke. Spent cock still buried in Luke's ass Tommy leaned over and kissed him along the neck, the jaw then gently on the lips.


Sharon knew something was different, what she couldn't say. She thought she knew her son, the little boy who was her second child, the one who rarely did wrong. He was the one who was affectionate and always generous and kind. Grade school had been so normal. She watched how he grew through the years, how he made friends and eventually there were the girls. He had dated so many and never made any of them upset. She had worried like any mother when he went out for sports, but she watched him play football and baseball, the way he pushed himself to do well and along the way become more mature, his body filled out, dare she think it, grew much more masculine. It made her sad and proud at the same time to see him become a man. He finished high school, graduated then headed off to college.

Then the change happened. All she could hope was he would come to her or his father if there was something wrong. She loved him no matter what and just wanted him to be happy, and if there was something wrong she wanted her little boy to come to her and she'd do everything in her power to make it right.


Bruce was driving to work cutting through town. He had the windows down, his arm propped on the window sill feeling the unusually warm day for winter. He drove in silence, the radio turned off, only the sound of the truck running along the narrow streets breaking the silence. He drove by her house and slowed. He had times thought she might be the one, for he had dated Shelley longer than any other. But each time she pushed to get closer, tried to get some commitment from him he pulled back. It made no sense until he was honest with himself. He loved her, truly he did but it wasn't enough. There was something missing, some bond between them he expected to form. It never did.

The last couple of months, every since December, he had found himself enjoying the company of another, someone he had known all his life but only recently crossed the line and made their friendship something more. He thought of all the guys he had messed around with over the last few years. There was Greg from high school, Ryan who was the baseball player from the neighboring community that he played against a few times, which was ironic since they were together far more often because for over a year they would hook up in one isolated place or another. Then there was Tommy, someone who wanted much more than he was willing to give, the one who pushed him to be the bad guy, someone he didn't like very much. It pained him for a long time every time he saw Tommy until Luke came along and suddenly he saw how Tommy was going to be alright. Next he met Michael, someone so sexually alive it scared him the first time but after a few weeks the sex developed in a way that made him wonder if sex with women would ever be the same. But Shelley had broken the spell, or so he thought. It was a chance encounter, innocent at first and he had no intention on hitting on him, none at all. Instead he was the one being hit on, the one who was being seduced, and he found himself with someone he had known most of his life, or thought he knew. After a few months of getting together whenever they could it made him feel nervous, anxious with the way he thought of him all the time. The way he found himself wanting to be with him all the time.

The idea of them together made him smile as he drove on past Shelley's home not realizing how little he missed her.


Tommy left Luke's house and on the way to his new job at the grain elevator he stopped at the general store. He didn't want to say anything but he didn't like Luke's coffee. It was so strong the way he brewed it, besides he preferred the overly sweet soda in the morning. There were three trucks in the parking lot and he recognized all three. Mr. Foster who had one of the last dairy farms, Mr. Hanks who had land to the south, and then there was the two year old Chevy, the one he knew had a small dent in the passenger side rear fender. The truck he knew so well for it belonged to his father.

As he entered the store the men suddenly stopped talking and looked up at him with expressions that seemed to indicate they didn't recognize him, as if he was new to the area. Just as quickly their expressions relaxed.

"Hey son; on the way to work?"

"Yes. Just wanted to grab a soda because I can't drink Luke's coffee" he replied. He realized what he had just admitted and saw how none of the men reacted, none made to accuse him of what they knew he was doing at Luke's house. He didn't mean to say it so bluntly...then again maybe he did.

"You guys getting the elevator ready for wheat to come in?" Mr. Hanks asked breaking the silence.

"We have the silo for wheat all ready. I'm mainly in the warehouse getting seed sorted for planting this spring" he replied as he pulled a soda out of the cooler. Tossing a couple of dollar bills on the counter he unscrewed the cap and took a long drink.

"Your wheat crop look good Bill?" Mr. Foster asked Mr. Hanks.

"Yeah, I think it looks better than it has in a number of years. No blight as I can see anywhere in it."

