Luke looked across the grounds of the volunteer fire department where everyone sat in groups in lawn chairs or on the tailgates of pickups. It was the annual fish fry to raise funds for the fire department and it seemed like most of the community was either coming through the lines for a to-go plate or sitting around the grounds socializing while eating. He arrived early to help set up and had been at the gas cookers until just a few minutes prior finally stopping to eat himself. Under the pop-up canopy with several of the others he sat with his plate in his lap eating the freshly cook fish, French fries and hush puppies listening to the local gossip, joking around and the preparations some were doing for the upcoming hunting season.

Luke found the day perfect, temperatures in the seventies, the air dry and the sky literally cloudless. He was listening to Jasper, one of the older farmers in the community, Luke having heard he was eighty-four, tell of the days before they had the fire department. It was story telling at its best, at times poignant and other times so funny they all would laugh loudly, so unconscious and carefree. He found himself suddenly feeling like a part of the community for the first time.

While he enjoyed his lunch Luke kept scanning the crowd to see who he recognized and when he was honest with himself, to see what single men arrived he had not meet. He knew from Bruce's boast of messing around with a few guys there were guys in the area who liked sex with other guys and his innate curiosity made him try to figure out who it might be. Since arriving there had been several guys he found appealing candidates. One was now at the cookers, a young farmer who lived in the extreme southern part of the county farming peanuts in lieu of the usual commodity crops. Jason was muscular, with a stocky build but up close he had the freckled face of someone who looked years younger. Straw blonde hair and blue eyes made him such a cliché of the farm boy image and Luke had to smile at the way so many of the single women flirted with Jason. Even now there were two hovering around the cooking area vying for Jason's attention. Earlier he had seen Bobby, the son of one of the local farmers who was in college but home for the weekend. Bobby was tall, lean and having worn a tank top and shorts displayed his muscular arms and legs. His wavy dark hair and dark skin gave him a hint of Native American descent and when he smiled his slightly imperfect teeth just added to his looks. Yeah, he was definitely a candidate. It was much the same with the others, all attractive, guys he found himself eyeing wondering about what lurked inside their minds and more to the point, what was hidden beneath the clothes they wore.

There was something devious about the way he was checking out some of the guys but there was something about it that gave him a sense of fun, mischievously looking at those guys wondering what kind of fuck they would be in bed. Finishing his lunch he laid the plate down on the ground by his chair and sipped the overly sweet tea letting his eyes scan the grounds once again. Off toward the south he saw Bruce coming toward them with Shelley walking along his side. He thought it would bother him in some way but it didn't for he knew Bruce, knew his bi-sexual nature and after the week of only talking on the phone a couple of times since their last hookup he knew eventually it would come to an end. When Bruce and Shelley got near they waved and Luke waved back. He watched them get to-go plates, several of them, so he knew they would be leaving as soon as they got their food.

Luke picked up his plate and walked by a garbage can dropping it in then moved back over to the table with the drinks for a refill. He walked by the guys cooking to see if anyone needed a break and with everyone saying no he headed back to his chair. When he sat down he saw several groups of people coming up. There were two families, a group of eldery women and off to the side walking alone was Tommy. Luke felt a stab of regret when he saw him, alone, head down not looking around heading toward the line. He had not talked to Tommy since that day outside the general store but he had seen him. Tommy didn't know it but he saw him in the grocery store in town. Tommy had come in grabbed up a small basket and cut straight for the frozen food section as he was checking out. Then a few days later he saw Tommy at his parent's place out riding a horse in one of their pastures at the back of their property. Luke had stopped off to give Tommy's father a few documents and unable to stay long he couldn't wait till Tommy rode back to the barn to speak to him.

Now he watched Tommy move across the grounds, a slow ambling walk, appearing to be all legs and, wearing baggy jeans and a loose shirt that concealed much of his body. He had thought of Tommy's apology and the event that was the reason for it. And once again he thought of what Bruce had said.

Tommy got a plate and grabbed up a drink and headed toward the one place no one else was hanging out, a small group of pine trees that were over to the far side of the property where he sat down on the ground and began to eat. Luke found it odd to see him sitting off alone and when Billy walked up talking to the others sitting under the canopy Luke looked up to him getting his attention.

"Hey Billy, isn't that Tommy way over there alone?"

