(Authors Note: So sorry it took so long everyone my internets been out for 6 days. but now I'm back. I've decided to post the drawings of the characters for the next part. Also I have decided to change the stories title after a certain part. I'm going to go ahead and tell you the name. It will be called Angels and Superheroes why it's called that you'll just have to find out;) now here it is part 9 enjoy.)

Troy and Evan drove to Ami's house.

It was a resturant on the 1st floor and a home on the next 2 floors.

'This is where she lives?' asked Troy.

'guess so' replied Evan.

The resturant was packed apparently Ami's parents were the owners the resturant was called SUBARU FOREVER.

It was loud inside japanese songs from the the 50's or 60's was playing in the background.

Waiters were frantically serving meals to the customers people were running back and forth it was a madhouse.

'Troy, Evan!' Ami shouted from the balcony over the resturant.

The 2 boys waved at her.

She came down and gave them hugs and greeted them.

'So sorry bout the chaos here' she said

'Is it always like this?' asked Troy

'Naw todays the calmest it's been since we've opened.'(for real?)

Ami lead The boys to the stairs that led to the apartment above the resturant.

The apartment door opened and two muscular japanese twins came out carrying heavy boxes.

(In japanese) Move Ami your in the way said one twin

(in Japanese) Out of the way fatty said the other twin.

(in japanese) UGH shut up you assholes you better be nice to me or I'll tell dad about those girls you brought home last night.

The two twins just glared at Ami. One of them asked in japanese, 'Who are these two?'

'these are my friends Evan Alverez and Troy Summers.' Ami said to the twins 'Oh and guys these are my Retarded ass brothers Takashi and Matsu.'(authors note Takeshi Matsu is an actual gay artist look him up)

Evan and Troy just waved at them. As the twins walked pass the boys one of them it was Matsu looked at Troy and looked him up and down. Matsu then said to Ami in japanese. 'Yo AIMS your friend here he's hot.' Ami just punched Matsu in the shoulder.

They entered the apartment it was well kept and clean with nice paintings on the walls some japanese scrolls ,Banzai plants, Some jade figurines in a glass cabinet. A traditional japanese home.

'okay guys heres my room.'

Ami opened her bedroom door it had pink walls with stuff animals on the bed and posters of both japanese song artist and american artist and apparntly one of Daddy Yankee.

'Wow I didnt expect this to be your room said Troy

'and why not what were you expecting?'

After a few moments of small conversations the 3 friends searched for a movie to watch since tonight was a night where Troy and Ami wanted to do everything they can to cherr up Evan. It's been a week and Evan hasnt even stepped foot at school.

The rumors are still lingering around school and both Troy and Ami can't afford to be in any more fights. But they didnt care as long as the rumors stopped thats all that mattered. The major question was who was the one that spreaded the rumor about Evan being gay?

Ami and Troy both thought it had to be Natasha the bitch who embarrassed Evan in front of everyone at Troy's party. Since then Troy hasnt looked or even spoken to Natasha he didnt want the risk of him losing his temper on a girl especially THAT girl.

'ooh how about Hero with Jet Li.' said Ami excitedly

'SEEN IT' said the two boys

'okaaaaay? um The Last Samurai.


'ugh okay let see no no not this......*gasp* KILL BILL Vol.2 ?'


'Are you two crazy KILL BILL Vol.2 is the definition of epicness.'

'Um Vol.2 sucked Vol.1 kicks Vol. 2 in the ass.' said Evan.

'UH UH no way Vol.2 is better its like the conclusion of an amazing Quentin Tarantino classic.

'Yea classic boring shit.' said Evan sarcastically.

Ami and Evan went on how the two films were alike and different they made jokes at each other and argued just having fun.

Troy sat there on the bed looking at Evan this was the first time he saw Evan smile and laugh in a long time. He couldnt help it whenever he saw Evan smile it was like a breath of fresh air a sigh of relief. He wanted to do everything he could to make him smile and make him feel like he meant the world to him, make him feel like....he Was worth it.

'Ugh fine fine okay if we can't agree on a Fuckin movie then What do you lame-os want to do?

Ami's older sister walked in and opened Ami's closet.

Nanako what are you doing in my closet? asked Ami irrateted.

'looking for a top that'll match this skirt I need to find something hot to wear tonight At the club.

'And that gives you authority to walk in my room WHILE I HAVE GUEST!? Who crowned you queen GET OUT.'

'ugh shut up Ami I need one of ur tops.'

'bitch your FAT none of my clothes will FIT you.' Shouted Ami.

'Bitch you mean I have bigger TITS than you you still got plenty of years ahead of you till you get some aha tits. Said Nanako

'At least mine are real Nanako and your still a FAT ASSSSSS NOW GET OUT!!!! Ami then had an idea she looked at Evan and Troy and back at her sister she then said as politely as she could...

'Hey Nana ummmmm quick lil question which club are you going to?'

'Club XOXO why do you ask?' said Nanako looking at Ami suspiciously.

'hey boys wanna go to a club?'

'uh uh hell no Ami I'm not taking you!!!' shouted Nanako

'Nanako if you dont take us I'll tell mom and dad that instead of staying home and studying you were out with FIVE guys last time.'Ami said mischeviously

Nanako just glared and said fine whatever.

'WERE COMING TOO!' shouted the twins.

