Carrie MacKay and Beth Torrance had hired me to get some revenge on a male stripper that they claimed had ruined their lives. Both women had been engaged to men, Alex Elliott and Paul Brown, respectively, and claimed that both men were now one hundred percent homosexual, where just a short time ago, as little as a week, in fact, they had been 100 % heterosexual. Homophobic, in fact. I told them that such a change of mind was impossible and that they probably didn't know the true persona of their fiancés, after all. Or they could be faking it, and just didn't want to get married.

The hidden video of the two men, Alex and Paul wrestling in bed with each other in mad, passionate gay sex changed my mind, and kinda grossed me out, too.

They had both told their respective wives-to-be that it had been a male dancer called 'Fire' that had made them see their love for one another, and no marriages would take place. The women were heart-broken and vengeful, which was where I came in.

My name's Bronte, and I do favors for other people.

No, I don't kill people, but I have scared the crap out of them, and been an instrument of revenge for both jilted men and women, although when I helped out a dude it was usually to get back at his cheating whore wife or girlfriend. This was my first assignment to lean on a gay guy, and I wasn't looking forward to it at all, but money was money and I had a job to do. I had nothing against gays just wanted them to keep their distance from us straight guys and go fornicate with their own kind. Before I went into the club I pulled out my wallet and looked at a picture of my hot girlfriend and mumbled, 'Might need you to make me forget this place tonight, babe. Gotta hang out with a bunch of sissy boys. The things I do for money.' Frowning, I shoved my wallet back into my pocket and went inside.

This 'Fire' dude worked at a new club called The Red Room, and it looked like any other kind of strip club I'd ever been in, flashing strobe lights, dance music pounding from plenty of amplifiers, men at tables gawking at the dancer on the stage, but that's where the similarity ended. A tall, lanky guy minus chest hair was wriggling his ass on stage, instead of a chick in a bra and panties, and posters of oily muscleheads were stuck on the walls, instead of slutty women in lingerie. I glanced at the guy on stage and nearly laughed out loud. Gay guys liked this kinda stuff? He wasn't my target, this Fire guy, so I casually made my way to the back exit into the dressing room area, and found a guy exiting the club's office.

'Hello. I'm a friend of Fire's,' I said, turning on the charm. 'Is he here today?'

'He will be very shortly, sir. His dressing room is right here, if you'd like to wait for him?'

'I would. Thank you, Mister--?'

'Jean Marc,' the owner replied. 'I'll tell Fire you're waiting for him '

'Actually, Jean Marc, it's a surprise,' I interrupted, still smiling and hoping I was coming off as a fan of the marriage-breaker. 'It' birthday.'

'Ooooh!' Jean Marc squealed. 'Maybe he'll give you a surprise, then!'

'Maybe,' I grinned, playing along.

Jean Marc went on his way and I entered Fire's dressing room, patting the gun in the breast pocket of my jacket. It wasn't loaded, but it sure looked scary to the bad guys. I looked around, and shook my head, disgusted, and laughed derisively as Fire's costumes and personal effects. He had sparkly shirts and vests and underwear, leather garments, bottles of oils and creams on his vanity. Vanity yea, that was it. The guy was probably as queer as a three dollar bill and somehow vain about his sissy, pretty-boy looks. It would have been funny if the clothing belonged to a disco singer from years ago or a wussy character on tv, but all this stuff was for a guy that worked out and enjoyed being masculine, if the few pictures of him in the room was any indication.

Sitting in a drawer in the vanity was a pile of underwear, but something told me it wasn't his. It wasn't 'show business' quality, more like average-joe underwear, stuff I couldn't see such a prissy gay-boy like Fire wearing. There must have been over a dozen briefs and boxers in the drawer.

What the hell? I thought to myself, catching a glimpse of a pair of photos of Fire and a very famous actor. The first was of them...tonguing each other??? The other was of the actor and Fire embracing like they were in love. It wasn't a friendly, hey-we're-straight-and-mugging for-the-camera-aren't-we-funny expression there was definite love between these two! Wasn't that actor married to one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood???

The door swung open, and in the same moment it took him to realize that somebody was already in his dressing room, I had Fire covered with my gun.

'Don't move. Close the door,' I ordered softly.

Fire did so, a look of great concern on his face. 'What's this about? Who are you?'

'Revenge,' I answered, making the word answer both questions.

