This is a fictional story containing sex between 2 males. If you aren't interested in this kind of material or are too young to be reading this, then you should stop reading immediately. It is to be read in the privacy of your own home and should not be shown to minors. You should be of legal age in the area in which you live to read this story. Enjoy the story!

Matt felt so self conscious in these pants. He felt like everyone at the party was watching him and knew that he was wearing those stupid white briefs. Melissa was busy talking with her friends and having fun at the party. A few of Matt's old friends came up and talked to him. Matt just couldn't concentrate on the party and having fun. All he could think about was what had happened to him over the last few days. The more he thought about it, the more upset he became. Not being able to take it anymore, Matt left the party and went outside to the patio. He laid his head in his hands and just began to sob. He couldn't believe what he had been made to do and how fucked up he had gotten. He had sex with another guy, he let himself be treated like some little bitch boy. This was not him. He is stronger then this. How can he get himself out of this situation? This was the burning question that has been plaguing him for the last 2 days. He needs to find a way out of this situation. All these questions were burning inside his mind. The more he thought about it the more upset it made him. Now he felt as though hi entire life was falling part. He sobbed into his own hands for a long while until he heard motion and voices behind him. He wiped his tears away and regained his composure. As he turned around he recognized people from the party. Soon he heard a familiar voice and recognized his old friend Max from high school. Max strolled over to Matt and sat down at the table with him.

Matt and Max were soon laughing hysterically as they reminisced about high school and all the great times they had. Soon Matt had forgotten what he was so upset about and was having a great time talking with his old friend. The two old friends spent a good hour talking outside on the patio and then Max convinced Matt to come back to the party. As they walked back into the party Max told Matt about a poker game that was going on later and that he was invited to come. Matt quickly said yes. Max filled Matt in on all the details as they reached the bar. Matt ordered himself a beer as Melissa came up to him and asked where he had been. He told her that he had been outside; he just needed some fresh air. He passionately kissed her on the lips and told her how much he loved her. Her eyes lit up and she expressed her love to him as well. Matt explained to her about the poker game and told her he'd like to go. She kissed him again and told him to have a great time and that she would see him later at the room. Max made gagging noises as he watched the couple and then Matt suddenly punched his arm. Matt and Melissa kissed one more time and then she heads off to her friends.

Max and Matt sit at the bar drinking beer and continue talking about their lives, accomplishments, and of course all of the old high school memories. A few more old classmates appear at the bar and join Matt and Max. After everyone assembles at the bar the group heads upstairs to play some poker. As Matt leaves the bar Michael watches him walk out with his cute ass swinging back fourth in those tight white briefs and white pants. This sight alone would make any gay man hard as a rock and drooling. Of course Max was no slouch himself. He used to be a wrestler in high school. He is about 5'8, 135 pounds, sandy brown hair, and blue eyes. Even all these years later you can tell through his clothes that he has a tight, firm ass and a very athletic body. Of course nobody could beat Matt in the looks department, but Max was definitely someone worth checking out.

Michael couldn't help but stare at Matt as he left the bar. Matt was totally unaware of just how hot he was. The tight briefs and white pants only added to his hotness and Michael congratulated himself on coming up with that idea. Michael sat at his table with his drink and went over in his head what he should do with Matt next. Seeing Matt with Max did give him some ideas though. What a great way to break Matt even more. Have him mess around with one of his friends from high school. That would most definitely be a hot scene. This could be the one thing that finally breaks Matt. Michael didn't want Matt to totally break down, but instead to just know that he had to do what he was told, and that he was trapped in this situation. Michael was so satisfied that he had his high school crush right where he wanted him and that he could do anything with Matt that he wanted. Michael knew that he and Matt would never live together as a family or anything like that. What Michael did know was that he could have Matt anytime and anyway that he wanted. This was Michael's #1 fantasy and it was totally coming true and Michael couldn't have been more pleased. Michael continued to think of what his next step with Matt would be. Michael spent the rest of the night thinking finalizing his next plan for Matt. Michael retired early to his room and quickly stripped down to his white Hanes briefs.

