This is a fictional story containing sex between males. If you aren't interested in this kind of material or are too young to be reading this, then you should stop reading immediately. It is to be read in the privacy of your own home and should not be shown to minors. You should be of legal age in the area in which you live to read this story. Enjoy the story!

Michael boarded his plane and took his seat next to the window. A smile crept onto his face, he couldn't help it. He had managed to do something he never thought possible. He finally had gotten the boy of his dreams; the boy he had longed over for so many years. The events of the last few days replaying over and over in his mind like a movie. He could feel the tingling going on in his pants yet again and as he looked down his suspicions were confirmed. His hard cock was tenting his shorts and a small wet spot had formed. Michael carefully put his hands over his lap to hide the throbbing boner hidden in his shorts. He tilted his seat back and awaited take off.

Matt sat with Melissa on the plane, staring out the window, not actually believing that this could possibly be happening to him. A few short days ago he was living the life of his dreams and now he was at the hands of some perverted maniac. Occasionally he would glance over at Melissa and fake a smile, but inside he wanted to just jump out of the plane and end it all. He could still feel the wetness of Max's underwear under his shorts and the thought made him sick to his stomach. How could this have happened to him? Who could possibly hate him this much? He thinks back over his life trying to figure out if he had wronged someone or anyone who would do this to him. It just doesn't make any sense, he is a good person. He doesn't deserve to be treated like this. All these thoughts flow through his mind as the plane glides through the air. What usually would be short flight seems like hours to Matt as he keeps replaying the events of the weekend over and over in his head. He tilts his seat back and holds Melissa's hand. As much as he tries to relax his mind keeps going and his stomach keeps turning.

Like a freight train it hit him, totally unexpected, totally unprepared. Never in a million years did Michael think he would ever feel like this. So many good things had happened over the last few days, he's never been happier. Guilt washed over him like the tide on a beach. A knot formed in his stomach, his erection disappeared, and he almost felt sick to his stomach. Why feel this way now? Why couldn't he have felt this way before he did all of this? Why is he feeling so guilty about something that felt so good and right? Michael looks out his window of the plane as it takes off and replays the weekend over in his mind. The more he thinks about it the worse he feels. Did he make a mistake? Did he take things too far? Is this the type of person that he really is or wants to be? Oh my god he says to himself, what have I done.

Michael first saw Matt in seventh grade. He had transferred in from another school in another state. But it was obvious rather quickly that Matt fit in right from the start. He quickly made friends and by the end of the school year he had been part of the football, wrestling, and baseball teams. Matt was the blonde hair, blue eyed, boy next door type that Michael had always been attracted too. When he would see Matt in the halls it was difficult to not just stare at him and drool. There were many masturbation fantasies back then involving Matt. It wasn't until Michael's sophomore year in high school that he was fortunate enough to have a class with Matt. Luckily that year it was two classes and one of them happened to be gym class. Every chance Michael got he tried to get glimpses of Matt's body and more importantly his underwear. Matt was a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy so quite often when he was sitting down the waistband of his underwear would show. Much to Michael's surprise he was shocked the first time it happened to find out that Matt was wearing white Hanes briefs. Every time he saw Matt's undies his cock would get hard and start leaking; which sometimes made life in the lockeroom very interesting. But Michael always managed to keep his composure. There were many nights when Michael would lay in bed and jerk off thinking about Matt in nothing but his underwear or Matt doing a slow and sexual strip tease. Throughout sophomore year Hanes seemed to be Matt's underwear of choice and he seemed to vary between white and colored briefs. It wouldn't be until senior year that Michael would get to see Matt's underwear again and by then he had switched to the stereotypical jock choice, boxers. But luckily for Michael he still had those visions of Matt in briefs to keep him happy. Not only did Matt's choice in underwear change, but as time progressed he became even more handsome. Matt was definitely the man of Michael's dreams, but he also knew it would never happen and he had resigned himself to that fact, until now.