Billy looked in the direction Luke was pointing and nodded his head in a way showing resignation. "Yep, that's Tommy. He's been acting funny for over a week now. His father said he refused to meet them at church on Sunday."

Luke didn't know how to respond and he let Billy turn back to the conversation going on with the others. Suddenly he felt anxious, ready to get up and move around and like he usual does when nervous and anxious he drank faster till his cup was once again empty.

"Time for a refill" he said as he got up.

"Go get you some desert; I made an apple pie" Mrs. Williams said as he moved away and he turned back toward her patting his stomach.

"I'm afraid desert is something I should pass on" he replied smiling back at her before turning and heading over to the drink table.

Drink in hand Luke ambled across the grounds, his eyes locked on his destination. He heard his name called but pretended not to hear as he moved forward, his pace normal, each step relaxed and in control as he got closer and closer.

Tommy was sitting there looking down at the ground. He held a twig and was making lines in the dirt, what they were Luke was too far away to tell. His plate lay at his side empty, the cup still in his right hand as he moved the twig around. Luke couldn't see his face with the way Tommy wore his cap pulled down low and head turned down at the ground, neither did Tommy notice Luke till Luke's shadow fell over him and he froze suddenly aware of someone was right in front of him.

Luke didn't know what to say at first and he stood there a moment waiting for Tommy to look up but he didn't. He just sat there head down not moving.

"Go away Bruce; you made it clear how things are" Tommy uttered.

"Tommy" Luke said letting him know it wasn't Bruce. Slowly Tommy looked up and when he saw it really was Luke he smiled. "Luke?"

"Why are you out here by yourself?"

"I...don't know..." Tommy stammered then he looked up at Luke, eyes wet and with the quietest voice, barely audible he added "...but Luke I can't keep know?"

"Pretending what, Tommy?"

"To be someone I'm not."

"Then don't."

Tommy looked off across the grounds at everyone then he looked up at Luke. "That is easier said than done. You know how these people will react if they knew...if they knew..." Tommy stammered unable to say it.

"If they knew what?"

"If they knew I was queer" Tommy replied with his voice full of anger. It made Luke flinch at the anger, the suddenness of it but he saw Tommy's features soften, his eyes water up just before looking away.

"Can I sit down?"

Tommy nodded his head and sat up looking over at everyone; the line at the tables serving food, the people sitting in groups then he turned and watched Luke sit down next to him.

"You know I took the job here thinking I could use a change of scenery but when I got here during those first couple of weeks I was kind of freaked out wondering what in the hell I've gotten myself into but over the last couple of weeks I've began to have second thoughts. I've...gotten to know the people and I'm not so sure you're right about them. I mean...sure they talk harshly about gays and lesbians...about us" Luke admitted finally to Tommy making him look over and smile, "but I wonder if they could hold those prejudices if they were faced with knowing someone in a personal way and saw they didn't fit their stereotypes."

"But aren't you lonely?"

" times, especially when I'm home alone in the evenings but..."

"It sucks" Tommy suddenly stated. He moved his feet up raising his knees and propped his arms over them and rested his head down. "And I fuck up any opportunities that do come along."

Luke knew he was referring to Bruce and maybe even their encounter in the parking lot the other night. He put his hand on the back of Tommy's neck and gave it a slight squeeze. "You can't let one or two mistakes take on some kind of permanence, some be all to end all. Life doesn't work that way."

"You're still not mad at me, are you?" Tommy whispered without looking up.

"No, I'm not mad" Luke responded. He looked up and saw one of the guys at the cooking area wave to him to come back. "Look they need me back over there cooking. Are you going to be okay?"


Luke got up and started back, thinking he might call Tommy and see if he wanted to do something. But right now he wasn't sure, seemed like he needed to give Tommy some room, let him work through some of the issues. Or maybe he was still clinging to some of the hurt he felt from the other night. The way Tommy had pushed him so. He knew he was wrong to hold onto this slight especially in light of the situation.


Luke stopped and turned back around seeing Tommy looking up at him.

"Can we start over...I mean...will you want to get together and do something one day?"

Luke smiled at Tommy, the look of vulnerability on his face pained him, making that knot he felt inside melt away. "Sure. What is your number?"