Michael lay on his bed and turned on the DVD player. He had created a DVD of all the hot scenes that he had with Matt so far. So now he had his own personal porno of Matt. Michael gets comfy on the bed and presses the play button. His dick quickly hardens inside his briefs as he watches the hot scenes of Matt before his eyes. Michael rubs his dick thru his briefs as he watches Matt on the DVD. Soon there is a wet spot on his briefs and he slips his hand inside his briefs and begins to jerk himself nice and slow as he watches Matt perform. Soon Michael is stroking his cock fast and furious inside his briefs while Matt does unspeakable things on the screen. As always, it does not take long for Michael to blow his load. Soon he is breathing heavy and moaning as he starts to shoot inside his briefs. Michael's white Hanes briefs are now flooded with his cum. He hasn't shot a load that big in a long time and is feeling really good right now. He lies back down on the bed, gets comfy and continues to watch Matt on the screen. Michael eventually falls asleep in his wet briefs and has sweet dreams of his high school crush.

Matt arrived back at his room around 2 am and finds Melissa already asleep in the bed. He thinks about what a great time he had tonight with his old friends. He had even won a few hands at poker tonight. For the first time during this trip he wasn't worrying about what was happening to him. He quietly changed out his clothes, slipped on some boxers and got into bed with Melissa. He kissed her softly on the cheek and snuggled up next to her as he fell asleep next to the love of his life. He drifted off to sleep and had good dreams.

Michael awoke early on Sunday morning. He was still wearing his crusty white Hanes briefs. His hard dick was tenting them quite a bit. He lay in bed and started to think about Matt while he rubbed his dick thru the crusty cotton. Thoughts of Matt doing all sorts of sexual and degrading things went through his mind driving him closer and closer to an amazing climax. As he reached that special place his breathing quickened and his moaning grew louder as he pumped another huge load into his already dirty Hanes briefs. He strolled into the bathroom and got himself ready for the day. He packed up his bags and got everything ready to go except for what he would need for his time with Matt. He went over to the desk and wrote out Matt's next set of instructions and put the two pills inside (Viagra and E). Michael made his way down to the front desk and left the note there for Matt. Afterwards he went to eat his breakfast and wait for the next step of his plan to happen.

Matt awoke the next morning feeling the best he's felt in a long time. Melissa was still asleep and he kissed her lightly on the cheek and got out of bed. As usual he had a morning hard on that was tenting his boxers. He went to the bathroom and took care of business and hoped into the shower. The warm water was cascading over his entire body. He wet his hair and applied the shampoo. Then he took the soap and lathered up his entire body, including his very hard penis.

The feeling of the soap on his dick made him tingle and he realized how horny he was. He took his hand and began rubbing his soapy dick. Slow at first but then increasing speed until he was stroking his dick faster and faster. His mind was flooding with thoughts of his hot wife and other women he had seen lately. As he brought himself closer to a climax he began to moan softly at first but then louder. Matt is about to blow his load when all of the sudden a vision of him and Michael fucking pops into his mind. He can't control his body anymore and as the visions of Michael and him fucking are in his mind his dick starts to shoot rope after rope of hot, thick, and creamy cum all over the shower walls. The orgasm was so intense that Matt gets weak in the knees and has to balance himself. He was having such a nice jerk off session until that dumb image popped into his head. He finishes his shower and gets out, but he is mad because he realizes that he still has to do what this asshole wants him to do. He brushes his teeth and styles his hair. He grabs his boxers and puts them on along with some shorts and a shirt. He checks on Melissa and she is still sleeping. He decides to head downstairs and see if there are any messages for him. He heads downstairs and goes to the front desk. The attendant politely hands him a sealed envelope. Matt goes over to the chair in the lobby area, sits down, and opens the envelope.

The envelope contains a letter that Matt pulls out and begins to read:

Dear Matthew,

You have been such a good boy in following your directions. I honestly didn't think you'd be able to go through with it, but I'm glad to see that I was wrong. So I bet your wondering what I have in store for you today. I was surprised to see you and Max Benson talking so much last night that it got my brain a going. So here is what I want you to do. Check out for the hotel is at 12:00pm. You have to have everything completed by then, so you better work fast. Enclosed in this envelope you will find 2 pills, 1 white and 1 blue. I want you to go to room 4010, there is a room key enclosed in this envelope. When you are there you will call Max down to that room and tell him you want to talk. Once he arrives you offer him something to drink. Before you give him the drink, you slip the 2 pills into his drink and let them dissolve. Once the drugs have kicked in you will put him on the bed, strip him down to his underwear and jerk him off until he blows in his underwear. Then you will take off his underwear, make out with him, and then fuck him bareback. You will fuck him without a condom and shoot your load inside him. After you are done fucking him you will make out with him more. Before you leave, you slip on him a pair of your white Hanes briefs. Then you may leave. The next thing I want you to do is go to Michael's room to tell him goodbye. While you are there you will tell him how much you liked being with him this weekend and ask him to be your secret boyfriend. Afterwards you will initiate making out with him and then ask him to fuck you bareback. After the 2 of you have your fuck session, you will make out some more, and then you may leave. While you are with Max and Michael I insist you be wearing your white Hanes briefs. When you go to check out today there will be another envelope waiting for you. Make sure you read it and take it with you, it contains future instructions. Have a great day.