Tommy picked up his change and headed to the door. "See ya'll later" he called out as he went through the door.

"Wait up son" his father called out and started out behind him.

They ended up by Tommy's truck, Tommy leaning back against the fender watching the way his father stood quietly in front of him gathering his thoughts. His father looked up slowly pushing his cap up revealing the eyes that were the same color as his own.

"Son, your mother and I want you...and Luke, to come over for dinner tonight. We don't like this distance that has grown between us. We know...why" his father stammered looking off in the distance then he smiled looking back at Tommy, "hell the whole community knows and...well...you'll come tonight won't you?"

Tommy was surprised at first, this admission, but he smiled back at his dad, the first time in a long time. "Yeah, we'll come over. Tell mom not to go to too much trouble."

"Shit...you know her" his father laughed. "Okay get on to work; you don't want to be late."


There was only two more semesters to complete and he would graduate. Two semesters was all he had left to finish college. It had seemed such a long way away when he had first arrived on campus. The intern period of basic course work then the process to get into the vet school with its long hours of study, the hours spent in labs, or out in the fields. Now the end was in sight and he couldn't wait for graduation. He already had a job lined up back in his hometown with the areas main vet. He had always saw himself heading off to some new region, maybe even leave the country for a while but things changed in ways he couldn't imagine.

He was in the dorm bathroom, a rare occurrence of having it all to himself and he stared in the mirror at his reflection. He knew the image, the features that he took for granted. The dark wavy hair that he couldn't keep combed and his dark skin he knew came from his mother's side of the family, the line of Native American blood that came down from the Appalachian Mountains back in the 1880's. He rarely had to shave and it sometimes embarrassed him how some referred to him as having a baby face or worse called him a pretty boy. He looked at his chest and stomach, the curvature of his muscular build, the smoothness of his dark skin. He looked down at the way the towel hung around his waist and thought of how often Bruce had came up behind him, putting arms around his chest and one hand would slide downward loosening the towel causing it to drop to the floor as his cock became firmly grasped by the hand. He found himself mimicking the action, his own hand trailing down his chest, over his stomach, almost to the edge of the towel.

The door swung open and Chris came in carrying his toiletries and towel.

"Hey Bobby, seeing if any hairs have started to come in on that baby face yet?" Chris mocked, laughing to himself.

"Yeah, whatever" he replied as he picked up his things and headed out.

Back in his room he found his roommate gone. Probably off with one of three girls he was currently dating. Or was it simply fucking? He tossed his toiletries down on his desk and lay back on his bed, the towel still around his waist and it spread open revealing most of his left thigh open almost enough to see his cock. He felt his sexuality, the sensuous nature of his body. He slid one hand down his chest, over his stomach to the towel pushing the overlap apart, letting each end fall away revealing his cock. It lay thick over his sac, the shaft so much darker than the rest of him and he let his fingers comb through the sparse hair that fanned out over it all the while imagining it was Bruce who was touching him, Bruce who was taking his cock and stroking it. Imagined it was Bruce who would bring him to full arousal, who would spread his legs and touch him down there, who would penetrate him. He brought one finger over his hole, rubbed over its tightness. He closed his eyes and went with the fantasy, the finger pushing inward while he grasped his cock with his other hand and stroked his growing erection.

His stroked himself slowly at first, feeling the way it aroused him, how it made his body feel, every muscle tightened. He worked his finger in and out of his hole till he felt himself loosen to it, then he put two in, then three, feeling the tightness around his fingers as he worked them into his hole. He clinched his jaw to keep from crying out as he felt his cock flex in his hand, flex the cum surge through it and spatter across his chest and stomach. He kept stroking his hand, the slimy cum smeared along this cock and over his hand till he was too sensitive to continue.

The room smelled of him, that odd odor of cum, and he laid there, eyes closed, naked, cum trickling over his torso and down to the mattress. He didn't care if Chris walked in now or not. He was sated of his arousal and felt the calm exhaustion of its release.

He knew he should get up and study for his class he had tomorrow but it could wait a few minutes longer. Just a few more minutes to savor the feel of this release imagining it was with Bruce, and in two days when Friday arrived, it would be with Bruce.


