This is a fictional story containing sex between 2 males. If you aren't interested in this kind of material or too young to be reading this, then you should stop reading immediately. It is to be read in the privacy of your own home and should not be shown to minors. You should be of legal age in the area in which you live to read this story. Enjoy the story!

Matt was so confused. He kept thinking of what this man had done to him. His life would be ruined if people thought he was gay. He knew that he had to find a way to get out of this, to make it go away, but how. Maybe money or something would work. Everyone has a price and Matt had to figure out what this guy's price is. He couldn't concentrate on the party any more; he had a severe headache and just wasn't having any fun. He found Melissa, told her to have fun with the girls and that he was going to go lie down for awhile and try to make this headache go away.

He made his way up to their room. He entered and went directly into the bathroom and started the shower. He entered the bedroom and began undressing. What he saw next shocked him and gave him goose bumps all over. He stood in front of the mirror and saw that he was wearing a pair of white Hanes briefs. He hadn't worn these since his early years in high school. Oh my god he thought, what has this guy done to me. In one swift move the briefs were on the floor and Matt strolled to the shower naked. His shower lasted almost 45 minutes as he tried to let the hot water wash all his doubts and fears away. Unfortunately, the long shower only gave Matt more time to think about the trouble he's in. After toweling off, he slipped on a pair of clean blue and green plaid boxers and lay on the bed. He flipped on the tv to watch sports center. Nothing could take his mind off of what that note had said. What was going to happen to him? Would he be ruined for the rest of his life? How was he going to get out of this mess? These were the thoughts that plagued his mind until he finally drifted off to sleep. He didn't even hear Melissa come home at about 3 am and slide into bed with him giving him a sexually charged kiss.

Matt awoke the next morning about 6am. He got out of bed and did his normal morning ritual of push-ups and sit up's in the hotel room. Melissa finally awoke and watched her sexy husband doing his morning exercises. She asked him to come back to bed, but said he had plans with the guys that day and that he needed to get going. Melissa didn't complain too much because she and girls had planned a day of fun as well. They kissed each other good morning and started getting ready for the day. Matt showered first and while Melissa was taking her show he dressed. Today he was wearing a blue polo shirt with a white t-shirt, stone colored cargo shorts, white Nike ankle socks, sandals, and of course the pair of white Hanes briefs. He felt so uncomfortable in them; he missed the freedom of his boxers. But he knew that he had to follow orders, or he'd be in more trouble then he already was.

Melissa finished getting ready and they kissed each other bye for the day. Each wished the other that they would have a great time. Matt knew he wasn't going to be having a good time, but he was going to do what he had to do to make this go away. The parted their ways and Matt made his way down to the front desk. When he got to the front desk, he asked if there were any messages for him. The front desk clerk, Nate, handed him an envelope that said Matt on the front. Matt went and sat down in one of the comfy chairs in the lobby and opened the envelope. After he opened it, he found a DVD and a note. He opened the note and it said:

Dear Matthew,

I hope that you slept well last night. I know I had sweet dreams thinking of all the fun we had together last night. I bet you look so hot and sexy in your lil tighty whitey briefs today. I can't wait to see you in them, but that will happen soon enough. Here is the DVD that I promised you. Watch it someplace private, I'm sure you don't want everyone to see your sexual activities from yesterday. After you watch it I'm sure you'll be convinced that I am serious and that it would be to your advantage to do everything I say to the letter. After you watch the DVD, I want you to go to room 4012. A classmate of yours is staying in that room, his name is Michael. You and Michael are going to be spending the day together. You were an asshole to him in high school and now you can make it up to him. When you get to his room you are going to tell him that you really need someone to talk too. You are going to admit to him that you are a closet homosexual and that you have needs and desire's that need to be taken care of. Michael is gay and I'm sure he won't have any problems doing stuff with him. You are going to have sex with Michael. You'll make out, kiss, undress each other, suck, fuck, and shower together. Most importantly you will act like you are enjoying it. If you do not, then the game is over and you'll be exposed. Trust me, I will be watching, so you had better put on a good performance. Have a good day with Michael. Check back here tomorrow for more information.