Your New Friend

Matt almost started to cry right there in the lobby. What had he gotten himself into? Who was this guy? Why was he doing this stuff to Matt? These were the burning questions going through Matt's mind. Why did he have to involve Max? What was he going to tell Melissa? He has to find a way to fix this and make it end? Maybe after he did this last thing it would be over and then he could forget that it ever happened. He slowly went back upstairs to his room where he found Melissa awake. She asked him what was wrong, he just replied that he had a headache and didn't feel very good. They kissed each other and cuddled. Matt told Melissa that he just wanted some peace and quiet and that he just needed some more sleep. Melissa told him that she was meeting the girls for breakfast and then they were going out on a quick outing. Matt told her to have a good time and that he would be waiting for her here when she got back. She told him she would be back by 11:30 so they could make their 12:00pm checkout. Again they kissed each other and Matt lay on the bed and pretended to rest while Melissa finished getting ready. When she was ready she kissed Matt on the forehead, said goodbye, and headed out the door. Matt quickly jumped to his feet and drops his shorts and boxers. He grabs a pair of Hanes briefs and slips them on and then puts his shorts back on. He grabs the envelope and heads out to room 4010. When he arrives in the room he looks around and everything seems to be normal.

Upon inspection that everything in the room looked normal Matt calls down to the front desk and asks for Max Benson's room. The front desk connects Matt to Max's room and the phone begins to ring. After a few rings Max answers the phone very groggy and says "hello." "Hey Max", Matt says, "Did I wake you?" "No, not really, I was just laying here". "What's up Matt, what can I do for you?" "I was just wondering if you wanted to meet and talk some more before we have to leave today." "Yeah, that sounds great Matt." "Were do you want to meet man?" Matt responds with "why don't you come to my room and we'll just hang out." "Great", says Max, "what room are you in?" "I'm in room 4010." "Alright dude I'll be there in 10", says Max. "See you then", says Matt. Matt hangs up the phone and puts the two pills over by the bar and anxiously waits for Max. While he's waiting he clicks on the TV and watches ESPN. Soon there is a knock at the door and Matt jumps off the bed to answer it. When he opens the door he finds Max still looking half asleep. "Dude you look like hell", says Matt has he looks at Max. "Well good morning to you too", says Max. Matt lets Max into the room and locks the door behind him. Max takes a seat on the sofa. He's dressed in a red t-shirt, black basketball shorts, and flip-flops. Matt sits down in the chair next to the sofa and looks nervously at Max. Matt and Max make small talk for the next few minutes. Finally, Matt asks Max if he would like something to drink. Max says that he'd like some juice if you got any. Matt goes over to the mini bar and looks inside. He finds a bottle of orange juice and pours a glass for Max. Max is busy watching ESPN so he doesn't see Matt drop the two pills inside the juice. He stirs the juice for a bit and watches the pills dissolve. He grabs bottled water for himself and hands the juice to Max. Max takes the glass of juice and quickly drains it claiming how thirty he is. Matt nervously keeps drinking his water and watching Max. The two guys keeping making small talk and after awhile Matt notices that Max is starting to slur his words and that his eyes are getting heavy. Pretending not to notice, Matt keeps talking to Max and soon Matt is getting no response from Max. Matt goes over to Max and shakes him to see if he is awake, but gets no response. Max just slumps over onto the edge of the sofa. Matt also notices that Max has a boner in his shorts that is causing them to tent severely.

