Gene and his wife Vicky were newlyweds. They both have bodies envied by those of their sex and drooled over by members of the opposite sex. They liked to go clubbing and make others envious of them. They would stroll around hand in hand, Gene slightly ahead ' to display his dominant nature.

They were also notorious cat-burglars that the police could never catch.

They'd cased several mansions in the city, and had robbed three of them so far of their hidden wealth, until they found themselves walking freely about a darkened penthouse apartment.

'Whoever lives here must be gay,' Gene sneered, under his breath. 'Look at all the pictures of men and statues.'

Vicky smiled at them admiringly. They were men of all types, always good-looking and well-hung. She didn't care if they were gay or not - they were hot!

'Don't be so threatened,' she smiled at him. 'I love you more than I could any of these guys.'

'I am not threatened,' Gene frowned. 'I'm as big as some of these dudes, anyway. And we're not here to sightsee - find the safe or jewelry and money and let's get the hell outta here.'

Vicky complied, easily finding where the occupant of the penthouse kept his expensive watches, rings, and gold chains. She smirked to herself at how the prissy man that lived here would come home and find his place ransacked, his valuables lost forever, while she and her husband sold the items to continue their secret extravagant lifestyle.

Gene and Vicky froze as they heard voices outside the front door, and keys jingling in the door lock.

'Hide!' Gene hissed.

'Where?!' Vicky cried under her breath.

Gene yanked his wife's arm, and pulled her into the bedroom, looked around and shoved her into the closet with him, gently closing the shutter doors quietly, even as the voices of two men could be heard just down the hall.

'Hungry?' asked one.

'Mmm. Only for you,' the other responded.

Gene and Vicky looked at one another, surprised.

Their worst fears were realized as the two men strolled into the bedroom, one of them closing the door behind him. The closet was a spacious walk-in, with room for both of them to stand within, while the doors offered thin openings to look through, lined up with the king-sized bed. They looked back through the openings as both men started to utter 'Mmmm' sounds, and the unmistakable sounds of kissing.

Gene and Vicky watched, mouths gaping open, as two masculine-looking men began to kiss and roam their hands around each other's body, gently removing each other's jackets and shirts.

Gross! Gene thought to himself. What a coupla queers! he continued, unable to look away but still repulsed by what he saw.

One was built like a boxer, tall, broad-shouldered, and intimidating, while the other was more like a muscular movie star, but both were quite into each other, their hands sure and expertly able to press each other's buttons. The tougher-looking one had the movie star down to just his tight white underwear, one hand stroking an enormous hard-on, while his tongue expertly Frenched him. The movie star guy, the better-looking one of the two, stroked the strong-man's arms up and down, rising to his shoulders until he cupped the man's face on either side of his head, responding with even deeper kissing. He separated from his boyfriend by only a few inches, to allow him to gently push the bigger man down to his knees, where the tough guy stared appreciately at the hard cock of the other, reaching up to gently stroke him, a loving smile on his lips.

Gene nearly gagged on his lunch as he watched the tough guy swallow the muscular guy's dick, taking in more and more of his penis, seemingly able to swallow nearly all of the eight inches of meat. Then a memory triggered within him.

',' he whispered. His wife looked at him, confused. 'I know that guy!'

'Which one?' she whispered back.

Gene could barely believe what he was about to say. 'The one on his knees! His name's 'Bronte', and I had no idea he was gay!'

'Who's 'Bronte'?' Vicky wondered.

'Pay-for-hire muscle. Usually breaking bones of cheating husbands, people that are late paying loan sharks, stuff like that. I had no idea the guy was a fag!'

Gene watched, shocked and still repulsed, as the big tough guy continued to suck the other man, and with obvious enjoyment and expertise. Jake Bronte knows how to suck cock?! he asked himself, shaking his head. Talk about a double-life! He'd always feared that somebody would have hired Bronte to go after him and Vicky, but this bit of nonsense was going to be valuable on the street. It might even work to their advantage if Bronte wanted to keep his gay life a secret and would pay them money to keep quiet.

They waited patiently as the two male lovers continued to make out, until the one came. Gene nearly lost his lunch a second time, imagining what Bronte was swallowing, and feared that reciprocation was next, until Bronte explained that he had to leave for a job.

'My old life awaits, babe,' he told the pretty boy. 'At least, the old life that I still want anything to do with.'

