Holden pulled his cap down lower to keep it from blowing off as Parker drove down the highway. Parker was driving his Jeep and had the top down, doors off and stereo blasting away as they drove through the countryside. Holden had told Parker of some off-road trails near one of the creeks, trails that wound up and down washed out areas, across springs and along a rutted out trail only a high suspension and four-wheel drive could now negotiate. The land belonged to one of the paper mills and due to its rough terrain and soil type along the creek they didn't bother to try to grow pine on it, so they allowed people to forge trails through it. There were even mountain bike trails crisscrossing the land.

Parker was eager to take his Jeep out since Holden got it fixed yesterday. After they spent the late afternoon together, having sex in the shower, on the bathroom floor and then on Parker's bed till both were spent, they had driven up to Greenville to grab dinner and see a movie, getting back so late Parker's parents were already home from their trip to Montgomery. Parker got Holden to come back Sunday so they could go four-wheeling and since it was late morning and most were in church they had the trails to themselves.

Most of the trails were just rutted out paths the Jeep easily maneuvered along and at the places the slopes were washed out with twelve to twenty foot deep gullies they eased the Jeep down and back up along the places the trails cut across. Down near the creek they eased through two foot of water and worked their way back up to a small clearing where a spring cut across, its bottom a fine sand, making the water crystal clear. They eased along, heading upstream, till they got to another rough section and Parker eased the Jeep along in low, the rutted trail wet and slick, allowing the four wheel drive to dig in and pull them through. On the other side of the low area there was a knoll and Holden told Parker to stop.

"The creek down below use to have a deep section where it bends around, a place you could swim" he told Parker pointing through the trees at a trail leading back toward the creek.

"Well, let's go check it out" Parker said as he hopped out and moved toward the trail.

Both were dressed in cargo shorts, t-shirts and light hiking boots and the muddy trail caused them to move cautiously down the slope to the creek. Holden led the way and Parker watched how easily, confidently he stepped, looked at the way his light brown hair stuck out around his cap, Holden keeping it longer than most, and he most noticed Holden's legs, sparsely covered in hair, just enough to give them a masculine look, his legs long and lean like a runners or a swimmers.

Holden came to a stop and Parker looked up to see the creek slowly flowing by, small ripples and whirlpools breaking its nearly calm surface. He moved up next to Holden and noticed how the bottom was visible for a couple of feet from the bank then it turned dark where it was too deep to see the sandy bottom. The bank was loose and cut away from the way the creek turned against the side.

"How deep is it?" Parker asked.

"It use to be about eight or nine feet but that was last year and each winter it seems to change some" Holden replied.

"Well, let's find out" Parker said as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

Holden watched Parker begin to work his shoes off and then he followed suit. He tossed his shirt on the ground and then he kicked off his shoes and when he undid his shorts and bent to work them off his feet he saw Parker drop his briefs and stand naked in front of him.

"You're not going to keep your underwear on?" he asked in a low voice as if someone would over hear him.

"Fuck no, who's around to see us?"

"Someone could come up on us at anytime."

"Wouldn't we hear them approach?"

"Yeah...maybe" Holden replied as he watched Parker ease into the creek where it was shallow, watched his tall lean body, the way he balanced himself with his long arms outstretched, his legs moving cautiously, testing the edge of the drop. Holden pushed his boxers down and felt the warm breeze blow over his cock and balls and something about being naked, out here in the woods, with Parker, seemed so bawdy, but so right at the same time and he eased down into the water next to Parker.

"I can't feel the bottom" Parker stated when Holden stood next to him, as he let his eyes roam up and down Holden's body, seeing it again, but this time it seemed different, his rough scraggly beard that was trying to come in, his hair all messed up and the small patch of hair that grew on his chest and his eyes moved back down following the thin line of hair that led from his navel down to his cock which seemed to be inflating, thickening up in its exposure.

"Only one good way to find out how deep it is" Holden said, smiling at Parker and then he jumped into the creek feet first, sinking down into the depths. When he resurfaced he swung his head around getting his hair and water out of his face. He treaded water and looked over at Parker who was dripping wet from him jumping into the creek.

"It's pretty deep; I barely touched bottom" he said, smiling up at Parker.

Parker dove in and quickly came up by Holden and he pushed him under. They wrestled around, dunking one another, chasing each other back and forth in the creek where it was deep until they were tired and they eased up into the shallows and then helped each other back up on the bank.

