Fire had pulled Matt in close, the pro baseball player wearing a regular button shirt, while he wore a leather chest harness and tight red underwear. Matt had seemed a little nervous, almost able to resist the gay stripper's advances, until Fire had pulled his chin upward, and focused his eyes on the athlete's. At that point, Fire could feel him weaken instantly in his arms, since no man could resist his eyes, his piercing, lustful gaze.

'Look into my eyes, Matt, stare into them, immerse yourself in eyes are taking you...taking control of your sexuality...making you crave hard cock more than ever in your life. You've wanted to take the final step for so long.' Matt just stared, wide-eyed, and open mouthed, as Fire continued to entrance him. 'You love my smell, the smell of a man, don't you, Matt? Your cock is hard, Matt...hard for me! You want to kiss me, feel my mouth on yours.'

And with that Matt had dove into Fire's mouth, their tongues swirling, driving deeper into each other's mouths, and Fire knew he'd seduced another straight man into his charms. Minutes later, they were embracing each other within a sixty-nine position on the floor, Fire's hips pumping downward, just as his mouth slid downward around Matt's cock, before bobbing up, and back down, his lips sending quivering waves of ecstasy through his lover's body. Matt's shaking hands swam across Fire's back and around his buttocks in circles, his breathing coming increasingly shallow as his sexual excitement robbed him of breath, and Fire robbed him of his cum. The hunky gay stripper rolled his hips around and around, his thick cock swirling within Matt's mouth, driving him over the edge, shooting his hot load into Fire's expert mouth.

Locked in a sixty-nine, Matt's mouth continued to be pumped non-stop by Fire's hard, thrusting cock, the pro baseball player trapped on his back by Fire's writhing form above him, his will becoming enslaved by the gorgeous stripper's penis.

Fire finally came, feeding the athlete a full load of his pheromone-loaded cum, and transforming him from a straight jock into a cock-sucking gay man. Oh, there had been some resistance from Matt at first, especially when he'd realized that his fellow ball player had tricked him into visiting the gay strip bar, The Red Room. And even after he'd coerced Matt into coming into the back area, his will had been strong at first, but Fire's cock was superior to anything any straight man brought to the table. They all bowed down to his thick meat eventually, leaving with smiles on their faces, and eager to bring in new recruits for Fire to turn into cock-hungry slaves. It was Fire's greatest turn-on to seduce straight men into willing cock slaves.

'Ooooh, Fire,' Matt moaned, as Fire rolled over to his side allowing Matt to lick the last of his hot cum off, even as he cleaned up Matt's, 'I looove your cock! I've never seen such a gorgeous masterpiece! I love how it tastes, how it feels!'

Fire smiled to himself, chalking up the team's First Baseman as his latest conquest. That made First and Second Base, the Catcher, and two players from the outfield. At this rate, his city's major league baseball team would be completely gay and enslaved by the end of the month! He might even start to watch baseball, just to see what effect his seduction had on their playing!

* * *

Lisa was a pretty redhead that lived in the same building as Fire, and they had been friends since high school, and confided in each other about their lives and the occasional secret. So when Lisa came home one night, her mood sour and frustrated, Fire was curious enough to ask her what was wrong, as they shared an elevator.

'It's my boyfriend, or should I say, soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, Kenneth! He's frustrating the hell out of me!'

An image of Kenneth appeared in Fire's mind, and he liked what he saw, but didn't say that part out loud. 'What's the problem with him? And why do you want to break up?'

'He's cheating on me for one thing! And it's with three or four or even maybe five women!'

Fire frowned, confused. 'Why would he do that?'

'Because he's obsessed with sex! And with strippers!' Fire's eyebrow went up, but lowered as Lisa clarified, 'Lady strippers. He's visited every damn strip bar in the city, and screwed everything in high heels and stockings! I want to dump him, but he keeps talking me into keeping him! And when we do have sex, he calls out one of their names! What do you think I should do?'

Fire considered what he could do to help, and offered, 'Tell you what, Lisa; loan me a key to your apartment tomorrow night and I' to Kenneth.'

There was a hopeful look in her eyes, as she looked up at the gorgeous man, a man she knew she could never have. 'Would you? But, what will you say?'

Fire smiled confidently. 'Let's just say that I can be pretty...persuasive...when I want to be. Drop by tomorrow morning with your key, and tell Kenneth you're spending the night at your parents. That'll give me time in the evening to...' again, the mischievous grin, '...straighten Kenneth out!'

