The week had dragged on in my cubicle at work, as usual, and I was ready to hit downtown and have a good time with my best friend, Paul. He and I had been checking out bars and strip bars pretty regularly and we liked what we saw. Both us of were young, good looking, and didn't care that we loved our women and left them the next morning.

I found Paul standing behind me as I logged off, an unusual smile on his face as I turned around to leave. 'Whoa! I didn't see you there!' I said, leaning back, uncomfortable with how close he was standing to me. 'What's up?'

'I've got to take you to The Red Room. Tonight.'

'The what room?' I asked skeptically.

'The Red Room,' Paul repeated. 'It's a strip bar, and you have to check it out tonight with me.'

'Uhhh,' I stuttered, considering it for barely two seconds. 'Actually, I can't make it. I promised Carrie that we'd have dinner at her parent's tonight. I'm going over to her place now, as a matter of fact.'

'Nonono. You have to check this place out, Alex,' my friend countered. 'You can just come for a drink and a couple dances, but I really want you there tonight. I want to introduce you to Fire.'

I sighed and imagined a gorgeous red head with long red hair, or something similar, so I relented. Paul drove us to an area of downtown I'd never been to, and led me down an alley way where a glowing neon sign advertising the location of 'The Red Room' was blazing. I felt an involuntary swelling in my crotch as I imagined all kinds of slutty women inside, as Paul opened the door for me and I went inside ahead of him.

It was dimly lit, and music was pumping from the other side of the inner doors. I pushed them open and sure enough The Red Room lived up to its moniker. Neon lights illuminated the patrons in strobing red light, while the stage was lit normally, but was empty at the moment. I pulled a chair out from a table about twenty feet from the stage, but Paul stopped me, pulling me towards the chairs lined up around the stage. I didn't mind, as I was horny and didn't mind an up close view of titties. Paul ordered drinks, which came a minute later. I had a beer, and thought it odd that beer-guzzling Paul had instead chosen a martini, but was too excited about who was going to come on stage to really think about it.

'Mr. Paul, good to see you back so soon,' a tall man in a pinstripe suit said behind us, placing a welcoming hand on Paul's shoulder.'

'Wouldn't miss it for the world, Jean Marc,' Paul said, introducing me to Jean Marc, the owner of The Red Room, and then handing him a wade of twenties. 'After Fire is finished on stage, I'd like to buy my friend some private dances in the back.'

'Certainly, sir. I'll let Fire know,' Jean Marc said, and left.

'Are you crazy?' I asked Paul. 'I told you I have to go with Carrie to her parent's place! A few dances on stage would be okay, but private dances will make me late and she'll have a fit!'

'Trust me, bud. It'll all be worth it. You'll love Fire.'

I was about to argue when the DJ announced that Fire was about to come on stage, the song abruptly switching to a different one. I grinned in anticipation at the curtains, and nearly choked on my beer when I saw a muscular male dancer make his appearance! I felt like an idiot and the target of a prank by Paul, but then I realized that Paul was looking at Fire with doughy-eyed longing! I looked all around me, and only then did I realize that The Red Room was a gay strip bar, pictures of naked men on the walls in the back of the room, hidden by the dim lighting.

This made no sense at all! Paul was not gay and neither was I, nor was he pulling a practical joke on me, because he could barely take his eyes off Fire, a tall, muscular guy with dark wavy hair and movie star good looks. All he wore were white briefs and socks, and a loose-fitting black vest, which covered up little of his six-pack.

'Paul, what is this? I thought we were gonna see chicks! I want to see tits and pussy, not this!'

Paul looked at me with that same strange, dreamy smile he gave me back at work, and slowly stood up, looking down at me. 'You'll understand soon enough, Alex. In the meantime, just watch Fire dance.'

'I don't want to watch some fag dance! I'm leaving!'

I didn't even get all the way to my feet when Paul pushed me down by my shoulders, and stood behind me, his hands gently, but still forcefully holding my head so I had to look at the stage to watch Fire swaying to the music. I tried to turn away, tried to close my eyes, but something kept making me watch the male stripper gyrate and twist to the pounding music.

'Watch him, Alex. You can't take you eyes off of Fire. You want to keep watching him. You want to admire his hot body, his muscles,' Paul cooed in my ear, 'the shape of his hard cock in his underwear.'

It was true, I did want to watch Fire, but I wasn't sure why. I had never seen a male dancer before and had never had the least bit of interest in watching one, being somewhat of a homophobe, even though I would never admit it to anyone. I watched him as he ran his hands across his chest, squeezing his pecs or tasting his fingers. His hips swayed hypnotically, the lights gleaming off his glistening muscular build. I began to feel hungry all over, inexplicably unable to stop watching this man dance before me. Paul's hands continued to hold me in thrall, forcing me to see Fire and only Fire.