Michael was never a popular or well-liked child. He didn't have many friends, despite his efforts to want to make friends. He wasn't athletic or musically gifted. For the most part he was just a chubby average child with a great personality, kind heart, baby blue eyes, and a fantastic smile. But Michael learned at an early age that most people are superficial and don't look at what's inside a person, just how they appear on the outside. Michael grew up as an only child and both of his parents worked full-time. Afternoons and weekends growing up for him were spent either alone or in the care of someone else. He was a B average student who enjoyed being in choir. By the time Michael graduated he had only a handful of friends and not much else to show for his teenage years. It didn't help that Michael had a cousin with same last name who was also in his class named Chad. Chad was the complete opposite of Michael. He was popular, athletic, and good looking. Michael knew deep inside that people always compared the two of them, wondering why Michael wasn't more like Chad. It was a hard act to follow and didn't do much for Michael's self-esteem. He looked forward to college because he figured he could start over with a new reputation and could meet people who were different. College would be the place where he could reinvent himself and get away from the stereotypes. Unfortunately, college turned out to be the same for Michael and his self-esteem did not blossom like he had hoped. Although he graduated from college, he never became the confident, self-assured individual he had always hoped for. After college he had very few significant relationships either in friendship or romance. As he grew older his self-esteem got worse and his cynicism grew. Michael never felt like anyone wanted to be his friend so he took it one step further and figured out that the one sure way to get people to like you is for you to give them stuff. Throughout his college and adult life he tried this theory over and over and it always turned out the same, Michael alone and depressed. It's really no wonder why he pursued Matt the way he did and at what cost.

Matt and Melissa finally arrived back home, but only long enough for Melissa to drop her bags off and then she's back out the door to go pick up the kids from her parents place. Matt takes a look around his beautiful home, thinking how he could lose everything just because of one stupid mistake. He takes the luggage upstairs to the master bedroom and sets it down on the bed. Matt unzips his suitcase and takes his toiletries to the bathroom and comes back and stares at the content. He takes out the dirty clothes and deposits them into the clothes hamper. Clean clothes go back to where they belong. Matt grabs the garbage can out of the bathroom and goes over to the dresser. He opens his top drawer and grabs a handful of boxers and tosses them into the garbage, and then he goes through the clothes hamper and stares at all of his underwear in the garbage. He takes the remaining white briefs and puts them in his top drawer. He finishes unpacking and puts his suitcase away, leaving Melissa's because she likes to unpack herself. Matt takes the garbage can and goes downstairs and empties it into the bottom of the garbage bin, covering his boxers with other various pieces of garbage. He puts the garbage can back and grabs his car keys and heads to the mall. Two stops later he is on his way back home with a bag from Target and Best Buy. After arriving back home he puts his new underwear in his drawer and goes down to his study and sits at his computer. He installs the new webcam and tests it out to make sure it works. He opens his Skype account and finds a new friend request and slowly accepts. Matt sits at his desk, staring at his computer not understanding why he is in this situation or how he is going to get out of it. Even worse, what if Melissa somehow finds out, how would he explain this to her? His eyes become wet and for the first time in a long time, Matt feels scared and helpless.

Michael barely remembers the plane ride home. Before he knows it he's back at his condo sitting on the edge of his bed. What had been such a great and exciting weekend is now just a pit in the bottom of his stomach that is eating away at his conscious. What the hell he thinks to himself, I am a good person, I help people, and I would never do something so mean and hurtful to another person. Wait, maybe I have a multiple personality and that is how this happened. A voice inside Michael's head says "shut up you fool. You and you alone did this and now you have to decide what you are going to do about it. Are you going to fix it or are you going to continue down this deep, dark path?" Michael shakes his head, NO he screams. I've earned this, I deserve this. Why shouldn't I get something I want, I never get something I want, it's always what everyone else wants and I'm just supposed to be gracious and let it go. Well I'm tired of being the good guy, it's about time I get something I want and what I want is Matt. Michael looks at himself in the mirror for a long time. Was he becoming what he had always feared that people would think about him, some deranged, sadistic pervert with no conscious? Or was he the good guy he had always been struggling with his own demons? It was like a constant argument inside his head. Two lawyers arguing their cases back and forth and both of them are making valid arguments. Or maybe he had an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other both trying to guide him.

Whatever it was it was giving him a headache. He pushes his luggage off the bed and curled up hugging his favorite teddy bear that he had since college. Tears pour down his cheeks, why couldn't he feel the same way normal people did, why couldn't he just have a normal life, for god's sake why couldn't he just be normal? Michael closes his eyes and cuddles his teddy bear tightly trying to figure out what to do. So many scenarios play over and over again in his head about what he could do and how he could do it. This was never something he thought he'd have and now it was in his grasp. How could he possible turn down such an amazing opportunity? But the good part of his personality interjects thoughts of what the costs might be for pursuing this course. Blackmail is illegal, sexual assault is illegal, plus there are the moral implications of what he had done. How would he feel if someone was doing this to him? OMG, poor Matt he says to himself, what have I done to him? Then the evil part of his personality starts in, well if Matt had been nicer to you in school or been friendlier towards you then maybe this wouldn't be happening to him. Maybe he deserves what is happening to him or even better what if he likes it? Then the snowball effect takes over. Well if he likes it then why shouldn't I be with him? Why am I not good enough for him? If I have the opportunity I should take advantage of it right? This battle of good verses bad goes back and forth in Michael's head until he can't take it anymore and finally passes out from exhaustion.