Tommy loaded the bed of the pickup with seed, stacking the bags neatly to get as many as the old ¾ ton truck would hold. Russell Brown and his oldest boy, Ricky, sat in the cab talking as Tommy put one bag after the next in the bed. The truck rocked under his weight, shaking with every movement until he finally got to the rear and stepped back up on the dock. He grabbed up his clipboard and jumped down from the dock. As he approached the window he heard Ricky.

"Here comes the faggot."

Tommy inhaled and told himself to stay calm and not say something that would get him fired.

"Russell, I just need a signature and you're all set" Tommy said as he held out the clipboard, his voice not giving away the fact he heard Ricky. Russell Brown signed his name and handed it back without saying anything. "Alright then" Tommy said trying hard not to sound sarcastic.

As the Browns drove away Tommy came up the steps for the dock cussing under his breath.

"What's eating you?" Billy said surprising Tommy that he had made it out on the dock unseen.

"Oh nothing."

"Nothing? Or Russell or that boy of his said something?"

Tommy looked up at Billy giving him a grin that concealed the inner anger he felt.

"That's what I thought; ignore them Tommy" Billy said as he held out a work order. Tommy took it and gave Billy a nod as he began to walk back inside the warehouse. Billy put his hand on Tommy's shoulder stopping him. "Look, it's no secret you and that Luke fellow have something going on and...well most of us may be curious or surprised...but..." Billy stammered unsure what to say.

"Thanks" Tommy replied and when Billy's hand moved from his shoulder he headed inside.

Inside the warehouse there were just two of them working today and Tommy moved over to Greg, Billy's oldest son, telling him of the order they needed to get ready. They worked side by side shifting seed from one pallet to another counting out the number of bags they needed. Even with the warehouse being cool they both sweated, their skin glistening with the exertions of their labors. Tommy glanced at Greg from time to time, the way his lean body moved, straining with the weight of the bags, the way sweat trickled down his face from the short cut blonde hair, the way his lean arms, the fair skin covered in dust and sweat strained with their lifting of each bag. Another time or place it would have gotten to him, the closeness of their bodies and how Greg really was attractive. Instead he could admire his beauty even though his interest lay elsewhere.

"Hey Tommy?"


"When the Browns were at the dock what did that asshole say that made you mad?"

"Which asshole?" Tommy replied amused to hear how Greg sounded so much like his father when he talked like this.

"Ricky, of course. He was an asshole in school and he's still an asshole. Did he say something about Luke and you?"

"Sort of but let's not talk about it, okay?"

"Okay but just so you know, Ricky is probably just jealous if the rumors are true."

Tommy stopped and stood up straight. Greg was giving him a mischievous grin and he couldn't stop himself from smiling back. "Seriously?"




"You okay with...Luke and I?"

"Oh hell Tommy, I don't give a shit if you two are shacked up together. Whatever makes you happy. How many more bags of this seed do we need?"


Luke couldn't believe how late it had gotten. It was after ten o'clock but the evening had been so enjoyable, the dinner with Tommy's folks, so much food Tommy's mother had prepared and how they sat for a long time around the table just talking, then they moved to the family room and began to play videos of Tommy as a young child, playing in the yard, riding his first bicycle and so many other scenes all the while Tommy and his parents laughing and reminiscing. Luke found it endearing, all of it, surprised at how the evening unfolded, for he and Tommy had been worried it was going to be confrontational. Tommy worried his parents would be critical, instead they had made a few comments about loving him, wanted him to be happy and nothing more was said of it

He followed Tommy into the house, only one lamp on in the living room and they didn't turn on any other lights. They moved in the dimly lit interior, hand in hand till they were in the living room and Tommy moved down on the sofa pulling him down on top.

"Fuck me ya bastard" Tommy said sniggering as he pulled at Luke's shirt working the tail free of his jeans.

"Frisky tonight I see" Luke said as he moved down bringing their lips together.