Fire reached down and began to massage his own crotch, his cock ready to burst against the thin fabric of his white underwear, giving me a good idea of how big he was. I watched him sway to the music, and smiling down at me, when I realized that I was smiling back at him, admiring his seductive moves! I had never been so turned on by a guy in his underwear - hell, I'd never even fantasized about such things when I masturbated, but now I just wanted to reach out and

My own cock was throbbing in my pants, making me realize that I had a hard-on, and it was because of another guy! Fire bent down on his knees in front of me, pumping his hips back and forth in front of me, his erection barely a foot away from me. Paul released his hold on me, and sat down to enjoy the show with me, confident that I was under Fire's spell. Someone could have yelled that the building was on fire and I still would have just sat there, hypnotized by Fire's erotic dance.

He danced through two more songs, taking off only his vest, and giving patrons just a glimpse of his manhood in his underwear, when he approached Paul and I. I watched him like a love sick puppy, unable to speak as he kissed Paul right on the mouth, which nearly shocked me back into reality. I was uncomfortable around gay guys, but Paul was five times more phobic than I was, and yet he made it look completely natural.

'I see your friend liked what he saw,' Fire said.

'We all do, Fire,' Paul replied. 'And now it's Alex's turn for some private time with you. I already paid Jean Marc.'

Fire put his arm around me shoulder, checking me out and licking his lips. 'Mmm, we're going to have some fun in the back, Alex.' He looked back at Paul. 'Just a taste of the wild side?'

Paul shook his head, dreamily. 'Uh-huh. Turn him all the way, like you did me. That way he'll love coming back here, and I'll make him mine. I'm going to make him fall in love with me, but to do that I need you to enslave him with your pheromones.'

A part of my mind couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I thought I had just enough willpower to resist, but the next thing I knew Fire was holding my hand and leading me towards the back area. My eyes glanced the posters of men-- beautiful men I thought to myself, surprised I hadn't been able to appreciate them when I first saw them.

The back area was curtained off into separate rooms, which in turn were also curtained off by those in use. My head began to swim from the musky odor of man sweat and the moaning of men in the throes of pleasures unseen. Fire took me to one a couple doors away from anyone else.

'Make yourself comfortable,' he said softly.

I did as he instructed, sitting on a plush red loveseat, watching him pull the curtain across, and then look at me with his own feelings of desire. There was just enough room for two of us, Fire sitting beside me but turned towards me so that his bare leg was pressed against my pants, his bare muscular arm finding itself across my shoulder again, his hand occasionally running through my own hair. I could barely speak, so intimidated was I by this god of a man.

'I liked your dancing,' I said lamely, but I meant every word of it. I'd always loved watching women dance, but such memories were fading now, my mind so fixated on Fire's rhythmic gyrating that I hungered for more.

'You liked what you saw.' It was a statement, not a question. I nodded, looking into his blue eyes, feeing myself getting lost in them. 'Your friend Paul used to be straight until I danced for him. I have that effect on men, thanks to my pheromone oil I apply to myself before I come on stage. No man can resist me once their subconscious is entranced by it. I love seducing straight men, taking control of their minds, and then sending them out to bring me others to be hypnotized by my dancing. Are you straight, Alex?'

'Y yes,' I said, making it sound like an apology.

Fire grinned devilishly, and gently placed his free hand on my cheek. 'Not anymore,' he whispered, pulling me towards him. My mind screamed out to stop this, to run away, to escape and run back to Carrie and dancers with tits and pussies, but I couldn't resist him. Our lips met, and he pressed in even more firmly, giving me my first male-male kiss. I breathed in his musky scent, loving the feel of another man's mouth on mine. I opened my eyes slightly, and felt completely at ease with his masculine features encompassing my entire view, his gold earring glinting from his right earlobe.

Fire released me, and looked at me with the same lust as I felt for him. He pulled my shirt out from my pants and over my head, tossing it to the floor, then ran his hands over my body. I wasn't as muscular as Fire, but was still in good shape, the hint of a six-pack developing from long hours in the gym. My own hands found their way around his arms, his shoulders, his pectorals, enjoying every inch of his toned, fit body the way I would have with a woman's, only now I was entranced and excited by the hardness of muscles, the manly odor of his pheromone oils he'd rubbed onto his body to make it shiny and perfect.

He pulled me in again, and I willingly allowed him to bend forward and over me, my head against the back of the loveseat, pinned there by his own, which gently moved back and forth as his lips moved against mine, his probing tongue slowly poking at my lips, until I open my mouth to allow it in. Our hands roamed across each other's back or hair, our tongues engaged in a love-making wrestling match for domination. I couldn't stop myself and allowed Fire to take complete control, showing me how to French properly. His lips released mine, brushing my cheek, and then exploring my neck, my arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, pulling him tightly against me.

I couldn't stop myself if I wanted to, my memories of lovemaking with women a memory that was becoming more and more distant, more and more unappealing. Fire was a top man and I found myself the submissive one, realizing that I was playing the 'woman's role in our hot, steamy encounter. Where a lady would have felt my muscles and roaming hands over her body, I was now the recipient of such touching, and my mind was blowing with desire and acceptance.

Then I noticed his free hand on my crotch.

