In the spring of 1991 Matt had it all. He had his amazing good looks, a beautiful girlfriend, awards, and all-state status in football, wrestling, and baseball, not to mention that he was just about to graduate from high school. Matt's amazing good looks started with his 5'9" frame, 142 pounds, athletic yet slim body type, sandy blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. As if that wasn't enough, it gets better. His smile would melt the largest iceberg with those cute dimples he flashes when he smiles at you. If you were ever lucky enough to see him without a shirt on you would see his nicely defined pecs and his 4 pack that he was working on. Matt was mostly smooth except for hair in the obvious places like his pits and pubes. His arms were smooth and his legs had a very light dusting of brown hair on them. Then of course there was his tight and firm ass. His ass always filled out his pants nicely. His only bad quality was that he was straight. Overall he was always nice to look at. Lucky for me I had him in several gym classes and had the privilege of getting to see lots of him. He was and still is the object of my obsession, but who can blame me, he's so cute.

After graduation in 1991, Matt enlisted in the army and spent that summer at boot camp. In the fall Matt attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In the spring of 1995 Matt graduated from college. Matt had a bachelor's degree in Business Finance. After college Matt moved to California to be with Melissa, his high school sweetheart. Matt works as a financial consultant for a brokerage firm now. Matt and Melissa have been happily married for 10 years now and have 2 children, Daniel (8) and Jonathan (6). Matt still is a weekend reservist and loves to stay fit and play sports when he can. He has a very happy and successful life. In 2005, on a business trip to California, I was able to see Matt again and I was not disappointed. He practically looked same and seemed to be in even better shape then in high school. It was then I realized how badly I wanted Matt and when I started to plan how I would get him.

So who am I, you are asking? Well, my name is Michael and I too graduated from high school in 1991. I was the shy, quiet one in school. I didn't have many friends and pretty much kept to myself. I wasn't much to look at. I was on the chubby side and pretty ashamed of how I looked. I didn't play sports and I didn't hang with the preppy crowd. I always knew I wouldn't be popular enough to be in Matt's circle of friends, but I always had my dreams. I attended college at the University of Iowa and in 1995 I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management. After college I started working for the HR Firm out of Minneapolis. I am single, no children, and in case you haven't guessed, yes, I'm Gay.

A few weeks ago I received an invitation in the mail to my 15 year high school class reunion. I opened it to find out that it was going to be held in Las Vegas the first weekend in August. I noticed that the hotel where we would be staying and having the reunion at is a client for the firm I work for. At this moment I decided that I would have my way with Matt on that weekend. I emailed my RSVP back the same day and booked my air travel. I then called the manager of the hotel we'd being staying at who I had a very good relationship with and asked him to book me 2 rooms right next to each other. I also asked him as a personal favor to put Matt and Melissa in the room next to mine. He gladly agreed and said it would be all taken care of and if there was anything else that I needed all I need to do is ask. My plan was set and I couldn't wait until that first weekend in August.

Finally, the Thursday before the reunion I packed my bags and headed for the airport. I had one bag for myself that had my clothes and stuff in it and the other bag was filled with stuff for my fun with Matt. My plane landed in Las Vegas several hours and later and I took a cab to the hotel where the manager was waiting for me. He gave me a personal tour of the hotel and facilities and showed me where our reunion would be. Next, he took me up to my room and showed me where my 2 rooms were and where Matt's would be. Everything was falling into place nicely. I dropped off the fun bag in the extra room and then went to my own room. It was a nice room with 1 queen size bed, sofa, mini bar, and a great view. I stared out the window smiling as big as I could as I thought what was going to happen this weekend.

That evening I ate a nice dinner and took another stroll around the facility making mental notes of where things were and what was around. Afterwards, I went back up to my room, got comfortable, and began writing down ideas of things I wanted to do with Matt. I got myself so aroused from the things that I was writing down that pretty soon I had a raging hard on in my pants. As I sat there thinking of all the things that I would do with and to Matt, I closed my eyes and envisioned Matt and began rubbing myself through my pants. Before too long I had a pretty big wet spot from rubbing myself and thinking about Matt. So I stripped off my shoes, sox, pants, and shirt and lay on the bed in just my Hanes white briefs and began jerking my erection inside my briefs thinking about Matt. Pretty soon that all to familiar feeling began to appear and in a matter of seconds I was shooting shot after shot of hot, creamy cum inside my white briefs. I milked my throbbing boner until all the cum was out and I laid back on the bed feeling so good that I fell asleep in just my wet briefs laying on top of the bed. During the night I had so many hot dreams about all the things Matt and I would do together and what was amazing about these dreams is that in them Matt actually wanted to do things with me.

