Here I am another town,another school. This is the story of my life. My names Evan Alverez age 16 5'8 tanned skin swimmers body short black hair and green eyes (straight). With my dads job we move all over the place now were moving to some town on Long Island NY called Haven (Authors note:not a real town. My mother passed away about 4 years ago im ok about it now but i still go to bed every night and kiss her picture thats next to my bed good night.

Today is my 1st day at Haven High School its a pretty big ass place. about 3 maybe 4 stories and from what I've heard its one of the top schools on Long Island,mainly for sports. Even now im not use to being the new kid I havent had a best friend since........ well.......damn ever. I was always a loner and did my own thing. I love to draw so thats mainly what i did and it was one of the very few things that help me escape reality when I wanted. So I walk in the school and my 1st thought was well here we go again Evan lets do it. Im walking down the hall looking for my locker and i accidently bump into this guy this BIG guy at leastg 6'3 bulging muscles my 1st thought Im gonna die my 1st day of school. ' Watch where you going you lil shit!' the big ass guy said ' sorry man just trying to find my locker' ' The only thing your going to find is my fist in your fucking face!' I then say 'look man im sorry can I just get to my locker?' he slams his big fist in the locker in front of me. 'Your new here arent you?' he growled this dude had sum serious breathby the way. ' yea so just let me by man' he grabbed my shirt and slammed me against the locker. Bitch do you have any fucking idea who your talking to?! he yelled (man he need a mint baaad). Just let me go I was struggling to get freed from his grasp when someone placed their hand on his shoulder.

You going to let him go Bryson? (which was the big guys name) Bryson turned to see who it was it was guy with short spiked blonde hair greyish eyes a diamond stud earing in his left ear he looked at Bryson with a calm yet stern look in his eyes this is the 1st time ive ever seen grey eyes on someone. 'Summers!' Bryson yelled at the boy. 'this bitch got in my way no fucker gets in my way!' (is this guy for real?)the boy spoke 'the only bitch here is you'. (oh it was on now) 'WHAT YOU SAY MOTHER FUCKER!' his focus was now on the boy named Summers, Bryson without thinking dropped me and was about to hit Summers before either of them could land a blow a whistle was blown. 'what the hell is going on here?!' a man in a white shirt and gym shorts stood near by he had a reddish mustache and half balding he was big too big muscles and all. 'COACH?!' the 2 boys shouted. Bryson come with me. 'What about Summers?! Bryson complained. I said come with me (this coach was scary). All Bryson did was hit the locker above me ( I was still on the ground from being dropped)and growled he glared at me then the Summers guy and walked toward the Coach and they both walked toward the coaches office.

Hey man you ok? the Summers guy asked. 'yea thanks' 'oh let me help you he said thank you again i said to him. Wait your new huh? Yea i said looking away from him his eyes if you could only see them i meen im not into guys but this guy had some serious eyes that you couldnt help but admire. He put out his hand and said 'Troy, Troy Summers' I shook his hand Evan Alverez. this guy was about 6'0 muscle all over he was wearing a flat billed hat giving him a thuggish look but he prolly wasnt a yellow shirt black shorts decently tanned skin (hes white. he had a good pressence he seemed nice enough but all he could do was smile at me (why?). He held my hand a bit longer than expected he suddenly realized and said oh my bad bro. Its cool i said'so Evan whats your 1st impression of Haven after that little incident? all i could say was Oh I love it here I see why this is one of the top schools around here. Troy laughed wow funny guy least you got a sense of humor thats always good. I guess i said. so whats your 1st class i could show you around if you want Troy insisted. I agreed he looked at my schedule my 1st class was history and so was his. So I went with him to history class with believe it or not a smile on my face. (Mom I think I made a friend today but something seems off when i look at Troy I get this feeling but what is it?)




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