Lisa agreed and thanked him for his concern, thankful she had a friend like Fire that could help out. She still loved Kenneth, somehow, some way, but she couldn't accept his cheating, even if they were just dating. Anyways, it was her apartment, and it was time for the cheater to move out, so she could find a better match.

The next night, as he said he would, Fire slipped into Lisa and Kenneth's apartment, but not at 4 pm, or 6 pm, or even 9pm. Oh, no what he had in mind would require a late-night visit, and Fire planned to enjoy it, too. At 2am, Fire slid into the apartment like a cat, not making a sound. He'd already been by once before for coffee with Lisa, so he knew his way around their place. His eyes gradually became accustomed to the dark room and hallway, as he padded towards the bedroom where he could hear the sound of gentle snoring.

At least he doesn't snore like a buzzsaw, Fire thought to himself, but the problem wasn't with Kenneth's mouth, but rather his wandering dick. The door was open, and a gentle summer breeze wafted in through the window. Fire smiled to himself, as he beheld the sleeping man lying on one side, shirtless, and with a mere single sheet covering him up.

Kneeling before the unsuspecting Kenneth, Fire removed a small bottle from his back pocket, and removed the lid, releasing the intoxicating, aromatic pheromone body oil he wore as a dancer at the Red Room club. As a male stripper, he would oil up his entire body to accentuate every muscle, every curve and hard line, and smile from the stage as men of all ages and creeds gazed longingly up at him, the special pheromone oil a powerful inducement to make them watch. And for some special ones, private time in the back rooms of the club where they could experience his passion and become his willing slaves.

However, that wasn't what he was going to do here. Fire believed that he could use his pheromones to give Kenneth subconscious suggestions to break up with Lisa, since they made men subservient to him, and desperate to obey his every command. The trick was to not go overboard with the oil.

Kenneth's nose instinctively twitched as Fire held the bottle near his nose, giving the sleeping Kenneth his first taste of Fire's powerful, seductive pheromones. He remained asleep, but a soft moan escaped his lips. Fire tipped the bottle over for a moment, getting some of the liquid on his index finger, which he ran across Kenneth's temple, and down his cheek.

It was easy seducing and converting men that were wide awake, changing them so that they found themselves craving cock, but this would have to be done differently, as he didn't want Kenneth waking up. He just wanted to implant the suggestion, and have the guy wake up the next morning, ready to break up with Lisa.

Speaking softly, Fire issued his commands. 'Listen to my voice, Kenneth. Listen to my voice and obey. You'll remain in a light sleep as I speak, and not wake up until morning. You'll listen to my voice and obey.'

'Listen...obey,' Kenneth mumbled.

'Very good. You don't love Lisa. Lisa doesn't love you. It's time to move out and find someone else. Say it.'

'Don't love...Lisa. Time to...find someone else.'

'That's right, Kenneth. Repeat what you just said,' Fire whispered, gently brushing his fingers through Kenneth's hair, secretly admiring his handsome features, and bare shoulders.

'Don't love...Lisa. Time to...find someone else.'

'Very good, Kenneth. Dream about that. When you wake up tomorrow, you'll actively pursue your search for someone else. And you won't remember our little rendezvous. Now relax, and sleep.'

Kenneth seemed to drift off, if his snoring was any indication. Fire felt pretty god about his little good deed, and was about to leave when he stopped himself. Lisa wasn't going to come home until tomorrow, so...

The male stripped knelt before the sleeping Kenneth, leaned in and kissed him lovingly on the lips, the cheating, straight boyfriend unaware he was receiving his first male-on-male kiss. Fire opened Kenneth's mouth with his own, using his tongue to taste the straight man's lips. He forced himself to back off, despite the fact Kenneth's lips felt sooo good on his.

Boxers or briefs? Fire wondered.

Gently pulling the sheet back, he was pleased to see that Lisa's soon-to-be-ex slept in the nude, and Fire liked what he saw. Kenneth had a nice thick cock, and would probably be a good seven or even eight inches when erect. He restrained himself, placing the sheet back across Kenneth's form, and slipped out of the apartment, his work done.

Or so he thought.

He saw a frustrated Lisa getting out of her car after work, just as he was about to climb into his corvette and his shift at the Red Room. Curious, he approached her and asked if Kenneth had moved out.