Your New Friend

Matt almost threw up in the lobby. He could not believe what this guy was making him do. He wasn't gay, he doesn't like dick, he love pussy and girls. How could he possibly make himself like doing stuff with a guy, especially Michael? Michael was never popular in school, he didn't have many friends. He tried to be nice to everyone, but most people treated him like crap because he was fat and ugly. Matt was one of the many who treated Michael bad and now he was being forced to have sex with him. How could he get out of this? There had to be a way, he just had to think of it. Then he thought of how his wonderful wife, children, family, friends, army buddies, and co-workers would react when they found out Matt had done gay sex. He sank further into his chair, he knew he was beat. His only hope was that maybe if he did this one thing, it would be over and he could forget about it. Or could he really ever forget this?

He asked Nate at the front desk if there was a video player anywhere that he could use in private. Nate directed him to a private meeting room with a DVD player in it. Matt closed and locked the door. He put the DVD in and pressed play. For the next 30 minutes he watched in horror as he saw all the gay and humiliating things that were being done to him. He literally felt sick knowing that he had been violated this way. He wanted to hurt someone or break something. But he knew that this guy had him good and he had little hope of getting out of this. He turned off the DVD and dropped it back off at the front desk. He asked Nate to keep this for him and not to let anyone see it. Nate gladly accepted and went back to work. Matt slowly made his way to the elevator and pushed the 4th floor button. The elevator doors opened onto the 4th floor and Matt slowly made his way down the hall until he was standing in front of door 4012. He stood there frozen, unsure if he could go through with this. But he knew if he wanted it to be over, then he needed to get it over with. He raised his hand to the door and knocked several times.

After several knocks, the door quietly opened and there stood a still sleepy Michael in his pajama shorts and University of Iowa t-shirt. Matt and Michael exchanged pleasantries and Michael invited Matt into the room. Matt entered the room somberly and slowly. Matt sat in the chair by the window with his head to the floor. Michael then asked him how things were going. Matt sat there silently. Finally, Michael asked, is everything ok Matt, you seem upset. Matt looked up at Michael and asked him in a soft voice "do you hate me Michael"? Michael stared at him for a moment and said "why would I hate you Matt"? Matt answers, well I was a real ass to you during high school and I should have been nicer to you. Michael, feeling a warming in his heart, turned to Matt and said "forget about it, it was a very long time ago" and held out his hand for Matt to shake. Matt shook his hand back and said "I really am sorry and I hope we can become friends". These were words Michael had been dying to hear for years. Of course we can be friends Matt, I would like that. So what brings you to my room of all places this early in the day? Matt looked him blankly in the face and said "I have something I need to tell you Michael" in a very soft voice. Michael responded by saying "sure Matt you can tell me anything". Matt just stared at Michael and there was a long awkward silence until Matt finally spoke in a very soft voice and said "Michael I'm gay".

Michael's jaw almost hit the floor when he heard these words. He looked at Matt and said "I don't care if your gay or not Matt, I am gay too and I even had a crush on you in high school". Matt knowing what to say, looks at Michael says "you did"? Michael responds "yes I did and still do", with a big smile on his face. Well thanks Michael; I don't really know how to respond to that, but thanks for the compliment. "Anytime" Michael said has he made eye contact with Matt. Matt looked into Michael's eyes and says "Michael I always liked you too, but never had the courage to tell you". Michael knowing this is a complete just smile's at Matt and walks over to him and hugs him tight. Matt not knowing what else to do just hugs Michael back and pats his shoulders a few times. Matt sits back down in the chair and Michael sits down onto the bed. After a few moments of silence, Michael finally asks "so what brought you to my room, why tell me now. You are happily married and have a great life"? Matt looked at him with sad eyes and says "I can't live a lie anymore Michael, I needed to be honest with you and I came here to tell you how I feel". Michael with a surprise look on his face looks at Matt and says "well how do you feel about me"? Matt mustered as much enthusiasm as he could, looks Michael right in the face and says "because I love you Michael and I want to be with you". Michael knowing that this must be killing Matt to say all of this looks at him and smiles and says "what do you mean, be with me how"? Matt again not really knowing what to say looks at him with this puppy dog faces and says "I want to make love with you and be intimate with you". Longing for so long to hear these words, Michael jumps up and hugs Matt. He places his lips at Matt's and gives him a few soft and gentle kisses on his lips. Matt is in shock by this bold move, but knows he is probably being watched so he kisses Michael back and actually put his arms around him and rubs his back while they kiss. Michael stands thinking that this can only get better and that all is dreams are going to come true now that he has Matt. What will Matt think when he finds out that it is Michael who is blackmailing him? Can he really get Matt to love him? How far will Matt go?

