(authors note: Heres part 6 just in case your not caught up with the characters here they are.)


Black hair brown eyes

swimmers bod


Evan has moved to Haven with his father. There he meets Troy the guy that changes his whole perspective of life. He lost his mother to cancer. He's straight......I think.


Blonde hair grey eyes

Pure muscle nice body (he's a Quarterback for goodness sake what do you expect)


Troy is the main quaterback at Haven High School since before the story he's been struggling with his sexuality. He just came out to Evan and Evan accepts him. He also has a bitchy girlfriend.(in part 1 I gave him grey eyes and accidently gave him green eyes later on if you guys noticed that sorry it was a mistake. I decided to keep him with the grey eyes thought it would be sexy.)


Long black hair and beautiful brown eyes

Nice slender body

Japanese /American

Ami is one of the most insightful characters in the story. She's smart beautiful and sarcastic. She helps out Evan, when Evan and Troy friendship was in a rut. (it's been awhile since shes been mentioned but she'll be in this part.)


Brown hair blue eyes

He's a big mother fucker nuff said


The bully in part 1 he's a line backer and a real asshole.


Brown hair blue eyes

Slender body (a cheerleader body)

Caucasian (tan)

She's both cheerleader and school president. Both seductive and a real bitch. She is Troy's girlfriend( cover up girlfriend ).

(Heres part 6 enjoy)

Evan was searching through his closet. He was trying to find some clothes to wear at Troy's party. 'dammit what do you wear at a party' said Evan sliding each hanger with clothes to find something that seemed right.

Evans phone rang. It was Ami, he answered the call. 'Hey Ami' he said 'hey hun whats up can you going to Troy's party?' she asked him. 'yea I am you?' ' Def, you found anything to wear for the party?' 'Umm no I got all this clothes and.....'

There was a knock at Evan's bedroom door. He turned around surprised. He opened his door. It was Ami with her phone in her hand. 'Ami? how did you when did you?' Evan asked he was baffled. 'I'm here to help you pick out some clothes.' she winked at him while walking to his closet. 'hmm 'she said putting here hands on her hips analyzing all of Evans clothes.

'this wont do, nope this either, definetly not this, where did you get this? ohh I like this no not at all.' she was throwing out the clothes she didnt like on the floor and threw the ones she did like on Evans bed.

'what are you doing?' Evan asked. ' Trust me hun let me handle this.

(after 5 minutes ) 'how bout this she asked holding up a Graffiti styled shirt and black southpole brand shorts. 'ummmm' Evan said with one eyebrow up. 'Evy trust me you'll look hot with this once again winking at him. She handed him the clothes. 'Can you turn around Ami?' Evan said to Ami. 'Fine' she turned around while he was trying the clothes she picked out for him.

'So how are you and Troy? 'Better actually' there was a moment of silence between them. 'He is gay isn't he?' she asked Evan. Evan stopped while pulling up the shorts halfway, he was shocked at the question she asked him. 'ummm well' he tried saying then Ami interrupted. 'yea I knew it.' she said confidently. 'how do you know Ami? You barely know him.' Ami then said ' I told you my gaydar is accurate.'

Evan pulled up the shorts and turned around him and Ami were facing each other. ' Wow told you you would look hot.' Evan blushed at her comment.

'So you ready to party?' she asked him. 'Hell yea' Evan said. 'you wanna be my date for the evening?' she asked seductively. 'I would be crazy if I said no' Evan said smiling at her, he held out his arm and Ami locked arms with him

They then headed to the party.

Evan was shocked he hadnt been to Troy's house yet since they've been friends. It wasnt a house, it was a mansion at least three stories.

'this is his house?' Evan asked surprisngly. 'Yep your cute gay friend is a rich boy.' she said to Evan.

They went inside. It was massive music was blaring people were dancing it was like a night club. 'Evan Evan!' Troy yelled as he was walking through the crowd to get to Evan and Ami. 'Troy! Evan yelled. Troy gave a quick hug to Evan and saw Ami. 'Your date? Troy asked 'yea this is Ami' Ami shook Troy's hand 'hey Troy nice to finally be aquainted.' 'like wise. ' said Troy

Ami then leaned in to whisper in Troy's ear 'and don't worry your secret is safe with me and no Evan didnt tell me.' she winked at him. Troy was shocked he looked at Evan and back at Ami he sighed and said to Ami ' Thanks Evan told me you were a cool girl'. Ami hugged Troy and Troy hugged her back. 'alright you two lets party this bitch.' Ami said yelling and ready to party.

The party went on Evan wasnt much of a dancer but he tried with Ami. After a bit of dancing Evan decided to take a break. He sat down on the couch in the enormous living room. Troy came up to sit with him. 'Enjoying yourself?' he asked Evan. 'yea and nice.....castle you got.'Evan said sarcastically. Troy laughed 'yea sorry about that man.' 'no its cool Troy but Damn its a nice home.' 'thanks Ev .' Troy said looking at him with a sexy smile. Evan couldnt help but blush. 'hey boys.' It was Natasha, Troys girlfriend. She sat in between them and literally frenched kissed Troy in front of Evan. Evan looked away with a bit of disgust he thought to himself 'well that wasnt rude.'

Natasha stopped kissing Troy. In a seductive voice she said 'Troy baby can you get me a drink I'm thirsty.' she kissed him on the cheek and Troy said while looking at Evan then back at Natasha. 'Uh sure I'll be right back.' Troy left to get a drink for her.

Natasha and Evan were sitting alone awkwardly on the couch. The music was still blaring people were talking and dancing making out (and other things I wont mention.) Natasha turned to face Evan. ' So Evan You wanna dance?' Evan looked at her with a puzzling look on his face he then said. 'Uh yea sure. They got up and danced. Evan tried to at least. While they were dancing Bryson Brown and five other football players were carrying paint buckets up the stairs when they got up there they looked down from the balcony and saw Natasha and Evan. Bryson was waiting for Natasha's signal.

'So Evan you and Troy seem really close.' Natasha said to him. 'Yea he was the first person I met here he's a good guy.' Natasha laughed and said. ' Yea he is but uh.....he's my guy.' They stopped dancing, Evan looked at her and said. 'Excuse me?' he asked with one of those what the fuck looks on his face. She whispered in his ears ' I said he's my guy not yours you stay away from him. People like you arent accepted in our school.' she said with a menacing yet erotic voice. 'what do you mean people like me?' Evan asked. She then whispered ' I mean....faggots.' she stepped away from him quickly, raised her right arm and snapped her fingers. It was her signal for Bryson. Bryson and the five other football players quickly opened the paint buckets and poured all six colors of the rainbow down the balcony......and on to Evan.

Splash splash splash was the sound of paint hitting the floor. The party stopped, Everyone stared at Evan with all the colors spilled on him. Bryson and the football players yelled from the balcony FAG FAG FAG. Everyone then laughed. Ami was a few feet away and was shocked at what just happened. Natasha was laughing at Evan also.

Troy pushed through the crowd and saw Evan covered in paint. He looked at the balcony above Evan and his eyes met with Brysons while Bryson was holding the paint can. He then looked at Natasha and Natasha stared back at Troy. There was rage in Troy's grey eyes his fists were clenched tightly. The whole party was backing away from Troy.

Troy started shaking in anger and then he yelled on the top of his lungs. BRRYYSSSSOOOONNNNN YOU MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! He ran up the stairs toward Bryson.

Hell was about to break loose.

TO BE CONTINUED...................



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