'You two ready' she asked Evan and Troy.

'yea i'm down ready Ev?' Troy asked Evan

'Uh yea um sure.'Evan wasnt all that thrilled.


Club XOXO was massive. Music was blaring people were dancing the club was owned by someone Nanako knew so anyone who was with her got in easily.

'ISNT THIS LIKE THE FUCKING BEST?!' shouted Ami over the loud dance/pop music.

'HELL YEA THIS IS SICK AIMS!!!' shouted Troy.

Evan just smiled shyly and tried to look like he was having some ammount of fun.

'YOu wanna dance? asked Ami to Evan

'Um Ami...Evan tried to say but Ami already grabbed is hand and lead him to the dance floor.

In the distance the twins were dancing Takeshi with several girls and Matsu with 2 guys and a girl(He's apparently Bi-sexual)

Nanako was dancing (dirty) with another guy.


Troy just laughed and he did he took off his shirt to show off the amazing washboard abs he only had his black flat billed hat and blue jeans on

'WOOOOOOOOO YEA TROY!!!!!' both Ami and Evan laughed

(he laughed thats good) thought Troy

The 3 friends danced and danced after awhile Troy went to go get a drink at the bar.

'just water thats all' Troy said to the bartender.

The bartender handed him the water.


Troy turned around to see who whistled at him.

It was James.

'Uh James?'

'Yo. said James in his deep sexy voice

He had a sleeveless shirt on and a white bandana wrapped around his forehead.

James walked up to Troy and sat next to him at the bar.

'Didnt know you were the clubbing type.' said James admiring Troys shirtless glory.

'same to you.' Troy said almost blushing.

'so since your here you uh wanna dance with me?' said James

'Um too many people around man I'm not really um you know .....Out (did I just come OUT to this guy?)

'So my suspicions were right about you. said James with a big sexy smile.

'AH shit no I mean uh you Im well Im not ah dammit *sigh* yea James I'm you know.'

James just laughed and said. 'look man I dont care if your gay Bi straight whatever but as long as I can have one dance with a handsome dude like you'..He looked at Troy up and down again...' then I'm set bro.'

Troy was definetly blushing now and laughed a nervous laugh.

'*sigh* what the hell I'll dance with you man said Troy.

James was smiling big time he looked like he wanted to jump and say YES!!! but kept his composure.

James got up from his chair and took off his shirt. He was alot broader then Troy and taller by about a few inches. He had a slight happy trail and a killer body. The best way to describe James body was that of armor his body looked photoshoped but it was very real.

Troy just stared in amazement and said'Wow'.

'yea WOW said James looking at Troy with a sexy smile.

James held out his hand to Troy and Troy grabbed it they went to the dance floor.

The song Papi by Jennifer Lopez was playing in the background.

'Evan look.'

Evan turned to see Troy dancing with.......a guy????

Troy had his back close to James chest and James had his hands on Troys waist the body heat between these two boys was undeniable.

Troy could feel James getting a slight erection and it was getting bigger and bigger. James traced his hands all over Troys abs and chest.

Baila con tu Papi the song was saying. The beat got more intense as people around the two boys danced faster but Both James and Troy kept dancing at their own pace.

James was kissing Troy's shoulder leading up to his neck and Troy loved every second of it, he silently moaned.

'James said Troy weakly as James was still slowly licking his neck and kissing it lightly.

'Im not going to hurt you I'm helping you I'm helping you realize who you are. said James in a seductive whisper in Troys ear. 'James' said Troy breathlessly.

Troy slowly opened his eyes and his eyes met with Evan's.

And a few feet away from Evan he saw....someone else.........

('*gasp* oh shit' said Troy

'Whats wrong?' said James then James looked in Troys direction and saw the girl he was looking at.

Evan and Ami both looked in Troy's direction.

Natasha Elwood stood in the crowd with horror on her face the whole entire time she was standing there looking at Troy dancing and being touched by ANOTHER GUY.

'Oh My...' she had her hands over her mouth.

Both Natasha and Troy stared at eachother in shock. Troy was caught.

'Oh shit' said Ami

James felt embarrased but he still stood behind Troy he was not going to back away and leave Troy there alone.

Tears started to fall down her cheeks she then then mouthed the words.

'So.....it is true.'

She turned and ran out of the club sobbing furiously.

'ah fuck.' said Troy with his hands over his face.

'Troy?' said James putting a hand on Troys shoulder.

Evan was now walking up to Troy along with Ami.

Troy still had his hands over his face.

'no no no no no no no no no.'said Troy repeatedly with his hands still over his face.

Evan came up to Troy and just hugged him.

'We're here Troy we're not going anywhere.' said Evan with his head in Troys chest.

Ami was padding Troy's back to consul him and James stood there also still with his hand on Troy's shoulder.

'FUCK!!!!!!!' yelled Troy his hands still on his face.

Natasha had caught him she was running down the street crying her eyes out.

The music was still playing loudly. Troy was glad that the music was loud he didnt want anyone to hear him crying.

On the 2nd floor of the club someone was watching the 4 friends(including James)

Bryson Brown with a bandage on his nose and fore head stood there watching them especially Troy.

He took his cell phone from his pocket not taking his eyes of Troy and dialed a number.

'Yo guess what I just found out about our so called perfect quarterback Troy Summers.'

TO BE CONTINUED..........................



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