Matt puts his arm around Max and helps him up to his feet and gets him over to the bed where he plops him down. He then straightens him out on the bed so he is laying on his back and all stretched out. Max obviously has a boner because it is tenting his shorts pretty bad. Matt nervously comes over to the bed and slips off Max's flip flops onto the floor. He then pulls Max up by his arms and works his t-shirt up and off of his body and then gently lays him back down. Matt then reaches down to the waistband of Max's shorts and unties the draw strings. Once he has them loosened, Matt stands at the end of the bed and pulls Max's shorts down his legs and off of his body, adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor. Matt looks at Max's body and thinks to himself that Max has done a pretty good job of taking care of himself over the years. Max has very developed pecs and 6 pack abs. His arms and legs are very muscled and defined. He has no body hair except his pit hair, pubes, and a slight trail. He is wearing grey CK boxer-briefs with a huge bulge inside them. His boner looks at though it is really straining to get out. Very nervously Matt begins to rub the erection inside Max's boxer-briefs. It is already fully hard so Matt grabs hold of the hard pole and begins to stroke it fast. He wants to get this over with as soon as possible. Soon his hand is sliding up and down Max's hard dick, rubbing the soft cotton of the underwear against his hard dick. The grey material soon begins to s how a wet spot where the head of his dick is. Matt works Max's dick faster, sliding his hand up and down the hard dick as quick as he can. He can feel Max's dick throbbing inside his hand as the wet spot continues to get bigger. Soon he hears Max's breathing change and hears a few moans from his mouth. Knowing that Max is close to shooting his load, Matt works his dick harder and faster. After a few more minutes Matt feels Max's body tense up and he feels the dick to begin to shoot its hot cum into the boxer-briefs. Matt continues to jerk Max off until the orgasm subsides and Max begins to relax. Matt lets go of the deflating dick and see's the huge mess Max has made. The front of his boxer-briefs is soaked with cum. The boxer-briefs are even wet down on the sides. Some of the ejaculation has even dripped down onto his legs. Matt backs off the bed and sits down in the chair trying to work up the courage to fuck Max like he was told to do.

