(auhors note: Thanks for the comments on part 1 I really appreciate it I kno my puncuation may b off here and there but please bear with me. I hope you guys enjoy part 2)

Its been a month since I've been going to Haven High School, and me and Troy are kicking it off. My 1st real friend This is something I can get use to. Since math is my worst subject Troy has been helping me out with it (this kid can add and subtract and all that shit in his head how he does it dont even ask). Not only is he helping me in school we've been hanging out alot he's come over bout 3 times I still havent been to his (He doesnt tlk about his family much). SO what do you think of Troy mom? He's a cool guy right? I was kneeling down next to my bed tlking to my late mothers picture. You kno mom its been a month since I've been here and theres still not much I kno about Troy. 'Well I guess in time I figure things out'. 'i'm going to bed mom love you'. I kissed here picture then I put it back on top of my night stand turned out the lights and went to bed. I layed there a few moments and i said,'Even now after a month I still can't shake that feeling about Troy Its the look in his eye...no...his smile?....no what the hell is it )sigh) dam Evan go to bed. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

(the next day at school in the library)Im sitting at a table reading Game Pro magazine when Troy just runs up to my table 'EVAN EVAN OH GOD EVAN BRO I NEED YOUR HELP AND I NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!! ' woah woah dude Troy you kno were in a library rite?' FUCK FUCKING LIBRARIES EVAN I NEED YOU TO HELP ME STUDY FOR MY NEXT SPANISH EXAM IF I FAIL I'LL BE KICKED OFF THE TEAM!!!! And here i thought Troy Summers was not only the god of football but a genius guess I was mistaken. ' well i mean i do speak fluent spanish i guess I could help so yea i'll help you I said. Not even a nano second after finishing that sentence I was already attacked by a bear hug from Troy ' Oh my god thank you man you have no idea how much this means to me' *GAAASSSSPPP* TROY PLEASE IM LOSING AIR LET GO. ' oops sorry he said he was blushing when he said it why was he blush? So when and where bro he asked? 'um my house after school is fine I said shyly. Sweet thank you man I really owe you. I was shrugging and being all modest telling him it was nothing he almost seemed he had tears in his eyes.

(at my house) *ding dong* my house was cold so i was wearing a red hoody and sweat pants to keep me warm. I ran down the stairs and opened the door and there was Troy with a white wife beater a nyc flat bill cap and athletic shorts. Hola ahm..I..goo ( he was trying 2 say amigo) I bursted out laughing. hahahahahaha dude haha oh my gahahaha (i had tears of laughter in my eyes b/c of what he was trying to pronounce). He was blushing again and asked 'need some work huh? Haha yea lil bro lots of work (forgot to mention im older than him by a month). 'so vamos a prender espanol (lets go learn some spanish) Troy had a blank face he then said, 'did you just call me a bad word'?

(In my room)I laughed and said i didnt. We were in my room for 4 hours repeating words figuring out masculine and feminine words la lo los las etc etc all the good stuff. 'ok Troy last one what does yo quiero comprar ropa para mi papdre? Troy sat there looking at the phrase I was holding he analyzed and was mouthing the sentence when he finally spoke. ' does it mean I want to ..............buy...clothes........for ..............MY FATHER?!. i sat there looking at him and said (sigh).........Exacto! I yelled with joy. Troy jumped up and was dancing around like a kid he did a robot move and then a mini Micheal Jackson Moon Walk on my floor he then jumped on my bed saying, Hell Yeah Hell Yeah I'm gonna pass spanish im gonna pass spanish:). He kept jumping up and down while he was jumping he said c'mon Evan celebrate with me. I rolled my eyes and reluctantly jumped on the bed with him screaming woohoo yahoo blah blah blah we both did one final jump and landed on our backs. we laughed and Troy asked' hey Ev how do you say'... he stopped mid sentence and i said ' how do you say what Troy just ask i'll translate'. he spoke again and said' How do you say I like you ...alot'? I looked at the ceiling and said 'Te quierro mucho' after i said that he turned over and his face was over mine nose to noseand said 'te quierro mucho'. I froze like someone was holding me down. I asked with my voice trembling'Troy what are you....

(he kissed me) I pushed him off and yelled what the hell Troy ! He landed on my floor and looked up at me I was standing over him shocked with my hands over my lips. I looked on the floor next to him my moms picture was on the floor 'MOM!' Troy spoke ' Evan im sorry im sorry please man please forgive I just I just ah Fuck what did I do?!' I stood up from the floor with my moms picture in my arms Troy didnt see me but I was crying. 'Evan I..I'm sorry'. With my back still facing him I said' Troy I think...thats enough..for today..(he was about to put his hand on my shoulder) TROY! he backed off. Please! (now he knew I was crying)just... just go. He had his head down,he picked up his stuff and walked past me. He opened my door to leave and before he closed the door behind him he said' I'm sorry but ....what I said... just now...that was from the heart. He shut my door, I heard him walk down the stairs opened the front door and then closed it. I fell to my knees holding my moms shattered picture and said to her with tears in my eyes' Mom what do I do please mom tell me what do I do ?'




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