Matt sits in front of his computer all night long, waiting and worrying about what will happen next. But he never gets a message and around 11pm he makes his way upstairs. He checks in on his children and gives them each a kiss goodnight. Inside the master bedroom he gets naked and puts on some pajama pants and a t-shirt and curls up in bed with Melissa. They kiss and converse for a bit and shortly thereafter Melissa is fast asleep. Matt just lies there, thinking and worrying and finally sometime around 2am he finally falls asleep. He sleeps for what only seems like a few minutes before his alarm wakes him. He leans over and kisses Melissa and heads into the bathroom to shower and get ready. After his shower he wipes away the moisture on the mirror and takes a long hard look at the reflection staring back at him. What you going to do Mr. Tough guy he says to himself? He goes back out to the bedroom in just a towel and walks over to his dresser. Melissa is talking to him about something but he isn't really paying attention. He drops the towel and opens the dresser and pulls on a pair of white briefs. Melissa surprised inquires about what happened to his boxers and why he is wearing those. Matt turns towards her and fakes the best smile he can, I just decided it was time for a change. I used to wear them in high school and just thought I'd try them out again. Well, Melissa says smiling; I think you look very sexy and handsome in them. Matt can't help but smile and finishes getting dressed. Maybe this won't be so bad he says to himself. He comes down for breakfast then heads off to work trying his hardest to focus on something else other than his predicament. As hard as he tries throughout the day those thoughts keep sifting into his mind and results in a fairly unproductive day.

Luckily Michael awoke when he did. He opened his eyes slowly and scanned the room trying to remember the events of the previous evening. As he looked at the clock he practically jumped from the bed. It was already 6:30am and he needed to get to work. A quick shower and change of clothes and he was out the door on his way to the office. He barely made it to his desk by 8am and he gave a sigh of relief. Michael checked his calendar for the day and sighed a bit as he realized what a long and exhausting day it was going to be. This turned out to work in his favor as it kept his mind off of Matt and he managed to actually get some work done. Before he realized it the day had ended and he headed for home. Once at home he began to clean up his mess from the night before. Throwing all his dirty clothes in the laundry basket and putting away the clothes that were clean. Good he thought to himself, things look and feel back to normal. But things were far from normal as he soon began to think of Matt. His cock hardened in anticipation of what was to come and his heart ached for the pain he was causing him. He stripped down to his white Hanes briefs and lay down on his bed. Reached inside and began to feel his cock, stroking it and rubbing it as he thought of Matt. Within minutes it was rock hard and wet. With eyes closed he imagined him and Matt together. Spending time alone, going places, going out on dates, sleeping together at night, and most importantly being in love. It was all so wonderful, it was his lifelong dream. The orgasm felt so amazing and it was so intense. It felt like he came gallons and the front of his briefs proved it, soaked and sticky with cum. He had the urge to see Matt, he needed Matt, he wanted Matt, and Matt was his.

Matt came home from work and had dinner with his family like he always does. Afterwards he told Melissa he had some work to do and went to his study. He turned on his computer and sat at his desk just staring at the screen, wondering if tonight would be the night he would have to talk to the man who was ruining his life. Michael got up off his bed and made his way to his computer and turned it on. His heart began to race as he saw that Matt had accepted his friend request and was online. Michael quickly messaged Matt and types, hey there, glad to see you made it online. Matt types back, well it's not like I had much of a choice. So what do you want? Michael responds back, I don't appreciate you being so rude, it wouldn't kill you to be nice. Who are you Matt types back, why are you doing this to me? Michael responds with you don't need to know right now and because I can. This of course infuriates Matt and he angrily types, fine WHAT DO YOU WAN T? At first Michael is taken aback by his aggressive words, but decides that it's time to set the ground rules. He types back to Matt, I want you to do a strip show for me right here on cam. Matt can't believe what he sees on the screen, are you serious he types back. Dead serious Michael say's back and adds I'm waiting. Matt shocked at first just stares at the screen then slowly gets up and closes the door to his den. He comes back over to the cam and adjusts it so his whole body can be seen. First off is his brown loafers followed by his brown nylon dress socks. Next he undoes his tie and pulls his dress shirt out of his slacks. He pulls the tie off and unbuttons his dress shirt letting them fall to the floor. He unbuckles his belt next and pulls it out of his slacks and drops it on the floor. Matt pulls his t-shirt out from his pants and soon it's added to the pile of clothes on the floor. Hesitantly he unbuttons and unzips his slacks shoving them to the floor and stepping out of them. The white briefs hug his body beautifully; showing his tight, firm ass and the nice bulge in front. Nervously he hooks his fingers in the waistband of his briefs and pushes them down and off. He stands in front of the cam bare ass naked with his dick and balls hanging in the front. He doesn't even try to cover himself up because he knows what will happen. Michael looks at the image standing in front of him on the screen. What a stud this guy is, look at that body, he is absolutely amazing.