I woke up Friday morning with the biggest smile on my face. This was the day I had been waiting for. I woke up with my usual morning erection. As was my usual custom I got comfortable in the bed and began stroking my hard on with the crusty cotton of my briefs and closed my eyes thinking of Matt. Within minutes I was shooting another hot load of cum into my briefs. Feeling relieved and ready to take on the world, I got naked and took a long, hot shower. I dressed in a fresh pair of white Hanes briefs, pair of khaki cargo shorts, green polo shirt, white undershirt and sandals. I headed downstairs and had some breakfast. Matt's flight would arrive at 2pm and I planned on being at the airport to see him arrive. I wanted to get a preview of what I would be seeing later. After breakfast I went back upstairs to the extra room and began to unpack the fun bag. First I pulled out the tri-pod and set it up. Then I pulled out the digital camcorder and set it up on the tri-pod facing the bed. I turned on the camcorder to check to make sure everything worked. On the night stand I placed some condoms, lube, and incense Next, I took some hangers from the closet and I hung up a football uniform, a singlet, and a baseball uniform. I opened a dresser drawer and put a pair of white tube socks, a package of white Hanes undershirts, a blue speedo, and a package of white Hanes briefs. In the bathroom I put some bubble bath, clippers, blade and electric razors, and some shaving cream. Finally, I set up the laptop computer up on the table in the corner. Then I went back and checked the camcorder to make sure everything was working perfectly. Happy with how everything looked and still time to spare, I decided to go do some sight seeing before Matt's plane arrived. So off I went to see the sights. Although the sight I really wanted to see hadn't arrived yet.

I arrived at the airport at 1:45 and rushed to the gate where Matt's flight was supposed to come in. Several minutes after I arrived at the gate passengers started coming off the plane. Suddenly I recognized a familiar sight. Matt came through the gate, just like a vision in a dream. Although he walked right past me without recognizing me, my heart was pumping so fast from being so close to him. His hair was short, not quite a buzz cut, and styled nicely. He still had that killer smile and those dazzling eyes. As he walked by I could smell his cologne which of course caused a tent in my shorts. He was a wearing a white Nike t-shirt, sandals, and Levis jean shorts. His ass still looked as hot as ever in those jean shorts. Seeing him again reminded me of how hot I was for him. Melissa followed close to him and I watched as they got into a cab together to head for the hotel. I got into a cab of my own and quickly followed them back to the hotel. I watched him from a distance as he met old friends and checked into the hotel. After they headed upstairs to their room I went upstairs myself to change and get ready for the festivities of the evening. By the time I got to my room I was so horny that I had to do something about it. So I stripped down to my Hanes white briefs and laid on the bed thinking about how Matt looked and how he smelled. Soon I was so horny that I couldn't stand it anymore. So I put my hand inside my briefs and began to stroke my 6" cut dick. I pumped hard and fast on it as I thought about Matt and before long I shot another huge load of cum inside my briefs. It felt so good and I became so relaxed that I fell asleep on the bed in my wet briefs with my hand still on my dick.

I woke up 2 hours later with my hand still inside my briefs. I looked over at the clock and it was now 4:30. The reception and dinner start at 6pm. So I stripped off my wet briefs and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, shaved, and showered. I spent some time trying to make my hair look perfect. I wanted to look my best for Matt. I had my clothes laid out for the night. I slipped on my white Hanes briefs, white Hanes undershirt, and white low-cut socks. Next, I put on my stone colored dockers pants and belt. I slipped on my blue and green plaid button shirt and buttoned it up and tucked it in. I went and looked at myself in the mirror and decided I looked pretty good for the night. I finished in the bathroom with a little splash of cologne. I slipped on my doc martin shoes and did one final mirror check. Put my wallet in my pocket and watch on my wrist. I checked to make sure I had both room keys and I headed downstairs to the party.