Matt walks over to the bed and crawls onto to it next to Max. He gets close to Max's face and puts his lips to Max's and starts to give him small kisses. Matt then put his arms around Max's upper body and pulls him tight to himself and kisses his lips more. Matt soon closes his eyes and slides his tongue into Max's mouth. After French kissing him for awhile Max begins to kiss back in his drug induced sleep. Matt can feel Max's tongue twirling around his and Max starting to kiss back. Matt continues to hold Max close and make out with him. After awhile Matt decides that this is enough and breaks the kiss. He goes back over to the chair, looking at Max in just his wet boxer-briefs with a boner and tries to get himself to do the next step. After working up some courage Matt stands up and works his way over to the bed. Max is still lying on his back with a huge tent in his underwear which is soaked with his cum. Matt slowly grabs the legs of Max's boxer-briefs and begins to pull them down slowly. He gets them down to his knees and Max's hard dick slaps up against his belly. It is wet and tacky with cum. It looks to be about 7" in length and fairly fat. The head of his dick is quite red, big, and plump. His balls are fairly large and the sac is hairless. Matt thinks to himself that it is no wonder that Max shot so much cum because of how big his dick and balls are. Matt finishes taking Max's underwear off and puts them on the floor with the rest of his stuff. Now Max is completely naked and his dick is still hard and waiting for more action. Matt nervously pulls of his t-shirt exposing his sexy body. He kicks off his sandals and stands barefoot on the carpet. He then takes off his shorts and stands in front of Max in only his white Hanes briefs which are full of his dick. He slides his hand inside the briefs and begins to play with his dick so he can get hard. He thinks of Melissa and other hot girls in order to get himself hard. The briefs are very restricting so he slides them down and off and stands in front of the bed naked. He starts to rub his balls and stroke his dick thinking of anything he can that will get him hard. He spits onto his hand and rubs it into his dick while he thinks of hot women and wild sexual scenes. After a few minutes of fantasizing Matt's dick begins to harden and grow in his hand. Matt rubs it for awhile longer until it is pointing straight out and is hard as a rock. He goes into the bathroom and grabs a bottle of baby oil and brings it out to the bed. Matt crawls onto the bed in between Max's legs. He then spreads Max's legs and lifts them up onto his shoulders. He then grabs the bottle of lotion and squirts it all over Max's butt. Matt starts to rub the oil in between Max's butt cheeks and over his anus. Once that area is good and lubed Matt then begins to finger Max's hole. At first there is some resistance when he tries to put his finger in but he pushes a bit harder and his finger pops inside. Matt starts to slide his finger in and out of Max's hole. Matt pours some more lotion on his fingers and starts to push 2 fingers inside of Max's anus. While Matt is fingering Max's hole he starts to hear some moaning. "Oh shit", Matt thinks; Max must like this. Matt continues to finger fuck Max's hole with his 2 fingers until he is good and lubed up. Matt scoots further up until his body is touching Max's. Matt grabs his hard dick and rubs it up and down Max's butt crack and then rubs it against Max's lubed up hole. With a sigh Matt put his head at Max's hole and begins to push it in. It is so tight that Matt really has to push to get his dick inside. Suddenly with a loud pop Matt's head enters Max's virgin ass hole. It feels so warm and tight on his dick that for a moment Matt begins to like it. Matt slowly starts to push his dick inside Max making his hole stretch wide fore Matt's dick. Matt hears some grunting from Max as he pushes his dick further inside him. Once Matt is all the way inside him he waits for a bit until Max is used to the dick up his ass. Matt looks at Max's face and it looks like he is making that face when you are taking a big crap. He also looks at Max's dick and see's that it is still hard and even is wet on the top. After waiting for a few minutes Matt slowly pulls his dick out and pushes it back in and begins to fuck Max in a slow and steady rhythm. Max is so tight and so warm that it actually makes Matt sigh as he is fucking him. Matt has not fucked anything this tight since he was in high school. It feels so good on his dick. Then he realizes that he is talking like some fag. He says to himself, just hurry up and get this over with. He starts to fuck Max faster and harder, sliding his dick in and out of Max with force. With each push inside him he reaches further inside Max. As Matt is fucking Max he begins to hear Max moan and mutter and when he looks at Max's dick he see's precum flowing out of his dick. He grabs a hold of Max's dick and begins to stroke it fast as he fucks Max in the same way. The tightness of Max's ass brings Matt close to orgasm rather quickly. Matt begins to feel that tingly sensation deep down inside his balls and he knows it won't be long before he is shooting his load inside Max. After a few more thrusts Matt lets out a large moan and starts to shoot his load deep inside Max. six huge blasts of cum shoot deep inside Max's bowels as Matt empties his balls. Breathing heavy and sweaty Matt begins to come down from his orgasm and his dick begins to go soft. He gently pulls out of Max, as he watches some of the cum drip out of his ass onto the bed. Matt leans down and begins to kiss Max again, slowly inserting his tongue into Max's mouth. Still holding Max's dick, Matt continues to jerk Max off as quick as he can. Matt continues to kiss Max deeper and harder as he moves his tongue all over inside Max's mouth. Rubbing his hand faster and faster, up and down Max's dick, Matt is trying to get him off again. Max's breathing quickens and a few moans slip out of his mouth. Soon Matt feels Max beginning to kiss him back. Matt holds Max closes to his face and makes out with him more passionately. Soon Max's body tenses as his dick begins to shoot off volley after volley of thick white cum all over the place. Some of the cum lands on Max's face and chest; while some of it lands on the pillows and on the bed. Matt keeps kissing Max all through his orgasm and until he starts to come down out of it. That must have been the biggest ejaculation Matt had ever seen. Matt continues to milk Max's dick until all the cum is out. Matt finally breaks the kiss and just sits and stares at Max, wondering if Max has any clue what has just happened to him. Max still has a boner, but Matt doesn't have any more time to mess with him. Wiping his hand off on the bed, Matt grabs his clothes and puts them back on. He grabs Max's dirty boxer-briefs and runs back to his room. He grabs a pair of white Hanes briefs and goes back over to the room. Max is still out of it with his boner lying against his stomach hard as a rock. Matt approaches the bed and slips the briefs up on Max's athletic body. He pulls them up until they are covering his mid section. Matt grabs Max's dick and positions it inside the briefs so that it makes a huge tent in them. Matt checks the room to make sure he didn't forget anything and he leaves the room leaving Max on the bed in just a pair of briefs with a boner. Matt goes back to his room and puts Max's boxer-briefs into a plastic bag and puts it one of the dresser drawers. He then heads back out and knocks on Michael's door.

Trying to act surprised, Michael answers the door and see's a very nervous Matt standing there. "Hey Matt", say's Michael. "Hey Michael", says Matt. "Can I talk to you for a few minutes", says Matt. "Sure, come on in", says Michael. Matt enters the room and sits on the edge of the bed nervously, as Michael closes the door. Michael comes over and sits next to Matt on the bed. Michael looks at Matt and says "what's wrong, why do you look so nervous"? Almost teary eyed Matt looks into Michael's eye and very nervously says "I really like you Michael, and I, and I, and I want you to be my boyfriend". "But we would have to be secret boyfriends, because Melissa can't find out and I'm not out you know". With a very shaky voice Matt says "so what do you think Michael, will you be my secret boyfriend"? Laughing hysterically in his head and staring into Matt's very nervous face, he says with a straight and serious face "Matt I would love to be your secret boyfriend". With a somewhat sigh of relief on his face Matt leans forward and put his arms around Michaels neck and begins to kiss him. Letting Matt do all the work, Michael kisses Matt back. Matt brings himself closer and begins to kiss Michael more deeply, letting his tongue slip into Michaels mouth and wiggle around. Michael accepts Matt's tongue and the two men begin to play tonsil hockey together. Matt pushes his tongue further into Michael's mouth and Michael sucks and licks Matt's tongue. Matt pushes himself onto Michael's lap which causes him to fall backwards onto the bed. Matt stops French kissing Michael and gives him a few small kisses and then looks straight into Michael's eyes and says "fuck me Michael. With a surprised, but evil, grin on his face he says "I'd love to fuck you Matt.

