(Authors Note: Wow thank you everyone for the comments. Sorry that part 6 was a bit of a cliffhanger but A. it was 3 in the morning when I was writing it I was half asleep. B. I thought a suspenseful cliffhanger would be a nice lil touch;) Anyway hope you guys enjoy part 7 here it is.)

BRRRRYYYYYSSSSSOOOONNNNN YOU MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Troy ran at full speed up the stairs toward Bryson. The other football players that were with Bryson ran like hell away from Bryson and Troy ,they knew what was about to happen.

Within seconds Troy was in front of Bryson, Bryson didnt have any time to react or move. BAM Troy punched Bryson full force blood spewed out of Brysons mouth.

FIGHT!!!! shouted one of the party guest down below. It was an all out brawl everyone was hitting someone girls got into catfights priceless figurines statues etcs all made loud shattering noises, it was hell.

Evan was still standing in the same spot below the balcony with paint all over him. he stared at the ground breathing heavily and shocked at what just happened. While Troy was beating up on Bryson and everyone else at the party below were exchanging blows, Natasha walked up to Evan she stepped over the puddles of paint and whispered in his ear. 'You see what you did, You did this.' Evan was still looking at the ground he was about cry. 'Like I said before Troy is.....Natasha was then pushed to the ground.

Ami was on top of Natasha with eyes of fury looking down on her. 'You fucking bitch how dare you.' Natasha yelled at Ami,Ami then said to her. 'Im not the one on the ground slut you did this to Evan. 'and if I did what are you going to do about it you chink.'(authors note: im only using that word for effect I dont mean to offend anyone reading)' said Natasha struggling to get Ami off of her,Ami then said to her ' Then Im going to go all Japanese on bitch white ASSSS!!!!! Ami Punched Natasha but Natasha fought back or tried to she was clawing at Ami but Ami wasnt taking shit she was mad at Natasha for embarrasing Evan in front of everyone. They fought and fought on the ground and AMi eventually got her pinned toward a wall nearby and was still fighting her.

Amongst all the chaos Evan was still standing in the puddle of paint red blue green orange all those colors surrounded him.

A hand grabbed Evans. Evan looked up it was guy in a black hood and sweatpants his face was covered he said to Evanin a deep somewhat caring voice. 'C'mon Let me help you.' he took Evan away from the fights and lead him to a bathroom. The hooded guy sat Evan down next to the tub. He turned on the water and started cleaning Evans face and arms with a rag. 'who....who are you.' Evan said weakly looking away from the hodded guy. He spoke and said. 'Just someone who wants to help you can trust me.' He continued helping Evan.

Meanwhile Troy pushed Bryson off the balcony yelling in pure rage. Bryson landed on his back he landed in the paint puddle he moaned and screamed in pain. Troy jumped off the balcony and on top of Bryson pounding the asshole linbacker in the face.

Then out of nowhere a gun was shot off Everyone screamed and looked in the direction of the shot.

A tall black haired man with a woman clinging to his arm, were standing near the front door. The man had a pistol aimed at the ceiling he looked at Troy, Troy knew who he was.

The man with the pistol yelled in a deep british accent.

Everyone had to the count of 5 to get out or I will call the authorities ..........everyone was staring at the man.

ONE! Eveyone stopped what they were doing and ran like hell out the front door it was a stampede.

Troy moved out of the way and people were trambling over Bryson. Ami put her back against the wall as did Natasha.

OUT OUT NOW!!!! the man kept yelling this man was Jules Carridan and the woman next to him was Onna Carridan they were the butler and maid of the Summers home.

The party guest were gone. 'Master Troy may I dispose of this boy laying here?' He was talking about Bryson who was in serious pain. 'Just throw the lil fuck out please Jules.' said Troy

Jules picked up Bryson and threw him out the door.

Natasha came up from behind Troy and tapped his shoulders. 'Troy? Baby?' she said all innocent. Troy turned around and glared at her. Natasha gasped Troys Grey eyes were terrifying to look into. Troy then said to her in a deep angry voice, 'You get the FUCK out of my house.' he glared at her. Natasha didnt say anything she just turned around to look at Ami who had some scratches on her face from Natasha. But poor Natasha had bruises:)(take that bitch). She glared at Ami and Ami glared back. She looked back at Troy and looked up at his eyes once more. 'OUT!' he yelled she jumped a lil and with an angry face she walked out and slammed the door making a frame on the wall fall and shatter.

Jules looked at Troy. 'Master Troy care to explain this little mess we have here.' Troy looked down at the ground embarrsed. Jules and Onna were on a date you can imagine coming home to a mess like this.

Jules sighed and said to Troy,' If this does happen again I'll have no choice but to tell your parents.' Troy looked back up at Jules who was much taller and broader than Troy and gave him a hug 'Thank you Jules.'

Ami was looking around and said ' Troy? wheres Evan?' Troy looked around in panic he yelled Evan's name.

Just then the bathroom door from down the hall opened. The hooded guy stepped out.

'WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!' Troy yelled at the hooded guy. The hooded guy put up his hands in a woah calm down im your ally type gesture. 'Easy there big guy Im just helping out a friend. 'Wheres Evan?!' Troy yelled at him.