'No, he hasn't!' she snapped, her hostility seemingly directed at him. 'And do you want to know why? Because he told me that first he doesn't love me and needs to find someone else, but to do that he needs to test them out first! Can you believe it! He's withholding his part of the rent until he works his way through Stripperland and decides which bimbo to move in with! What did you say to him?!

Fire was speechless! The big lunkhead had gotten his instructions mixed up and had only taken one step towards the door, instead of leaving all the way.

'I'm sorry, that's not what I told him to do! I told him to '

'And that's another thing, mister! He wouldn't even admit to talking to you yesterday! When did you see him? Or are you lying to me, too?!'

Lisa was close to tears, so Fire gave her a hug and promised to set things right. He admitted that it would involve hypnotism, but didn't divulge the secret of his pheromones. They agreed to have Fire 'talk' to Kenneth again tonight, and Lisa would stay at her parent's place a couple more nights, as Kenneth was given the proper subliminal instructions.

Again, 2am came, and again, Fire paid Kenneth a visit. He noticed an empty bottle of wine on the coffee table, and two glasses, some of Kenneth's clothes lying on the floor. Fire wondered if he was going to find a girl in bed with Kenneth, but apparently whatever happened had happened already, and she was long gone. Fire entered the bedroom, the fragrant odor of too much perfume hanging in the air, Kenneth's hair already messy and disorderly, the result of sex with a random lady stripper.

He dabbed on his pheromone oil on Kenneth's temple again, rubbing it in, and gently bringing him into a trance.

'Tell me what your feelings are for Lisa, Kenneth.'

'Bitch. Bitchbitchbitch,' he mumbled. 'Doesn't matter...gonna be rich...pretend her. Rather screw...sluts at strip clubs...'

Fire's temperament became synonamous with his stage name. Kenneth was pretending to like Lisa, and just for her money! And he was screwing strippers on the side? It wasn't fair to Lisa, and was a much worse problem than she could have realized. Left to himself, Kenneth would just use Lisa, and that was something Fire wasn't going to allow.

He dabbed his finger with his pheromone oil, and was about to apply it to Kenneth's temple when he stopped himself. The moonlight was catching every curve of the dozing straight man just right, and Fire's own lust to dominate straight men was his own irresistible vice. He poured more oil onto his hand, enough to cover a lot of skin, and began to gently rub it into Kenneth's chest.

The sleeping cheater moaned and his head gradually turned from one side to the other as his senses reacted to the powerful chemicals. Fire used both hands to rub the oil into Kenneth's skin, whispering,

'Feels good, doesn't it, Kenneth? You find this fragrance overwhelmingly seductive. You can't get enough of it. You no longer enjoy the aroma of perfume, you prefer the manly odor of my pheromones. You can't resist my scent; you crave it, you hunger for it.'

Again, Kenneth sighed and moaned as the subliminal suggestions entered his sleeping mind.

'And that same manly odor is making you think of men in general; their muscles, their hard bodies. Think about men, Kenneth, and don't stop. They're looking at you with lust, and you're returning that lust...'

'N-nooo,' Kenneth sighed, his head turning side to side.

'Oh, yes, Kenneth,' Fire purred, his hands running freely all over Kenneth's naked body. 'You want to feel a hard male body against yours, you want to taste his expert tongue in your mouth. You love looking at handsome men, because handsome men turn you on!'

'Uhhh,' Kenneth moaned, still trying to reject the images Fire was implanting in his head. ' d-don't...'

'You had sex with a woman tonight, didn't you, Kenneth?'

'Yeaaa,' Kenneth smiled.

'And now you're imagining what it was like from her perspective! The hot, sweaty male body above, a manly mouth kissing a face, a chest, holding down the one on the bottom the one on the bottom is you. And you loved it! You were dominated by a man and you gave him oral sex tonight.'

'N-no...' a confused, sleeping Kenneth mumbled. 'I...received...oral.'

'No, you didn't, Kenneth; you sucked a cock tonight and you loved it! You wrapped your mouth around the handsome man's cock and sucked it until he came in your mouth! You no longer have interest in women, Kenneth; you only crave cock and men. It's all you can think about; men, and hard cocks...'

Lisa didn't come home for a couple days, and when she did she found herself still stuck with Kenneth, who was now confused and frustrated, but he wouldn't say why. The truth was, he'd struck out with not one, but three female strippers he'd come onto, realizing within minutes that he didn't desire them, which only pissed them off when they realized he was wasting their time. Annoyed and confused, Kenneth had come home every time and wound up masturbating.