I went downstairs and registered myself. I received my name tag and wondered around a bit, talking to people I knew from school and mingling. All the while I was on the lookout for Matt. I headed over to the bar and ordered a MGD and sipped it slowly as I kept an eye out for Matt. Around 6:30 Matt and Melissa showed up at the reception. He looked good enough to eat. He was wearing a yellow golf shirt tucked inside some black dress pants, a belt, and some black dress shoes. As I sat there staring at him I thought back to when I would see Matt in gym class changing his clothes and I would see him in his Hanes white briefs. He looked so good in them. They hugged him in all the right places. They made his ass look even hotter and showed off a nice bulge as well. As I sat there staring at him I wondered if he ever wore them again. I know his senior year of high school he had switched to boxers but I had always secretly hoped that he would wear briefs again. I continued to mingle around the reception, drinking slowly and talking with people as I kept a careful eye on Matt. Finally, we were called to dinner and everyone took their places. It was a nice meal and tasted great, but what I was hungry for was not on the plate. All through dinner all I could do was stare at Matt and think about how bad I wanted him and what we were going to experience together tonight. Dinner ended and has dishes were cleared away people moved over to the bar and dance floor. I kept a watchful eye on Matt making sure to keep track of him at all times until it was time to make my move. For another hour or so everyone mingled and drank. Matt was off talking with his old friends and Melissa was doing the same with her friends. I decided that it was now or never. So I went up to the bar and put my plan into action.

I ordered another bottle of MGD for myself and I ordered a jack and coke since that is what Matt has been drinking all night. The bartender put both drinks on the bar and I picked them both up and turned to the side. I set the MGD up on the bar and I took the jack and coke glass and dropped 2 tabs of ecstasy into it. I motioned for the waitress to come over, I handed her the drink and showed her who Matt was and told her to give it to him but not say who it was from. I watched her as she delivered the drink to him and he looked around but accepted the drink and began drinking it. I then asked the bartender for a bottle of water. I took the bottle of water, opened it up, and slipped the date rape drug inside of it and shook it up to mix it. I put the bottle of water in my pants pocket and went back to sipping my beer and watching Matt. You can tell it was hot in here because he drank that entire drink within minutes and was soon ordering another drink. I smiled slightly, knowing that it wouldn't be long before Matt would be mine. The waitress delivered him another drink which he quickly downed and before she could get far away he ordered another one. Upon delivery of that drink he downed that one just as quick.

Then I saw him excuse himself from his friends, whisper something to Melissa and head for the men's room. I waited several minutes and then I went into the men's room myself. I found Matt standing at the sink throwing cold water onto his face. I could tell he was feeling the effects of the ecstasy. I quietly went up to him and said "hey Matt, how are you doing?" Surprisingly he looked at me and said "just needed some fresh air, it is so warm in there." He looked at my name tag and says "oh yea I remember you from school, how you doing?" I replied back that I was doing well. We exchanged pleasantries for about 5 minutes and I could tell the ecstasy was really starting to hit him. I told him he didn't look so good for which he looked in the mirror and says "I don't know what is wrong with me, I just feel like crap." I replied that he was probably dehydrated and that he should drink some water and get some outside fresh air. I handed him the bottled water from my pocket. He took it and thanked me and proceeded to open it and down it just as quickly as he had his drinks. He through the bottle away and I suggested that we take a walk outside and we can catch up on what is going on with each of our lives. He happily agreed and we walked out of the bathroom together and headed outside to the fresh air. My heart was pounding from being so close to him. My wildest dreams were about to come true.

We got outside and he almost smiled to get some fresh air into his lungs. We walked along the pathway of the hotel and talked small talk about each of lives. About 10 minutes into our walk I could tell the drugs were working on him. He started having trouble keeping his balance and he started to slur his words. I let him keep on like this until we reached a side door of the hotel where I suggested that he should sit down and rest a bit. He plopped himself down on the bench and let out a big sigh. He looked over at me and I could tell from his eyes that he was almost gone. I kept talking to him as I saw his eyes getting heavier and heavier. I kept talking to him getting no response in return until I saw his chin resting on his chest and he was snoring lightly.

