Mark was driving Charles back to his home, someone he had known since kindergarten but as he would glance over to the person sitting beside him he wondered if he really knew Charles. He looked so different than he had just last June when he left on this odd job with some trucker. The goatee he was trying to grow when he left was now full, the way it covered his chin and over his mouth and the tattoo on his bicep, something a lot of the other guys had done, but to see it on Charles was strange. He looked good, with his lean muscular body, but there was something else, something in the way he sat, the way he would look over, the devious smile. It was something dangerous; something sexual.

Mark understood sexual, for he was obsessed with sex, went out with as many girls as he could. The feel of their mouths on his cock, or it sinking into their pussies, was something he wanted to feel all the time. He wasn't the tallest guy or the best looking, just average in build and height, but he had that farm boy look he knew so many of the girls liked, with his rough cut hair that stuck out around his cap and his natural dark skin. It was some Native-American ancestry that gave him his skin tone, and he assumed it was why he was so devoid of hair as well. So many of the other guys had some hair on their chest, or a trail from navel down, and some had thick underarm hair and thick pubic hair, and their arms, and their legs especially, would have hair giving them an older, more mature look. But he had very little. Under his arms it was practically bare and his crotch had very little, a small fan of pubic hair over his cock. It had made him feel less mature back in school when he had to change in P.E. but when he realized his cock was as big, or bigger, than most of the other boys then things were different. He had started dating at thirteen, lost his virginity at fourteen and ever since dated one of the local girls or another until he had by graduation dated all of them he had wanted to, and he even hooked up with a couple he hadn't dated.

He loved, too strong a word he knew, the girls that would were the wildest, that did not hesitate to suck his cock and swallow his load and he would kiss them afterward, tongue buried in their mouths tasting his own load, and the bawdiness of it excited him. He got some of the girls to try different positions, got them to meet him in odd places, even come over and let him do them in his dad's barn, them holding on to a rough old plank of a work bench or a gate while he drilled his cock into them. But what really drove his fantasies, made his cock hard just thinking about it was giving it to a girl from behind, of sticking his unsheathed cock into their ass and feeling the tight ring of their opening milk his cock as he pushed it in. The girls that let him do it got to complaining about how it was all he wanted to do, that it wasn't as enjoyable for them and they stopped meeting him, refused to hook up any more.

He surfed the internet looking at pictures and video clips of girls taking it in the ass and soon he found himself watching guys taking it up the ass and that kept his cock just has hard. When he saw Holden and that new guy Parker together at school, in town hanging out or somewhere in the community, and knowing the rumors about them, he imagined Holden letting Parker fuck him in the ass, or Parker taking Holden's fuck, and instead of feeling gay with these thoughts it just fueled his sexual fantasies.

He knew his physical attractive was to girls but his sexual fantasies crossed all lines, involved either sex, and he had often wondered if a guy would be better at sucking his cock, or taking his cock in their ass. Would they be more aggressive, more physical and if given the chance he wondered, would he do it with a guy?

Charles broke Mark out of his daydreaming of things sexual by asking him if he wanted to let him get cleaned up and then head back into Greenville for something to eat. Mark looked over at Charles and saw how the wind coming in the open window was pushing his tank top tight to his chest, and he saw the short straight lines at his nipples, something cutting through them.

"What the fuck is that?" Mark asked as he reached over and poked Charles in the chest close to his left nipple.

"These? Piercings. Bars pierced through my nipples. You like them?"

Mark laughed at his friend, and shook his head. "Damn, I don't know. Raise your shirt and let me see what they look like."

Charles raised his tank top till his stomach and chest was exposed up to his armpits, his tight lean body, shiny with sweat, on display for Mark's roaming eyes. Mark looked at the metal bars stuck through each nipple and he tentatively reached over and rubbed his finger over the left one.

"Didn't that hurt?"

"Yeah, but in a weird sexual way" Charles replied, knowing the reference to sex would grab Mark's attention.



Mark didn't say anything else, just kept glancing over at them as Charles held his tank top up letting him look. Charles smiled at the thought of how he had Mark's attention, his curiosity pricked and he lowered his tank top slowly, deliberately hiding them from view again before he told Mark the most important thing he would want to know.

"During sex it is such a rush to have them tugged on, taken in someone's teeth or between their fingers and pulled till the pain mixes with..."and he turned to Mark, making sure he was listening, and he was; "... the pleasure."

Mark ran off the road as he looked over at Charles too long, stared at the outline of the piercings through his tank top.

"Are you still seeing Rachel?" Charles asked, changing the subject, or at least the direction their talk of things sexual was taking.

