Graduation was upon him and Charles had spent the year in a state of total confusion. He had tried to keep his relationship with Katie going but at the beginning of the year she broke up with him, saying she didn't know what was wrong but she couldn't deal with his acting weird any longer. 'Neither can I' he had thought. Since Parker arrived and Holden and him were best friends everyone now left Holden alone, and no one left them alone more than Charles. He had tried to speak to Holden a couple of times but the look Holden gave him, a look of pure contempt, one that revealed all his anger at the way he had been treated, and Charles realized he had no other option but to leave him alone. But he did spy on Parker and Holden, followed them around Greenville when they were out for dinner or a movie and he had followed them down to the creek on the trails again back in early spring where he hid behind that fallen tree and watched them take off their clothes, go down to the creek to swim and fool around and eventually come back to the open level ground to make out.

Charles had thought of that night long ago when Holden had first tried something and he had reacted compulsively, rose up in a scared rage and afterwards he had tried to make himself feel normal, tried to mask how he had felt when Holden had touched him. He went to the others and told them what Holden had done, the way he had touched him and he got Holden ostracized which made him feel a sense of camaraderie with the others, but inside it tore him up.

He was leaving in the fall for college and couldn't wait to leave, to go somewhere where no one knew him and maybe, just maybe, he could be himself. He wanted to do that, told himself it would be possible, but every time he thought of doing something with another guy he felt the conflicted emotions that ravaged his nerves, confused him and made him afraid, for in this community and within its churches it was wrong, pure evil, the source of society's ills for a man to love another man. Charles knew this was rhetoric but to hear it all his life, in his own home made it real.

Charles surfed the internet, talked with others who lived nearby, always avoiding those that seemed too close to home, and each and every time he chickened out in meeting them, afraid he couldn't do it, wouldn't be able to do those things he had seen Parker and Holden do down by the creek, the way each one took the other's cock, first in his mouth, then in his ass. His let his frustration and fear move him to other sites, those were guys submitted to another, appeared to be forced to do those things, nasty sexual things and he began to talk with older men, those looking for 'a boy', someone to train, someone to submit to their every desire.

Graduation came and Charles got his diploma and quietly eased away from his friends, telling them he'd catch up with them later tonight, with no intention of actually doing so, for he had other plans. He was going to start his search on line. His father asked him what he was going to do over the summer when he had walked into the kitchen where his family sat at the bar watching his mother prepare dinner. He told him he was going to find a job of some sort to earn some spending cash for college. But he had other plans, and that evening he pulled up certain social media sites and loaded his profile into the system. For the entire evening he got responses, but they were not right, didn't fit the situation he was proposing.

For two days he watched the responses to his profile, reading through them and became disappointed each time. It was nearly midnight and his eyes were so fatigued he knew he needed to stop and just go to bed when a response hit his profile. He read it, then read it again, unbelieving his luck, actually surprised to find someone agreeable to his proposal. He felt his heart beat hard in his chest and his hands felt clammy as he hovered over the keyboard trying to start his reply.

Then he began to type.

It had been three days since the arrangements had been made and Charles stood at the truck stop at the exit for Greenville, his gym bag on the ground by his feet. His parents thought he had gotten a job with one of the trucking companies in town, but that had been a lie, one to conceal the real arrangement. His stomach was in knots and he paced back and forth on the sidewalk along the side of the building that housed the convenience store, diner, and truck driver facilities. He had lied about where he was going and had gotten one of his friends to drive him, not to some warehouse facility in town as he parents believed, but to the truck stop earlier in the day. He told Mark as much as he had to for him not to be suspicious, telling him it was a job with a trucker helping him make some runs for a couple of weeks or so and the pay had been so good, much better than any job he could get in the area he had taken it. He didn't mention that the pay was so good due to the services he was expected to provide, those that scared him and yet, made his cock throb stiffly in his jeans. He also didn't mention how it would be late before the man arrived at the truck stop, so he had hung out inside eating dinner, paced the parking the lot and now that it was drizzling rain, he paced the sidewalk under the canopy as he anxiously waited, all the while wondering if he should call Mark, tell him the job fell through and to come get him, and rescue him from his obsession.