I lifted one of his arms up and put it around my neck while I took one of my arms and put it around his waist and I lifted him up slowly. As I did his head fell on my shoulder and then I knew he was totally out of it. I opened the door to the hotel with my free hand and helped walk him into the building. Luckily the elevator doors are right next to the side entrances. We got inside the elevator and I pushed floor 4. The whole ride his head remained on my shoulder snoring lightly. The elevator doors opened and I walked him into the hall and down a ways until we stood in front of room 4010. I unlocked the door and flipped on the lights and walked Matt to the bed where I laid him down on the bed. I went back to close the door and lock it. I pulled the curtains in the room so it was as dark as I could make it. Then I turned a lamp on by the laptop, the dresser, and the bed. Just enough light to make the room semi dark but enough light for the camera to get good pictures. I looked over at Matt passed out on the bed and smiled the biggest smile I have ever smiled. I was about to make my dreams come true.

I turned on my laptop and as it loaded I got out the digital camera and began taking various pictures of Matt lying on the bed. After the laptop loaded I turned on the cam and pointed it in the direction of the bed and focused it in so there was a good and clear picture of Matt. I walked over to Matt and crawled up on the bed next to him and rubbed his firm chest and abs. God it was electric how hot it was to touch him. I leaned in and stared at his handsome face and leaned down and kissed him softly on his lips. Wow this boy had some hot lips; I definitely want some more of that action. I got off the bed and knelt at the foot of the bed and removed Matt's dress shoes. He was wearing black dress socks and I slowly pulled each one off exposing his bare feet. This boy was so hot, even his feet were amazing. I took each foot into my hand and rubbed it softly. Even touching his feet was making me hot. I brought each foot to my lips and kissed them softly all over. Then I began to suck on his toes and much to my surprise as I did I heard a very soft moan come from Matt's lips.

Next I went back up on the bed and I un-tucked his shirt from his pants and slowly slid it up to his neck, exposing his abs and chest. I was not disappointed; he still had well defined pecs with his dime size nipples and a beautiful 6pk of abs with a lite brown treasure trail that drifted down into his pants. I lifted up his back and pulled the shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor slowly laying his head back down. I couldn't resist so I leaned down and kissed his sweet lips again. MMMMMMMMMM he tasted so good and my growing crotch let me know how much it was liking it too. After breaking my lips away from his I let my kisses travel down his neck and then onto his chest where I kissed and licked my way all over his beautiful pecs until finally letting my lips rest on his nipples where I kissed, licked, and sucked them with my mouth until they became hard and sensitive when again I heard a slight moan come from Matt's mouth. After doing justice to each of his nipples I continued to kiss downward to his abs where I licked and kissed each ripple in his stomach and admired his beauty. Tickling my tongue and lips over each muscle until I reach the trail and I continue down kissing each inch of his soft lite brown treasure trail until I reach the top of his pants.

I slowly begin to unbuckle his black belt and I got it undone. Then I reached for the button of his pants and slowly popped the button open and gently pulled down the zipper. I open up his pants wide and reveal that he's wearing a pair of black and yellow plaid boxers. I see no label on the waistband, but none the less he looks hot in them. So I grab a hold of his pants and slowly pull them down to his ankles and off of his hot legs leaving him on the bed in just his boxers. I pick up the digital camera and begin taking various pics of Matt in just his boxers from lots of different angels. I slip my fingers in the waistband of his boxers and slowly begin to pull them down revealing his pubes and penis. I pull the boxers off and find that they are Hanes boxer's size medium. Very nice I think, at least he still wears the same brand as he used too. His pubes are lite brown in color too and they are nicely trimmed, not too short but not too bushy either. His dick seems to be semi hard, at a glance he seems to be about 4" long and about average width. I take the camera and begin taking various pics of his naked body and full body shots as well. I make sure I get pics of his pecs, abs, feet, and of course his penis.

I set the camera down and check to make sure the cam has a good picture of Matt naked. All looks good, so I go over to the bed and I kiss him passionately, forcing his mouth open and letting my tongue explore the inside of his mouth. I then kiss down his neck again and find his sensitive nips and begin sucking them and biting them lightly and I hear a moan from the young studs mouth. I look downward towards his crotch and notice it responding as well. I work harder at sucking his nips and I hear more moans and notice his dick is getting hard and lying against his stomach. So I begin kissing downward again over his hot abs and down the trail until I get to his hard dick.