That evening, sitting in his living room with music playing softly, eyes closed, just resting in the solitude after spending all day at the fire department cooking and hanging out with everyone Luke kept playing his conversation with Tommy over and over. He wondered if Tommy would call, or more likely, how soon. He smiled at the thought of grown men acting like teenage girls; will he call, what if he doesn't, what if he does? A song came on that he really liked, one of those obscure songs you never hear on mainstream radio, one he only heard in college and at that nightclub years ago and it made him acutely aware of how far from that urban environment he now found himself. He knew he couldn't go back, not to the way it was for everything would be different, even in the same location it would be different, so he moved forward, looked to the future trying to picture where he would be in five years, ten...fifty.

His cell phone beeped with a message.


It was Tommy and he smiled.

Hey what r u doing

The answer took longer than it should have but finally Tommy responded.


Luke knew there was some intimidation on Tommy's part toward him and the image of Tommy on the ground, lip busted, looking up at him with a look of being hurt. It had all been so clumsy, so foolish on Tommy's part and Tommy wasn't sure how to talk to him.

Luke looked at the message and started a reply and then thought better of it, the impersonal nature of it, the short imprecise form of the language and he realized it was making the situation worse. He hit call.

Tommy had been reticent on the phone at first, stammering, unsure of himself but Luke just kept a calm even voice and talked to him, one person to another, and eventually he told Tommy he was going to pour a bourbon and download a movie, andhe asked Tommy if he wanted to come over. He could hear the change in Tommy's tone and could almost see the smile on his face when he replied 'yeah, that would be nice'. Luke got up and moved the last four boxes that were still sitting in the living room back into the guest bedroom. They were old text books and some miscellaneous items he didn't want to toss out but had no idea what to do with them and knew in the end the boxes would end up stacked in a closet.

He went into the kitchen and pulled out a bag of chips, a couple of glasses and slid the bottle of bourbon over till it was all in a neat little grouping waiting for the night to begin. He pulled up his computer and found a movie he wanted to watch and downloaded it so it would be ready when Tommy arrived. He then poured two fingers of bourbon over an ice cube and went out on the back porch and sat in the dark, the only light coming through the windows where he waited. He sipped the bourbon feeling the initial warm burn till it was soothing to his throat. Sitting back he let his eyes scan the sky, so vivid with all the stars that were visible. Glancing at his watch he knew Tommy would be arriving soon for he had sounded so eager on the phone at the end of their conversation. Another sip, another minute of solitude, a peaceful solitude that he had to admit was nice. He heard a vehicle coming down the road, the faint dull roar of tires on the rough asphalt growing louder and louder till it was close then the tone changed, slowed and suddenly the beam of headlights cut across the backyard as the vehicle came down the drive. Tommy's truck soon appeared pulling around and parking in the drive. Luke watched as Tommy sat a moment before opening his door and Luke knew Tommy had not seen him yet.

Tommy stepped down and ambled up the gravel path toward the concrete steps that led up to the porch, his head down, hands pushed down in the front pockets of his jeans.

"Come on in Tommy" Luke said in a low casual voice and he saw how it startled him making him look up quickly.

"Luke...shit you startled me. I didn't see you sitting there."

"Sorry man. Come on in" he replied as he stood up moving to the door.

Tommy came in and followed Luke into the kitchen leaning against the counter as Luke poured him a drink. Holding out the glass Luke couldn't help but let his eyes scan up and down the figure before him, dressed better than he had ever seen him, a pressed shirt neatly buttoned, jeans that were new with no fading or fraying and black boots that were a surprise for they were more military or work boot in style not country. He realized how much of a good impression Tommy was trying to make and he had to suppress the urge to smile. He was in the most frayed ripped up jeans he owned, a pair he wouldn't wear in public and a t-shirt that he knew had two holes in it and was so stretched out of shape it just hung off his shoulders. He knew he should feel guilty for looking like such a slob compared to Tommy but something about it seemed right, seemed to set the atmosphere that Tommy should relax, should forget their past encounter and allow the two of them the ability to just hang out together.

"I have the movie downloaded if you want me to start it up, or would you rather just sit and talk?"

"We can start the movie" Tommy replied.

Luke sensed the nervousness in Tommy's voice and knew getting him to relax and just talk was out of the question. He led him into the living room, killed all the lights except for one lamp on a side table at the back of the room and started the movie. As the movie began, the initial credits, the unfolding scenes of some foreign country he saw Tommy relax, his body slide down on the sofa.

"Has your family been in the area a long time?"

"Oh yeah, since the mid 1800's...been here forever."