Charles found himself looking at his reflection in the glass, looking at this young man, eighteen years old, a good build from football and baseball, with his reddish brown hair cut short and his attempt to grow a goatee coming in rough. He was six one, and only one other guy in his class had been taller and with his lean build, weighing one eight-five, it had worked well for him playing wide receiver in football and second baseman in baseball. Now he looked at his reflection and wondered if it would be good enough for Jack, the man he was soon to meet.

He paced the sidewalk for another half hour or longer, the number of trucks stopping fewer and fewer, and there were no cars stopping now. The diner had one lone waitress sitting at the counter talking to one truck driver and several trucks sat out back, their engines idling as the drivers grabbed much needed sleep. The exterior lighting at the old truck stop was dim, nothing like the new convenience stores with their bright glaring light and Charles paced from one dark shadow to the next, passing through the lit areas looking up each time he heard a truck approaching.

A rig pulled off the interstate and came toward the truck stop and Charles looked up to see it gearing down as it came to the entrance drive. He couldn't make out the color or type in the dark but it had a sleeper cab and was pulling a long trailer that glowed white in the dim light. It moved around the building and pulled to the main pumps behind the building where it stopped, idling for a moment before shutting down. He watched the driver climb down and put the fuel nozzle into the tank and start the fueling process. The driver was in no hurry, taking his time, checking his truck over, inspecting each tire, moving around the rig carefully until the tank was finally filled. Charles thought this was Jack, the man he was waiting for because the rig was blue with white stripes, like Jack had described, but the man had not acknowledged him as he watched from the sidewalk by the building.

Charles stood in place, unsure what he should do, just watching the man get his truck ready for another long drive and when the driver finally came toward the building Charles saw him angle over toward him, his gait slow and steady. As he approached Charles could see him better with each light he passed under, this dark hair cut short, this broad stocky body, his arms muscular and his jeans tight on his large legs and the crotch bulged till a couple of buttons were showing. He ambled up to Charles and didn't say anything until he was only a few feet away whereupon he looked up at Charles, who was two or three inches taller.

"You Charles?"

"Yes...sir" Charles responded, his nervousness betrayed by his voice.

"Follow me" and he led Charles back to his rig. As they walked Charles felt he should say something, anything and he moved up beside Jack.

"You're Jack, right?"

"Who the fuck else would I be?"

Charles fell back a step or two and wondered if this was a huge mistake. At the truck Jack told Charles to get in. Charles sat in the high seat, and he looked out over the long high hood. Jack turned to him and reiterated their agreement, how Charles was to ride with him, keep the truck clean, and he was to sleep with Jack, give his body to him, do whatever Jack asked, no questions asked, and when he looked over at Charles and wanted to know if he understood Charles had nodded his head.

"Let's hear you say it" Jack responded.

"Yes, sir, I understand."

"Good, now toss your bag in back and after I pull out and park we'll go in and take a shower."

"I really don't need one" Charles replied without thinking.

"I didn't ask if you needed one. I said you are going to take one."

With the truck parked Jack and Charles headed to the building, each with a change of clothes. Inside Jack went to the front a came back a few minutes later nodding his head for Charles to follow. They went into the shower area, the first room lockers. Jack began to strip and when Charles had just stood there he stopped and looked at Charles.

"Boy, don't piss me off; strip."

Charles nodded and began to remove his clothes. As he stripped he watched Jack. Watched the revealing of his body, with the broad muscular shoulders, his chest a mat of dark hair, the thick torso of a man, and he saw the thick muscular arms, much bigger than his own, the forearms covered in hair and the upper arms covered in tattoos. Charles watched Jack pull down his jeans, his thick muscular legs with their fine covering of hair made them so masculine and Charles glanced in the mirror on one wall and saw the difference between them, his body more angular, softer looking, his skin like a child's, unblemished and unmarked. When Jack lowered his boxers, his fat cock and large long hanging balls came into view and Charles found himself staring, frozen in place, watching how the cock flopped back and forth and the balls shifted in their sac and swung between Jack's legs. He pushed his own boxers down, embarrassed at how his own cock came into view half hard, thickening up, rising up off his balls, showing how aroused Jack made him feel.