"No, and Debra refuses to go out with me any more too."

"Why?" Charles asked, although he had heard the rumors before he left, how Rachel and Debra had let him do things that embarrassed them and also didn't feel good to them. Charles knew Mark well, knew how he was such a deviant, so sexual, compared to most of the other guys and he realized it was why he had been so close to him as a friend. This friction of sex always under the surface, and it was why it was Mark he got to come pick him up.

Mark smiled slyly at Charles question and then laughed nervously, knowing how the answer would sound, then he looked straight ahead, both hands on the steering wheel and told Charles how both didn't like taking it up the ass, had came to him together and told him not to call them anymore. He was quiet for a moment, eyes still on the road; then he glanced over to Charles.

"It was such a turn on, pushing my cock into those tight little holes...I mean...damn...they just milked the cum out of me. You know what I mean?"

Charles kept his eyes on Mark and he smiled mischievously at what Mark had admitted, then he did it, made it more sexual, as he put his right hand on his chest and slid it downward, slowly, over his chest, over his stomach and over his crotch where he squeezed his cock seductively.

"Yeah, I know what you mean" he replied in a low hoarse voice. Mark's eyes had followed his hand, all the way to his cock and he moved his right hand back to the sill of the open window and let Mark see the bulge in his jeans, a pair he had worn a lot during his time with Jack, it seemed mostly around his knees grinding into a concrete floor, or a gravel lot, a dirty hard tile floor in some rest stop toilet or even on the side of the road. The knees were blown out, the crotch worn so thin he was surprised his hard cock didn't push through, and now, with Mark's eyes on it, his cock pushed upward, bulging his crotch showing his sexual arousal.

"Someone let you do them in the ass?" Mark asked.

"Yeah" and it wasn't a lie, for Jack had let him fuck one guy or another at some of their stops, and he had taken the other guy with a vengeance, Jack's cum leaking out of his own hole as he pounded some guy as hard as he could releasing days of sexual frustration. Thinking of it now made his cock grow harder, flex up and down within his jeans and he did nothing to hide it from Mark's staring eyes.

"Really gets to you to think about it doesn't it?" Mark finally whispered as he turned his eyes back to the road. They rode the remainder of the way to Charles' house without talking. When Mark pulled into the drive Charles saw his parents were gone.

"You want to come in? It'll take only a minute for me to clean up and we can take my car back into town to get something to eat."

"Sure" Mark replied.

Charles went to the kitchen where he knew his mail would be stacked and he thumbed through it, taking his time, watching Mark out of the corner of his eye, wondering how he could swing their talk from girls taking it up the ass to guys doing it. "Come on back to my room" he said as he headed down the hall to his bedroom, the door open and the room all neat and clean, not the way he had left it. He sat his bags down on the floor near the wall and opened up his laptop sitting on his desk. It took a minute for the computer to load up and Mark had moved over to his bed and sat down. When music began to play Charles went to his chest of drawers for clean underwear and a pair of shorts and then to his closet for a shirt, which he laid over his chair. He normally stripped in the bathroom, but not this time, not with Mark watching, and he pulled his tank top off and when he tossed it on the floor he saw Mark looking at his nipples with the bars through them. He undid his jeans, spreading the fly open letting Mark see he didn't have underwear on, had stopped wearing it to make himself more available to Jack. His pubic hair and the base of his shaft were visible and he stretched his arms up and out letting Mark see his body in a teasing way.

"Damn I'm stiff from riding in that rig" Charles said as he lowered his arms and began to slide his jeans down his legs. Mark was lying back on his bed supporting his torso on his elbows watching him.

"You think Holden and Parker fuck each the ass?" Mark asked and Charles was so pleased it was Mark who broached the subject he smiled even though he knew he shouldn't.

"Yes" he answered and offered no more commentary as he pulled one foot then the other out of his jeans and tossed them on top of his tank top. He pulled on his cock straightening it out and he stood for a moment, completely naked, looking down on Mark, seeing him try to slyly adjust his cock.

"Does it bother you to think of Holden taking Parker's cock in his ass?" Charles finally asked after a long silence.

"'s just...well, I wonder if its like fucking a girl...ya know?"

"Would you fuck a guy if he let you? Would you stick your cock into a guy's ass to get to feel what it was like, the tight hole gripping your cock as you ease it into him, and him moaning and quivering beneath you, begging you to do it, to stick him, shove your cock into his hole?" and Charles realized he had gotten too descriptive, sounded too familiar with man sex and he turned and headed to the bathroom without waiting on Mark's reply.