And that was another cause for frustration.

Instead of imagining himself with famous names like Angelina and Mariah, or some hottie from a strip club, his lover would morph into a guy! He'd imagine a boob pressed into his face, only for it to turn into a penis, and he'd cum a couple minutes later, which would leave him pissed off that he'd 'wasted' an orgasm on queers, which was something he hadn't ever done before.

Fire told Lisa he would finish the job tonight, and he wouldn't even wait for Kenneth to go to bed, as he'd implanted a trigger word that Kenneth would respond to, falling into a trance, and become susceptible to new commands.

Kenneth answered the knock on the door, and recognized Fire as one of Lisa's friends, and a gay one, at that. His expression also told Fire that he had about five seconds before the cheater slammed the door in his face.

'Pheromones,' Fire said, and instantly Kenneth's eyes glazed over. The stripper entered the apartment, closed the door, and instructed Kenneth to go to the bedroom, remove his clothes, and lie down on his bed. He complied, and Fire admired the man's body once more. It was going to be fun turning Kenneth all the way, just as he'd enslaved Alex, Paul, Bronte, and others.

'Now, then, Kenneth, let's get comfortable, shall we?' Fire asked, laying down beside him, and rubbing his pheromone oil onto Kenneth's chest and neck, again. The new inductee moaned as the powerful inducement worked its way into his system, entering all of the parts of his brain that registered sexual pleasure and desire.

'I want you to begin masturbating as you look at this magazine, Kenneth. Look at the photos, and imagine yourself taking part in what you see.'

Kenneth tried to look away, and tried to stop his pumping hand, but Fire's commands drew him back into the spell. Fire showed Kenneth photos of men in underwear, their huge erections barely contained beneath, showed him of men kissing each other, licking each other.

'Look at the pictures and think about their hard cocks in your hand. You're masturbating yourself, but imagine that you're jerking off another man, and he's playing with you. Mutual masturbation with another man...and you love it! It feels sooo good, because other men know how to turn you on, Kenneth! They know how to seduce you, and you willingly let them dominate you, because you're a submissive cock slave, Kenneth! You crave cock, you hunger for it. A cock feels sooo good in your hand, doesn't it?'

Kenneth couldn't resist any longer, spellbound by the photos of two men making love to one another.

'Yeaaa,' he sighed. 'Hard cock...feels so good...'

His eyes stared in fascination at photos of men entangled within a sixty-nine position, French-kissing one another, tasting a man's balls.

'And you must have it. You must have a beautiful cock to kneel before, and worship,' Fire commanded.

'Must...worship...cock,' Kenneth sighed, unable to look away from the pictures, his subconscious substituting him in place of one of the men in the photos.

'But you can't cum yet, Kenneth. Your lust and desire are building, but you need to make love to that one, special man, that mystery man with the irresistible after shave. This aroma,' Fire instructed, gently grasping Kennetht's chin with one hand, and waving the bottle of pheromone oil under his nose. 'You want to seek out this man tonight, Kenneth. Seek him out, and become his submissive love slave. Your one desire is to kneel before him and worship his beautiful cock...'

It would be a test of his power of hypnotism as Fire got dressed and left before they finished, poor Kenneth abandoned with blue balls, turned on to the point of orgasm, but refused permission to do so. Truth be told he desperately wanted to taste Kenneth's cock, and the rest of him, but if he was to make Kenneth leave Lisa, the success of his subliminal suggestions would pan out now or never. He stood by the elevator down the hall from Lisa and Kenneth's apartment, and smiled to himself as he heard the door open, and Kenneth exit, fumbling with the keys so he could leave in a hurry.

'Hold the elevator?' Kenneth called out, and Fire complied. 'Thanks.'

Fire nodded with a smile, holding the look just long enough to make eye contact, then looked away. He could sense Kenneth was looking at him again and again, and detected a couple sniffles, as if he had caught the scent of something. Fire looked at him, and smiled his most seductive smile, his lips pursed as if he was about to kiss someone. He recognized that look of lust and hunger in Kenneth's eyes, and watched as in a single motion Kenneth hit the 'stop' button on the elevator panel, and wrapped his arms around Fire, their mouths locked into a passionate kiss, as he slammed Fire against the wall.

