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Troy woke up the next morning with the sun shining on his chest and washboard abs. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Evan sitting at the edge of the bed.

'Evan?' Troy asked sleepishly 'You ok' he asked yawning. Evan didnt answer he just sat there thinking. Troy sat up and scooched closer to the edge of the bed and put a hand on his shoulder.

'Evan?' he asked again.

Evan was sitting with his arms around his knees with knees to his chest. He was looking forward he wondering what was going to happen next he then spoke still not looking at Troy.

'Troy' he started. Troy noticed he was holding his phone in his right hand it was almost hidden and it was flipped open.

'yea' Troy asked looking almost worried but kept his composure.

Evan handed the phone to Troy. The Facebook website was on the screen. Troy lloked at the wall post and his eyes widened.

Hateful and diragatory comments were written all over Evans wall, comments such as....

Evan's a faggidy fag fag.

Yo Ev You're a FAG.


Pussy is better you lil fairy!

Guess whos gonna burn in Hell Evan Alverez LMFAO

Troy was scrolling down reading all the horrible comments and holding the phone tightly and angrily. Over night the rumor was all over the internet and the comments were STILL coming in.

Evan was officially known as the new gay kid of Haven High School.

'This can't be happening.' said Troy almost crushing the phone with all his strength.

He looked at Evan and noticed his face was covered by his arms he was sobbing.

Troy tried to hug him so he could comfort him but before he could put his arms around him,Evan pushed Troy away and stood up looking down at Troy with tears of frustration in his eyes.


'DAMMIT THIS ISNT FAIR THIS ISNT FAIR!!!!!Troy got up Evan had an arm over his eyes.

'Evan I..' Troy stood up he didnt know what to say he was angry and frustrated just like Evan.

Evan slowly walked into Troys arms and Troy held him tight. Troy was looking straight ahead with angered eyes. Evan was right it wasnt fair Evan wasnt gay even though they did kiss and all, Evan knew who he was or at least now with all the evil comments on the internet he was beginning question who he was, it was mentally messing him up.

Troy thought to himself 'I'm the gay one here not Evan why him? He'd never hurt anyone he doesnt deserve this no one does.' Troy whispered to Evan in a calm comforting voice. 'I will stop this I promise you that.'

Ami was sitting at her desk looking at her computer, she gasped at what she saw. Facebook was filled with Evan is a fag comments. She put a hand over her mouth. ' Oh my gosh ' She said horrified.

After a minute of reading the horendous comments, Ami sprang into action she pulled out the keyboard and began typing furiously she was replying to all the assholes and bitches who were torturing Evan on Facebook. And boy was she replying.(Facebook is Evil)


Evan couldnt get out of bed the next monday morning. His father walked in and asked if he was feeling ok. Evan replied no and asked if he could stay home from school. Evan's father asked him if he was ok and Evan just said he had a horrible migrane. Evan's father decided to let him stay home.

At school Troy was walking down the hallways he heard some of the conversations as he walked by certain people. They were talking about Evan.

Ami was sitting in History class and the girls behind her were snickering and laughing amongst themselves she heard Evans name.

Troy stopped walking after he heard one of the kids say something I cant even write. He grabbed the kid a guy and shoved him against a locker the other kids surrounding the boy backed away from them. Troy said angrily to the boy 'I dare you to say that ONE more time you lil shit.

Ami turned around in her seat casually to face the 3 girls sitting behind her. AMi smiled a fake smile and asked 'so what is it about this guy named Evan?' one of the girls a blonde said ' we heard he's gay and likes it up the ass.' They laughed Ami laughed a fake laugh with them she then grabbed the blond girls wrist tightly.

The guy Troy was holding against the locker said 'I said Evan Alverez is a gay wetback.' Troy punched the guy in the face multiple times and teachers began breaking them up.

Ami twisted the girls arm behind her back 'AHHHH' the blonde girl screamed in pain. Ami whispered in her ear and said in a terrifying non -Ami voice. 'That Evan guy is my best friend and if you know whats good for you, you better shut..the..fuck ..up you slutty blonde barbie doll.' one of the other girls jumped on Ami's back trying to fight her and all four girls fought 3 against 1 Ami was whooping ass until a teacher grabbed her and the other girls and took them to the principals office.

Both Ami and Troy were sitting outside the principals office neither of them were bruised or scarred since they put up a great fight. Ami look up at Troy and Troy looked down at Ami. Ami held up a fist and said ' For Evan?' Troy looked at the fist and answered 'For Evan.' He pounded Ami's fist and they both smiled and laughed a lil.