Of course by now Michael's cock is rock hard again and tenting his briefs nicely. Michael types to Matt jerk off for me on cam. When Matt see's these words his heart sinks and the once cocky, arrogant jock feels like a little kid with no power or control. He sits back down on his chair and puts his hand on his cock. Matt strokes and rubs it but he knows he isn't going to get hard naturally. His mind goes back to Melissa, how hot she is, and the wild and crazy things they have done together in bed. Slowly but surely his cock begins to respond. With more rubbing and imagination he finally manages to get it fully hard. Matt spits into his hand and begins to rub his cock on the cam. His other hand rubs his pecs and tweaks his nipples as the other hand works his tool. He tries to keep his mind focused on Melissa so that he can maintain his erection. It takes a good 45 minutes of concentration and stroking before he finally releases a load of cum which he shoots up onto his pecs, abs, and pubes. Nice load Michael types, now I'd like to see you eat your cum he says. Matt almost throws up when he reads this, but knows he has little choice. He scoops up some of his cum and puts it in his mouth. The smell isn't bad, but the texture of it in his mouth almost makes him puke. He finally manages to get it down his throat. He looks on the screen to see the words, eat it all. Matt continues to scoop up and swallow multiple finger loads of cum before it is all gone. Michael types on the screen nice job Matt, very hot. Have a good night and we'll talk again soon. Matt stares at the screen as the mysterious visitor signs off. Matt puts his briefs on and heads in to take a long, hot shower before crawling into bed and crying himself to sleep. Michael replays the video of the cam show and jacks off again watching Matt on cam. Afterwards Michael crawls back into bed in his very dirty and wet briefs and drifts off to sleep, but not before his mind races about what he is doing to Matt, he is truly conflicted.

Several days pass before Michael attempts to contact Matt again. Fear, pity, regret, or uncertainty; it's hard to tell which of these emotions was clouding Michael's judgment. But he honestly felt it was best to give Matt some time to adjust to the new circumstances. He didn't want to push him too hard too fast or everything could fall apart. Then in a moment of clarity it came to him, what Matt needed was a friend not more stress. Michael waited till late Tuesday morning before making the phone call, luckily for him Matt answered the phone with a soft and mellow hello. Hi Matt, its Michael is this a bad time? Oh hey Michael, nah this isn't a bad time. How are you doing? I'm doing well responds Michael. I hope it was ok to call you; I wasn't sure what the arrangement would be after our conversation last weekend. I have to admit the whole thing took me by surprise, but it was definitely a nice surprise. Well Michael to be honest it was quite a surprise to me too, but I'm happy about our arrangement as well. Are you doing ok Matt asks Michael, you sound stressed or upset? No, I'm fine responds Matt I just haven't been sleeping well. Hey if you need a friend I'd be more than happy to listen. Thanks Michael that's really nice of you. Let me ask you a question Michael. Back in high school did you think I was an asshole, I mean did you think that I was the type of guy who thought he was better than everyone else and acted all cocky and arrogant? Please be honest Michael. Well to be honest Matt in all my experiences with the jocks in high school I pretty much thought they were all cocky and arrogant. It's not like any of them were my friends or wanted to be, at least not till now. Matt is silent for a moment and then says, Michael if I was an asshole to you back in high school I am really sorry. This shocks Michael for a moment and after a second he responds with his usual it's no big deal, don't worry about it Matt.