'Your girlfriend still calling you?'

'Ha! Ex-girlfriend, Fire. And, no, she understands that we're finished, and all I want is that fantastic cock of yours, and only your cock!'

Bronte and Fire kissed again, then parted as Bronte told him he had to spy on a possible gay-bashing jerk, and 'straighten' him out, if proven true.

'You be careful, Bronte,' the one called 'Fire' urged. 'I'm hitting the shower, then doing my shift at the Red Room. Try and come by - I'll be there until closing.'

The two men went their separate ways, Bronte leaving and Fire entering the adjoining bathroom. Gene and Vicky knew this was their chance to escape, even though it would mean exiting the same front door as Bronte, but nothing could be done about it.

Except that the door was electronically locked from the inside.

Without a key or the code they couldn't escape. Panicked, they attempted to find a second exit, other than the balcony and the 30-story drop, when Fire appeared at the hallway leading from his bedroom.

'What the hell's going on?' he demanded. 'Who are you and how'd you get in here?' Gene pulled a gun, silencing further questions. 'Not again,' Fire sighed to himself. 'Again with the guns! Too many guns in this city...'

'Shut up!' Gene snapped. 'Get back into the bedroom.'

It almost looked like Fire smiled, which was all he was wearing other than a towel around his waist. Gene caught Vicky's look of appreciation on her lips, and frowned back, stifling her fantasy. She always did like the muscular guys. He was fit and toned, but wasn't a gym junkie, so the muscles on this Fire dude were intimidating. The gun seemed to compensate for that. Bringing Fire to the middle of the bedroom, Gene said,

'Okay, look, queer-boy, we're not going to hurt you if you cooperate. We're robbing you and that's all. And don't think about coming after us 'cause we'll just spill the beans about you and ol' Bronte's secret sex life and make your lives miserable. Capish?'

Fire smirked back at him. 'Everyone already know, so you're a little late, Mister--?'

'Never mind. Do you have a safe here with money?'

'I keep all of my my bed!' Again with the smile, as if that was a private joke.

Vicky checked, but it was just a huge mattress with silk sheets on it.

'Nothing! Liar!'

' Here; let me show you. The money is in a secret opening in the box spring.'

Fire made his way to the bed, and in the flash of an instant had reached up to Vicky's shoulder and pinched it, sending her into unconsciousness.

'Vicky?!' Gene called out, momentarily surprised, even as Fire twisted around grabbing Gene's wrist with one hand, and twisting him backwards and over onto his back. A second later Fire had pressed the same place on his neck, and rendered him unconscious...

Gene awoke spread-eagled in just his underwear, his neck slightly sore from the pinch. He wanted to rub the ache but his hands were tied above his head to the headboards of the king-sized bed and...Fire was laying beside him, watching him!

'What--? What the hell happened?!' Gene gasped.

'Neck pinch. Knocked you out long enough to, heh, heh, search you for concealed weapons. And judging by what I found,' he said, gazing admiringly at Gene's package, hidden beneath blue and white briefs, 'I think I'm safe now.'

'Vicky! Where's--?' Gene asked, and saw his wife sitting in a chair near the bed, facing them, a look of panic on her face. 'Vicky, get up! Get the police!'

'I - I can't!' I'm tied up, you moron!'

'What are you talking about?' Gene snapped. 'Your hands are free, so just get up and - '

'You get up, Gene! You're the one that's not tied up!'

Gene struggled, but couldn't free himself, or understand what Vicky's problem was, so Fire explained.

'After I knocked both of you out, I planted a subliminal message into your minds to take control of your minds. Your bodys won't respond until I give you the trigger word. Now, let's talk about you both surrendering to the police for attempted burglary, assault, extortion - '

'Save it, gay-boy!' Gene sneered. 'We're going to get you for this! We were only going to rob you, but now you're just going to get hurt!'

'I don't think so...Gene,' Fire whispered into his ear. 'There's an old saying about keeping your friends close...and your enemies closer. You and I are going to get real close, Gene.'

'What?' Gene mumbled, his heart racing and real fear setting in. What kind of fear, he wasn't sure.

Fire ran his strong hand up and down Gene's chest, massaging his shoulder where he pinched him.

'Let me make your shoulder feel better,' Fire offered, adjusting his position so that he was over Gene, and gently kissing his shoulder.