The warm water felt good as he lathered up his body and rinsed the grim away, he washed his ass to remove the cum that had dried on it and he felt his muscles relax under the warm spray cascading down his body. He stood facing the shower, letting it hit him in the face, it reminding him of some of the play he had had with Jack, and he ran his hands over his body, stroked the skin, it feeling so smooth and clean, and he reached down and stroked his half hard cock. He saw movement out of the corner of his eye, a shadow cut across the floor of the bathroom and he saw Mark standing at the door watching him. When he turned to put his back to the shower he knew Mark could see his distorted form, his cock arched outward and he moved slowly around.

"Hey, I need to piss" Mark finally said realizing Charles probably saw him when he turned around.


Charles heard the stream hit the water in the toilet as Mark relieved himself. The toilet was adjacent to the tub and Charles turned the shower off and pulled back the curtain to the side away from Mark giving him a full view of his friend holding his cock, the dark skin shaft, even flaccid, filled his hand. Charles pulled his towel off the hook and dried his body as he watched Mark piss, brazenly looked at him holding his cock. He stepped out of the tub, standing behind Mark, so close he nearly touched him as he dried his hair with the towel. Mark zipped up and flushed the toilet and when he backed up to move to the lavatory he bumped into Charles naked body, his hips brushing against Charles' cock and he looked up at Charles with a nervous expression.

Charles had planned and schemed on how to get Mark to fuck him; wondered if he'd do it and assumed it'd take a week or so of planting the idea and manipulating him, but Jesus, he couldn't believe his luck. His hole still felt loose from Jack hammering away at it a short time ago and now he seemed to have Mark primed, with his mind on the idea of fucking a guy and he was going to push him, boldly, aggressively, and see what would happened.

He followed Mark back to his room, the towel draped over his shoulders, his cock flopping freely as he walked. Mark went back to his bed and with his feet hanging over the side, laid back on his elbows, as he watched Charles dry his hair some more, Charles knowing with his arms up his nakedness was even more evident, his body crowding the room and Mark forced to look at it.

"Yeah, I think I would do it...why's just sex...right" Mark said, his voice growing lower and lower and he spoke. It had been ten minutes since Charles asked if he would do it with a guy but he knew that was the question Mark was answering.

"Would you?" Mark asked, nervously looking at Charles and then looking away, toward his desk, then his chest of drawers, anywhere but at Charles.

Charles knew he was taking a chance as he moved toward the bed and sat down on it only inches away from Mark's legs, his back to Mark. He didn't look around to see how Mark responded to what he was going to say, instead he just looked in front of him, his eyes not focused on anything really, his mind racing with what was happening.

"Yes, I'd do it. In fact, I have done it" he said, his voice firm and confident and when Mark hadn't jumped up and bolted for the door, his legs still lying near him he knew Mark's inhibitions were low and he reached his hand over and touched Mark on the leg, just above the knee, lightly, his fingertips grazing over the fabric of Mark's jeans.

"I never thought I would do something like that, but one time down on the trails near the creek I saw Holden and Parker and they were doing it" and he looked around at Mark who was staring at him wide eyed, not moving, his mouth hanging open slightly. "They sucked each other's dick, and then they took turns fucking each other. Damn, you should have heard them carrying on, the way they moaned and talked nasty to each other, especially Parker, begging Holden to fuck him harder, and Holden was already..." and Charles stopped talking, realizing he was talking too much. He ran his hand upward, his fingers lightly massaging Mark's leg as he went.

"You've done it" Mark asked, his voice quivering as he watched Charles' hand move up his thigh.

"Yeah, while riding in the rig this summer. I couldn't get the image of Holden and Parker fucking out of my mind and I..." and Charles twisted around so he could move his hand further up, and looked into Mark's green eyes, "wanted to know what it was like, ya know?"

Mark just nodded his head and when Charles ran his hand over Mark's crotch, giving it a squeeze, Mark gasp for a breath and pushed up with his hips. Charles felt Mark's cock, it growing erect. He took the flap at the button of Mark's jeans and gave it a quick short jerk popping the button free and he took the zipper and slowly worked it down, revealing the white boxers underneath.

"Is this okay?" Charles whispered.

"Yes" Mark replied, his voice barely a whisper.

Charles slowly stroked his cock with his other hand till it rose up hard between his thighs. He pushed Mark's jeans open and ran his hand over the boxers, pushed his fingers through the fly feeling the sparse hair over Mark's cock, then he touched it, the hard shaft, Mark's cock lying to the side, stretched out as much as possible in his tight jeans.