After a few moments of silence Matt finally speaks and says Michael can I confide something in you? Sure Michael responds enthusiastically. Someone is blackmailing me he says softly. Blackmailing you, why would anyone do that to you? I don't know, but someone has got it out for me and they are making me do stuff I wouldn't normally never do. What kind of stuff Michael asks? Another brief silence and then Matt says having sex with other guys and doing gay stuff. Wow says Michael with a sigh that is some really heavy stuff. Yeah I know say's Matt and I have no clue what I am going to do. I can't figure out who I hurt or made mad enough that they would want to do this to me. Well do you have any idea who might be doing this to you? I wish I did, and then I could do something to fix the situation. I'm really afraid Michael. I could lose everything, my marriage, kids, career, and my life. I just don't understand why someone would want to make me into something I'm not. I guess there are just some sick and twisted people out there. There is a long pause in the conversation, Michael are you still there asks Matt? Yeah I'm still here, just not sure what to say. Sorry I shouldn't be laying this all out on you, but I had to talk to someone. Another moment passes and Michael finally speaks. So you aren't really into guys are you? This thing between us is because of this person who's messing with you? All those things you said to me you said not because you meant them but because you had to say them. Michael I'm really sorry. I'm not gay, I'm happily married and I love my wife and kids. I have nothing against guys but it's just not something I'm into. Yes you are right; I set this whole thing up with you because I was told too. But to be honest Michael I'm glad that I've gotten to know you and that we've had a chance to become friends. You really mean that Michael says? Of course I do and I hope we can continue to get to know each other. If you have any advice that you can give me about how to handle this situation I would greatly appreciate it. Sure Matt if I come up with any ideas I'll be sure to let you know and thanks for what you said it really meant a lot to me. No problem Michael, you might be the best thing to come out of this situation. Well I should let you go Michael says, I just wanted to call and say hi. I'm glad you called Matt says, it is good to hear a friendly voice. It was great talking to you too Matt. Take care and have a great day, same to you says Matt. Matt hangs up his phone actually feeling a bit better getting that off of his chest. Michael puts his phone down and lies on his bed holding his teddy bear. Sure it was great to speak with Matt and be all friend like, but what he's doing is really hurting Matt and in a way it is also hurting Michael, especially in his heart.

Michael was in a state of conflict. Trying to decide between what was right and wrong. Even though it would seem so totally obvious to other people this was war between his mind and his heart and both were equally as strong. Michael took the rest of the week off, using 4 sick days to cover his absence. He had so much on his mind already that it would have been impossible for him to focus on work. For three whole days he did nothing but lay in bed contemplating all the possibilities on what he could do. It was agonizing for him; he had never felt so conflicted in his entire life. Neither his brain nor his heart seemed to be in the mood for compromise and the result was the agony Michael was feeling. Several times he tried to go online to speak with Matt, but as he would sit and look at the screen he would just get sick to his stomach and run to the bathroom to throw up. By Thursday night he couldn't take it anymore, he had to do something. It didn't matter if it was right or wrong, but something had to give. He decided bottom line was that he needed to talk to Matt in person, look him in the eyes and talk to him face to face. He wasn't for sure if it would be as Michael or the mystery man. Michael grabbed his laptop and found himself a roundtrip flight to California leaving early Friday morning. He took a long hot shower and did his best to try to make himself look presentable and put together. Michael grabbed his overnight bag and threw a few items inside including the video and pictures of Matt and his laptop. He took a few Ambien and went to sleep feeling a bit better that he at least was going to do something useful.

Michael's alarm went off at 4am the following morning and he quickly got himself ready, grabbed his stuff, and headed off to the airport. His mind was racing and his heart was beating so fast that he thought he was going to have a heart attack. The whole trip seem liked a blur, but before he knew it he was standing in LAX airport. This was Michael's first trip to California and he had to be honest that it is a lot to take in at once. It is very beautiful, modern, and extremely busy. He made his way outside and hailed a taxi. The driver asked where to and Michael said he was new to the city and needed to find a nice hotel to stay at. Without hesitation the driver said he knew the perfect place and off they went. Michael was used to long commutes, but this one was something else. From the time they left LAX and the time they arrived at the hotel it was an hour and fifteen minutes. Michael paid the driver and kindly thanked him and exited the cab. The hotel look impressive from the outside and once Michael got inside he was even more impressed. He got a single room for two nights and went up to his room. It was a very nice room with all the amenities that one would expect from a nice hotel. Michael sat his bag down and dug out his laptop. He checked some emails and watched the video of Matt again. He still felt so torn about what he should do, but the one thing he did know was that he wanted Matt in his life one way or another. He had to find a way to keep Matt in his life.