'Hey! Whoa! Wait a second! What're you doing there?! Hey! Get off me! I'm not like that!'

Fire smiled down at him. 'Do you want to be?'


'Ever had an experience with another man, Gene? Felt his strong arms around you? Felt his hard cock - '

'I'm not gay! Get off me, man!'

'Oh, there's still time,' Fire smiled, reaching over onto his night table, and opened up a bottle. Immediately, both Gene and Vicky could smell something powerful and unusual, even as Fire tipped the bottle into his other hand, and gradually rubbed more and more body oil onto himself, making his shoulders and arms and pecs gleam with a sheen that neither captive could look away from. Their heads began to spin, their eyes locked on Fire.

'I'm an exotic dancer by night, Gene. Some men come to see me dance, others are brought to me to be changed. Do you know what pheromones are Gene? ' His captive nodded. ' My pheromones are potent, Gene .... very potent ... no man can resist me once they've inhaled my seductive, dominant pheromone oil ... just as you are now. If I have this effect on men ... straight men ... you can only imagine what I do to females who are programmed to react to male pheromones from birth! Unhappily for her,' Fire said, indicating Vicky, 'I don't find females the least bit interesting. Happily for you ... my tastes go strictly towards males. You, Genie, have a mind I am going to fancy manipulating and a body I shall love seducing.'

Gene's head was swimming. He couldn't take his eyes off the hunky guy straddling his chest, Vicky gradually slipping from his mind. His eyes roamed the muscular curves of Fire, the wavy hair and the pursed, smiling lips, and found himself slipping away, his full attention on the dancer. The male dancer. What was happening to his mind, let alone his...!

'Mmmm,' Fire sighed, twisting his pelvis side to side and looking behind him. 'Looks like you're coming around nicely, Gene!'

It was true - Gene had a raging hard-on ready to burst out of his tight underwear. He gasped and felt a slight release of tension as Fire reached around and gently rubbed it.

'Mmm. Nice,' Fire commented. 'How big are you?'

'Seven and a half, cut,' Gene offered, the words falling out of his mouth without effort.

Fire adjusted his position so that he was virtually lying on top of Gene, one hand stroking his hair, the other resting on his arm. He tried to look away, but his eyes kept coming back to gaze upon Fire's lips, his eyes, his hair, with the exotic dancer rubbed and slid against Gene, their trapped erections rubbing against one another between their bellies.

'Gene! Stop that! Just push him off! Your hands are free!' Vicky snapped, angrily.

'He can't any more than you can, Vicky,' Fire smiled. 'My subconscious suggestion to both of you has forced your mind to believe that you're both restrained. I'll release both of you...but let's have some fun, right, Gene?'

Gene nodded, unable to believe that he was agreeing to...what?

'Kiss me, Gene.'

Gene stared at him, wide-eyed, unsure if he could do it. He was straight...wasn't he? He'd only ever kissed girls and his wife...his wife...his wife... He started to look over at Vicky, but Fire cupped his chin, forcing him to look back at him.

'Kiss me, Gene,' Fire repeated. 'You can't resist me. You don't want to fight it. You're becoming engulfed in your new impassioned feelings towards me , the desire to feel my lips on yours, the hot urge to feel my cock in your mouth. Think about my body becoming one with yours, Gene, our cocks belonging to each other.... '

Gene could no longer look away, the mental image of a hard cock becoming all-encompassing and desirable.

'Yeah,' he whispered, 'Yeah, hard cock,' he said more forcefully. 'Oooh, a hard cock would...feel so good right now!' Neither he nor Vicky could believe what he was saying, his mind falling under the complete control of Fire.

'Kiss me, Gene,' Fire smiled at him, allowing Gene to lift his head enough so that their mouths could touch. Vicky stared, utterly shocked, as Gene held the kiss and moaned that special moan he did when he was turned on to the point that he would soon cum. Fire leaned in gently holding either side of Gene's face and kissed Gene's lips, nothing over the top, but a kiss that pressed Gene back into the soft pillow. Gene did not resist. Gene opened his eyes, unable to look away from the guy on top of him that he realized was slowly, irresistibly becoming more and more attracted to him. What was wrong with him? How was he able to allow this? A second later he had his answer - it just felt so damn good to have a man's lips on his. Fire's mouth played with his, opening it, and about to stick his tongue into Gene's mouth when Vicky snapped,

'Gene! Stop tha - '

'Quiet, Vicky,' Fire ordered, breathlessly, using the trigger word to make her stop talking, which she obediently did. The exotic dancer stood up on his bed, towering over his aroused captive. 'Watch me, Genie . You only have eyes for me , in your eyes no one else exists but me .... Vicky is immaterial to your desires. You can only see Fire.'