I hold it in my hand and stroke it a few times. It feels so hot in my hand and he's very hard now. From eyeballing it I would say he's about 7" hard and pretty average thickness. It's a very hot and sexy dick. I stroke it a few more times, then I hold it at the base and I take my tongue and begin to lick the head, probing the pee hole, licking around the ridge, and tickling it underneath. All the time I'm doing this more moaning and a few drops of precum form at the tip which I lick up with my tongue. Not to bad actually, not salty at all, almost kind of sweet tasting. I then proceed to take as much of his hard dick in my mouth that I can and suck him, licking my tongue up and down his hard shaft and back up to the top where I suck on the head, licking away any precum, tongue the ridge, and tickle the underside behind the head. By now he is releasing quite a bit of precum, and I can tell he is horny.

I take his dick out of my mouth and I begin stroking him slowly. I start with the base of his dick and then up to the head, then back down to the base. I make sure that the cam is capturing every moment of this hot affair. I continue stroking his hard dick up and down in a slow motion as the precum continues to flow and adds to the lubrication of his penis. I quicken the pace and slide my hand up and down his hard shaft faster and with more friction. His smooth and large ball sac is moving up tighter to his body and I know he will cum soon. Faster and faster my hand slides up and down his throbbing member, more and more precum flowing from the tip and moaning can be heard from his soft lips. I move my hand as fast as I can on his hard dick and I feel his body tense up. So I aim his dick at his stomach and stroke it as fast as I can. Just then a huge moan comes from his sweet lips and he starts letting loose with volleys of hot cum shooting out. One, two, three, suddenly there are 7 huge streams of thick white cum all over his abs and chest.

His breathing is short and shallow as he comes down from his orgasm. His chest is going up and down in rapid movement. His once large penis is now beginning to soften and his balls are once again begging to lower. After his orgasm has subsided, I take the cam from the lap top and bring it close to Matt so the results of the jerk off session can be seen clearly. I show his face, balls, and penis. Then I move the cam to his chest and abs and show the 7 large streams of thick white cum that lay on his hot body. I move the cam back to the laptop and begin the next part of my plan.

I quickly strip off all of my clothing and go over to the side of the bed furthest from the cam. I gently take my hard, dripping dick and rub it over Matt's lips and face. Then I pucker his lips so they open slightly and start pushing in my 6" of hard meat. I push into his mouth slowly so not to choke him. I feel his hot breath on my hard dick and it makes me even hornier then before. I get about half way into his mouth and I begin to slowly move back and fourth into his mouth as he begins to suck my dick with his mouth. Soon his saliva is coating my hard dick and it feels so good. I can feel my dick head brush up against his tongue and it sends shivers down my spine because it feels so good. I keep feeding more and more of my dick into his mouth until my pubes tickle his face. I slowly begin to pull it out and then push back in as his saliva and tongue touch every inch of my hard dick. His mouth feels so good on my dick I know I will not last much longer. I begin to move quicker, sliding my dick in and out of his mouth leaving droplets of precum on his tongue. I move faster becoming more excited about how he's making me feel. Faster yet, feeling like I'm going to the moon with these sensations. Then I feel that all too familiar feeling in my balls. I withdraw from Matt's mouth and I aim my hard dick at his face as I stroke my monster full force. Sliding my hand up and down my throbbing, dripping dick and then it happens. I begin shooting shot after shot of hot, sticky cum all over Matt's face. I literally explode on his face with 8 big shots of cum that now cover his face, hair, and chest. I dribble out the rest of my seed as the orgasm fades and I fall next to Matt feeling relief and more lust for him.

I take my hands and begin rubbing Matt's drying cum into his soft skin and all over his beautiful pecs and tight abs. I scoop up some of my fresh cum from his face and gently rub it all over his sexy lips. I scoop up some more and slowly push my fingers into his mouth and rub my cum all over his tongue. I then gently roll Matt over onto his stomach so the cam can catch his beautiful backside. His tone and muscled back, his lean and smooth legs, and his beautiful bubble butt. I gently spread his butt cheeks exposing his little asshole that is tight and virgin. I suck on one of my fingers and then rub it up and down his ass crack, rubbing his tight hole gently. Then with a little pressure I push my finger up into his tight rectum and keep pushing up until my entire finger is up his chute. I rub my finger around inside him then begin pulling back out and then pushing it back in. I use my finger to finger fuck him for a bit. Then I get daring and lick another finger and begin finger fucking him with 2 fingers. Just to see how far I could go I lubed a 3rd finger and finger fucked him with all 3 fingers. I pulled my fingers out of him and and wiped my fingers off on his smooth ass. I rolled him back over to find that he had a semi erection lying against his stomach. I guess Matt liked having something up his ass after all. I rolled him back over onto his stomach again and grabbed the camera. I took several pictures of his back, legs, and hot ass. I rolled him onto his back again and took some more shots of his hot body and made sure to capture his semi excited state.