Michael breaks the kiss between him and Matt. He looked him straight into his eyes and said "do you really want to make love with me Matt"? Matt stared back at Michael and nodded his head slowly and said in almost a whisper "yes Michael I do". Michael takes Matt's hand and leads him over to his unmade bed. Michael gently glides Matt down onto the bed and kneels before him. While kneeling in front of Matt, Michael slips off each of Matt's sandals and massages his sexy feet. Michael feels up Matt's legs and slides his hands up the legs of his shorts and finds that he is wearing the briefs. As the anticipation builds Michael is getting hornier by the minute. Michael reaches up and pulls Matt's blue polo shirt up his body. Reluctantly, Matt lifts his arms up and allows Michael to pull of his polo shirt. Michael begins to rub Matt's chest through his t-shirt and feels his abs and chest. Again, Michael lifts up Matt's t-shirt to reveal his sexy and defined upper body. Matt lifts up his arms again and soon the t-shirt is on the floor with the polo. Michael takes his hands and feels Matt's pecs and abs. He takes Matt's nipple and rubs it in his fingers and pinches it a bit which gets a moan out of Matt. Michael then goes for Matt's belt and slowly unbuckles it, and then he unbuttons his cargo shorts and eases the zipper down. Michael smiles at Matt and asks him to lift up a bit. Matt raises his butt off the bed and allows Michael to slide his shorts down leaving poor Matt in just his white Hanes briefs. Michael is in total ecstasy. He is seeing his high school crush in the same underwear he used to wear in high school. Michael's dick is throbbing and leaking massive amounts of precum into his own briefs. He gently pushes Matt down so he is lying on his back. Although Matt is not hard, a nice bulge can be seen in his briefs. Michael then crawls up onto the bed and straddles Matt's beautiful body. He leans forward and kisses Matt softly on the lips several times. Then he becomes bolder and slides his tongue into Matt's mouth. At first Matt is a bit reluctant, but he knows he must do this, so he gives in and lets Michaels tongue invade his mouth and he even begins to kiss him back a bit.

After what seemed like an eternity Michael breaks the kiss with Matt and smiles at him. Now it's your turn Matt. Michael asks Matt with a smile on his face "how do you want me to lie"? Matt sits up and looks into Michael's eyes and says very quietly "you can just lie down on the bed". Doing as Matt asked, Michael lays down flat on the bed and Matt is sitting next to him in just his briefs. Matt looks at Michael and asks "should I get your naked or just to your underwear"? Michael looks at Matt and smiles and says "my underwear will be fine". Nervously, Matt fumbles with Michael's shirt and begins to move it up his body. He asks Michael to lift up his arms, which he does, and Matt slides off his shirt. Matt begins to feel Michael's body, touching his stomach and pec area. Matt feels sick to his stomach. He can't believe he is touching another guy like this. But he knows he must do it or his life will be ruined. Matt looks down at Michael's shorts and see's the boner he has inside them. Feeling even more disgusted Matt knows he's going to have to touch Michael. He takes a deep breath and reaches down and strokes Michael's boner a few times through his pajama shorts. Michael moans as Matt rubs his throbbing boner. Matt moves down to the end of the bed and asks Michael to lift up his but, and as he does Matt slides down Michaels pajama shorts and leaves him in just his white Hanes briefs and his boner. Matt see's how big Michael's boner is and becomes scared, not knowing if he can handle this. But he knows if he doesn't his life will be ruined. He moves back up the bed and lies next to Michael and kisses him several times on the lips. Matt looks him straight in the eye and says "what now"? Michael smiles and looks at Matt and says "let's make love now".