Charles shifted around and dropped to his knees on the floor pushing his body between Mark's legs. He leaned over and took the open jeans by the waist and when he pulled down he saw Mark raise his hips up helping him get them down. Mark's boxers were tented obscenely, his cock pushing upward and Charles ran his hand over it, wrapped his fingers around the shaft bunching up the boxers as he did so. Mark took a deep breath when Charles gave his cock a squeeze and as Charles took the boxers by the waist Mark lifted up his hips and let him pull them down till his cock flopped back hard against his stomach.

Charles looked at Mark's cock, the shaft looking so long against his lean body, the skin darker and smooth over the form of the shaft. Charles took Mark by the legs and slowly pulled his body toward the edge of the bed till his crotch was right in front of him and he took the cock, raised it upward and looking at Mark, his eyes glazed over, he leaned over and let his lips slide over the head. He moved down, his tongue working around the shaft, till his couldn't take it any further, the head pushing into his throat. He sucked on the shaft, moved his head up and worked his tongue around the head. Mark was quickly leaking and Charles tasted him on his tongue, the odd sweetness of him and he knew Mark wouldn't last long, not his time, and he pulled up and took Mark's jeans and boxers off, working them off each foot and tossing them on the floor. Mark still wore his shirt, hiding the lean smooth torso Charles knew well and Charles decided he could keep it on. With Mark partially dressed and he completely naked, the submissive one, giving himself over it made everything seem right. He held up Mark's cock, stroked it slowly smearing the pre-cum along the shaft until it was slick and Mark began to pump his hips upward.

"Fuck" Mark whispered and Charles knew Mark was ready and he stood up, turned his back to Mark and eased down. When he could reach it he held up Mark's cock, the wet slick shaft hot in his hand and he eased his ass down till the spongy head of Mark's cock touched him. Mark was still, silent, only his hard breathing could be heard and Charles rubbed Mark's cock over his hole, smeared pre-cum over it, teased it, stroked his desires. He felt Mark try to push up, suddenly inpatient, ready to feel his cock sink into Charles, to breach his opening and Charles let his body drop down penetrating his hole. It made him feel alive, the way Mark's cock just slipped through his opening and he let his body move all the way down easily taking the long cock till he was sitting on Mark's hips.

"Oh FUCK" Mark cried out and his hands came to Charles' hips, his fingers digging into the firm flesh as he pushed up against Charles' ass.

Charles pulled upward till Mark's cock almost slipped free and then he dropped down, all the way, burying Mark once again in his hole. He worked up his pace, rising up and falling back down, his hole stroked by Mark's cock as it slide back and forth. The bed began to rock and squeak and Charles moaned loudly when he moved down filling his hole each time with Mark's cock.

Charles slowed and then moved off Mark, his body fatigued with his exertions, earlier with Jack and now with Mark and he moved down on the bed next to Mark on his knees and elbows.

"Come on, man, get behind me...put that cock in my hole...fuck me" Charles begged and Mark moved quickly and soon was pushing his wet slick cock back into Charles, slamming his hips against Charles' ass, the bed rocking even worse.

" feel good" Mark grunted as his pace increased, his hips rocking back and forth shoving his cock into Charles. He held Charles by the waist and swung his hips fast and hard till he felt his body tighten up, his toes literally curling up, and his cock swelling up larger, super sensitive as he bore it into Charles over and over. Mark came noisily, crying out, "Fuck...goddamn...fuck..." guttural uttering as he pushed his exploded cock into Charles filling his hole. He kept fucking, pushing his cock through his warm load till it backed out of Charles hole and trickled down his ass, and he kept fucking, his cock still hard.

"I want to fuck another load into you" Mark grunted as he kept fucking and Charles, down on his knees and elbows, head held down taking each stroke, smiled at how Mark was taking him, how he had dumped one load into his ass and was now using it as lube to fuck another one into him. He pushed back with his ass, took Mark's cock all the way, felt him bore down deeply inside him and he lifted his head up and begged Mark to fuck him harder as he had heard Holden and Parker he had done often with Jack.

Mark's grip on his hips tightened and he thrusts became short hard jabs and Charles knew he was close again and when Mark cried out and thrust his cock all the way in Charles and he held it there dumping his second load. Charles' ass felt wet, the cum running out of it and when Mark pulled out he fell over on his back breathing hard.

"Fuck" was all Mark said as they lay there.

"Fuck is right" Charles said after a moment of silence and he began to laugh and Mark sniggered, and then laughed too.

"Come on, let's shower off real quick and then go get something to eat" Charles said as he held his hand out to help Mark stand up.



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