They tore at each other's clothes, tugging and pulling, arms and legs working to free themselves. Luke pulled Tommy's boxers free of his left foot and tossed them across the rest of their clothes. The two of them were now naked. He lay on Tommy feeling the firm lean body beneath him warm against his own and he pumped his hips driving his cock against Tommy's, the two shafts rubbing against each other. Tommy moaned as he pushed up against Luke. Their bodies moved smoothly over each other as they ran their hands along the sides of the other and kissed, roughly, physically, as if all the bodily contact wasn't enough, as if the way they rubbed hotly against each other wasn't nearly enough.

Tommy wrapped his legs around Luke turning his ass upward enough to feel Luke's cock rub over his hole, the wet head press against his opening, slickly sliding over it and he pushed up against it.

"Fuck...put it in me...please" Tommy uttered as he nipped Luke's ear and hugged their bodies together. Luke raised his hips slightly and bore down on Tommy, pushed with his hips till he felt his cock breach the tight opening causing Tommy to cry out.

Luke felt Tommy's body shiver, every muscle quivering with his penetration and he kept pushing inward sinking his hard cock through the tightness and into the hot depths of Tommy's hole. He fucked in a slow rhythm, one he could control for a long time, his hips rising up till his cock was almost pulled free then downward pushing back in, slowly, letting him feel every inch as it squeezed back in. Tommy moved with him, undulating with their fuck, As Luke fucked and fucked till his body was hot and slick with his exertions he felt Tommy's hands moving easily over his back. He fucked till his arousal caused him to increase his pace, to drive his hips faster and faster, and he rose up on his knees, took Tommy by the ankles and folded him in half as he shifted into position to fuck harder, to thrust with all his strength till his hips smacked against Tommy's ass. Their fuck grew more physical, aggressive and Tommy begged Luke to fuck him harder.

Luke fucked till sweat dripped from his body down on Tommy, his breathing ragged and Tommy rose up hugging their bodies together and rolled Luke on his back. Tommy was soon sitting on Luke hips, cock still buried in his ass and he rode it, furiously, an urgency to his every move. He leaned back and pumped his hips up and down, his own erection flopping up and down, the wet head smacking wetly against Luke's stomach.

"Oh fuck" Luke uttered as he felt the way Tommy fucked himself on his cock, felt the way Tommy had his cock pulled forward, the sensitive head rubbed smoothly by Tommy's fuck with every move up and down. He took Tommy's cock and stroked it knowing it would push Tommy to fuck faster, to push himself to climax. It was slick in his hand allowing him to stroke it smoothly, it sliding easily through his fist.

"Come on Tommy...shoot...shoot..." Luke begged his voice trailing off as he saw Tommy's fuck become frantic and he knew Tommy was close. He tightened his grip on Tommy's cock and stroked him in rhythm with their fuck, hard, his fist slamming down to the base and he felt it swell up thicker and flex in his hand. He felt the hot cum spatter in his face, felt the second wad hit his chest and the smell of it, all that cum covering him pushed him over the edge and he shoved up to meet Tommy's downward push. He grabbed Tommy's thighs holding him place as he ejaculated. He pumped upward against Tommy's ass with every ejaculation as Tommy moved his ass up and down slowly now, milking every drop from his cock as he lay back exhausted, heaving for every breath. He wiped the cum and sweat from his face as he felt Tommy move up off of him.

"Come on, let's take a shower" Tommy whispered and Luke held up his hand getting Tommy to help him up and lead him to the bathroom.


Bobby had left campus as soon as his last class was over and drove straight to Bruce's house. He had told his parents he was coming in the next morning which gave him Friday night to be with Bruce. He parked behind the house and bounded up the steps to the back door. It opened just before he reached it and Bruce stood in the doorway, naked, his body wet from a shower.

"You're early" Bruce stated smiling at Bobby.

"Looks to me I'm right on time" Bobby replied sliding his hands around Bruce's waist pulling their bodies together. They kissed till Bobby felt Bruce's cock push against him and he sniggered at how quickly Bruce responded to him.

"Maybe you should let me come in" Bobby whispered as he pulled back enough to slip his hand down between them grasping Bruce's cock.