Michael sat on his bed and stared at his phone for what seemed like hours, trying to decide whether or not he should call Matt. He had come all this way; it would be silly not to see him while he was in town. Pushing the buttons on his phone he pulls up Matt's number and hits the call button. He holds the phone up to his ear and listens to it ring. Finally that magical voice appears on the other end. This is Matt his sexy voice says. Hey Matt, it's Michael, is this a bad time? Oh hey Michael how are you doing? No, this isn't a bad time at all. I'm doing well Michael says unsure of how to proceed next. Listen Matt, I have something to tell you. Everything ok Matt says seeming concerned? Yeah everything is fine I just wanted to let you know that I was in town for business and thought maybe we could see each other. Really, you're here in Los Angeles? Yea, I just got in this afternoon, sorry for the short notice. How long are you in town for Matt inquires? Just for the weekend and then it's back home Michael explains. Would you have time to meet up sometime this weekend Michael asks nervously fearing rejection? After a short pause Matt responds with sure I could meet up tonight after work. We could grab some dinner and drinks. That would be great Michael says enthusiastically, a big smile on his face. Where are you staying at Matt asks? I'm at the Marriott in downtown. Ok, I know where that is. How about I pick you up around 6pm and we can hang out for a bit. Sure, sounds like a great plan. Alright Matt I'll see you at 6pm and I'll be waiting downstairs for you. Sounds good Michael, talk to you soon Matt says hanging up. Well that was unexpected Matt thinks to himself, but maybe he should give Michael a chance. God knows he never used to give him the time of day in high school. Who knows maybe it will be fun. He makes a quick call to Melissa and explains his plans for the night. Michael lies back on the bed gleaming from ear to ear. I'm going out with Matt tonight he thinks to himself, just like a date. He goes over to his bag and pulls out something wear and takes a shower. He gets himself all ready and heads down to the bar and waits for 6pm to roll around. After a few drinks he glances at his watch and figures it's time to move outside and wait for Matt.

Right at 6pm a black Acura pulls up in front of the hotel and Michael notices Matt is driving. He opens the door and gets in buckling his seatbelt. They exchange the normal pleasantries and Matt pulls out heading into the city. They talk to each other about life and work. Matt pulls into the parking lot of a nice steak restaurant and says hope you like steak. It's one of my favorites says Michael holding the door open for Matt. They sit in a booth not far from the bar face to face in the dim lighting. A waitress stops by the table and takes their drink order as they look over the menu. Matt makes a recommendation for a good steak and Michael says that sounds good to him. They place their order with the waitress and sip on their drinks. Michael can't believe how well this seems to be going. They are talking about their lives after high school, college, work, romances, even sports. From what Michael can tell it looks like even Matt is having a good time. They reminisced about high school and different people that they knew. The conversation never gets boring and both of them seem to have a lot to say to each other. The steaks are absolutely delicious and both of them are full. Matt suggests that they head over to a bar he knows that is a few blocks way. Sounds like a good idea Michael says and as the waitress brings the check to the table Matt grabs it before Michael even has a chance. You don't have to do that Michael says. It's fine Michael, consider this my treat. Well thank you that is very nice of you but drinks at the bar will be on me then. Matt smiles and says sounds good to me. Matt takes care of the bill and they decide to walk the few blocks to the bar. They grab two stools up at the bar and place their order. Michael gives the bartender his credit card and says to start a tab for the night. Michael and Matt spend the night talking about everything and anything they can think of. Michael has never had a better time in his entire life and is convinced more than ever what a great guy Matt is. Even Matt admits to himself that spending time with Michael has been pretty cool and that he seems to be a really awesome guy. Before they know it the bartender is yelling out for last call. Shit Matt says looking at his watch time totally got away from me. Michael speaks up well you are in no condition to drive home. Why don't we take a taxi and you come get your car tomorrow. Good idea Matt says and he pulls out his cell phone and makes a call to Melissa to let her know he's on his way home. While Matt is on the phone Michael takes care of the bill and asks the bartender to call them a taxi which he does without hesitation after the nice tip Michael leaves him. The two of them head outside and wait for the cab. I've had a really good time tonight Michael says looking at Matt. Me too says Matt; it was great getting to know you. I honestly wish I had gotten to know you in high school. This puts a huge smile on Michaels face as they pile into the cab. Michael gives him the name of the hotel and they head back out from the city. The entire way back they continue to talk about this and that. As the cab pulls up to the hotel Michael pays for his portion of the ride and Matt gives him his address. Well Matt thanks for a great night. Maybe we can see each other again before I leave to go back home. I'd like that Matt says with a big smile. Tonight was really awesome, I'm glad you came Michael. Me too Michael smiles and he quickly leans in and gives Matt a brief kiss on the lips. Matt totally surprised and embarrassed gives a quick kiss back and says I better get home. Michael slips out of the cab and waves to Matt as he takes off.