Water dripped off their bodies, rivulets streaming down from their hair, down over their torsos and dripped off their cocks. Parker moved up to Holden, his crooked index finger lifted Holden's chin and he kissed him, gently at first, then more passionately, and Holden put his hands on Parker's hips and brought their bodies together, their cocks bumping against each other, sliding past one another, as they kissed. Holden pulled back and eased down on his knees and he took Parker's cock, held it out and put his mouth to it letting it slide into him, slowly, inch by inch, till he had most of it. He worked his head back and forth, sucking Parker, feeling his cock enlarge all the way as it got fully erect; the shaft rigid with its protruding veins snaking over its surface.

"Suck my cock...yeah...suck me" Parker whispered as Holden worked his mouth back and forth. Parker felt his cock engulfed in Holden's wet mouth, felt the heat surround it and he had to pull out of his mouth to let his cock cool down. He eased down by Holden; then leaned with him causing Holden to lie down as he moved to his cock, the head wet and dripping. Parker held it up, squeezed it till the pre-cum bubbled up thick and trickled down the head and he leaned to it, tongue out and he licked the head clean. He put his lips over the head and slid his mouth downward, letting the cock sink into his mouth. Holden took Parker's head in his hands, holding it over his cock as he pumped his hips upward, working his hard shaft through Parker's lips.

"OH fuck" Holden uttered through this open mouth as he was breathing hard from his exertions. He pulled Parker's head up off his cock and as he got up Parker lay back on the ground, letting Holden move between his legs. Holden held them to his chest, feeling the warmth of the long slim limbs as he moved into position, pushed his hard cock down aiming it at Parker's hole, rubbed up against it, pressed against its tightness till he breached Parker, the head of his cock penetrating the tight opening making Parker cry out. Holden held still a moment letting Parker loosen to his penetration.

"Fuck me, Holden, fuck MY ASS" Parker cried out, his voice echoing through the trees as Holden bore down on him, pushed his cock all the way into him. Holden fucked with long solid thrusts, pumping his hips, feeling how he was rocking Parker on the ground, pushing down into him making him cry out.

Holden's fucking got faster, his exertions making him grunt with every thrust into Parker who was vocal, his moans loud, his begging for Holden to fuck him, to fuck him harder egging Holden onward till his hips were slamming down against Parker's ass, his cock shoved in all the way.

"Oh fuck...I'm cumming" Holden grunted through his clinched teeth as he pumped his cum into Parker, his hips shoving down with each ejaculation till he was spent. When he pulled out his cock was slick, cum still dripping from the head and he looked down at Parker, whose cock was rigid, the head wet, and he moved to the side and down on his elbows and knees.

"Stick me, man, come on, fuck me" Holden begged Parker who got up and behind him, holding his hips firmly as he pushed his cock against Holden. Holden was tight but Parker kept pushing until he breached his hole, sinking his cock into him. Holden cried out as Parker sank inch by inch of his hard cock into his hole. Parker held firmly to his hips, ground his cock into his hole feeling the warm soft tunnel envelope his cock. Holden held his head down, grunting and moaning, his body quivering with the penetration.

Parker held still, let Holden loosen to his penetration and he felt Holden push back, his hole loosen its tight grip and he pulled back and began to fuck, to move his hips with the primitive urgent need, and he kept fucking, his pace getting faster and faster until he was slapping up against Holden's ass, rocking him so hard his grunts vibrated in his throat.

"I'm going...to...cum" Parker stammered as he pumped his hips.

"Give it to me...come on...fuck" Holden grunted as Parker began to fuck in short jagged thrusts, his cock swelling up thicker, his body feeling his need rise up, and he slammed into Holden's hole and filled it with his cum.

They lounged around on the ground, naked, fingers stroking bare flesh until Holden leaned up and kissed Parker, gently, tenderly, his hand raking over Parker's chest.

"We should get dressed and go" Holden said when he pulled back, lips barely apart.

"Yeah...we...should go" Parker replied and finally they pulled apart and went to retrieve their clothes from the bank of the creek. When they walked up to the Jeep Parker pushed Holden toward the driver's side.

"You drive back" Parker said..