The principal called them in. The principal was a nice guy but he was very monotoned. After 35 minutes in his office he gave Troy and Ami a warning and let them go.

School was over. Troy and Ami were walking together Ami spoke 'I'm going over to Evan's to see if he's ok you wanna come?' Troy shook his head in dissapointment he wanted to go see Evan but couldnt because of football practice, he told Ami to give Evan a hug for him the hugged and went their seperate ways.

Ami arrived at Evan's house. Mr. Alverez was home working on his computer downstairs he answered the door they greeted each other and she went upstairs to see Evan. She slowly opened Evan's door. He was sitting on the floor by his bed with drawing he drew scattered all over the floor. He was holding his mothers picture. 'Evan' Ami said she looked all over the the floor she never knew Evan could draw and so well too. She sat her backpack on the floor and went to sit next to Evan. They sat there silently. Ami was upset knowing the happy Evan she knew was replaced by a sad broken scared Evan.

She put her arm around Evan she then hugged him tighter and said 'that hug was from Troy.' she smiled at him he weakly smiled but you could barely see it.

Ami still had her arms around him and said 'You know what Evan?' 'What' he said brokenly ' Me,Troy and you we're going to have a fun movie night at my house just the 3 of us. Evan then looked at her and said 'Really?' 'Hell yea hun!' She quickly kissed him on the cheek and asked 'so you going to come?' Evan slowly nodded he asked 'When?' 'Ummmmmm Saturday that ok?' He nodded again at her. ' Great Then Saturday it is.'

Troy was in the locker room Football practice was over and few people were in the locker room Troy just got out of the shower and his towel was over his shoulder his broad back and muscular chest were still wet.

As he was pulling up his white boxer briefs he heard some of the few players left in the locker room talking he heard Evan and HIS name too, he was getting angry and heard someone say quietly fag. Troy slammed his locker with full force and everyone left itmediatly picking up there stuff quickly and running or quickly walking out of the locker room. Troy was alone in the locker room.

Or so he thought.

Troy faintly heard some music at the end of the lockeroom as he got closer he recognized the song......People always told me be careful what you do dont go around breaking young girls hearts HE E EEE.

Troy walked around the corner and saw some one dancing to ...And mother always told me be careful who you love be careful what you do HEY EH NOW BILLIE JEAN IS NOT MY LOVER!!! The guy Troy saw was dancing to the Micheal Jackson song doing all the moves he glided across the floor then jumped on one of the benches doing a twirl jumped off landed on the ground doing the moonwalk and one last turn until he stopped and was face to face with Troy.

The guy had sunglasses on and a football mohawk you the ones that arent really mohawks just a one on the sides with some hair in the middle.

He was muscular he had pierced ears both diamond studs and had a tribal tatoo on his left arm leading to his left pec he was wearing black boxer briefs the music kept playing as the boys kept staring at eachother he slowly pulled down his sunglasses he had the most beautiful yet most penetrating blue eyes Troy had ever seen.

The boy smiled at Troy and slowly but CONFIDENTLY walked up to Troy he looked Troy up and down analyzing him he met Troys eyes and said ' Damn I love what I'm seeing.' winking at Troy he had a deep but calm kind voice. ' Scuse me?' asked Troy almost speechless Troy also was looking at the boy and he also seemed to like what he saw in front of him.

'So you must be Troy Summers.' said the boy in his deep sexy voice. 'Who wants to know?' Troy asked him almost suspiciously. The boy held out his hand and said ' James, James M. Sheppard.' Troy held out his hand and shook it cautiously looking at James. His smile was both cocky and friendly and the look he gave Troy was both mischevious and kind hearted. He held Troy's hand longer than what it was suposed to be held.

They were still holding theyre grip. 'How come I've never seen you before?' asked Troy.

'Maybe it's because you never really looked.' winking at him.

James was the 1st to let go of Troy's hand. James then grabbed his clothes and put them on. Troy kept looking at him he didnt know why something caught his attention about James.

James put the stereo in his gym bag and walked past Troy.

Troy turned around quickly just before James walked out the door.

'Hey who are you really?!' he asked James.

James stopped at the door, turned around and said to Troy in his kind deep voice 'Just someone who actually gives a shit about people.'

He walked out and closed the door behind him.

TO BE CONTINUED.................



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