Their clothes in a locker Charles followed Jack into the open communal shower, Charles thankful no one else was in there to see him enter with his cock rising up. Jack started up a shower and Charles moved toward the opposite wall.

"Where are you going?" Jack asked and Charles instantly understood; this submission to this man. Charles went to the adjacent shower and turned it on. They lathered their bodies and Charles began to relax a little, thought he was anxious for no reason when he sensed Jack move close to him then felt a hand touch him on the ass. Charles jerked around and knew it was the wrong thing to do.

"I'm just caught me by surprise" he apologized and he moved back close to Jack, giving himself over to him. Jack ran his hand down Charles' back, pushing the suds downward and his hand moved over Charles' ass, squeezed a cheek and then probed into the crevice touching Charles where he'd never been touched before, a place that scared him, made him tense up, but it also excited him and his cock rose up further giving him away.

"Nice ass. I'm going to enjoy using it" Jack said more to himself than to Charles. Jack pushed a finger against Charles' hole, pushed against its tightness and Charles took a deep breath as he felt the finger sink into him.

"Damn, you're tight. We'll loosen ya up" Jack said, his voice having a menacing tone.

Jack pulled his finger out and put his hand on Charles' shoulder, pushing down. Charles looked at Jack, nervous, unbelieving Jack wanted him to go to his knees now, in this public place but he did it, dropped down on his knees and let Jack move up in front of him, Jack's thick cock in his face. Charles knew what was expected, knew he had to do it if Jack was going to let him go with him and he reached up, his hand quivering and took Jack's cock, felt the soft shaft and spongy head and he held it up as me moved to it. He put his lips to it, then let it slide between them pushing forward taking the cock all the way in his mouth. Jack's hands came to rest on his shoulders as he moved his head the way he had seen Parker and Holden do, back and forth, his hot wet mouth stroking the shaft, it quickly responding, thickening in Charles' mouth, elongated until Charles had trouble taking it all, struggled to push his mouth down, the head pushing into his throat.

"Damn, you must really be virgin" Jack said and laughed as he held Charles' head and pumped his hips a few times, gagging Charles on his cock. He let go and let Charles return to his own pace, let him take what he could, the roughness and knowledge of Charles being a novice making it feel good; this breaking him in.

Charles had never felt so naked, down on his knees sucking Jack's cock, his own hard and sticking straight out, and he held Jack by the thighs and worked his mouth back and forth. He froze for a moment when he heard the door to the locker room open and someone come in. Jack held his head in place telling him to keep sucking. Charles' began working his mouth on Jack's cock again, moving his whole head back and forth along Jack's cock, it now fully erect with its shaft thick and vein covered, so thick Charles struggled to take it. Someone came in and Charles' sensed them standing at the door for a moment watching.

"Goddamn" the stranger muttered and he went to a shower directly opposite of Jack and Charles. Charles felt the stranger's eyes on him, watching him suck Jack's cock, struggle to take all of it and something came over him, the way he was on display, submitting to Jack and he pulled off Jack's cock, held it tightly in his fist and he licked the head, sensuously running his tongue over the head, pushing the tip of it into the gapping slit and he tasted it, for the first time, a man's pre-cum and he liked the taste, savored it on his tongue and he sucked just the head into his mouth, suctioning the pre-cum out of the slit and Jack pushed against him and moaned for the first time. Jack began to pump his cock through Charles' fist and into his mouth, frantically trying to shove all of it into his mouth, faster and faster he pumped and Charles felt the shaft flex in his mouth, the shaft and head swell up larger and Jack grabbed him by the hair, pulled his cock out of his mouth and with his other hand he stroked the thick slick shaft hard, one, two, three times and he came, grunting loudly, it echoing off the tile walls, as he shot his cum into Charles' face, wad after wad hitting him across the nose and cheeks, over his lips and finally down over his chest.