'For what?'

I smirked at him, still trying to look nasty. 'Paul Brown and Alex Elliott; sound familiar?'

Fire actually smiled at the mentioning of their names, and I could swear he even relaxed! 'Aahh, Paul and Alex! They were great.'

I sneered at him, grossed out. 'Yea, well, their fiancées weren't too thrilled with your little antics, and that's why I'm here, sissy-boy!'

'Mmm,' Fire smiled, taking a step towards me. 'You want the same experience, Mister--?'

'Bronte. And back off, gay boy. I figure you used somekinda hypnotism on them, maybe a disk or pendant or something like that. Maybe even drugs, I don't know, but be warned I'm immune to hypnotism, buster. Break out any sparkly lights or something and it won't do anything other than make me mad!'

'I see,' Fire said, keeping his distance.

What a waste, I thought to myself. The guy was good-looking enough to have any chick after him. Handsome enough to make husbands come after him, instead of girlfriends. Why he was wasting his time with queers was beyond me.

'So you're going to reverse the hypnosis, aren't you?' It was more of a statement than a question, as I wanted him to know I was dead serious.

Fire removed his leather jacket and tossed it on a nearby chair, and revealed a well-built physique that was popping out of a sleeveless pink t-shirt. His jeans were tight-fitting and expensive, as were his cowboy boots, but I still wasn't impressed when he sauntered over to his vanity and sat down, facing me.

'Mr.Bronte, I have to be on stage soon. I really don't have time for this. Let's discuss this like rational men. Without that gun.'

''Men'!' I sneered derisively. 'There's only one real 'man' in here, bucko, and it's me! A real man loves women and only women! You know what I'm saying? Not dancing like a gigolo on stage, playing with other guys sausages! Take me for instance I got a girlfriend at home, same girl for three years, and I love her more than anything. You should try a broad once in a while, Fire. Get your head on straight. Literally.' Fire shrugged, indifferent. 'And what's with all the underwear in your drawer?'

Fire pursed his lips into a smile. 'Conquests. Paul's are in there, and so are Alex's, and Dan's and Sergei's... They come in here straight and wearing them, and leave with a smile on their faces and nothing hiding their hard-ons! So what are you, Mr.Bronte? Boxers or briefs?'

I refused to answer, as he removed his shirt exposing his chest (probably in a lame attempt to scare me with his muscles), then turned around, unscrewed the top of a bottle, and began to slather oil all over his arms, chest, back, and face, as if I wasn't even there. I watched, speechless, as he stood up and finished rubbing in the oils into his muscles, making him look like a body builder or wrestler about to compete.

'How do I look?' he asked, smiling suggestively.

'Gay,' I sneered, but he didn't take it like the insult I meant it as.

'You can see why Alex and Paul fell in love with me, can't you?' Fire asked me. 'All these lean muscles, my shining masculine chest, my inviting lips.'

'No, they didn't fall in love with you,' I said trying to stay mad, but my bad mood was somehow beginning to fade. 'You tricked them. Somehow.'

'Once they had a taste of me there was no turning back, Mr.Bronte. They loved every second of their time alone with me.'

'Yea. Sure they did.'

'Just like we could enjoy each other, Mr. Bronte.'

'What?' I gasped.

'Think about it my arms around you, my mouth on yours, my tongue licking your '

'Stop it!' I snapped softly, my aim beginning to fail, the gun gradually lowering away from Fire, noticing that it seemed to be getting a little warm his the dressing room.

'Why should I? It's what you want, Bronte. You know it's what you want!. Feeling my hot male body against yours, my beautiful cock and yours rubbing against each other '

'I I said ss-stop it,' I gasped, as Fire slowly approached me, and gently removed the empty gun from my hand, and tossed it onto the drawer of the vanity on top of the pile of underwear. The symbolism didn't escape me.

I watched as he placed his hands on my chest and pressed my own pectoral muscles under my shirt. 'Mmmm. Nice build.' I was about to tell him that I wanted him to back off, when his hands slowly slid up my chest and behind my head in an embrace, his body coming into contact with mine..