Michael makes his way up to his room and strips down to his white Hanes briefs and crawls into bed. He replays the entire night over in his head and thinks about how amazing and wonderful it was to spend time alone with Matt. It was just like they had been lifelong friends, it felt so right and Michael didn't want that feeling to go away. Then of course there was the kiss. Matt didn't even fight it and he even somewhat kissed back. Maybe there was a chance; maybe this could work out after all. Michael's hand slid down and his body and found his hard cock. He reached inside and started to rub it thinking back at how passionate and magical the kiss between them had been. He closed his eyes and imagined that he and Matt were together right now kissing one another slowly and passionately as he worked his cock. As usual it did not take long for Michael to blow a load in his briefs soaking them. Before he could even pull his hand out of his briefs he drifted into a blissful and peaceful sleep completely content with himself and his situation. Matt sat silently in the cab as it took him home. Why did he kiss Michael back? He isn't even attracted to guys. Maybe it was the alcohol. All he could think about was getting home and seeing Melissa. He quickly paid the cab driver and went into the house. He checked on the kids and kissed each of them before going into his room and slipping off his clothes. Matt climbed into bed completely naked and very aroused. He snuggled up next to Melissa and kissed her neck in just that right spot. Melissa awoke and turned towards her handsome husband. Did you have a good time she asked? Yea we had a good time, but now I want to focus on us. Oh really she says with a smile. Yes really Matt smiles and leans into his wife. The passion and intensity in the room is at the highest level it has been in years. They have not made love like this in years and both of them are ready for it. Several hours later the couple lay snuggled together in their bed just as much in love as they had been the day they got married.

Unfortunately for Matt and Melissa they did not get to sleep in as late as they had wanted and were awakened by their children fairly early Saturday morning. But neither of them cared. They were in love, happy, and had the best life possible. Matt looked at his family and remembered how good his life was and how much he loved his family. He vowed to himself that he would not let anything or anyone ruin the life he loved so much. Finally around noon Michael awoke from the coma he had been in. He sat up in bed and rubbed his head as the memories of the night before rushed back into his mind. He couldn't help but smile as he recollected about the amazing night him and Matt had shared. It had been what he always wanted. A real friend who didn't care about how he looked, what he did, or what his sexuality was. He was someone who liked him for just being him. That's exactly how Matt had treated him last night and he's never been happier. Michael grabbed a quick shower and went down to the hotel restaurant for lunch. Afterwards he headed into the bar and sat down and ordered a beer. He needed to make a decision. He wanted Matt in his life. But the big question was did he want him to be in his life as a friend or someone who was forced to love him? He thinks back again to last night and how natural everything seemed. Nobody was forcing anyone to do anything. It was just two classmates spending time together being friends. Sure he could make Matt do all the things that he wanted, but it would never be because Matt wanted too. Last night proved to Michael that there was another option in which Matt could be part of his life, an option that didn't involve hurting Matt.

Michael stopped at the front desk and asked for a manila envelope and headed back up to his room. He sat down at the desk and took out a plain piece of paper from his bag and grabbed a pen. I have to do this he says, it's what's right. Michael begins to draft the letter............

Dear Matt,

Words cannot begin to mend the hurt that I have caused you. I realize now how wrong I was to do this to you. I let my hurt feelings blur my line of right and wrong and you paid the price. For what it is worth I am sorry for what I've done to you. I know that words don't really fix things, but hopefully action will. Enclosed you will find the DVD and pictures of your sexual activities during your class reunion. This is the only copy and there is no additional information on what happened. This is the last time you will hear from me. Again I am sorry for what I've done and put you through. I hope you have a great life and find all the happiness that you deserve. Take care and best of luck.



Michael reviews the letter to make sure it says everything that he wants it to. Then he folds it up and puts it in the envelope along with the DVD and pictures. He seals the envelope and writes Matt's name on the front. Michael takes a deep breath and heads back downstairs and hails a taxi. He gives the driver Matt's address and they take off. About forty-five minutes later the cab stops in front of a beautiful home in the suburbs. Michael can tell by the neighborhood and the house that Matt has definitely done well for himself. He walks over to the brick enclosed mail box and puts the envelope inside, smiles briefly, and gets back into the cab heading back to the hotel. He feels relieved but at the same time nervous that he may have given up his chance to have Matt the way he wanted or was it the way he needed him?