Matt rolls off of Michael and lays on the bed on his back. Michael straddles his body and leans forward and kisses Matt on the lips a few times. Michael pulls Matt up by his shoulder and continues to kiss him while peeling his t-shirt off, only breaking the kiss long enough to get the shirt off. Michael then kisses Matt's neck, working his way down his chest, giving his nipples some attention until they are hard. Then he kisses down his stomach and abs and tongue's his belly button. Matt lays there trying to act like he is enjoying this and not revolted. Michael pops the button on Matt's shorts and lowers the zipper. The white of his briefs stand out nicely against his tan body. Soon Michael is lowering Matt's shorts to his ankles and then off to the floor. Michael goes back to kissing Matt's lips and removes Matt's sandals with his feet. Michael starts kissing back down Matt's body, enjoying every delightful bit of this stud's body until he gets to the waistband of the white Hanes briefs. Michael thinks to himself, god this boy looks good in his underwear, so yummy. Michael begins to knead and feel Matt's dick inside the briefs. Soon the soft bulge turns into a hardening dick as Michael rubs Matt until he gets hard. Once Matt is hard Michael pulls down the briefs and lets Matt's hard on slap against his stomach. Michael pulls the briefs all the way down until they end up on the floor. He cups Matt's ball in his hands and rolls them around as he licks Matt's dick up and down. Matt lets out a soft moan as his dick is manipulated. Michael continues to lick Matt's dick, starting at the base and working his way to the top. On one of his trips up he sucks the head into his mouth and lets his tongue twirl all around the sensitive head while sucking on it. Matt's body tenses and more moans come out of his mouth letting Michael know he is doing something right. Michael continues to bop up and down on Matt's hard dick, tickling the head every once in awhile sending Matt into frenzy. After getting Matt all worked up he goes back up and kisses Matt softly on the lips and tells him to lay back and lift his legs. Matt does as he is told and lifts his legs onto Michael's shoulders. Michael moves in closer and spreads Matt's cheeks and begins to kiss and lick his butt crack. Matt squirms and moans as Michael works his magic. Soon Michael is probing his tongue inside Matt's hole making Matt even hornier. Precum starts to flow from Matt's dick onto his stomach as Michael pushes his tongue in and out of his hole. Michael then wets one finger and pushes that into Matt's tight hole and begins to finger fuck him. Matt moans and groans even more and more precum flows out of his dick and starts to make a pool on his stomach. One finger turns into two fingers as Michael keeps finger fucking Matt. When Michael feels that Matt is good and ready he slides up his body, kisses Matt again, and looks his lover in the eyes and asks him if he is ready. Reluctantly Matt nods his head and Michael stands up and begins to undress himself. Matt watches in fear as Michael strips and becomes naked in front of him. Matt can clearly see the very hard dick in front of him and knows where it is going.