Matt's eyes grow wide as he hears Michael say those words. But he knows that he must do this. He very quietly says to Michael "how do you want to do it"? Michael smiles at Matt and says "why don't you ride me first, then you can do me". Matt never being so scared in his entire life just looks at Michael and tries to make a smile. Michael knows that this is killing Matt to do this. But with no other alternative in place Matt knows he must do this. He moves up closer to Michael and lies side by side with him. Michael looks at him and says "are you ready Matt"? Matt, knowing he is defeated, simple nods his head yes. He thinks through his mind he is about to be fucked up the ass like a gay guy. Michael grabs a hold of Matt and pulls him on top of him and sits him on his stomach. Michael reaches up and begins to fondle Matt's dick and balls through his briefs. Matt tries to think of sexy things in his mind. Michael continues to rub and grope Matt's balls and dick. He even rubs his nipples and plays with them. After what seemed to be an eternity Matt's dick began to respond. It grew longer and harder inside his briefs as Michael manipulated it. After Matt was good and hard and even a bit of precum had dripped into his briefs Michael knew it was time.

Michael slipped his fingers into the waistband of Matt's briefs and began pulling them down his body. Matt lifted his butt so Michael could get his briefs off. Once they were off Michael tossed them on the floor with the rest of the clothes. He observed how hot Matt looked with his amazing body and is huge boner that was dripping a bit of precum. Michael asked Matt to go over to the nightstand and get out some lube and condoms. Matt stood up naked and went to the nightstand and retrieved the items. When he got back to the bed Michael had removed his briefs and for the first time Matt saw what would be going into his ass. Michael instructed Matt to open the condom and put it on his dick. Matt grabbed the condom and opened it up with his teeth. He rolled the condom out and grabbed Michael's dick and began to roll the condom onto it. Next, Michael instructed Matt to lube up the condom really well and to apply a generous amount of lube to his hole. Matt grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a generous amount onto the condom and began to rub it all over making it nice and slick. He then poured another generous amount into his hand and began to coat his ass crack and hole with lots of lube as he had been instructed. Michael just laid there and smiled knowing he was about to fuck the hottest guy he has ever seen. When Matt was finished, Michael motioned for Matt to sit up on his stomach again. With knots in his stomach and feeling like he was going to puke, he crawled back up onto the bed and straddled Michael's stomach. Michael pulled Matt close to him and began to kiss him passionately. Matt did not resist so much this time and actually began to kiss Michael back. Michael then slipped his tongue into Matt's mouth and played around and Matt did the same to Michael. Michael began to wonder if Matt really liked this or was just doing it because he had no choice.

After a long session of hot and heavy kissing Michael decided it was time for the prize and Matt knew what was coming too. He looked at Michael with his eyes pleading for mercy and said "please go slow and gentle". Michael responded with a smile and said "of course I will Matt". Michael placed his hands on Matt's hips and lifted him up gently and began to move him backwards. When the position was just right he began to lower Matt until Michaels dick was right at the entrance to Matt's virgin hole. Matt took a deep breath and began to cringe and bite his lower lip as he felt Michael's hard dick pushing against his hole. Michael instructed him to push out like he was taking a crap. Matt did as he was instructed and yelled out in pain as the head of Michael's dick began to enter his tight virgin ass. Matt groaned a bit and bit his lip hard as the pain intensified as Michael slowly kept pushing into Matt's ass. Michael could see tears forming in his eyes from the pain. Slowly inch by inch Michael kept pushing into Matt's ass until finally the head of his dick popped inside Matt. Michael kept still for a moment to allow Matt time to adjust to the pain and as he did Michael kissed him again passionately to show him he was cared for. Matt did not reject or even to try to stop this display of affection.