During a commercial break of the Dodger's game Matt goes out to get the mail. He opens the mailbox and pulls out the contents. He gets down to the manila envelope and his heart sinks. Oh god now what he thinks? He stands in his driveway and opens the package. He pulls out the note and begins to read it. He does a double take and reads it again to make sure he's getting it right. He looks inside the envelope and pulls out the DVD and the pictures. Could this really be over, am I really a free man? Matt goes back inside the house and up to his study. He runs all the pictures through his shredder several times, than he takes the DVD and runs that through the shredder as well. Finally, he reads the note again and with a smile on his face he sends that through the shredder. He wipes his hands as if he's just gotten rid of something dirty and finally he smiles. Never again will he take his life or his family for granted. He's been given another chance and this time he is not going to waste it. Matt goes back downstairs and into the kitchen. He gives Melissa a loving kiss and says that tonight they are all going out for dinner as a family. She smiles at him and asks what's gotten into him, he just looks back at her and smiles and says I'm just a lucky guy and I want to show everyone how lucky I am. With that being said he goes back into the family and rejoins his son's watching the Dodger's game.

Sunday morning Michael awakens to a pounding on his door. He quick glances at the clock thinking he had overslept and missed checkout. But the time on the clock reveals it's only 7:30am. He goes to the door and looks out the peephole and is shocked to find that it is Matt. He opens the door wearing only his white briefs. Sorry Michael did I wake you? No, it's fine, what can I do for you? Can we talk for a few minutes he says quietly? Sure Michael says holding open the door and letting Matt in. Michael grabs some shorts and shirt off the floor and quickly slides them on. So what's on your mind Matt? Matt sits down and looks into Michael's eyes. I want to be honest with you Michael. I'm not gay, I never have been and I don't think I ever will be. I have nothing against gay people and have no problem being friends with them. I know I said we should be secret boyfriends and have this whirl wind romance. But I need to be honest with myself and you. I love my wife and my family and I can't do anything that would hurt them. I also don't want to hurt you. You deserve someone who will love you 24/7 and who doesn't have any other commitments that will get in the way. I'm not going to say that what we did was wrong or that I regret it, but it just isn't fair to you and I really feel like you deserve to be happy. I'm sure this is going to hurt you and I'm sorry for that, but I really hope you can try to understand. What I'd really like is to leave here today knowing that I've made a friend for life, a friend that I can include in my life. So what do you think Michael? At first Michael is shocked and upset about what Matt is saying to him. Then he realizes how Matt could of told him the entire truth and spared himself but he didn't. He explained things in a way that took Michael's feelings into account. This gorgeous man that he's lusted after for so many years wants to be friends with him, wants him to be a part of his life. Michael smiles at Matt and says I'd like that very much. Matt smiles back and comes over to Michael and gives him a giant hug. The two men embrace in a manly hug and pat each other on the back. I'm really glad you came out here Michael; it was great getting to know you better and hanging out. I hope that we can do it again sometime. That would be awesome says Michael with a huge smile on his face. Matt pulls out a card and hands it to Michael. Here this has all my contact information on it. Feel free to call or email me anytime you want. We can even Skype if you are into that. I'd like to make sure we stay in touch. Michael goes over to his bag and pulls out one of his cards and hands it to Matt. Matt takes it and smiles. Well I should be getting back home for Sunday breakfast with the family. Michael walks Matt back to the door and opens it for him. They embrace again for a hug and Matt whispers into Michael's ear, you are an amazingly awesome guy and you will find someone who truly deserves you and loves you. He looks Michael in the eyes and leans in slowly and gives Michael a slow sensual kiss on the lips and says have a safe trip back home and thanks for coming out. Michael just smiles and waves goodbye to Matt as he walks back down the hall.

Michael closes his door and leans up against it. His heart and mind finally in unison. He is happy with his life and himself for the first time in a very long time. The arguing in his head has stopped and he is proud to say that he now has a true best friend. The kind of best friend he has always wanted. A warm feeling runs through his entire body as he relishes the fact that now it will be The Night Matt and Michael Will Never Forget.

The End

Author's Note: Just a reminder to everyone that this is a work of fiction and that none of the characters in this story are real. They are all figments of my imagination. It is important to remember the difference between fantasy and real life. In real life it is not ok to blackmail people or force them to do things they don't want to do. I do not condone this type of behavior even though I used it in my story. If you find yourself having feelings like this the best advice I can give you is to not do it and seek professional help. I hope you've enjoyed the story and the series. Thanks for reading!




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