'No,' I mumbled. ' I...I can't...I don't want '

Fire took advantage of my open mouth as I puckered my mouth to say the word 'want', and quickly covered my mouth with his lips. I had never felt a kiss more erotic, more wonderful than that of Fire's, his lips the perfect fit for mine. He sighed, 'Mmmmm', as he held our kiss, his head slowly turning back and forth as he pressed into me, locking me in so tight that I couldn't fight it. My arms had simply remained motionless at my sides, until I forced them to rise up and push Fire away, except my hands moved with minds of their own, first raising up to his hips, then moving across his back, the oil he'd rubbed onto his muscles getting on my own hands. I looked at him, wide-eyed, surprised that I wasn't trying to push him away.

He released my lips, but continued to hold me close to him, our mouths still barely two inches apart from each other. Maybe he waited for me to break free or issue another challenge, but I didn't, and that just made him smile that same sexy smile at me again. Did I just say he was sexy??? Fire's lips were on mine again, and this time I closed my eyes to reject what I was seeing, but all it did was make me think of how good his lips felt. My senses overwhelmed by his powerful masculinity, his lips forced my sex drive through the roof as mine pressed harder into his, as I returned his affection. What the hell was wrong with me??? . He slowly released our kiss and spoke again, brushing his sensuous lips across mine again and again as he spoke.

'Feels good, doesn't it, having a 'sissy boy' kiss you, feeling his muscles press against your own?' His mouth layered my cheek with gentle kisses, until he locked onto my neck, giving me the beginning of my first hickie from a guy. My mind was getting an incredible rush from his expert licking, kissing and sucking, my breath coming in shorter and shorter waves as he held me close.

'Yea, about that...' I said, dreamily, 'sorry I called you...'sissy-boy'. You''re...incredible. ' I said, trying to stop myself from saying something I never thought I'd ever hear myself say, but I couldn't help myself.

'I knew you'd enjoy it...lover,' he whispered to me, and latched onto my neck again.

I closed my eyes and continued to run my hands over Fire's back as he continued to suck my neck like a pro, just beneath my ear, his hot breath turning me on like no woman had ever aroused me. I opened my eyes with surprise, and tried to catch my breath as I realized that I was fully erect in my pants, and it was because of another guy! He was hard, too, and I felt it press very close to my own.

'God, you're gorgeous,' I sighed, unable to hold back what my subconscious was thinking, my opinion of Fire growing more and more positive with every second, every caress. But...this was crazy! I'm not gay! I'm as straight as they come! I tried to figure out how he was doing this to me when he broke my concentration by whispering in my ear,

'Let's get a little more comfortable.'

Fire directed me towards a loveseat beside his vanity. I could almost feel myself recover my senses as we parted, his lips finally off of me. I hesitated, slowly shaking my head, but he was so manly and commanding, that he had me on the loveseat a second later, my jacket and shirt off in seconds, and was pressed on top of me, embracing me with his strong arms, his oils making my head spin as we slid against each other's chest, the stuff getting all over me, although I didn't care.

He began to suck my neck again, pressing his muscled bicep into my face. I found myself kissing his bulging muscle, even though muscles had never, ever turned me on before. In fact, I always averted my eyes from other guys in gym showers, feeling a little grossed out by their naked male bodies near me. All of that discomfort had gone out the window, as Fire, the male stripper rubbed and writhed all over me, our rigid, bulging crotches rubbing back and forth against each other, feeling our hard-ons, hidden under our pants. He adjusted his position higher, so that he lined up one of his smooth, muscular pectorals with my face. I gazed upon it with anticipation, having only ever had soft breasts in my face, until he pressed his chest into me, my lips kissing and sucking his hard nipple on the right side of his magnificent chest, and then the left one, the firm muscles beneath it making me drunk with desire and lust from the dramatic difference I was so used to. He held my head in place for about a minute, allowing me to get the full effect of a man's chest in my face, my tongue continued to be curious and lick his hard nipple. Fire lowered himself and kissed me with those wonderful lips of his again, one hand holding my head in place from behind, while his free hand reached down and slid inside my pants and underwear to massage my stiff dick.

'Oh, yea, baby, that's hot. You like this, don't you?' he whispered in my ear.

'Yeaaa,' I sighed, halfway to Dreamland.