Fire reciprocated, wrapping his arms around Kenneth, his head tilting enough so that their mouths fit better against one another. He reinforced his own mental command of Kenneth being the submissive one by slamming Kenneth against a different wall, and opening up his mouth to allow his tongue to dominate Lisa's boyfriend. Kenneth moaned with pleasure, his hands around Fire's shoulders and neck, his hands in Fire's wavy hair the same way a submissive woman would embrace a dominate male, Kenneth thought to himself.

Fire's head tilted in the other direction, allowing both of them to gasp in a deep breath before he locked on another passionate kiss, pressing Kenneth against a different wall, then he began to rub his body against Kenneth's, their hard-ons becoming apparent to each other. Fire released the kiss, and began to suck on the other man's neck, giving him one of his patented hickeys, one that would last for days. Kenneth moaned, his head swimming, not only unbelieving that he was letting a guy seduce him but also that he was enjoying it!

Fire took Kenneth's right hand, and directed it into his tight jeans, and his waiting cock. Kenneth almost pulled his hand away, so strange was it to touch a cock that wasn't his, but he was desperate to explore it, to bring to life that which he'd seen in the magazine photos.

'Oh, God, you're huge!' Kenneth sighed. 'So...hard!'

Fire released his neck, running his lips across Kenneth's cheek, and gently brushed them across his slave's lips, which puckered again and again to kiss them, but Fire held back just enough so the kiss wasn't complete.

'You can see my cock...worship my cock...when you come to the Red Room.'


'The Red Room. It's a gay strip club,' Fire told him, continuing to tease him with his lips.

'I'm...not...not gay,' Kenneth stuttered, his legs beginning to tremble.

Fire smiled at him and kissed him. 'You're going to be,' he whispered, and kissed him again. 'You're going to come to the Red Room...and let me turn you gay,' he said gently into Kenneth's ear. 'You want me to turn you gay, and then you'll leave Lisa for someone else. You're going to leave Lisa for another man!'

Fire smiled his hungriest, lustiest smile, and made the elevator continue downstairs, as Kenneth just stared at him, wondering if this was some kind of dream, or if he could go through with his...commands? The doors parted, and Fire licked his lips, while looking down at Kenneth's hard, bulging crotch, who couldn't escape the masculine aroma of Fire.

'The Red Room, Kenneth. 340 Danfield.'

The doors closed, a look of confusion and lust fighting their battle across Kenneth's face. What had just happened?! He'd lost complete control of himself and had let guy have his way with him! Then he'd told him all kinds of crazy stuff about turning gay and red rooms. He hit the floor number that his apartment was on, and allowed the elevator to return him to his home, except that the farther he ascended from street level the more he felt a sense of panic and angst.

That had been fun weird, but definitely enjoyable, like nothing he'd ever experienced with a woman. The doors parted and Kenneth hesitated. He could just run back to bed and jerk off, imagining what he could have done with Fire, or he could--!

The doors parted on the ground floor, and he dashed out of the building and into his car. Now he just had to figure out where the hell 340 Danfield was!

Enroute, Kenneth found himself parked in front of one of his favorite strip clubs, the Fantasy Lounge, where he'd met girls like Gina, and Holly, and Sultry...what had he seen in them?! Kenneth jammed his gears into drive, and soon found the Red Room, recalling that Danfield intersected with Green Avenue.

The club was similar to straight clubs with blaring dance music, flashing lights, and plenty of men at tables, but the difference was that they were watching a blonde male dancer sway and twist to the beat, and there wasn't a waitress in sight. He noticed posters of half naked men on the walls, and stopped to admire them, their bare chests begging to be kissed, their pouting mouths yearning to feel the lips of another man's...

'Damn, I gotta find Fire!' Kenneth mumbled desperately to himself.

He made his way around the club, checking out different men around him, but none of them were Fire. Had he been pranked? Was this just a silly idea that had gone way too far? What was he doing in a gay club if he was supposed to be straight?

'Hello,' someone said demurely from behind him.

Kenneth's nose sensed the owner of the voice and spun around, his mouth breaking into a wide smile as he beheld Fire, who now had his shirt off, and wore nothing but a gold chain around his neck, a gold earring in one ear, and a skimpy, black Speedo bathing suit that was losing the battle to hold his entire manhood within.

'Hi,' Kenneth sighed, his face taking on the expression that all the others had before. That same lustful, but submissive, conquered look of utter acceptance that he was Fire's. Fire rewarded the look with a long kiss on the lips, holding Kenneth's cheeks.