Bruce let Bobby lead him through the house till they were standing beside the bed. Bobby pushed him down on the bed. He bounced up and down for a few seconds then fell still looking up at Bobby smiling down at him. He watched Bobby lift his t-shirt over his head revealing his body, the dark skin so smooth looking in the dim light of the room. Flawless, not a blemish in sight, Bobby's chest and stomach flexed with the movements of his arms as he raised them over his head pulling the shirt off. The dark underarm hair was visible for a brief moment causing Bruce to remember all the times he had ran his fingers through it, the hairs so soft to the touch. He felt his arousal at the image before him, the muscular lean body, the way it reflected its form, the structure of it; the masculinity of it. He sat up on his elbows and watched as Bobby undid his jeans, worked them open. pushed them down and slipped each leg free. Bobby stood up wearing white boxer briefs, the contrast with his skin made them appear to glow. They bulged with Bobby's arousal, cock stretched over to the right and pushing out obscenely.

"I've been hard most of the way home thinking about you" Bobby uttered as he slipped the boxer briefs down till they fell freely to this ankles. His cock rose up hard, the dark shaft arcing upward with its flared head already wet.

"I can see that" Bruce replied as he watched Bobby step out of them and move onto the bed over him.

Bobby straddled Bruce's waist and pushed his slick cock against Bruce's chest. He pumped his hips raking it upward till it pressed into the small hollow spot at the base of Burce's neck. A trail of slickness was left in its path. He hugged Bruce around the head squeezing it tightly to his stomach letting Bruce feel him, the in and out of each breath taken and the soft smoothness of his skin. He felt Bruce inhaled knowing how there was something primitive in their scents to each other. Bruce held him by the waist and he felt the kiss on his stomach, gently touching the skin, lightly, over and over till he felt it snake into his navel making him snigger and push Bruce back. Bobby rose up on his knees and put his cock to Bruce's lips, the head smearing its slickness across them. Bruce licked his lips then slipped them over the head and Bobby pushed forward, slowly, gently, watching as the dark shaft disappeared between Bruce's lips.

"Oh...shit" Bobby uttered at the feel of his cock in Bruce's mouth.

Bruce guided Bobby by the waist, guided him to work his hips slowly so he could feel Bobby move over his tongue and push to the back of his throat, slowly filling his mouth. He could taste him, feel the thickness of the shaft as it filled his mouth and he felt his own arousal by the way Bobby's cock pushed into his throat. He had never been able to take another guy's cock like this, not this deep into his mouth, but Bobby pushed him, drove him to want more and he let the cock work back and forth through this mouth till Bobby was quivering with need, his sac drawn up tight, so close to climax that he pulled free of Bruce's mouth. It was too soon.

Bobby moved down and worked his ass over Bruce's own erection, his hips grinding back and forth, undulating provocatively over Bruce till he was achingly hard, his cock leaking and Bobby rose up over him, took his cock and eased down on it. It amazed Bruce the ease at which Bobby took him, every time able to slide right down on it all the way. The way he was now doing, his body moving downward slowly and Bruce put his hands on Bobby's waist and watched his cock disappear into Bobby's hole. All too soon Bobby was riding him, roughly, up and down. The bed rocked and squeaked and it seemed to spur Bobby to fuck harder, to bounce on his cock and it made him push upward to meet every downward movement. Bobby began to sweat, his skin shiny in the dim light, slick and hot to the touch. Bruce ran his hands up Bobby's chest and tweaked each nipple making Bobby cry out arcing his chest to the pain and pleasure. Bruce rose up and rolled Bobby over onto his back quickly getting into position between his legs.

Bruce began to fuck, to pump his hips up and down, this lean body hovering over Bobby, undulating with his movement. He thrust inward harder and harder, over and over and over, feeling is cock sink all the way into Bobby.

Bobby stretched out beneath him, arms out over his head and legs wrapped around Bruce's legs. He looked up at Bruce, "Fuck me...Bruce...give it to me" he pleaded.