Slowly, one question after the next and Tommy suddenly began to talk, to tell of growing up in the community, of playing sports in high school, of going to the nearby community college but not making it to a major university to finish his degree, and him being the middle child of three, having an older sister and a younger brother both of whom were already married, his sister with two kids. Tommy paused then, sat silent for a while and Luke didn't say anything, sensed Tommy was getting his thoughts together, forming the words for he wanted to say next.

"Was it know growing up in the city...liking boys more than girls?"

Luke looked at Tommy seeing his face cast in shadow but knowing the expression that was there, one he had seen before, even on his own face when he had been thirteen and fourteen staring in the mirror wondering why he was different.

"I thought so but looking back I don't think it was so different from anyone else...not really. We all question who we are in some way or another, but it is different when you're gay I think...or it was not too long ago?" Tommy turned on the sofa, brought up one leg and sat facing Luke. "Tommy have you ever told anyone you're gay?"

"Just one."



"I see and Bruce being bi-sexual, not one to commit to any one person and you ended up..." he was replying when Tommy finished his thought.


"I have to say I find it unbelievable...I mean if you lived back in one of the cities you'd have guys hitting on you constantly."

"Well I don't live in a city."

"No and it makes each of your options limited but that doesn't mean their nonexistent."

They sat silent for a while, the movie playing on the television thought neither of them were paying attention.

"You said guys would hit on me if I lived in the you think I'm attractive?"

"Yeah; you're very attractive but that isn't the issue. Can you be comfortable being yourself?"

"Maybe...if I had someone who..."

Luke suddenly regretted sitting in his favorite chair leaving Tommy on the sofa alone. He wished he was sitting on the sofa with him, closer, close enough to touch.

"Will you come over here and sit by me?" Tommy asked and Luke saw the position of his body, the way he was leaning forward slightly, closing the distance between them no matter how slight it might be, anything to make the moment more intimate. Luke eased up and moved to the sofa where Tommy had turned back straight opening up the area right next to him. Luke eased down next to Tommy close enough he could make out his face, the eyes that were watching him, the way Tommy was smiling.

"Is this better?" Luke asked.

"Much better" Tommy replied.

Luke leaned back stretched his arms across the back of the sofa his left lying behind Tommy. What was happening in the movie neither knew but they turned their focus back to it, let the scene hold their attention for a few minutes.

"Do you have any idea what is going on?" Luke asked.

"None" Tommy replied and they sniggered at the silliness of them watching the movie after having lost track of the storyline.

Luke looked over at Tommy, the way his hair, even combed still lay unruly around his ears and down over his collar the natural wave in it refusing to lay flat. He raised his hand up and let his fingers twirl through the hair at the back of Tommy's neck making Tommy flinch slightly. Tommy eventually relaxed although he kept his eyes straight ahead pretending nothing was different. The cat and mouse game of it amused Luke, the way Tommy still held his emotions bottled up even when it was okay to express them. He let his fingers twirl through the curls of hair then moved one to lightly caress over the skin at the back of Tommy's neck. His touch was light, barely making contact, as he made circular motions. He increased the contact, let his finger rub over the smooth skin then he ran his fingers upward through the thick hair. Tommy finally reacted flinching too much not to be obvious.

"That tickles" Tommy whispered looking over to Luke.

" want me to stop?"

"NO! I's okay" Tommy replied placing his hand on Luke's thigh.

Luke ran his fingers through the hair on the back of Tommy's head then moved around to the side his finger arcing over the ear and Tommy's hand tightened on his leg. He leaned over and kissed the side of Tommy's neck just below the ear then moved upward, his lips and tongue sliding over the smooth skin till he was running his tongue around the curve of the ear. Tommy turned his head giving him greater access and he felt the hand on his leg move upward slowly, tantalizingly close to his crotch, so close to touching him he felt his cock stir.

He began to undo the buttons of Tommy's shirt, slowly, one after the next till he had to pull the tail free from the jeans. Methodically he worked the shirt loose, opened it up and pushed it off Tommy's shoulders. For a moment he had Tommy's arms pinned behind him caught up in the shirt and he leaned down and mouthed the left nipple pushing at the front of the t-shirt, tongued it till the shirt was wet then nipping it making Tommy push out to him moaning. Luke helped him sit up working the shirt off then the t-shirt revealing the tanned upper body, muscular from his labors. He put a hand on Tommy's chest feeling the heat of his skin and the fast beat of his heart. He ran his hand down over the firm chest, down over the flat stomach feeling the thin line of hair that started just above the navel and ran down disappearing into the jeans. He let his hand follow the trail, his fingers raking beneath the waistband feeling the way Tommy was breathing harder now. And he felt Tommy's hand on his crotch the fingers manipulating his cock through his jeans and it aroused him, made him grow harder.