"Jesus" the stranger whispered as he watched.

Jack and Charles left the truck stop after finishing their shower, getting into clean clothes and grabbing something to eat. Charles was left hard, unsatisfied, and it made his horniness worse than ever before for he knew Jack wouldn't let him get off till he was ready to let him. They climbed up in the truck and soon were on their way. Charles felt excited, anxious, a little fearful, leaving on this journey.

"I need to get a little further down the road tonight and then we can stop. There's a rest stop I know about a hundred miles away which we'll stop at for the night" Jack said as he turned the rig onto the ramp to get on the interstate. He shifted the gears, slowly getting his speed built up and soon eased out on the interstate and continued to accelerate until he was at speed. They rode in silence for a while, then Jack looked over at Charles, seeing him sitting straight up, his body language showing he was still nervous and he smiled at how Charles was pushing his own boundaries, putting himself into a new situation he didn't fully understand, but he knew how to break him down, ultimately putting him at ease.

"Boy, I want you out of those clothes. Take them off and fold each garment neatly and put it in the back. I want you naked; understand?"

"Yes...sir" Charles replied as he leaned forward and pulled his t-shirt over his head and folded it. He lifted his hips up and pushed his jeans down and after getting them folded he lifted his hips again and pushed his boxers down, his half hard cock popping into view and Jack smiled at the way Charles' cock gave away how excited he really was in his submission to him.

Charles sat in his seat, rigid as he was before, his nakedness making him feel horny and his cock rose up hard. He glanced over at Jack wondering what he was suppose to do now and he saw Jack's smile in the dim light of the dashboard gauges. Then he moved around in his seat, moved his left leg over as much as he could in the truck spreading his legs wide apart, completely exposing his cock and balls to Jack, revealing his body as much as he could in his seat and he tentatively reached down and stroked his cock once, pre-cum beaded up in the slit and trickled down the head. Was this what Jack wanted he wondered as he held his cock up.

Jack glanced over several times looking at Charles' naked body, the smooth skin revealing his youth, the skin tight on this frame and his cock so hard and already leaking. Jack turned on an interior light letting him see Charles clearly. Charles knew he was too high up for passing motorist to see him but he knew other truckers could see him, see his naked body completely and like in the shower he felt exposed like never before.

"Damn your horny" and Jack laughed, then he got a serious look on his face and he looked over at Charles. "Go ahead and jack off for me, you horny bastard."

Charles took his cock and stroked it slowly, his hand moving all the way up and then down to the base of his shaft, and it felt so good. He knew Jack wanted a show, wanted him to take his time, they had over an hour's drive ahead of them, and he moved his hand over his cock, moved the other one over his chest and stomach, the feel sensuous, even if it was his own hand, and he slide down in the seat slightly, leaned back against the door, spread his legs more as he stroked his cock for Jack. Moans escaped his throat as he watched how Jack kept looking at him, watching him jack his cock, the shaft getting so wet and slick he had to refrain from pumping his hand faster.

Charles' cock ached it was so hard and he stroked it slowly, keeping himself from getting too close. He watched how Jack responded to him, the way he had to adjust his own cock in his jeans, struggling to keep the truck perfectly straight. He thought of what it had felt like when Jack had fingered his hole back in the shower and he shifted down further putting his right foot on the dash turning his ass upward, open to Jack's eyes and he reached down and ran his free hand over his balls, tugged on them, and then he slid his hand down further, and he ran his fingers over his hole, feeling the tight opening with his finger tips. He rubbed his hole, teased himself for Jack's benefit, letting him watch as he massaged his opening and stroked his cock, enflaming his desire. Another rig passed by slowly on Jack's side and then slowed, coming back in alignment, the driver able to see Charles under the bright interior light, his legs spread open, one hand on his cock and the other massaging his hole and he kept pace with them, glancing over to watch Charles pleasure himself.