Fire then withdrew his hand to expertly undo my belt and pants, pulling my pants down with a little help from me as I actually lifted my bottom enough to help him pull them all the way to the floor. I kicked my shoes off and my pants until they were off and I was completely naked beneath the hot male stripper. He reached across to his drawer of conquests and retrieved some blue briefs, and told me to breath in their manly fragrance, as he laid his arm across my shoulders behind my head, running his fingers through my hair. At any other time I would have fought it off, but I was so intoxicated by his power that I did as he asked, smelling the musky, manly odor of the underwear, feeling the softness of the material against my nose and lips, and finding myself actually finding it pleasing to my senses. I breathed in deeply again and again, sighing with acceptance as he smiled on with approval.

Fire tossed them back onto his collection, then began to kiss and lick my nipples the way I used to kiss and lick the nipples of a woman. His tongue darted in and out and around in circles, a look of pleasure on his face. I ran my hands up and down his back, as he undid his own jeans and shrugged them off, and then his boots. I couldn't help but notice he hadn't been wearing underwear beneath his jeans, his erection partially hidden by shadow, then he began to lower himself, kissing my abdomen, lower and lower, until he gently grasped my hard-on.

'Watch me,' he commanded, and I found myself unable to look away.

Fire stroked me and licked the head of my dick, kissing it again and again, until he opened his mouth and swallowed five inches of my seven inch penis. I'd never experienced a rush like this, and was going out of my mind with his expert cock-sucking, his movements in tune with the beating dance music outside. His manly face bobbed up and down my cock, his cheeks filled with my sex, his strong hands on my cock and rubbing my abdomen, doing a far better job of blowing me than any chick had ever. And why not? We were both guys and we knew what we liked, all the secret places to touch, and stroke. It was an incredible turn-on seeing a guy suck another guy's cock, something I had never even imagined before.

He made his way lower, licking my balls, and stoking my hard dick in his hand, his firm, manly grip more arousing than any woman's thin fingers had ever managed, before returning to lick the head again, then the shaft, up and down, bringing forth quivering waves of pleasure from me. I watched him, the expert love-maker of men seduce my cock, it's will and mine evaporating to this hunk of gorgeous male dancer, yearning for every firm stroke, every lick, every kiss we could receive from the aptly-named Fire. Did I just call him...'gorgeous'???

Was he making me gay? Did this kind of encounter make me gay or could it just be an experiment? A one-time romp...? No! NO! my mind screamed. I love this! I love Fire, and what he's doing to me! My mind went crazy with images of reciprocating, burying my face in Fire's crotch, wrapping my lips around his hard cock, bending over and offering my ass to him so he could...

I realized now that he really was trying to turn me gay, like those other guys, Paul and Alex. I knew if I let him continue that he would make me cum and I would be brainwashed into becoming a homosexual and like it. It gave me enough of my own free will to push him away, and try to get away, off of his gay loveseat. He was so strong, and his seduction had made me feel weak and submissive to his powers of persuasion. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back, but I struggled against him.

'No, I...can't,' I slurred. 'I...have to leave...I'm sorry...' I said, meaning every word of it, but Fire was able to stop me, holding me down so that I couldn't get off my knees before him.

'Watch me, Bronte. You can't take your eyes off of me,' he commanded.

He stood before me, placed his hands gently on my shoulders, and began to sway his hips back and forth, his hard-on hanging out in all of its eight-inch glory before me, as the dance music pumped behind the door to his movements. I remained kneeling before him, mesmerized by his swaying, watching his cock gently point nearly straight at me, waving slowly side to side before me, making me forget why I had tried to leave. Fire then grasped by his cock in his right hand, and I watched, spellbound and with a delirious, longing smile forming across my lips, as his hand began to stroke it up and down, up and down, layering it with more of that intoxicating oil he'd rubbed onto the rest of his muscular body. I felt drawn to it, my mind overwhelmed with feelings of attraction to it, believing it was the most perfect penis I could have ever imagined.

'It's time you tasted your first cock, Bronte... my cock,' he whispered seductively down at me, 'And you're going to love it!'