"I want you naked" he uttered in Tommy's ear suddenly impatient and he moved down on the floor and began to undo the jeans, working the belt loose, unfastening them and dragging the zipper down till the bulging white briefs rose up from the spread open jeans. He grabbed the jeans and briefs with both hands and with Tommy's help, raising up, he slid them down and worked them off each foot. Tommy's cock rolled up and over to the side, thick, the head flared out, the shaft hard. He took it, held it up and sank his mouth down on it. He moved steadily up and down taking more and more till he felt Tommy pushing upward as hands over his head. He loved the feel of a man's cock in his mouth, the way it filled it, the way it slid along this tongue and he worked his head up and down letting it slide through his lips.

"Oh...fffuuucccckkkkkk...." Tommy moaned as he lay back.

Luke felt how hard Tommy was, the way his cock was beginning to flex, almost ready for release and he moved off of it and up bringing his lips to the warm skin, the heaving stomach, the spot between each nipple, the little indention below the neck, the side of the neck and finally to Tommy's lips pressing his clothed body against him. He knew it would make Tommy feel his nakedness even more to feel his clothed body pressing firmly down on him. He held Tommy's head back as he kissed him and with his other hand he took the slick hard cock and stroked it lightly keeping it hard.

"I want to fuck you."

"Yeah...yeah...fuck" Tommy stammered his voice dying off as he felt Luke push against him, the soft t-shirt rubbing his chest the frayed jeans between his legs pushing up tight to his cock and he pumped his hips rubbing it against Luke.

Luke stood up and pulled his t-shirt off tossing it down on the sofa. He looked down on Tommy, the way he was breathing hard, his mouth open, his eyes half closed and it aroused him, this naked man before him. Tommy stirred, looked up at Luke then moved forward dropping down on his knees at Luke's feet pressing his face into crotch of Luke's jeans.

Luke ran a hand through Tommy's hair as he felt him manipulating his cock, mouthing it through his jeans, working along its length. He felt the way Tommy worked on his cock till his jeans were wet.

"Take it out" he said in a casual tone.

He felt Tommy fumbling around with his jeans, felt them open up and Tommy's mouth close down on his cock, lips circling the head and sliding down the shaft till he felt Tommy's face press against his abdomen.

"Fuck" he grunted as he pushed forward sinking his cock all the way into the mouth on his cock.

Tommy worked his jeans down and off each foot and he felt his nakedness, the way Tommy's body rubbed against his legs as he continued to feel the manipulation on his cock. He ran his fingers through Tommy's hair feeling the way the soft hair slide through his fingers. So soft, thick, and he playfully took Tommy by the hair pulling his head back making him look up.

"Get up on the sofa; I want to fuck" he told Tommy who smiled up at him.

Tommy rose up and got up on the sofa on his knees, his upper chest resting on the back and reached back spreading his ass open, spread his cheeks wide inviting Luke's fuck.

"Put it in me" Tommy pleaded.

Luke moved up between Tommy's legs and pushed his cock to the tight opening, felt its resistance as he smeared his slick over it, rubbed it with the head of his cock till he grew so sensitive he couldn't take it any longer and he pushed forward. Tommy's hole stretched open as he breached its tightness pushing forward, penetrating deeply, as he worked his way into Tommy. Tommy cried out pushing back to take Luke, all of him, every inch till Luke's abdomen pressed tightly to his ass.

"'re tight" Luke grunted as he held his body up against Tommy's ass.

Luke began to fuck, to work his hips slowly till Tommy loosened to the penetration then he increased his pace, faster and faster, driving his hips back and forth slapping up against Tommy's ass.'

"Luke...fuck..." Tommy grunted as he rocked back and forth with the rhythm of their fuck.

Luke ran his hands over Tommy's back, firmly pressing down against the muscular torso feeling the muscles flex. He felt the way the shoulder blades shifted beneath his hands and he moved his right hand up along Tommy's neck till his fingers combed through the hair. He tightened his fingers down till the hair pulled tight in his fist and he pulled Tommy's head back as he drove his hips forward.