After a few moments Michael began to inch his dick further and further into Matt's ass filling up his hot asshole with his dick. Finally Michael's pubes brushed the back of Matt's ass and that's when both knew that Michael was all the way inside Matt. Tears were running down Matt's face from the pain he was enduring, but he had done it, he had taken Michael's entire dick up his ass. Again Michael leaned forward and kissed Matt to give him time to adjust to the feeling. This time Matt kissed him back immediately. Matt knew if he was ever going to make this end he had better put on a good show. He kissed Michael intensely and even rubbed his chest while they kissed. After a good long make out session Michael again placed his hands on Matt's hips and told him to slide up and down on his dick very slow. Matt not knowing what to expect slowly raised his butt and pushed it back down as he felt Michael's dick going in and out of him. Michael could see his hard dick sliding in out of Matt's ass. His dick was stretching his hole out to new limits and it was so tight that he just moaned in pleasure. Matt continued sliding up and down Michael's hard dick. He started off going slow but began to pick up the pace knowing that he wanted this to be over with. The pain was starting to subside but he still felt dirty and disgusting for what he was doing this. This was not him, he wasn't gay. But he had no choice but to follow his orders or his life would be ruined. On top of it all his dick was betraying him and he was as hard as ever and dripping precum as Michael's dick went in and out of his ass. As Matt slid up and down on Michael's hard dick at a faster pace Michael grabbed Matt's leaking dick and began to stroke in rhythm to Matt. Both men were beginning to moan as the climax was drawing near. Michael instructed Matt to lean forward so they could kiss. Matt did as he was told and continued to slide up and down Michael's dick as the 2 men kissed each other passionately. As the 2 men were kissing, Michael was still stroking Matt's cock, bringing each of them closer to blowing their loads. A few kisses, strokes, and slides later each man let out a moan as their loads exploded from their dicks. Michael blasted into the condom with much force as his dick continued to slide in and out of Matt's ass. Matt busted his load all over Michael's chest. Matt surprised himself with how much he had shot. Both men breathing heavily looked into each other's eyes once more and kissed lovingly again. Matt rolled off onto the bed, his ass aching from Michaels cock. Michael laid their in ecstasy knowing that his most prized dream had just come true. Each of them lay their quietly thinking about what had just happened between them. Something neither of them would ever forget.

Matt lay there in shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. He had just willingly let himself get fucked up the ass. He wasn't gay; he was straight, with a wife and 2 kids. What the hell am I doing he thinks to himself. Then he remembers the video and all stuff on it. He thinks how his friends, family, co-workers will react when they see him doing such disgusting things. He must make this end, but how? Michael looks over at Matt and see's that he is in deep thought. He figures Matt is trying wrap his mind around all the things he's done now. Michael rolls towards Matt and kisses him passionately and says "let's go take a shower Matt". Matt returns Michaels kiss because he has too and nods his head in approval. Michael grabbed the condoms and Matt's hand and led him into the shower. Michael turned on the water and got it to just the right temp and the 2 men got into the shower. Matt let the hot water cascade over his hot body and it felt good. It felt good to have all the sweat and cum washed off of him. Michael thought Matt never looked hotter with the water running all over him. Michael suggested that they wash each other. Michael grabbed the soap and began soaping Matt up all over his hot body, making sure to cover his crotch and ass areas very well. Michael loved touching Matt's naked body and his boner he had proved it. After he had Matt all soaped up, he handed the soap to Matt and said now it's your turn. Matt grabbed the soap and began to soap up Michael in the same manner. Soon both men were covered in soap. Michael pulled Matt close to him and kissed him passionately and Matt returned the kiss. They rinsed off together as they kissed. After all the soap was off the both of them, they washed each other's hair so both men were nice and clean.