I went over to the dresser and opened the drawer. I removed a pair of white Hanes briefs and a white Hanes t-shirt. I went over to Matt and slipped the t-shirt over his head and pulled it down. Next I put the white briefs on him and moved up the shirt a bit so there was a bit of skin between the briefs and the shirt. I stood back and marveled at how hot Matt looked in a white t-shirt and white briefs. The t-shirt was tight enough to show off his pecs and his small nips stood out in the t-shirt. The briefs hugged him in all the right places and showed off his impressive bulge in them. Matt in all white underwear was just so hot. I grabbed the camera and took many pictures of him in his white underwear as my own erection was growing and dripping in my underwear. Matt was just so amazingly hot looking right now. I wanted him more and more.

I set the camera back down and went over to the bed and lifted the shirt up to his neck and began kissing, licking, and sucking on his pecs and nips. I licked my tongue all around his hard, firm pecs and kissed each mound separately. I drew my mouth and tongue to his hard nips and began sucking, licking, and biting on them as I began to hear soft moans coming from Matt's mouth. I quickly glanced down to his crotch and saw that his dick was beginning to enjoy the feeling too as it was growing inside his briefs. I continued my attack on his nips and bit on them gently knowing that they were sensitive and then continued to suck and kiss them. As my assault continued Matt began to moan more and I could see that his dick was now straining against the soft cotton of the briefs.

I kissed down his chest and let my lips and tongue tickle his sexy abs until I reached his belly button. Upon arrival I licked around it with my tongue and bathed it in kisses. Matt was moaning more now and his dick strained even harder against the soft cotton of the briefs and a small wet spot had formed at the head. I continued kissing his trail and following it down until I reached the waistband of his briefs which had begun to pull away from tight abs.

I gently rub the soft cotton against his hard dick and cup his balls thru the material. Again, more moaning comes from Matt's mouth and I know he is enjoying this as much as I am. Knowing that he is going to make a mess in these briefs, I pull back the waistband a bit and slide my hand down inside his briefs. The heat from his dick was amazing, it was so warm inside these briefs. I grab a hold of his throbbing and leaking dick and begin stroking it slowly. More moaning comes from Matt as his dick drools more precum. I am able to use the precum as a lube and start off stroking him slowly. As the moaning and precum increase so does my speed on jerking his dick. It is so amazing to be jerking off Matt, the guy of my dreams. I let my hand slide down and feel his balls, which are very heavy and beginning to tighten again. I grab a hold of his dick again and begin stroking it and rubbing his precum into it faster and faster. I feel his breathing become more spuratic and heavy and I know he is about ready. A few more strokes up and down his slippery and sticky dick and another quick feel of his balls. I pull my hand out of his briefs and let the waistband snap back against his tight abs. I reposition his dick inside the briefs so that it is entirely inside them. I cup his balls with one hand and massage them as I take my other hand and began rubbing his full dick with the soft cotton of his briefs. They are beginning to become wet from all his precum and the moaning and heavy breathing continue. I rub the soft cotton against his sensitive head while massaging his balls, the wetness continuing to grow and the moans becoming louder. I feel his body tense up and a loud moan rolls out of his sexy mouth and his body begins to jerk sending streams of hot cum inside his white briefs.

I continue rubbing his hard dick and massaging his balls until the orgasm ends. His briefs are now soaked in the front. A very large wet spot has grown from where the head of his dick was and spread all over the front of his briefs. I peak inside and see streams of cum stuck in his pubes and cum all over his dick. Matt must have been very horny to have a another intense orgasm. I grab the camera and take more pics of Matt, especially of his now very wet briefs. The smell of cum is thick and rich in the air and I am more happy then I have ever been. I snap off a few more pics to capture Matt's hotness and to show off his sexy briefs which he just came in.