Tommy cried out, loudly, his cry echoing through the house.

Luke shifted his stance, his feet firmly planted, and he undulated his body faster, worked his hips back and forth with an urgency, smacking up against Tommy's ass. He felt his own heat, every inch of his exposed skin felt on fire. Where their bodies touched grew slick as they sweated. Luke pushed through the exertion till he wasn't aware of anything but the feel of his cock as he piston it inside of Tommy, back and forth, faster and faster. Rivulets of sweat cascaded down his chest and down his sides. Sweat poured down his face and he let it run down and drip off his chin or trickle down his neck.

"" Tommy grunted in rhythm with their fuck and Luke felt Tommy's hands touch his thighs, felt the fingers try to pull him further forward and he thrust his hips to hammer Tommy's ass, their bodies smacking together. Luke felt his cock pull free of Tommy's hole but only for the briefest of moments in time and he shoved back in, all the way till he smacked up against Tommy's ass.

"I'm...going to..cummmm..." Tommy uttered and Luke felt the way Tommy quivered beneath him, felt the way he shook and jerked. And he felt the way Tommy's ass spasm around his cock. Tommy cried out and pushed back hard then settled down still. Luke leaned over and pressed his body down on Tommy and ground his cock into the loosened hole and pumped his hips feeling his sensitive cock drive deeply into Tommy and he came. He felt every wad escape his cock, felt the way each ejaculated deeply into Tommy's ass and he kept working his hips feeling the slickness of his load lubed his cock and he slowly worked his hips till he was too sensitive for any more stimulation.

Lying on Tommy's back he felt the heat of their bodies, the slickness of their contact and he put his arms around Tommy's torso and ran his hands down over the smooth chest, the heaving stomach and down till he felt the slick flaccid cock hanging down, cum dripping from the head. He smeared the cum over the shaft and manipulated it till Tommy begged him to stop.

"Let's shower off" Luke whispered in Tommy's ear.

The warm water sprayed across their bodies as Luke leaned against the wall, Tommy and his legs intertwined together as Tommy pumped cock into his hole, slowly, so slowly he could feel how every inch pushed through the tight ring of his opening and sank into him. He pressed the side of his face against the cool tile, his hands and shoulders pressed to the tile for balance as Tommy bear hugged him pumping cock into him. Tommy moved his hips so fully he nearly pulled free of Luke's hole before pushing back in, all the way, abdomen pressing tightly up against Luke's ass.

"Fuck" Tommy whispered, his voice barely audible, as he hooked his hands up and over Luke's shoulders locking their bodies together and fucked harder, his hips swinging faster, the urgency of his need building.

Luke pushed back and began to stroke his own cock, felt his own arousal, the way Tommy's fuck stimulated him. His hand became a blur as he pumped his cock. Tommy nipped the back of his neck and began to fuck rougher, hips banging against his ass with every forward shove. He turned his head till only his forehead rested against the wall and looked down at his own cock, so hard, sticking straight out with his hand moving rapidly along its length.

"I'm close" Luke uttered and he began to shake, his body to jerk till cum shot from his cock spattering on the tile wall. He jerked with each ejaculation; each one hitting the wall thickly and he felt Tommy hugged him tighter.

"Shit...I'm..." Tommy cried out as he hammered his cock deep into Luke hole and came.

The sun hadn't rose above the horizon as the diffused early morning light brought the bedroom out of its darkness, the white walls warming with the light. Luke woke, opening his eyes to the ceiling and he stayed still, feeling Tommy lying against him, one leg down between his own, the long lean torso up along his side and Tommy's head resting on his upper chest where he could feel Tommy's soft hair against his neck and chest. He felt Tommy's even slow breathing, the way he softly pressed against him with every inhale.

Luke let the memory of the night play out again in his mind causing him to smile at the pleasure of it. He didn't know how this would play, how Tommy and he would get along over time, but the possibilities seem good, seemed like something that could make him content with his life here in this place. He leaned up and kissed the top of Tommy's head making him slow stir. Tommy seemed to move in his sleep, slowly, grinding his hard cock against Luke's thigh then lips touching Luke's chest, slowly, sensuously over his skin.

No words would be spoken, just the slow gentle movements of one against the other till their sex began in earnest, Luke easing into Tommy gently, slowly, holding their bodies tightly together.



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