'Let's go in the back,' Fire said, taking Kenneth's hand. 'You and I have some unfinished business.'

Kenneth's head was swimming and delirious, still telling himself that this was crazy and asking what he thought was going to happen. He glanced at the exit, his way out of this man meat club, and almost let go of Fire's hand, but the stripper was too determined to bring him to the back area to allow it.

There were private, curtained-off sections back here, where the music was diffused but not completely blocked, allowing him to hear the moans of hidden pleasure between two men on his left, and three men on his right, kissing, licking, gasping for air. Fire escorted him to the open area nearest to the back of the Red Room, and gently lowered Kenneth into the loveseat, before closing the curtain, and looking down at his prey.

'I knew you'd come,' Fire smiled. 'You knew you wanted to come here, to see me.'

Kenneth nodded, watching Fire open a bottle of something that smelled fantastic, and begin the rub it across his chest, his muscular arms and shoulders and back. Even his beautifully proportioned thighs and calves. He swallowed deeply, his mind racing with what he could only imagine was going to happen next.

Fire began to sway before him, matching the rhythm of the music playing, edging closer to Kenneth who had been sitting back against the loveseat, but had now begun to sit forward, his gaze locked on Fire's crotch, and the huge bulge hidden within the bathing suit.

'You like what you see, Kenneth,' Fire said, implanting more thoughts, more desires. 'You can't take your eyes off of me.'

Kenneth stared, mouth agap as Fire edged closer and closer, resting his hands on Kenneth's shoulders, running them up across his ears and his hair, pulling him forward so that his waiting mouth was finally on his crotch, his enormous cock still masked by his black Speedo. Fire swiveled and gently thrust forward, giving his boytoy a good idea of how big he was. He pressed in harder when Kenneth's mouth found the outline of his mushroom head, and continued to run his fingers through his hair.

'Oh, yeah, Kenneth, feels good against your mouth, doesn't it? So hard and so inviting. Tell me you want my cock, Kenneth.'

'I...want your...your cock, Fire.'

'Say it again?' Fire asked, looking down at him with his seductive smile.

'I want your cock, Fire!' Kenneth said, moving his mouth back and forth, tracing the shape of Fire's cock, his breath coming in hotter and hotter gasps.

'And again.'

'I want your cock, Fire! I've got to taste your cock!'

And then Fire knew he had Kenneth completely under his spell, and Lisa would soon get her wish of dumping him. Of course, she probably hadn't expected Fire to turn him gay! Oh, well! He commanded Kenneth to pull down his pants, exposing his own rock hard erection, then bent down and pulled down his bathing suit, exposing his glorious eight inches in all of it's splendor. Of course, being the twink that he was, Kenneth wasn't sure what to do next, probably having had his eyes closed whenever a girl had sucked him, so Fire would instruct him how to suck a cock.

Fire watched with pride as Kenneth gently took hold of his huge penis in his hand, and licked the shaft up and down, kissing the head, licking under the rim of the head, his breath tracing his descent and ascent as he traced the long length of his penis, before finally giving into temptation and Fire's love spell. He held Fire's cock firmly in his right hand, opened his mouth wide to engulf the large head, and slid it in by himself, more and more of the shaft disappearing as Kenneth's hungry virgin mouth accepted it's first cock.

Kenneth's eyes practically went cross-eyed as he stared down his nose at the powerful male sex entering his mouth again and again, the veins and saliva-drenched flesh glistening in the light. He couldn't take his eyes off of Fire's cock, as Fire pumped his face, his penis filling up his entire mouth, his tongue tasting a sex he'd never tasted before. The pheromone oil was inescapable, forcing him to love what he was doing, love what he was becoming.

'Masturbate, Kenneth,' Fire commanded.

Pumping, sucking, pumping, sucking, in and out of Kenneth's mouth the seductive, mind-controlling cock of Fire's doing its work, changing Kenneth's opinion of men, opening his mind to the possibilities, the tastes, the smells. He caressed Fire's firm buttocks that clenched and unclenched as they drive his hard meat into Kenneth's face, his mouth and throat gradually able to swallow more and more of Fire's manhood. Kenneth began to remember what he liked when he was sucked, and began to gently play with Fire's balls, brushing his hand across the soft flesh between the balls and the sphincter, which brought moans of pleasure from Fire.

'Yes, that's it, Kenneth. Give and receive, become my slave, and never stop giving me pleasure. My pleasure is your pleasure. And your pleasure is sucking cock.'