His stroking had made his glistening penis rise like a flag pole before me, and I watched without resistance as he laid both hands on my shoulders again, my own arms down at my sides. Fire began to gently thrust his hips, pressing his cock into my mouth, which willingly opened wide to accept it. He slowly, seductively, pumped my face again and again, filling up my whole mouth with his beautiful hard meat, my tongue tasting his salty manliness and the warm body oil he'd rubbed onto his penis, as every thrust pushed more and more of his cock into my welcoming mouth. I could feel that meaty mushroom head of his slide past my lips and across my tongue and cheeks back and forth, could feel the long, thick , hot throbbing shaft that seemed to go on forever, force my mouth to remain in a wide 'O' shape, as my lips slid back and forth across the smooth shaft again and again. I could feel my will and heterosexuality surrendering to his powerful gay persona, my mind spellbound by the realization that Fire was enslaving me as he enslaved Paul and Alex before me. No man could resist Fire's seductive gay charms, and that included me! My hands shook from sexual excitement, rising not to fight off this gorgeous hunk of a man, but to massage and squeeze his well-muscled thighs and buttocks. I did my best to keep my breathing regular, although it was almost impossible as I moaned with intense pleasure as I sucked my first cock. Fire's penis was my only focus, and my only goal was to...worship it?

Yes, I thought to myself. I want to worship his cock, to stare at it lovingly and give it as much pleasure as I could offer. His powerful masculinity was superior to mine, and he was to be obeyed and loved, worshipped as the man-god that he was. I couldn't believe I was thinking these things, but they were coming so naturally for me now. He was right...I was loving this! I knew of the 'Alpha Dog' theory, where only one man could be superior to the rest, and accepted with complete resignation that Fire was the Alpha Dog here, and I was rightfully his to command, to seduce, turn gay.

Fire continued to thrust and drive into my face, his meat moving back and forth with hypnotic perfection, like a screwing machine, his oiled abs moving back and forth towards me, his pubic hair tickling my chin as he relentlessly made me suck him. I couldn't believe I'd denied myself such hot pleasure all these years, that I had to be nearly 30 years old before I sucked a guy! What was I thinking, depriving myself of such joy all this time, wasting my time with women?! I could just barely recall that I had a woman at home, but then he erased the thought when he told me,

'You're doing very well, Bronte; you're a natural at sucking cock,' Fire encouraged me, bringing out a moan of thanks from me for his compliment. Then he added, 'Now you know how I was able to turn Paul, and Alex, and all the others, just as I'm converting you. My body oils contain a special mixture of my pheromones and a hypnotic drug that men find irresistible. In short order they find themselves my willing cock slaves, on their knees craving my beautiful cock, any cock, their sexual orientation altered to be gay. Sometimes they put up resistance, but I love breaking them down to become my worshipping slaves. I love watching them experience the pure joy of having my gorgeous cock in their mouths. You understand now, don't you, Bronte?'

He backed off enough to allow me to reply breathlessly, 'Oh, God, yeah. I see now, Fire. You're so hot! What kind of fool would ever resist you?' I didn't wait for an answer I took his cock in my right hand, my own in my left, and began to stroke both of them. I could have sworn my own erection was bigger than I'd ever felt before, as if he'd changed it, made it bigger. My mouth was once again on his seductive hard cock, desperate to taste his juices, my yearning to draw out luscious cum my only focus. Wait! He said he was...'converting me'? As his cock pumped my face I lost my moment of resistance, and I continued to suck him as he wished, my only desire to give him oral pleasure. I realized that I absolutely adored him,

I licked the head of his cock, kissing it gently around the opening, and licked the circumference of the head, drawing out a dribble of salty pre-cum that I swallowed with eagerness, my mind so turned on by the fact that I was turning Fire on, too.. I wrapped my lips across the side of the shaft, and ran them up and down, copying his wonderful seduction of my own dick, getting lower and lower until I licked his balls, entranced by their musky odor. I'd smelled something similar in the underwear he made me smell, but I was going crazy from the real thing. I returned to the mighty shaft, enthralled by the taste and texture of his cock, and realized that I wasn't just playing with it, but actually making love to another man's penis. I released my hold of his cock and mine, so I could continue to massage his thrusting buttocks, and I could allow more of his penis to enter my mouth and throat, without my hand in the way, even though now it felt very natural to hold another guy's dick, for some reason.

Fire moaned from pleasure and ran his fingers through my hair, thrusting his hips back and forth in my face so that I swallowed more and more of his delicious cock. I even learned how to stop my gag reflex so I could properly service my master, as he pumped faster and faster, moans of lust escaping me as he turned my desire for him into an irresistible longing to please him. Fire was moaning, too, which only drove my excitement over the edge as I realized that I was turning on another guy. Eventually,, Fire couldn't hold back any longer, and came over 15 minutes later, waves and waves of cum filling my mouth and throat. It was the longest, most enjoyable 15 minutes of my life that seemed to stretch on into hours.