Fire begun his dance of enslavement, Gene watching as he swayed his hips back and forth, his crotch in and out towards him, as he ran his fingers over his hard body. Gene watched, spellbound, as his desire was turned into a raging inferno, his eyes, his cock, desiring no one other than the seductive male dancer before him. He realized that he had less and less desire to look away, so entranced was he by Fire's raging hard-on that he didn't want to miss a second of the erotic dance. He straddled Gene again, pulled Gene's underwear down to his thighs, dabbed some of the pheromone oil in one hand, and then rubbed it into Gene's cock as he stroked his rock-hard erection, giving it a glistening, oiled appearance. He moaned with a burst of sexual excitement, his arms unable to move from their positions above his head, but his hips and legs twisted and gently kicked, his sex drive and lust going through the roof.

'Oh, Fire, I want you! I gotta taste all of you!' Gene moaned.

Fire grinned with his own desire, his prisoner's cock meeting his approval. He wrapped his arms around him and whispered hotly in his ear,

'Make love to me , Gene.' Then he added a trigger word, 'Converted!,'

Gene could not help but obey, a part of his mind unable to believe that he was making out with another guy, his arms freed from their invisible bondage and roaming freely over Fire's muscular back and buttocks, even as their mouths kissed each other with hot passion, their eager tongues following suit, his legs kicking his underwear free. Gene caught sight of movement above him, and felt a blast of raw passion as he saw the mirrored ceiling, his sex drive on fire as he watched himself make out with another guy.

Fire had Gene mimicking every suggestive move, his own wanton desire for Fire finding him reaching down and rubbed the dancer's still-concealed erection. Fire allowed him to keep rubbing, making him used to the feel of another hot erection other than his own, allowing his curiosity to be sated, his huge cock barely able to contain itself within his own briefs.. Soon holding and stroking another man's penis in his hand would seem like the most natural thing to the ex-straight man.

'Why don't you remove my underwear...with your teeth,' Fire whispered in Gene's ear, kissing his neck for good measure.

Gene complied, sinking his teeth onto the elastic band of the briefs, and pulled them down exposing a magnificent penis that was even larger than his own, bigger than he'd expected Fire to be. Fire pulled the briefs down the rest of the way, holding them close to Gene's face.

'Smells good doesn't it, Genie? Masculine, intoxicating...'

'Oh, yeah,' Gene sighed, his head continuing to swim and fill with images of what he wanted to do to Fire.

'I'm going to make you love cock, Gene. I'm going to make you love sucking cock. You'd like that, wouldn't you?'

'Want to...taste you...'

The exotic dancer complied, tossing the underwear to the floor, and shifting his position so that his erect eight inches were just a couple inches from Gene's face. Fire stroked it, applying his pheromone oil as he did so, so that his cock would gleam with raw male power. Gene couldn't take his eyes off of it, his sex drive going into overdrive as his hunger for cock was manifested by Fire. It was the most beautiful cock he could have imagined, and his only yearning a desire to feel it inside him. He remembered momentarily that he was...used to be...straight, that he...used to...lust after pussy, but all he could think about was cock.

He tilted his cock so that it traced across Gene's lips, back and forth, back and forth, imprinting the hard/softness of the mushroom head into his mind. His hands roamed across Fire's thighs and buttocks, as naturally as when he liked...women?! Had he really liked women, or was that a dream? He couldn't focus on anything other than Fire's cock, turning his head back and forth, his mouth held open, his lips feeling the sensuous feel of a firm dick brushing against them. Fire edged closer, the head of his penis sliding into Gene's mouth. He opened wide so that the gorgeous cock could enter as far as Fire wanted it to.

Gene moaned in pleasure, breathing through his nose as he watched the hard cock slowly pump his face, moving in and out of vision, Fire's pubic hairs moved in and out, back and forth with mechanical precision, as his huge, throbbing cock filled his mouth with manly lust. His lips felt like they were ten times more sensitive to touch, so aware was he of every line and curve of Fire's cock that pumped his mouth.

