(Authors Note: Part 5 is here. I still dont know how many parts there will be or the outcome of it all. Im literaly going with the flow with the story and figuring out what happens as it goes along. So once again thanks for reading and enjoy.)

(1:35 am)Troy was walking home from the park. About an hour ago Troy came out to his best friend Evan. The weight on his shoulders has finally dissapeared, finally he told someone the secret that had been bothering him for years. He walked down the dimly lit streets to his home.

(Inside Troys room) Troy layed in his bed staring at his ceiling. For some reason this was a habit and a relief just staring at his plain white ceiling thinking and pondering. He thought about just coming out of the closet to Evan. He was happy that Evan accepted who he was. The words of encouragement he gave Troy were the words he needed to hear. Be yourself plain and simple......or is it? Troy then started to speak to himself. (' Hey Tyler guess what I just came out to Evan. You know the cute Latin kid. HAHAHA yea he is cute. I kissed him and he didnt mind one bit. No not one bit. You know Tyler I really like this kid but he's not gay am I wasting my time or.........*sigh*...maybe I am but......just having him around it just.....makes things.....easier you know. Tyler man I wish you could see how happy this kid makes me I mean really happy. Dad would freak wouldnt he?.....Please Tyler I hope....I hope I have your blessing.

(Evans room)Evan was talking to his late mother while looking at her picture. 'Mom I think....I think I'm........confused.' This guy is my best no my first best friend and I like him but not that way but when he kisses me. Evan stopped then said 'but the way he kisses me it....its nice...yea.....no....yea it is nice. *sigh* sorry mom Im kinda stuck. I guess theres no point in thinking about it now I'm too tired to think Good night mom I love you. Evan kissed his mothers picture,placed it on the nightstand and went to bed.

(Next day at school Chemistry class) Evan walked into chem class. Troy was sitting at his desk. Troy waved at him,Evan waved back and went to go sit next to him. 'hey stud' Troy whispered in Evan's ear. Evan rolled his eyes and whispered 'hey no chance.' he smiled at Troy and Troy laughed back. 'thanks man for last night' Troy said to him. 'hey man nothings changed your still my bro'. They pounded fists and smiled at each other with Troy winking at Evan.

Chem class went on (too long) The teacher made the class work in partners. They had to mix certain chemicals to get a certain color for each(Authors note: yea i hate chemistry so I'm B.S.ing this part) Troy was reading the intructions while Evan was doing the mixing.

Then SHE came to their table. 'hey baby.' a girl with wavy brown hair and outstanding blue eyes came up to Troy and kissed him on the cheek. The girl had a banging body she was fit and toned and had a nice tan and yes an ass. 'uh hi Natasha' said Troy both surprised and dissapointed. Evan knew that name was this Troy's girlfriend? 'you didnt call me last night you ok?' she said rubbing his musular arms. 'uh yea sorry hun I was out with my parents.' Natasha then looked at Evan. 'so Troy you going to introduce me to your ......she paused and analyzed Evan looking him up and down like he was some lower class citizen. she spoke again 'your uh friend?' 'yea babe this is Evan. Evan, Natasha.' ' she looked at Evan and said 'pleasure I'm sure'. Evan said hey knowing already this girl wasnt right. Natasha itmediatly turned her attention to Troy and asked ' so baby when are we gonna you kno' she winked at him 'um nows not the time Natasha.' 'aww but Troy..' she said pucking her lips out to make her look all innocent.

Natasha babe can we talk later were kinda working here. Troy said to her. she then gave a quick kiss goodbye to Troy and looked at Evan one more time. Bye Evan she said both erotically and sarcastically at the same time.

Evan looked a Troy and Troy couldnt help but feel embarrased. Evan then whispered to Troy. 'Um Troy I gotta question for you how are you going to explain the gay thing to her.' Troy looked at him angrily and said we're not.

Class ended and the two boys walked home. They walked in silence. Troy spoke ' Evan look man I'm not with Natasha cause I like her I mean Im gay I cant stand girls period.' 'yea i see that bro said Evan chuckling. 'For now shes well my cover up and i want it to stay that way.' Evan stopped and asked. 'How long is it going to stay that way?'. Troy stopped he sighed and turned around to face his friend he then said. 'I dont man I really.......don't kno.' Troy looked depressed and lost Evan could tell this was taking a toll on him ,hiding who was all these years, pretending to be straight just so he could fit in. Evan put his hand on Troys shoulders and said. We'll figure something out man. Troy looked at Evan and smiled Troy then said 'Is this the part where I kiss you?' he said with a big smile. Evan laughed at him and said we're out in the open Troy do you really want people to see me and you kiss? 'nah not now at least' he winked at Evan.

'AH shut up' he said to Troy sarcastically. 'oh Ev um I was gonna ask you if you wanna come to a party at my house saturday night. My parents are gone for the weekend so they wont be back till monday you wanna come?' Evan thought about it and said 'im not that great around people Troy but I guess I'll go just for you.' 'Hell yea man thanks' He gave Evan a hug and head toward his home. Evan hasnt been to Troys house yet since they became friends this should be interesting.

As the boys parted ways a figure was spying on them in the distance. It was Natasha Elwood, Troy's girlfriend the look in her eyes were both confusion and jelousy she didnt like Evan not one bit. She was extremely prejiduce and down right jealous the typical bitch who is good at hiding her true personality. She walked away and dialed a number on her cell phone. She said to the person on the other end 'hey you going to Troys party Saturday? you are ? why do I ask? I need you to do something for me when you get there it has something to do with that new kid. yea THAT new kid. Oh I got it all planned out............

TO BE CONTINUED............



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