"Go ahead and finish yourself off" Jack said as he kept glancing over. Charles ran his hand up to the head of his cock, it wet and slick and he rubbed the head, the sensation of his own touch making him breathe hard, and he penetrated his hole with one finger, pushed it in all the way and quickly began to fuck his hole with it, stroking through the sensitive opening and he stroked his cock harder, the sound of his hand sliding up and down the wet slick shaft competing with his moans. He pulled his finger out and put two against his hole and as he brought his other hand down his cock he breached his opening with the two fingers feeling the tight ring of his hole stretch to accommodate them. He buried the fingers deep in his hole as he looked up at Jack, then over to the other truck with its driver looking over constantly. He appeared to be rubbing his own crotch as he watched Charles.

"Oh fuck" Charles moaned as he fingered his hole and stroked his cock, feeling it swell up in his hand, the head flare up large, the slit open up and cum blasting out. It spattered on his face and ropes of thick white cum landed over his chest as he felt his hole spasm on his fingers he was still working back and forth, shoving them inward as far as he could as he pumped out his load.

Charles fell back exhausted and saw the other truck had pulled away and Jack reaching forward. The interior lights went out leaving Charles dimly lit by the faint glow of the dashboard lights. He put his feet back down in the foot well and looked down feeling his cum drip off his chin and run down his torso. Jack reached over and ran two fingers over his chest scooping up his cum, then he held them under Charles' nose, the smell of his cum feeling his nostrils and he knew what Jack wanted and he leaned forward and took the fingers in his mouth sucking his cum off of them.

Charles sat naked, his cum which had turned runny and ran down his torso was now drying on his skin. They had been on the road for a little over an hour and his cock had not deflated completely the entire time. It took all of his discipline to not touch himself, to keep his hand off his own cock. Jack hadn't said much as he drove down the interstate and Charles found the silence comforting. Soon he saw the sign indicating the rest stop one mile ahead and he felt Jack let up on the accelerator and the rig begin to slow slightly. As they came upon the exit Jack slowed further using his brakes and finally brought the rig onto the exit ramp and pulled it around to the parking for the large rigs. Several were already parked, their engines idling, their interiors dark, some with curtains pulled over the windows.

"We'll hit the restroom and then we can settle in for the night" Jack said as he undid his seat belt and watched Charles pull on just his jeans and then slip his feet in the flip flops he wore. The night air was still warm but a slight breeze made it feel good to his exposed skin. Charles knew going without a shirt shouldn't be a big deal but having cum drying on his torso, his jeans hanging loosely from his waist rubbing his half hard cock, he still felt like he was naked. He followed Jack into the men's room and up to a urinal, his need to go more urgent than he realized. Charles heard the unmistakable sound of someone sucking cock and he glanced over his shoulder and saw someone was on their knees in the middle stall facing the last stall where feet were facing back and he knew from what he had read on the internet it was a glory hole and he wondered what it would be like to sit in a stall all night sucking one anonymous cock after the next.

He followed Jack back to the rig after they finished in the men's room and when they climbed back up Jack began to take off his clothes telling Charles to get out of his jeans and climb into the back. 'So this is it' Charles thought, no longer anxious about what was going to happen, for he had enjoyed the way his fingers had felt, stretching his hole open and then fucking back and forth through the tight ring of his hole and he slipped his jeans down, his half hard cock flopping out. Jack was slipping his own jeans down as Charles climbed into the back on the mattress that filled the space and he lay on his back waiting. Jack moved into the small space, climbed over him and then let his body lay heavy on top of him, Jack's lips coming down on his own, their torsos pressed together and their cocks sliding against each other as they pumped their hips, grinding their crotches together.

"I'm going to fuck that ass" Jack said as he reached under Charles' legs lifting them up, his own body slipping down between them and his cock pushing up against Charles, pressing against his hole with each move of Jack's hips, teasingly Jack's cock pushed against his hole, and Charles knew it would hurt at first, the wide flared head of his cock and the thick shaft that it capped being so much thicker than his own two fingers but he pushed back against Jack's cock, wanted it more than he had anything else before. He arced his back, threw his head back, eyes closed, and begged Jack to fuck him, to put his cock in him and when Jack's cock penetrated his hole, painfully stretched his hole open he cried out and wrapped his arms around the big muscular body on top of him, hugging him tight, pulling him close, urging him on. Jack sank his cock into Charles, slowly, inch by inch, feeling the tight ring milk his cock, stretch to accommodate him, and he kept pushing downward till every inch was buried in Charles and he ground his hips against Charles letting him know he had it all.