Fire gently thrust back and forth, moans of pleasure escaping his own lips, while his hands played with Gene's hair. Gene couldn't close his eyes, didn't want to close his eyes, so entranced was he by Fire's thrusting cock that he didn't want to miss a second of the gorgeous guy's oral reaming.

Why had he feared or been grossed out by Fire and Bronte having oral sex? This was the greatest moment of his life, his lust brought to levels he never knew he had, as Fire reached around and stroked him, while his hips continued to bump and grind back and forth, Gene now his willing cock-sucker.

After several long minutes of sucking, Fire removed his cock, and held it before his lover, Gene's eyes locked on his manhood, his lips smiling the familiar smile of enslavement, his desire for cock becoming his dominant sexual trait. Fire smiled down at him, and adjusted his position, saying,

'Now take my balls into your mouth and suckle them, lover boy ... oh yesssssssssss just like that! You are a natural,'

Gene's mouth engulfed his balls, as Fire stroked his meat in front of his face. Gene moaned again, his lust for this man growing by the second, as every second sealed his fate - turned into a cock-sucking male, forever under the hypnotic spell of a beautiful, dominant male, made to forsake females and pussy, his mouth craving only cock and the cum that would shoot into it. He had never felt so aroused, so filled with unbridled lust, and somehow it was for another man!

'That's right, Gene, you love it! You love cock now. It's all you can think about, all that you want to seek pleasure from. All you can think about is pleasuring me.'

Gene moaned again, his tongue rolling around Fire's balls, his mouth trying in vain to swallow both of them at once, the musky, manly odor of Fire's crotch setting his mind ablaze with a desire to please his new master.

'That's a good cock-slave. Notice how my cock and testicles are the most beautiful you've ever seen, see how it glistens? Now repeat after me; I love cock.'

Gene hesitated, but the words began to spill out of him on their own, as if he had no choice in the matter. ''


'I love cock.'


'I love cock!! Oh, God, I love your cock, Fire!'

Vicky watched, unable to speak, and it became obvious that Gene was oblivious to everything around him except for the world that Fire had spun for him. Her presence went unnoticed, her voice silenced. She wanted to go rescue her sexnotized husband , but Fire was just too powerful, sexually and hypnotically, and Gene was his willing gay love slave. Gene was probably the latest in a long line of slaves for Fire, she assumed, considering that Gene was sure Bronte had been straight before. Fire could have any woman he chose, but his preference was for men, maybe even just straight men, and one by one they would fall to their knees before him, proclaiming undying love for the gay erotic dancer. It seemed impossible, but it was happening right before her eyes - Gene was turning gay, and loving it!

Fire pulled away and adjusted his position so that he held and stroked his cock and Gene's in the same hand, the two dicks pressed together like they were one, their throbbing, heated desire for each other obvious. Gene continued his worshipping of Fire's cock.

'I want you in me,' Gene sighed, breathlessly.

Fire asked, 'Do you want to feel my cock in your ass? Show me how badly you want it, lover.'

Gene bent slightly forward, and raised his hips, which enhanced the presentation of his ass to Fire's cock. Gene began wiggling it back and forth much like a Matador offers a cape to a bull. Only, this time his ass was the cape and Fire's cock was the bull. Vicki couldn't believe it! Her husband was practically begging to have the stripper shove his dick up his ass! They hadn't even had anal sex between them, and now Gene had been hypnotized into wanting to receive a big cock inside his bum!

Lubing Gene up for entry, Fire turned Gene towards him, and cupped Gene's ass and pushed upward. Gene instinctively locked his legs around Fire's thighs ' much like Vicky had done to him on their wedding night. Fire entered him gradually, lovingly, a gasp and a moan escaping Gene's lips as he felt his first cock inside him As both of them became more comfortable with their sexual position, Fire began to thrust faster for a few seconds, then slow down, driving into Gene's ass with several pumps at once, releasing wave after wave of moan of ecstasy from the would-be cat burglar.

Gene clawed at Fire's back, massaging his powerful muscles, sighing and sweating like his wife used to when he screwed her. Now he understood the sweet pleasure of a powerful man's cock inside him, pumping back and forth towards an inevitable orgasm. Fire was over Gene's face now, his thrusting not stopping even as he kissed Gene hotly on the mouth again, one hand stroking Gene's hard-on as he did so.