I go back over to the bed and remove the t-shirt off of Matt and kiss him softly on his lips. I even slip him some tongue into his mouth. Wow, what a good kisser he is. I kiss his neck all over and again kissing his beautiful pecs and nips. I rub his tight abs and kiss his belly button. I grab a plastic zip lock bag from my bag and begin removing the briefs Matt had on and I put them in the zip lock and seal it shut. I want to make sure the smell of his cum doesn't leave them too soon. I kiss the tip of his dick and suck on a bit to taste his sweet cum.

I go into the bathroom and fill up the ice bucket with nice warm water and grab a wash cloth. I go back over to the bed and I dip the wash cloth into the warm water and ring it out. I begin to wash his face and clean up his hair so that there are no signs of what happened. I dip and ring out the wash cloth again and begin to wipe his neck and his chest. Rubbing his nips a little rough because of how sensitive they are. I continue washing him off down his chest and his stomach. I clean the cum out of his pubes and take his soft dick in my hands and clean it very thoroughly. I wash his balls clean as well. I lift up his legs and wipe his crack and hole a bit as well. I put his legs back down and wash his feet and toes. Then I go back to the bathroom and clean up and put everything back away. I grab a fresh towel and go back out and dry Matt off.

I grab his pile of clothes from the floor and I slip his sock on him one at a time. Then I take the white t-shirt I had on him and put it back onto him followed by his yellow golf shirt. Then I go to the dresser and grab another pair of white briefs and I put those on him and smile at how hot he looks in tighty whiteys. I grab his boxers and put those back on him. I slide his black dress pants back on him and refasten them and loop his belt back up. I grab his dress shoes and slip them back on him as well. I put the towel back neatly in the bathroom and shut off the light. I grab the camera and take a few more pics of the handsome Matt.

I put the camera away and shut down the cam. I quickly go over to my room and drop the equipment off. I come back to the other room to make sure everything looks good. I pull out a letter in an envelope that says Matt on the front and "PLEASE READ IN PRIVATE". I put it inside Matt's pocket.

I lift Matt up and lean him against my shoulder and we head out of the room. I make sure nobody is around before we head out. We get to the elevator and I take us back down to the main floor. Outside the elevator there is a bench and I sit Matt down onto it and I sit down next to him. I begin shaking him and slapping his face gently. Matt, Matt, Matt, wake up man, wake up. He slowly starts to come around and finally his beautiful blue eyes open and come into focus. I ask him if he's ok and he looks a bit disorientated and asks what happened. I told him he nodded off for a bit. He says he should go back and find Melissa and I said yeah that's probably a good idea. He says that he'll see me later and I say yeah that would be great. As he's walking away, Matt feels around in his pocket and finds something in his pocket. A bit confused Matt's feels inside his pockets and finds the letter which he pulls out. On the front in big letters it says Matt Please Read In Private. He opens the letter up and begins reading:

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for the great time tonight, you were absolutely amazing. I had forgotten how sexy and hot your body was. It was so great to see it again and be able to touch you all over and see that huge hot dick of yours. Yes Matt, I saw you naked and even got to see your huge dick shoot 2 nice loads of cum. Now I know you're in shock right now but I just want you to listen. I have the whole scene videotaped on cam and I took a lot of pictures of you with the digital cam. If you don't want your family, friends, army buddies and co-workers to see these disturbing images of you then you will do exactly what I say. If you think I'm kidding, go down to the front desk tomorrow morning at 8 am. There will be a package waiting for you, it is a DVD and you can see for yourself that I am not kidding. You will receive further instructions in the morning. I want you to tell Melissa that you are going out with the guys tomorrow and that you'll be gone for awhile. When you go to the bathroom tonight you'll notice you have on a pair of white briefs like you used to wear. I expect you to be wearing those tomorrow for your adventure. Also, don't think of telling anyone about this either. I will expose you Matt and you will not like it. See you tomorrow my new friend.


Your New Friend

Matt sits down on the nearest chair and is just shocked. He can't believe this is happening to him and he's thinking of how he can get out of it. But it doesn't look good. His family, friends, co-workers, and army buds could never find out about this, it would humiliate him. Maybe he could offer this guy money or something to make this stop. He'll have to try and reason with him tomorrow. Matt goes back to the party and finds Melissa who asks him where he's been. He tells her that he wasn't feeling good and that he went to lay down. He kisses her softly and tells her everything is ok. But inside Matt doesn't know what to feel. He tries to have fun the rest of the night but can't get what is going on out of his mind.

TO BE CONTINUED............................................

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