Michael takes his hard dick in his hand, strokes it a few times, spreads Matt's cheeks and begins to rub it up and down Matt's crack. After a few trips up and down Michael puts his hard dick at Matt's hole. Michael can tell that Matt is very nervous. So he leans down and kisses Matt softly on the lips and begins to slowly push inside Matt. Matt cringes in pain as his ass is violated again. Michael continues to kiss him and bites his lower lip to help distract the pain. What seems like forever finally happens as Michael's dick pops into Matt's ass with a large pop. Michael continues kissing Matt while pushing his dick further and further into Matt. Matt can feel Michael's dick moving further and further inside him. Even though this kind of sex gross's him out it somehow feels kind of good and his dick continues to throb and drip precum. Michael finally gets his dick all the way inside Matt and he pauses for a moment so Matt can adjust. After a few moments Michael begins to pull out and push back in. He fucks Matt in a nice slow rhythm. After a bit Michael begins to go quicker; sliding his dick in and out of Matt much faster now; shoving it inside him as deep as he can go so Matt can feel every stroke. Matt's mind and body is in a haze of erotica now. His body his feeling so many different things right now and his dick loves it as it drips more and more precum onto his stomach. Michael continues to pound Matt's ass now, ramming it in as far as he can, hoping that he is rubbing Matt's prostate. From the look of the pool of cum on Matt's stomach he figures he is doing a good job. Both men are moaning and panting, each coming closer to orgasm. Matt wants to touch his dick, but is afraid if he does that he will come. Michael breathes harder and pushes faster as he gets closer to blowing his load. Matt is in ecstasy and wants to blow his load. He doesn't care what he has to do; he just knows that he wants to cum and cum now. A few strokes later Michael lets out a huge moan and grunt and starts to shoot his cum deep inside Matt's ass. He continues to grunt and moan and he unleashes one of his biggest loads yet into his fantasy. He continues to fuck Matt hard until his orgasm subsides. As Michael is shooting his load inside Matt, Matt begins to fill the cum inside him and he can no longer contain it. Without even touching his dick it starts to shoot volley after volley of hot cum all over his chest, face, and hair. Seven spurts of hot cum shoot out of his dick and he has never felt anything better in his life. Both men start to come down from their orgasms and begin to go soft. Matt's dick begins to soften and goes limp on his sticky stomach. Michael's dick begins to soften and he pulls out of Matt and lays beside him on the bed. Matt turns to his side and begins to kiss and make out with Michael as he had been instructed. The two lovers hold each other in their arms and kiss while they lay in silence for awhile.

Matt looks at his watch and says he needs to get going. He quickly jumps off the bed and begins to start dressing. Michael watches him dress and smiles knowing that all his dreams have just come true. Matt finishes dressing and goes over to Michael and kisses him again on the lips and gives him a long and tender hug. He pulls away from Michael and asks him to write down his phone number and email address so they can keep in touch. Michael goes over to the desk, pulls out some paper and a pen, and writes down the information for Matt. He walks over to Matt and hands him the piece of paper and then kisses him tenderly. Michael thanks him for the wonderful weekend and tells him that he hopes they can see each other soon. Matt smiles at him and takes the paper and puts it in his pocket. He kisses and hugs Michael again and tells him that he will be in touch really soon. The two men hug one more time and Michael lets Matt out the door and closes it. Michael jumps up and down; he can't believe what he just pulled off this weekend. He got the man of his dreams to do the unthinkable. What would the future bring; what could he have Matt do next? He wondered how long he should keep Matt in the dark about who is blackmailing him. He had a lot to think about on his plane trip home. Michael went over to the desk and grabbed an envelope addressed to Matt. He got himself dressed and went downstairs to the front desk and left the envelope at the front desk for Matt. Michael then went back upstairs to room 4010 and let himself in. Max was still on the bed fast asleep. He was only wearing a pair of white, Hanes briefs and he had a massive erection tenting them. Michael went over to the bed, grabbed his hard dick, and began to jerk him off. Michael rubbed his fist fast up and down his dick, rubbing the soft cotton into the hard dick. Michael rubbed and rubbed the cotton against the boner until he heard Max begin to moan. Soon Michael noticed a wet spot appear on the white briefs. He knew he had excited Max and that it wouldn't be long before Max was blowing another load. Michael began to just rub the head thru the briefs and he heard Max moan more and more. He cupped his balls through the briefs and continued to manipulate the head. More precum began to flow and the briefs started to become damper as Max moaned more and more. A few moments later Michael felt Max's dick begin to throb and his body tense and soon after the smell of cum was in the air and Max unleashed another load of cum into his underwear. As with the other pair the front of the briefs was entirely soaked. This time it was just contained to the front of the briefs, but they were still drenched none the least. Michael removed his hand and inspected his work. There was Max, still out of it, with wet cum filled briefs laying there for the whole world to see. Michael grabbed Max's clothes from the floor and began to dress him. When he was dressed he pulled the key card from his pocket and carefully maneuvered him back to his room. When he arrived at his room, he unlocked the door and put Max on the bed. He left the wet, cum filled briefs on him and left the room quietly. Michael went back down to room 4010 and packed it all up, leaving nothing behind. He then took everything back to his room and finished packing. He went downstairs and checked himself out of the hotel. He caught a cab outside that took him to the airport. He got on his plane, sat in his seat, and began to think of all the events of the weekend and what he would do with Matt next. The fun is just beginning he thought to himself as he began to laugh.