As tired as Jack was after a long day on the road, his need gave him renewed energy, a little extra strength, and he folded Charles in half, raised his ass up, spread open allowing him to sink just a little more of his cock into him and he rose up over Charles and began to fuck, hard solid thrusts into the tight hole feeling it slowly loosen around his cock. Charles took Jack's fuck, let his body open to it and he was grunting and moaning as he felt Jack's cock push into him and then pull back leaving his hole feeling empty, ready to be filled again. Jack fucked in long strokes, his hips rising up as much as possible until he felt his need rise up, his desire to fill the boy with his cum and he pumped his hips faster, slamming down into Charles hard making him grunt louder, noisily, and Jack wondered if anyone outside could hear the loud bastard as he hammered his cock into him as hard as he could. Charles took his own cock and stroked it as best he could in the tight space between their bodies as he took Jack's fuck. Jack held Charles by the head and kissed him roughly as men do when fucking ferociously, and he slammed his cock all the way into Charles' hole pumping out his cum, shot after shot, till he was finally spent and cum was pumping back out of Charles and trickling down his ass. When he fell down on Charles, letting his legs slide around his body he felt Charles' cum between them.

Jack gave Charles a paper towel to wipe himself with and then they settled down, Charles wrapped up in Jack's arms, their bodies spooned together.

It was six weeks later when Charles finally returned to that old truck stop off the interstate near Greenville and he stood on the sidewalk as he watched Jack pull away, the large rig pumping smoke from the vertical exhaust as it pulled out onto the highway heading to the entrance ramp for the interstate. Charles felt Jack's cum run out of hole having taken one more fuck before saying goodbye. They had traveled from Texas to Baltimore, stopped in seedy rest stops where Jack let other drivers watch him use Charles, making him suck his cock, then bend over and take his thick cock in his hole and Charles got to where he took it easily, Jack's fuck. They fucked mostly in the rig, Charles on his back, on his knees or sitting in Jack's lap, Jack's thick cock buried in his hole. They occasionally stayed in a hotel and Jack had used Charles even harder, tied him up sometimes, fucked him at will, once four times in one night. Jack bought Charles things for their sex play. A couple of collars, wrist and ankle cuffs, even a harness which he had worn in Dallas one night so Jack could hold him in place as he fucked him on a pool table to the delight of the men who watched. Charles knew coming back he was different, more confident, and he knew he looked different too.

Charles had called Mark to come get him and it was only a few minutes before he saw Mark's truck pull into the parking lot. He wondered what Mark saw now, this new Charles, whose goatee had finally come in full, the tank top he was wearing showing off the tattoo he had gotten down in New Orleans, and he wondered if Mark could see the bars through his nipples pressing against the front of his tank top. Mark pulled up and got out to help Charles with the two bags he had instead of the one he left with and when he picked it up he heard the sound of metal, like chain rattling around, and he found the bag surprisingly heavy.

"Hey man, glad to see you're back, but what the fuck is in this bag?" Mark asked.

Charles smiled, knowing the answer would shock Mark. "Just some shit I picked up during our runs. It is good to see you man. How are things here in this shit hole?" he asked, his voice sarcastic with his last reference.

"Same old, same old" Mark replied.

On the ride back toward Greenville, then through town as they headed back to their community they talked about what had happened since Charles had left, Charles telling a very edited version of the events he experienced. Charles kept looking over at Mark, looking at how he was filling out finally, his thin arms getting some muscle to them, and he looked at how Mark's t-shirt hung so loosely around his torso and he knew Mark was lean, his stomach flat, and he wondered, brought up the image of the possibilities and he smiled at Mark who looked back at him wondering what was so funny.

"Nothing...really; I was just thinking we have about a month before we leave for college and we have some catching up to do."



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