After rinsing the shampoo out of each other's hair Michael kissed Matt again and asked him if he would fuck him in the shower. Matt looking surprised at Michael, nodded his head in approval. Maybe this won't be so bad he thought, I'll just think of Melissa and pretend I'm fucking her. Matt grabbed his soft cock and began stroking it to get it hard while Michael reached outside the shower and grabbed a condom. He tore the condom open and pulled it out. He grabbed Matt's, now hard dick, and began to roll the condom onto it. God his dick is beautiful thought Michael as he slid the condom on. Michael turned around and put his arms against the shower wall and stuck his butt out towards Matt and Matt took this as his signal to begin. He inched closer towards Michael and spread his cheeks. He caught himself wondering what this would be like. He saw Michael's hole and put his dick right at the entrance. He closed his eyes and began to imagine that he was about to make love to Melissa and as he did he slowly began to insert his hard dick into Michael's ass. Michael moaned in pleasure as the stud of his dreams began to stick his dick inside him. Slowly, Matt entered inside Michael until his plump head popped into Michael. Michael moaned in even more pleasure, it was so much better then he thought it would be. Matt continued to slide further and further into Michael until his pubes brushed against Michael's ass. Once inside him Matt stayed still for a few moments remembering back to the first time him and Melissa had sex. Michael stood in ecstasy as Matt was getting ready to fuck him. Then Matt began to pull out and push back in developing a slow and steady rhythm. Michael moaned more as Matt began to fuck him, his dick pulsating in the shower, dripping precum as Matt did him. Matt couldn't believe how tight his ass was and how good it felt on his dick. He began to fuck Michael deeper, harder, faster, increasing his pace. Michael moaned in unison with Matt's fucking and both men appeared to be enjoying themselves. Michael reached down and grabbed his throbbing dick and began to jerk it as Matt continued to fuck him. Matt was moaning in pleasure, he was fucking something that was tighter then Melissa has been in years and it felt so good. He forgot for several moments that he was actually fucking a guy and not his wife.

Both Matt and Michael were moaning during their hot session of sex. Soon it became apparent that they both were going to cum again. Michael went first as he moaned out loud and began to shoot his nut against the shower wall, becoming weak in the knees from his orgasm. As Michael began to shoot his load his ass muscles clamped down on Matt's dick and this was all it took to send Matt over the edge. He groaned and moaned loudly as he started to shoot his big load inside of Michael as he continued to fuck him. After each of them has shot their loads and start to come down off of their high, Michael turned to Matt and kissed him again and thanked him for giving him the hottest fuck of his life.

They cleaned each other again and stepped out of the shower. Each of them grabbed a towel and dried off. They retreated back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. Michael had wondered where Matt had left the condom; he'd certainly find it later. Michael looked at Matt and kissed him again, this time Matt offered no resistance and kissed Michael back. There was no use in fighting it anymore. After the kiss Matt looked at the clock and realized it was 4pm already. He told Michael that Melissa would be back soon and that he needed to go. Michael looked at Matt and said that it was ok and that he would see him at dinner tonight and that maybe they could see each other tomorrow. Matt nodded and said they'd have to see how things went tomorrow. Secretly he was hoping that he wouldn't have to do anything more and that this situation could end. Matt slipped on his briefs under the towel then discarded the towel. Michael sat and watched Matt as he dressed. What a hot stud he is Michael thought to himself and even better, he's mine. Matt dressed quickly, not even taking the time to fix his hair. Before Matt could leave, Michael grabbed his hand and held it. He pulled Matt close and kissed him softly and thanked him for the best time of his life. Matt looked at Michael and returned the kiss and in the best lie he could tell he told Michael thank you as well and thanked him for the best day of his life. Then like a flash, Matt was out the door.

After Matt left, Michael was on cloud nine. His plan was working perfectly and things couldn't have gone better if he had tried. He had just fucked the hottest guy ever and been fucked by the same guy. Michael's dick was still hard from being with Matt. He quickly threw off the towel and lay on the bed naked and began to jerk his cock full force. He kept recalling all the hot images with Matt and soon his dick was shooting cum all over his body. Michael strolls into the bathroom with a huge smile on his face. He goes to the sink and wets a wash cloth and begins to clean the cum off of himself. He looks around the bathroom and finds the condom Matt used to fuck him. He picks it up and studies it carefully and notices that there is a lot of cum inside the condom. Matt must of really enjoyed the fuck he gave Michael. Michael grabbed a plastic baggie and dropped the condom inside of it and sealed it. He went over to his bag and put it next to the baggie with Matt's dirty briefs from the day before. Next, Michael goes over to the window and pulls out the camcorder from behind the curtain. He checks the video and reviews it a bit. Yep it's all here; every juicy bit of fun is now on video. Michael smiles big and thinks about what he will have Matt do next.