Matt hurried back to his room. It was 11:15 and Melissa would be back at 11:30. His dick was sore and his ass hurt. He could feel that the back of his shorts were wet from the cum dripping out of his ass. He got back to his room and stripped down completely. He took the briefs and put them in the bag with Max's underwear and shoved them down to the bottom of the suitcase. He went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He got into the shower and let the hot water cascade all over his body. He lathered up with soap and made extra sure that he cleaned his ass and dick very good. After his shower, he toweled off and went out to the main room to get dressed. He put on a pair of boxers, some cargo shorts, a polo shirt, and his sandals. He went back into the bathroom and styled his hair and made sure he looked good. He was afraid to sit down because he thought it would be too painful. He started to pack up his and Melissa's things and as he did she walked in the door. She asked him how he was feeling and he responded with he was better now and happy to see her. He gave her a big hug and kisses and told her that they needed to get going if they were going to catch their flight on time. They quickly finished packing and Matt went through the room one last time to make sure they didn't forget anything. They left the room and headed downstairs. When they got to the front desk Matt told Melissa to have a seat in the lobby while he took care of the bill. She left to go sit down and Matt paid for the hotel room and checked out. Before he left the front desk Matt asked if there were any messages for him. The attendant handed him an envelope and thanked him for staying at the hotel. Matt went over to the side of the counter and opened the envelope. A DVD was inside and another letter. Matt pulled the DVD out and it was labeled "The Night Matt Will Never Forget", he looked it over and put it back into the envelope. He pulled the letter out and quickly read it.

Dear Matthew,

Congratulations on a job well done this weekend. You did everything you were told and you did it extremely well. So I'm betting that you are thinking that it is all over now and that you can go on with your life and forget about all of this. Well you are 100% WRONG. The fun is just beginning my friend. I know your email address, home address, home phone number, cell phone number, work address and phone number, what kind of car you drive, where your wife works, and where your kids go to school. So please don't think you can get away from me. I have a few more instructions for you before you get home. Trust me when I say that I will know if you do these things or not. In case you decide to get daring, don't forget I have all sorts of videos of you from this weekend and I can always send Max Benson a copy of you fucking him and jerking him off. I don't think he'd be too happy to know that his old friend did that to him. So have a nice flight home and here are the things I want you to do.

1. Go into the bathroom, throw away your boxers, put on Max's dirty CK boxer-briefs, and wear them all the way home.

2. When you get home I expect you to get rid of every pair of boxers and underwear that you have. I want you to buy several packages of Hanes white briefs and wear them from now on.

3. I want you to purchase a web cam when you get home. I will be adding you to my contacts list. So I expect you to have a webcam the next time I talk to you.

4. From now on we will speak via email and messenger.

5. Have a nice flight home.

Matt felt like he was going to die. How could this be happening to him? Will it ever end? What is he going to do and how was he going to explain this to Melissa. He started to fill sick to his stomach. He shoved the letter back into the envelope and stuck it into one of the bags. He grabbed the suitcase that has the underwear in it. He told Melissa he'd be right back and for her to catch a cab outside. Matt went into the bathroom and went into one of the stalls. He opened up the suitcase and fished out the plastic bag. He opened it and almost fell over from the strong smell of cum. He took out Max's boxer-briefs, sealed the plastic bag, and put it back into the suitcase. He then placed the underwear on top of the suitcase. He kicked off his sandals and undid his shorts. He pushed them to the ground and stepped out of them. He pulled down his boxers and took them off. He grabbed Max's wet underwear and put them on. They felt so gross from all the cum inside them. He pulled them all the way up and he could feel Max's wet cum on his dick. He put his shorts and sandals back on. He closed up the suitcase and grabbed his boxers. He opened the stall door and threw his boxers into the garbage can. He looked at himself in the mirror and wondered who this guy was he saw in the mirror. He certainly did not feel like himself. He walked outside to find Melissa waiting in the cab. He loaded the suitcase into the cab and they headed for the airport. Melissa asked him if anything was wrong and he just said he was starting to feel sick again and he leaned his head against her shoulder. She held his hand tight and kissed his cheek. They rode in silence to the airport. Once they were on the plane and into their seats Matt sat and thought about everything he had done this weekend and how screwed over he was. Was his life over? Would he ever have a normal life again? Would this blackmail ever end? His head was spinning with all of these questions. His body felt gross from the dirty underwear and he could feel it starting to stick to him as it dried. Melissa looked over at him, kissed him on the cheek, and told him how much she loved him. Matt looked at her, smiled meekly, and told her he loved her too. It would be a very long trip back home for Matt.

To Be Continued......................................




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