It would have freaked me out at one time, but not now. I wanted Fire to rub it, to massage it, and free it from my constricting pants and underwear. I wanted to see his cock, all of it, out of his own underwear in all of its glory, and he seemed to sense this as he took my hand and placed it on his own erection, the first dick I'd ever touched that wasn't my own. My hands explored its shape and contours, even as he rubbed and played with mine, his lips on mine, driving my desire for him through the roof. I realized where this was going as he began to reach under my own pants - he was going to suck my cock and he would expect me to suck him as well.

He twisted away from me, and gradually pulled my shoes, pants and underwear off of me. Fire then gently laid me on my back on the love seat, the armrest propping my head up so that my chin was nearly on my chest. He straddled my chest, and edged closer and closer to my face, his tight white underwear stretched to its limits as Fire's cock swelled to its full eight inch length. Finally, he pressed his crotch into my face, my mouth on the soft material of his underwear, his beautiful hard cock beneath it. A part of me that still wanted to rebel wanted to escape and remember who I was before I came to The Red Room, but then Fire's words continued my mental acceptance of the gay dancer.

'By the time I get through with you, you're going to love sucking cock,' Fire whispered.

I began to furiously stroke my own cock, so hypnotized by his raging manhood that I had to get some release. He pumped my face again and again, my face and mouth virtually one with him, separated only by his underwear, the warmth intoxicating, the manly scent all encompassing. Then he grasped his tighty whities and slowly peeled them off, his beautiful hard erection exposed in all its glory. I couldn't take my eyes off his oiled cock, its head bulging with its own desire to enter my mouth, to cum inside it.

'Look at my cock, Alex. You can't resist it. You want to worship my cock. Say it.'

'I want I want to ' I began, a part of me still trying in vain to remain who I was, ' worship your '

'You know you can't resist my cock, Alex,' Fire told me, softly, confidently, slowly stroking it up and down, up and down. 'My cock is too beautiful to resist, and you want to worship it. Say it.'

I stared dreamily at Fire's firm hand stroking his meat a couple inches from my face, and I knew I had lost, that he was hypnotizing me with the steady motion, making me his cock slave.

'I can't resist your cock,' I sighed, 'I want to worship your cock.'

'Again,' Fire whispered.

'I can't resist your cock. I want to worship your cock,' I said, this time without hesitation.

'Again,' Fire encouraged.

'I can't resist your cock. I want to worship your cock,' I said, meaning every word of it, my mind completely enslaved, my hands roaming up and down his smooth, oiled thighs.

'Suck my beautiful hard cock, Alex, and accept your new life as a completely gay man,' Fire said, feeding me his cock.

My mouth willingly opened up wide, my lips wrapping first around his mushroom head, my tongue tasting it and exploring it. I tasted something slightly salty and realized it was a little bit of pre-cum. It made me hunger for more. Fire slowly pushed forward and then his cock was in my mouth, first a couple inches, but soon almost six of his eight inches was pumping my face.

I couldn't take my eyes off his gorgeous manhood as it entered my mouth again and again, sliding against my tongue, my inner cheeks, mesmerized by the steady motion of it. I began to understand why women loved oral sex now, how they became subservient and cock hungry when they sucked me. Now the roles were reversed, and Fire was making me the female in this encounter. The ladies man had been turned into a man's man.

His pumping gradually became faster as Fire's excitement began to build, his triangle of pubic hair moving towards and away from me with the sureness of a machine. I moaned with ecstasy, as he did, too, his breath getting harder to regain.

'I'm going to come soon Alex. And then you will be like Paul. You'll be like all the other straight men I've turned gay! My cum contains some of my gay pheromones and it'll turn you gay instantly!'

I moaned and massaged his ass, helping to push his pelvis faster into my face, because I wanted him to turn me gay, I wanted to make love to his lovely dick. Fire gasped and began to rock furiously, whipping his head back and forth, his hands grasping my head and hair as he came in my mouth.

I hungrily swallowed the hot cum, my own breathing becoming coming in short bursts as I tried to remain conscious from this sexual awakening that was electrifying my whole body. Fire slowed his thrusting until he was pumping my face as slowly as when he'd begun. He gradually removed his man meat from my mouth and held it up in his hand for me to behold and worship. He ran the head across my lips, allowing me to lick off the last of his hot cum, and kiss it lovingly.

'So, Alex,' Fire said softly, 'Are you still straight?'

'Hell, no!' I grinned, unable to take my eyes off his glistening penis. 'I love cock. I only love cock.'

'Good boy,' Fire smiled, reaching on top of a small table beside the loveseat, producing a gold earring. 'Something for you to remember me by. I give one to all of my conquests.' Then he placed a gold earring on my right earlobe, a signal I wanted to shout out to the rest of the world of who I now was. Fire adjusted his position so that he lay on top of me, our cocks pressed against each other so that we could kiss some more. A minute later Fire kneeled on the floor and took my own throbbing cock into his mouth to return the favor.

A while later, Fire and I returned to the main area of the club and a table, and waited for Paul to return from his own private time with his own dancer. I knew then that it was over between Carrie and I, and that a new life was waiting for me in Paul's arms and bed. I stayed in the club until it closed, watching male dancer after male dancer, admiring their gorgeous muscles and hard erections.

When Paul and I finally left, I couldn't wait to show him what Fire had taught me in The Red Room.



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