A part of Kenneth awakened as if from a dream, just momentarily, long enough for him to realize that he had a cock in his mouth, that another naked man was using his mouth as a pussy. And then it was gone and he felt a wave of acceptance, knowledge that he was happy and where he wanted to be, worshipping this gorgeous man's cock with his hungry, willing mouth, the smooth skin sliding across his lips again and again, his mouth locked into a big 'O' shape so that he could taste all of Fire's charms.

Fire never stopped thrusting his cock back and forth into Kenneth's mouth, wouldn't pull out and give him a second to stop his worship of the dancer's cock. He was coming along very well, completely immersed in his task of servicing Fire, his mouth hungry not just for the cock, but also the cum that was surely about to flow from it. Kenneth's hand was working his own cock furiously, the images from the gay porn magazine nothing compared to the real thing.

'You love sucking cock, Kenneth,' Fire instructed, his own breath becoming ragged as he neared orgasm. 'You love sucking cock!'

Kenneth moaned, unable to resist the beautiful man that was pounding his eight inch cock into his face faster and faster, becoming rigid and moaning loudly, himself, gripping Kenneth's hair tightly as he came into his slave's mouth. Kenneth tasted the hot fluid and swallowed furiously, hungrily drinking as much of it as he could manage, as he stroked Fire's dick, gently but eagerly coaxing every last drop of cum from his master's lovely hard cock. Fire told him he could now cum, and Kenneth did so, shooting out great gobs of semen like a volcano, his sex drive controlled by the gay man that he was sucking. The hot cum splattered all over his hand, and was rubbed into his own cock by his own stroking.

Finally pulling out, Fire adjusted Kenneth's position, so that he was on his back, lying across the loveseat, and Fire was straddling his chest, his eight inch cock losing barely an inch as it rested nearly erect, the sex taking a commanding position before Kenneth's face. The cheater had been conquered and he'd loved it, if his look of longing was any indication.

Fire played with his own cock with one hand, stroking it, running it across Kenneth's lips and cheeks, as he stroked Kenneth's own sticky penis behind his back, feeding Kenneth some of his own salty cum.

'And now you can begin your new life as a gay man, Kenneth. You no longer want anything to do with Lisa...or any other woman, for that matter. Tomorrow, you begin your new life as a homosexual, moving out of Lisa's place, and into the arms of another man. In fact, I have another idea...'

Fire lowered his cock a couple more inches, and allowed Kenneth to taste and lick it some more.

* * *

Paul and Alex were just entering the Red Room for a night of drinks and hot male strippers, when they noticed Fire come out of the back area with a customer, a smile on the man's face, a pair of boxer shorts in Fire's hand. The dancer gave him a kiss on the lips, and watched as he sat down to watch Troy dance on the main stage, before noticing Paul and Alex watching him.

Fire approached them, offering them a friendly smile. 'Hi, guys! Nice to see you back here again!'

The two of them had visited a couple times since Fire had converted them like all the other straight men that wandered in or were brought into the Red Room. Alex waved a hand at the boxers.

'And those would be...?'

'Would you believe Brad Carter's?' Fire grinned, twirling them around his index finger.

'The baseball player?' Paul clarified.

Fire nodded, telling them that Carter was the ninth player from their city's major league baseball team to be changed by him, and the underwear was, as usual, to be added to his collection of conquored men undies.

'I'm thinking of branching out to football after I enslave our baseball team!' Fire smiled. 'So now that you're back, would you like to meet my latest creation?'

The guys did, and watched as Fire called a handsome young man in a leather chest harness and tight black leather shorts over to them. He approached them and offered an appreciative smile to Fire and his two good-looking friends.

'Alex, Paul, I'd like to introduce...Kenneth! He was a naughty straight boy that objectified female strippers, before my neighbor had us meet. Now he works here, pleasuring men in any way he can. Isn't that right, Kenneth?'

'I love servicing men. If you boys would like to dominate me, we could go to the back area, and you can use me in any way you like!'

Paul and Alex took Kenneth up on the offer, and made their way to the curtained-off areas. Fire smiled to himself, his work here done for now. He glanced at Brad's underwear and grinned to himself-- Carter was the team's Third Baseman, but he'd gotten alot farther than just third base with Brad!

'So many players, so little time!' Fire said to himself, as he returned to his dressing room to add the player's underwear to his overflowing collection.



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