Bruce pushed inward all the way then raised his hips up high and drove inward again and again and again, feeling every inch of his cock penetrate Bobby. He moved down on top of Bobby chest to chest, his hips rising and falling with their fuck. The dim light reflected off their skin, so similar in tone, Bobby a little darker and more muscular, Bruce so lean, his movements so smooth, agile, sensuous with its undulating form moving on top of Bobby.

Bobby wrapped his arms around Bruce and moved his hands up and down the slick skin of Bruce's back, feeling the flex of muscle and the heat of their contact. He felt Bruce's lips touch his neck, move to his earlobe and then the gently erotic tug of teeth. He pushed upward taking with every thrust inward. His cock was rubbed by Bruce's stomach, the way it heaved in and out and undulated made it ache for release and he worked his own body beneath Bruce, both of them frantic with their need.

"Oh fuck...I'm coming" Bobby uttered as he shuddered with each ejaculation.

Bruce felt the hot cum on his stomach the way it slickly smeared with their movements and he felt the spasm of Bobby's ass with each ejaculation and he shoved inward, all the way ejaculating his own load deep inside Bobby.


It was nearly one thirty and the little diner in town was past its lunch time rush. Luke and Tommy came into the diner and scanned the room for a table or booth off to the side. Several were still occupied and they saw a few people give them a disapproving look but they saw just as many smile back at them nodding.

"Hey guys, you eating here or getting something to go" Cindy, one of the waitresses on shift asked coming up to them with menus in hand.

"We're going to eat here. Can we have that booth in the corner?" Luke asked

"Sure, what can I get you to drink?"

"Sweet tea" Tommy replied taking the menus from her.

"The same" Luke added as the two of them moved away heading to the booth. The waitress was back at their table with their drinks and ready to take their orders. Tommy was always slow to decide and Luke waited patiently as he smiled up at Cindy.

"You guys picked a good time to come in. A few minutes earlier and you would be waiting. We were packed at lunch."

"Really" Luke replied "I guess the nice weather has everyone out."

"I wish I was able to have Saturday off" she replied then turned to Tommy who had laid the menu down obviously ready to order.

Orders written down Cindy headed to the wait station to put it into the kitchen. Luke leaned back and watched how Tommy sat up straight at the table his hair slightly messed up, perfectly so and he smiled at the memory of their morning in bed, messing around so long they were just now getting something to eat and it already the afternoon.

"I need to go by the elevator and see what my hours are next week. They told me yesterday they were adjusting them because one of the guys is on vacation all week" Bobby said breaking their silence.

"Okay, we can swing by on the way home."

The door opened and they naturally looked up to see who it was assuming it would be someone they knew. Bruce was holding the door letting Bobby follow him in, the two of them looking as disheveled as Luke knew they had to look. Bruce and Bobby even had that same look on their faces and Luke knew they had spent the night together and was just getting out.

"Oh shit...that is who Bruce has been seeing" Tommy said sniggering. "I don't believe it. Bobby of all people" he whispered to Luke.

"What do you mean" Luke asked but before Tommy could answer Bruce led Bobby up to their table.

"Hey guys. You're having a late lunch too" Bruce said smiling down at Luke then over to Tommy.

"Yeah, I guess we are" Luke responded arcing one eyebrow upward as he looked up at Bruce.

"Can we join you?" Bruce asked.

Luke laughed and slide over, "Okay you guys sit down. Cindy we have guests" he called out and she nodded toward them acknowledging Bruce and Bobby.

They sat for nearly two hours talking and when they finally paid and strolled out the door Bruce and Bobby headed north toward Bobby's car and Luke and Tommy headed south toward Tommy's truck. There were plans to get together and events coming up they planned to attend together. It seemed so normal, surprising Bruce the most, but pleasing all four of them. Luke and Tommy passed a couple heading in the opposite direction and they greeted each other as they passed. A casual nod and hello, something so simple, so routine but for Tommy and Luke it was comforting. Tommy took Luke's hand and gave it a squeeze as they walked the last short distance to his truck.

"You want to go down to the park before heading to the elevator?" Tommy said as they approached the truck.

"Yeah, that would be nice" Luke responded as they climbed into the truck.



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