The Hooded person cocked his head toward the bathroom.

Troy ran toward the bathroom and saw Evan. Evan was halfway cleaned he was spaced out and looked weak he was traumatized still sitting next to the tub. 'Evan?! Its me man!' Evan slowly turned his eyes toward Troy ,they were both staring at eachother, Ami came running up to the bathroom door.

Evan then began to cry and Troy grabbed him in his arms and held him.

Ami turned around to see the hooded guy walk toward the door he had and interesting walk it was a confident walk. ' hey who are you?' asked Ami.

The guy turned around you couldnt see his eyes but you could see him smile he said to her, 'Just someone who actually gives a shit about people.' he turned and saluted (yes saluted) Jules and Onna ,Jules and Onna bowed and then the hooded guy walked out the door.


Troy was on the phone with Evan's dad and asked if he could spend the night. It was the first time Mr. Alvarez was asked by someone if Evan could stay the night at their house he said yes it was fine and he told Troy goodnight.

Troy sighed and looked at Ami It was sort of an awkward silence between them. They were downstairs and Evan was Upstairs lying down in Troys bed.

Ami walked up to Troy and said. 'Look Troy what just happened to Evan it wasnt your fault ok?' Troy was frustrated as hell but kept his composure. Ami hugged Troy and then said to him. 'Take care of him tonight ok?' she winked and kissed him on the cheek. Troy blushed bright red. Troy walked her to the door and they waved eachother goodbye. Ami was outside and then stopped and looked up at the big white mansion. She said to herself please 'Evan dont let this destroy you.' she then turned around and walked home, she eventually was smiling because she seemed to know something was going to happen.....tonight;)

Troy opened his bedroom door it was dark in his room. Evan was facing away from the door and just staired out the window. Troy walked up to the bed took off his shirt and pants and was left with his boxers. He layed next to Evan.

There was silence for a good few minutes the two boys layed next to each other Evan had a million thoughts going through his head how was he going to face everyone at school he's not even gay and already everyone is accusing him of being it?! he couldnt understand not one bit.

Troy then spoke. 'You know Ev me and you we actually got alot in common.' Evan didnt move he just listened. 'You see I uh Troy stopped his voice was shaking...'You see I lost someone special to me too. Evan still looked out the window facing away from Troy but he was shocked at what he just said.

'I lost my older brother Tyler I lost him 7 years ago. He was a Quarteback like me...he was the king you know and I was the kings little brother. I remeber being at all his games I cheered the loudest I kept screaming GO TYLER GO TYLER YEA YEA THATS MY BIG BROTHER!' Troy was saying in a whisperered voice. Evan then turned over to face him Troy was still looking at his ceiling. 'But not only was Tyler my brother....he was...my best friend you know? and then it was that night right after the big championship game, he was'..Troys voice began to quiver it looked like he was trying very hard to hold back his tears.

' He was driving home and then ' Tears were now falling. ' This guy this fucked up drunk he just ran into him and Tylers car was slammed to a tree.' Evan was looking at Troy the tears flowed down his cheeks.

'And from then on everything changed. My dad and mom especially mom she... didnt stop crying and my dad... he couldnt look at me. The guy didnt look or talk to me ...for 2 years not one look at me.' Evan was shocked how could a father not even look at his own son?

'2 years later I walked down for breakfast and he said good morning Troy today your trying out for the football team. An angry look crossed over Troy's face.

'Football thats all he cares about thats all I am to him a copy of my older brother. 'Troy'said Evan.

The tears didnt stop flowing down Troys face.

'I'm just a fucking copy thats all and on top of that Im a fucking fag man just a big fucking fag. Evan got on top of Troy and slapped him. 'I dare you to say that one more time Troy I dare you, You may be gay but bro you're not a fag.' said Evan. Troy looked up at Evan he was surprised.

'Troy no one has ever beaten the living shit out of anyone for me no one has ever stood up for me but you, your the top player of our high school and here you are still by me.' Troy was still looking up at Evan with wide eyes. 'You're not a copy you're Troy Summers The best damned football player I know and........the bestest friend anyone can dream of.

Troy grabs Evans shoulders and turns him over now Troy's on top of Evan.

Troy looks down at Evan, their faces are close to eachothers. He then says to Evan,' The only the your'e wrong about Ev is that...I'm not a dream.

Evan smiles at Troy and askes him, 'Oh yea prove it.'

Troy leans down and kisses Evan. Even though Evan isnt gay he accepted the kiss, he let Troy take of his wifebeater. They kissed passionately ,Troy's chest was pressing againsts Evan's. They were holding on to eachother tightly. Troy didnt want to let him go he didnt care if Evan wasnt gay he wanted him there in his arms in his bed. Evan didnt care he just didnt, for the first time he had someone to really care about him, he never imagined a guy would be the one kissing him. The two boys held eachother throughout the night, Troy was laying on top of Evan with his arms over Evans body. Evan was hugging Troys body.

For the first time the two boys didnt feel alone

For the first time they had eachother.

Ami was laying in her bed that night,she smiled and said to herself 'I guess.... it WAS a good night.... after all.';)




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