Fire exclaimed and moaned as he came inside his newfound lover, waves and waves of cum shooting up into regions of Gene he never realized he had. Fire continued to pump until he was finished, gently pulling out. Fire lay close beside Gene, their arms around each other, their sweaty bodies still hungering for one another. The dancer smiled at Vicky, who was still shocked by what she'd just witnessed.

'So, Gene...I suppose you'll want to go back to your old life...with Vicky?'

'Who?' Gene asked, sounding dazed, still engulfed in desire for Fire.

'Vicky...your wife...'

'No, thanks. No, I love cock. I love you,' Gene admitted, his heart ablaze with desire for this man-god, and absolute adoration for the hunky dancer.

Fire smiled down at him, and said, 'Unfortunately, I already have a boyfriend. That would be Bronte. I turned him into my boyfriend slash love slave a month ago.' He ran his hand up and down Gene's chest, feeling the sweat and oils beneath his skilled fingertips as he did so. 'Oh, sure, we both have a semi-committed relationship to one another, but I've programmed him to love cock just as I've now done with you. He was straight, just like you used to be, but now I've introduced him to the joys of gay sex. Do you know he's now had sex with more men than he'd had with women? I believe he's up to a dozen men now, including me. I've converted him into quite the bottom boy, which is a big change from his previously-dominant male role when he was straight. However, you're different. You're married, and a criminal, so we'll have to change that. I won't have the police lock you up when I can deal with you and Vicky in a much more interesting way, one that could benefit me, and some of my friends.'

'I'll do whatever you ask, Fire,' Gene promised. 'Just let me serve you, and your gorgeous cock!'

'Then let's begin. You're going to divorce Vicky because she's a bitch. Say it, Gene.'

When Gene hesitated, Fire began to stroke Gene's cock. Gene moaned 'Say it ... your wife is a bitch ....'

'My wife is .... ' Fire blew hotly in Gene's ear, ' ....a bitch'

'Vicky is a bitch .....' Fire instructed, increasing his massage.

'Vicky is a bitch ....'


The Red Room was full that night as Fire and his new sex slave, Gene, entered. Fire watched as Gene admired the near-naked dancers on the stage and sitting at the bar. His mind control of Gene was going well, thanks to his powerful pheromone oil, and his natural ability to turn even the straightest males into cock-lovers.

Gene and Vicky would get divorced, and return the riches they'd stolen from him and others - Fire had seen to that, and given the same subliminal message to Vicky, who wanted nothing more than to divorce Gene and lead a normal, honest life.

However, Gene's passion was something Fire wanted to work on, and it seemed like a waste to convert the former-straight man and just release him as he had so many others. No, it would be like he'd told Gene; 'Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer', although Gene was now a lover (and another conquest!), and no longer an enemy. Still it was going to be a turn-on for Fire to get Gene to go even deeper under control.

They were approached by a pair of muscular jock dancers, who greeted Fire with smiles and a kiss each.

'And who's this little hottie?' the blonde dancer asked.

'Troy, Steel, I'd like to introduce a recent convert, Gene. Gene, these are my friends, Troy and Steel.'

Both male dancers took positions on either side of Gene, who looked like he'd entered his own garden of Eden, if his lusty smile was any indication, his newfound sexual preference exerting control over him as he enjoyed the sight of two nearly naked guys, checking out their hidden erections.

'Gene now has a taste for cock. Why don't you boys take him in the back for some two-on-one fun? Show him what he's been missing all this time before I made him like us.' Fire instructed.

'With pleasure,' Troy cooed, pulling Gene's face toward him and giving him a long, deep French kiss.

'We'll show him a good time,' Steel assured, turning Gene's head to face him so he, too, could give the former straight criminal a long, seductive kiss, which was accepted completely without resistance. Steel released the kiss, and by the look on Gene's face, he was now in love with Steel, as well. The male strippers lead Gene to the back rooms, where so many straight men had fallen to their knees before Fire, ready to service his every need.

Fire smiled to himself, twirling Gene's underwear around his finger, his latest souvenir of conquest, and went to his dressing room to begin his night of dancing and with any luck, more sexy straight men brought to him to be enslaved by his beautiful cock.



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