"Serious" Parker confirmed as he climbed into the passenger seat. Holden eased the Jeep around and moved back down the old trail and as he crested the knoll and began down Parker reminded him to keep his foot off the clutch and let the low gearing keep the Jeep under control.

Soon the Jeep with Holden and Parker was gone, the woods along the creek quiet again, and just beyond where they had been, the two of them naked, intertwined together, exerting themselves sexually, he stood behind a fallen tree staring at the spot where they had lain. He held his spent cock, cum dripping from the head and his hand, his shorts pushed down below his balls as he thought of what he had witnessed, this sex between two guys, Parker and Holden, and he dropped down on his knees, his shorts grinding down into the wet ground, cum dripping on the spread fly and he relived the moment, what he saw them do, the way they took each other's cock, sucked them in their mouths, and then the way Holden had fucked Parker, his cock just sliding into Parker till he ground his hips against Parker's ass. He felt his cock rise up hard again as he let the image of Holden fucking Parker play in his mind. He felt frustrated by it, his watching, like some pervert, but he couldn't help it; he had to see, wanted to see. He wanted to see Holden naked, see what his cock looked like and when Holden sucked Parker's cock, let it slide into his mouth he had watched from his hidden spot, as he took his cock out and began to stroke it, his fear of being seen or heard outweighed by his need to feel something, anything, like how Holden was making Parker feel with his cock buried in his ass.

He thought of how Parker had taken Holden's fuck, noisily begging Holden to fuck harder and the way he had begged, his voice echoing through woods and it had drove him to stroke his own cock harder as he watched, watched as Holden slammed his hips against Parker, watched as Holden cried out he was coming and he watched when Holden pulled his wet slick cock from Parker's hole, cum dripping from the head causing him to shoot his first load onto the ground as he gritted his teeth to keep from crying out.

Then he watched as Holden got down on his elbows and knees, heard him tell Parker to fuck him, and he watched Parker move into position, rub his cock over Holden's ass then enter him, making him cry out, and as he watched he stroked his slimy cock to a renewed erection. When Parker cried out he was cumming slamming his hips against Holden so hard the smack of skin against skin cracked through the air he had come too, pumping out his second load on the ground. Now Parker and Holden were gone and he was stroking his cock again, it hard, painfully hard, the shaft still slick with his previous loads and he stroked faster and faster, his need to cum again urgent, with images of Parker, naked, taking Holden's fuck, shoving cock into that tight skinny ass, hips slapping against ass and Parker so vocal, his pleading with Holden to fuck harder, to shove it all the way in, to pump it in him. The images flashed through his mind, and as he felt his cock harden up, swell in his hand he imagined he was Parker, down on his knees, taking Holden's fuck, taking his load deep in his own ass and he shot his third load, the cum dribbling out the head and smeared down his cock with his hand. He felt embarrassed, out here in the woods alone, his shorts down to his knees, ground into the wet dirt, his slimy cock dripping cum and his hand covered in it. He wiped his hand over the dead leaves covering the ground as best he could and he eased up pulling his shorts back up. He saw how there were two dirty wet spots on each side near the crotch. He went back to where his bike lay on the ground and took a drink of water, his throat so dry and his body feeling dehydrated. He wiped the sweat from his face and smelled the cum on his hand.

He knew he had to get going, the sun starting its descent in the west and he climbed on his bike and headed back to the fire trail road he was parked on, grateful he had not come in on the main trail road Holden and Parker obviously had used. He road hard, recklessly, bouncing over roots and rough ground, letting his bike accelerate furiously as it dropped down into gullies and then he jumped it back out onto level ground. He kept up this pace exerting every muscle, sweat pouring off of him, for it kept his mind busy, focused on his ride and not on Parker and Holden. When he finally came to his truck parked in the fire lane he found a couple of other trucks he recognized parked off to the side.

He lowered the tailgate and set the bike in the bed and climbed up to lock it down. As he secured his bike he heard voices approaching, then the sound of bikes coming over the ground. He looked up to see three of his classmates coming toward him, sweaty and dirty, one obviously had taken a fall and he stood up to watch them pull up next to him.

"Hey guys; how was your ride?" he asked.

"Great, except for Bobby taking a spill" Mark said, as they laughed at Mark. "Where did you ride?"

"Down toward the creek, almost to the old swimming hole."

"Well damn, Charles, you should have let us know you were coming out and we could have all rode together."



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