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(From Troy's Perspective) Troy layed in his bed staring at his ceiling. the night was hot and there was sweat all over his body. He also had tears in his eyes. He said to himself' Troy what did you do what did you do?' it had been the worst night of his life. A couple hours ago he kissed his best friend Evan. He felt the world crumbling beneath him,his stomach was in knots he felt sick inside he didnt kno what came over him. 'why did you kiss him you dumb shit?' he said to himself,tears were still falling from his eyes he hadnt cried like this since........that day...........

All he could do was cry and ask himself over and over why. Why did he do it? he still layed there in his bed and then he asked himself a hard question. 'Troy are you?.......no...no...I can't be.....I can't be...................gay.

(Evan's Perpective) Evan sat next to his bed holding his mothers shattered picture which shattered when he pushed Troy off him and when Troy accidently knocked it over on the floor. Like Troy he was crying he was sobbing wondering what happened he sat there on the floor next to his bed for a good few hours. He heard his father come home he called out to Evan. 'Evan mijo estas aqui are you home?' His father was walking up the stairs,he then opened Evan's door and he saw him on the floor crying. 'EVAN WHAT HAPPENED?! why is there glass in the floor?!' his father yelled in shock. Evan couldnt answer him because of all the tears. His father sweeped the glass away with his shoe so he could sit down next to his crying son. 'EVAN EVAN ANSWER ME!' he yelled he was shaking Evans shoulders so he could answer him. All Evan could say was 'Dad'. Evans Father hugged him tightly and he said 'I'm here mijo Im here'. They sat there for another few minutes the tears from Evans eyes finally subsided. They sat there in the dark next to eachother when Evan asked' Dad do you still talk to mom?' His father looked at Evan and he said' Sometimes yes.' Evan asked then asked him' Does she ever answer back?' His father was silent for a moment, he finally spoke and said' No son' Evan looked up at his mothers picture and said.' Yea me neither'.

(The Next Day at School)(Evan) I couldnt sleep all night I think I forgot how to sleep. Damn Evan pull yourself together. Evan was looking down at the ground just trying to head up he was going to the school library, he looked up and saw Troy walking down the hall their eyes met. Time stood still for a few moments Troy made the first move and walked toward him slowly Evan stood there wanting to look away but couldnt. Troy stood in front of him and spoke. 'hi' was all he said 'hey Evan said ' umm Hey guess what I uh passed my spanish test I got an A+' he tried smiling at Evan but Evan couldnt smile back. it was awkward and uncomtorble being in front of him. 'Congrats was all I could say to him and then he walked awaywithout saying a word to him. Troy looked as Evan walked away from him. Troy knew right there and then that it wasn't going to be the same again between them.

(In the school Libary) Evan sat in a secluded corner in the libary with his head down. he couldnt think straight. The only image in his head was Troy kissing him 'why did he do that?' UGH WHY DID HE DO THAT?! he lifted his head and slammed it on the table (bad idea) OW OW OW OW OWOWOWOWOWOWOWO owwwww!!!! dammit that hurt'. 'HAHA wow smart move.' Evan moved his hand from his aching head to see a girl staring at him

(she was cute) she was asian nice long black hair brown eyes a nice slender body and pink glasses which gave her a cute personality. she spoke 'i'm not even going to ask if you're ok cause that looked painful hehe.' Evan said to her 'leave me alone I kinda dont want to be bothered right now. The girl said 'yeeeeaah me neither sooooo I'm gonna sit here:) (is this girl for real I told her I wanna be alone) she looked at Evan analyzing him 'gasp oh wait your the new kid I forget your name is it......Johnny or Timmy'its Evan he said' Oh Evan I was kidding I know your name you hang out with Troy Summers alot ,lucky guy he's too cute for his own good. Why you say that Evan asked The girl said 'He seems gay' Evan was shocked ' what did you say? the girl spoke again 'dont get me wrong i like gay guys theyre fun to hangout with:) Evan came to a conclusion is Troy really gay? 'how do you kno? he asked her ' I dont kno its just my gaydar is very accurate she winked at him.' by the way my names Ami, Ami Subaru(she's Japanese and cute too)Hi Evan said with a million thoughts going through his mind. Looked Ami i'm sorry if I was rude i'm kinda going through some stuff. ' Who isnt? she said. Evan just chuckeled Well Evan if you need any1 I'm here she winked again at him. Evan laughed and said thanks Ami I aprreciate it. she looked at him analyzing him again is there something wrong between you and Troy (what is this girl psychic?)Um I guess you could say that Evan said reluctantly. Ah she said hmm but you two seem close in fact you hangout with him more than he hangs out with his girlfriend (His What?!)

Troy has a girlfriend? Evan asked Where have you been Ami said. Troy Summers and Natasha Elwood the High school quarterback and the cheerleader captain slash school president you been here a month and you didnt kno about them. umm no Evan said embarrassingly. 'wow yeah you two are close she said. (why didnt he tell me about her wait why do I care?!) Look Ami it's kinda bad right now with me and him so its cool its not like i care. Ami spoke 'yea you do' Evan looked at her eye to eye she spoke again. 'if you didnt care you wouldnt be here sulking in a corner with a bruised head from the looks of it she stopped and then said 'from the looks of it he means the world to you.' Evan was speechless he hadnt even known Ami for more than a year and she knows him like they been friends for a lifetime. a tear came from his eye 'Evan?' she said to him putting her hand on his hand to keep him comforted. Evan spoke with tears falling down his cheeks 'Thanks Ami your right he means more than the world to me hes....hes pretty much my first real friend. Ami smiled a cute smile and said to Evan 'well Evan now you got two good friends:)' Evan smiled at her the bell rang and it was time for the next period Evan said bye to Ami and they exchanged numbers they hugged and went their separate ways.

(at night after school) Evan layed on his bed. He took his cell phone off his nightstand and scrolled down his contact list. He dailed a number. He dailed Troy's number

(In Troy's room) Troy was also laying his bed when heard his phone vibrate he looked at the caller ID and it was Evan his heart pounded. He answered the call. 'hello Troy said nervously' 'hey' Evan said on the other end' Whats up? Troy asked. ' new day same shit' Evan joked Troy laughed'. 'um Troy can we go somwhere and talk I think there are somethings that need to be said'. Troy layed there and closed his eyes he was nervous but he also knew that somethings need to be said as well. 'y-yeah um where do you wanna meet?'Troy asked feeling even more nervous. Evan thought and said ' The park near the elementary school. is that ok?' Troy spoke' yea man thats cool when and what time?' 'Now and tonight.' Evan said. Troy knew that it was time. It was time to be honest. 'ok man I'll be there in 10 minutes.' they both hung up.(Mom I'm really scared right now. Im almost speechless my heart is pounding and everything but he's my best friend and he means alot to me. what do I say and how do I say it? Please Mom I need your help right now.) Evan got up and got dressed. He put on a warm hoody and some jeans he took his phone,put on his shoes and quietly snuck out.

Troy grabbed a white t-shirt and put on his jeans and slipped his nikes on and climbed out his window

The two boys then headed to the park.

TO BE CONTINUED...............



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