I tasted and swallowed every drop of his lovely semen, determined to take in every drop he had to offer, to show him I was worthy of another hot encounter. He slowed his pumping until he was finished orgasming into me, and removed his dick from my mouth. Damned if it didn't stay nearly erect even after that explosive orgasm of his. He gently traced its head across my lips back and forth, my head swimming from its beauty, my tongue desiring more of its manly essence, as it gleamed from my sucking.

'You're under my spell now, Bronte. Your will is mine and so is your body.'

'I'm yours, Fire,' I sighed back at him, looking up at him, and added, ' you!' I said, still amazed that I could feel this way about another man, but he had now taken on the image of the perfect man to me, and my desire for him was a blazing inferno in my heart, which was beating like crazy as I beheld this man-god. 'I'm your slave. Command me. I'll do anything you want of me just allow me to service your gorgeous cock again!' I had to taste him again! I had to! My mouth suddenly felt very empty without Fire's powerful cock in it, and more than anything I wanted to taste his creamy hot cum again.

Fire had to admit that he'd always been attracted to bad-boy types like myself, and his own sexual pleasure had been dutifully answered by my willing, enthusiastic mouth.

'I have some chores I want you to perform after you leave here, but first... I think it's time I stopped being single for awhile, and had a boyfriend again. You're going to be my boyfriend, Bronte! That way you'll be mine every night, and not just another conquest. Your old straight life will be forgotten as I immerse you into my gay lifestyle. But for now, what kind of host would I be if I didn't finish our fun properly, and taste that lovely cock of yours, again?'

Fire laid me down on the rug, turned around in the opposite direction, and slid his still-erect penis back into my mouth, as he parted my legs in a spread-eagle position, and enveloped my own dick with his mouth. My hands grasped his firm buttocks as he pumped my face again from above, our bodies locked into a sweaty sixty-nine, further imprinting his gay will onto me, enforcing his gay power over me. His cock entered my mouth again and again from a different angle now I could smell his sweaty musky balls, and watch as they teased and bounced against my nose.

Moment by moment I lost my memories of who I was before, sensing them fade away and be replaced by Fire's overwhelmingly seductive gay spell. Desire for women with big tits and lingerie was replaced by a hunger for muscular, oiled men in tight white underwear that would show off their gorgeous, bulging erections. A pussy that I could lick was replaced by an insatiable hunger for juicy, hard cocks I could stroke and suck. My domineering role in bed with women was overwhelmed and replaced by a desire to be a bottom to this Alpha Male Hunk. I remembered why I came here, but didn't care anymore. I could never have dreamed that Fire would have put me under his spell, and make me perform a sixty-nine with him, with me on the bottom, unable to move away, unable to resist his pumping be turned into his gay boyfriend. Mmmmm! His boyfriend! I couldn't wait! Oh, man...that would mean that I would now have a boyfriend! My mind was spinning from that realization, but in seconds I accepted the concept, Fire's thrusting, enticing cock inducing me to accept my new role.

I wasn't able to last more than a few minutes, cumming into Fire's mouth, and shortly thereafter he orgasmed into mine again. I sighed and felt completely at ease, realizing that Fire had made me develop a taste for cum...another of his wonderful gifts.

We lay there, sweating and breathing heavily in each other's arms, my mind racing and delirious from the changes Fire and brought to it. I could feel my sphincter tingle and tighten, and realized with anticipation that I couldn't wait until Fire's big cock was inside my ass, filling me with his manhood as he'd filled my mouth and throat. I couldn't believe I was still thinking such thoughts, but his prediction had come true, and he had made me his. Eventually we got dressed and he told me what I had to do. My will enslaved, I was eager to obey his commands.

* * *

I pounded on the apartment door and a distraught woman answered. It was Carrie, Alex's ex-bride-to-be. At one time she would have been the kind of chick I'd want to screw large boobs, full red lips, long brown hair and the curves of someone that liked to work out. However, she did nothing for me. Zero. In fact I think my dick actually shrunk a little as I looked at her. She looked at me with expectation, but I dashed her hopes.

'Get a life,' I told her, giving back her money for my services. 'Forget about Alex and Paul, because they're happy together. And leave Fire alone. He's not the problem.'