Matt ran back to his room and closed the door fast. He quickly stripped down naked and got into the shower. He wanted to wash away all these thought and the disgust he felt for what he had just done. Unfortunately, all the shower did was give him more time to think and he felt worse. After his shower, he brushed his teeth for like 20 minutes. He can't believe he let another guy do all those things to him and on top of it all he acted like he liked it, what an idiot I am. He grabs the briefs from the floor and hides them at the bottom of the suitcase. He doesn't know how he'd explain those to Melissa if she found them. He quickly puts on a pair of boxers and lies down on the bed to relax. A few minutes later the phone rings. Matt answers the phone; it is the front desk telling him he has a message. Great, now what is going to happen? He throws on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and heads down to the front desk. When he arrives he gives the clerk his room number and he hands him a notes. It looks similar to the one he received this morning. He goes over to some place quiet and quickly opens the notes.

Dear Matthew,

That was a very hot exhibition you put on today. Your acting skills are quite good. I will have some more things for you to do tomorrow, but for the rest of the night enjoy your time with your beautiful wife and friends. You've earned a night of rest and relaxation. Make sure you check back here tomorrow at 8 am for more instructions. I liked the performance you put on today, very breath taking. One more thing, before you go to dinner tonight you need to go shopping. I want you to go to a store and buy a pair of white silky dress pants. You can wear any kind of shirt you want with it as long as u wears a white undershirt underneath it. I also want you to buy some more white Hanes briefs. You'll need to be wearing them tonight and trust me I will know if you are wearing them. Enjoy your evening Matthew and remember I'll be watching you.


Your New Friend

In a fit of rage, Matt crumbles up the note and throws it on the floor. How did I get myself into this mess? How am I going to get out of it? What the hell am I going to do? He looked at his watch and realized he had about an hour before Melissa would be back. He went to the front desk and asked where the nearest men's clothing store was. Forty-five minutes later Matt is back in the room with his new purchases. He purchases some white dress pants and some white Hanes briefs. Matt felt like he could cry, but he had no choice now, he had to do what he was told. He was becoming some mystery man's bitch. He vowed he would not drink tonight. He stripped down till he was naked again and opened the package of briefs and quickly slipped them on. God he hated wearing briefs, they felt so constraining on him, that's why he loved his boxers. He then slipped on a white undershirt. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself in his white t-shirt and white briefs, god he felt like such a child. He took his new pants on and put them on and slipped on his belt. He grabbed a polo shirt from the suitcase and slipped it on. He then tucked the shirts into his pants, puffed them out a bit and buckled the belt. He stood in front of the mirror again and gelled his hair and splashed on some cologne. He again looked at himself and thought it doesn't look so bad, actually looks nice, but you can see those dumb white briefs through the pants.

As he's finishing up Melissa walks in and kisses him on his neck. They briefly chat about how each of their days was. Melissa comments on Matt's new outfit and the briefs that he's wearing. She questions him about it and he comes up with a quick answer. He tells her that while they were out golfing today, he had made a bet and the looser had to wear briefs and white pants for the night. Obviously he lost, he said jokingly. Melissa just laughs and tells Matt how silly you boys are. She begins to get dressed and they continue to talk. Soon she is ready to go; they kiss, and head downstairs to the party. Michael is sitting at the bar and waves to Matt and Melissa as they walk in. Matt quickly waves back and smiles a bit. Michael looks at Matt and can tell he is wearing the white pants and he can clearly see the white briefs. He looks so good, Michael thinks, I can't wait to do more with him.

To be continued.............................................................




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