She watched me leave, too stunned to believe her ears.

* * *

My girlfriend was next, and I simply broke up with her over the phone. I told her that I had met and fallen in love with someone else, a smile on my face as she shrieked, 'Who is she?! Where did you meet this other woman?!', even as I simply hung up on her. I took her photo out of my wallet, and tossed it away, my head filled with images of sexy naked men, their cocks...his cock... hard and beckoning me to them. I couldn't stop thinking of naked men, and couldn't have resisted the erotic images, even if I'd wanted to. I could picture them touching, stroking themselves, smiling at me, their bodies muscular and tanned, their hands rubbing themselves in places that I wanted to touch myself. My mouth watered at the thought, my mouth still able to taste him, to feel him inside me.

* * *

I entered my next destination, an impressive condominium in the rich area of the city. I held the elevator door for a good-looking guy in shorts and a t-shirt, his muscles making the tattoos on his arms writhe somewhat, his bum filling out his shorts to perfection. I was heading to the top and he was getting off on the 17th floor. Hell, I nearly got off in my pants, as I checked out this hot guy, my cock instantly throbbing into nearly a full erection. He left, offering me a little nod and smile, and I returned the gesture, liking what I saw. Alot!

The doors parted onto a lavish penthouse apartment, decorated with most expensive furniture and artwork. I could smell the intoxicating aroma of Fire's body oils and let them lead me into his spacious bedroom. I found him lying back on his huge king-sized bed, waiting for me, propped up on one arm, a seductive smile on his wonderful lips. His body shone from head to toe with the oil he'd applied to it, making my head swim as I remembered my experiences with it. The only part of him that was covered up somewhat was his pelvis, where the edge of his silk sheet lay draped over.

I smiled longingly at him, and fell to my knees. 'I did as you asked, Fire.'

He smiled seductively at me, and removed the sheet so I could gaze upon that magnificent cock of his again, nearly erect as it lay across his abdomen, pointing at me as if beckoning me to suck it again. I also couldn't help but notice a bottle of his body oil on the night table, right beside a tube of lubrication. My heart began to race at the prospect of what Fire had in mind tonight.

'Tonight, darling, you're going to forget ever being straight, ever feeling any kind of attraction towards women. You'll now only feel an attraction towards men and fantasize only about penis's and muscles. You'll feel an irresistible urge to obey my every command and desire. Tonight, my cock is yours, and your ass is mine. I'm going to drain ever drop of your cum from you, and then you'll be mine forever. My lover, my willing worshipper, forever.'

I tore off my clothes, Fire smiling with pride when he saw that I wasn't wearing underwear, my briefs his latest trophy in his vanity back in the Red Room. I climbed into bed with Fire, my eyes entranced by his alluring smile, our arms and legs embracing one another, our hands running across each other's shoulders, backs, and buttocks, our chests and hard nipples rubbing against each others, our raging hard-ons pressed against each other's. I whispered, 'I love you,', and dove right in, taking the initiative and gave him a long, sensuous French kiss, our tongues rolling around each others. He twisted around so that he was on top of me again, tracing his manly fingers across my lips. I kissed them gently, loving the masculine feel of them, before he placed his hands gently on either side of my head, entwining within my hair. I wrapped my arms around his firm bubble butt, and began to massage it. Our lips joined together again in a master and slave kiss, his heavy breath caressing my face, his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. That was when I saw the mirrored ceiling above our writhing bodies. The sight of me making love to another man, and a gorgeous man at that, nearly made me cum right there and then, my mind finally at ease with the concept of man-on-man love, no longer questioning how or why I was doing this, my one true desire to be with the Ultimate Man.

Fire rose a minute later from me, and took our cocks in one hand, stroking them together in his wonderfully-expert hands, as if he was trying to make my cock his, and his mine, his entrancing body oil rubbing off onto my cock. Slowly, seductively positioning himself across my chest so that his gorgeous cock came closer and closer to my hungry mouth, I lay there entranced by my master. I was in Fire's bed, straddled by him, his thick cock just inches away from my smiling lips, closer and closer until he fed it to me, tilting my head forward, so that it was once again in my mouth, where it belonged. I began to suck him again, my head eagerly bobbing back and forth on Fire's cock, knowing that it would lead me right where I wanted to be.

Into my new life as Fire's cock-slave.



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