2008 almost 28 yrs. old

We were in the third week of our marriage. I’d managed to get Walt's thick, long cock in my ass nearly every day, sometimes two or three times in a day. We were doing this for bragging rights. Mostly, he'd lay back and let me ride him, which was fine by me. I wanted him to never forget I was his, anytime and every time he wanted me. While I enjoyed sex, it was a hell of a lot better with someone I loved and respected!

We were sitting on our patio drinking coffee, me naked (of course! It’s my honeymoon!) in his lap. Walt had fucked me long and hard before breakfast. I was snuggled close and had a hard-on forming. It had been over a month since I’d been with Stephanie (Another transgendered woman, and my sometimes lover).

Walt noticed my erection and smiled. Often, he will suck me off. Or, he will play with my cock and suck my breasts when I sit in his lap. This time, he just threw me over his shoulder and carried me to our room.

My husband is a big, strong man, an architect who also works on his job sites. He picked me up as if I were no weight at all and carried me across our house. I got a glimpse in a mirror as we passed of me over his shoulder and him sipping his coffee.

He put me down, undressed, and lay face down on our bed, his legs spread wide. Walt was offering to let me fuck him. I'd fucked him a couple of times before we were married, but I never felt comfortable screwing him. When I hesitated, he rolled over and looked at me.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “I thought you always tell me never to let a good piece of ass go to waste! Isn't mine a good piece of ass?" ("Does this dress make me look fat?")

“Yes......but I meant mine!” I replied.

“Why won’t you fuck mine? I’m willing! I might even come to like it!”

I just sat there. I seem to have the notion that fucking a man will make me less a woman.

“You fuck Stephanie. You fuck Nina….and Mia. And you fucked Maddie! It’s obvious you like to fuck them…..so, Why…..Not…ME?”

“Wives don’t fuck their husbands! Their husbands are supposed to fuck them!” (Now, if that didn't sound sexist......)

"Some wives use strap-on dicks on their lovers and husbands! At least, I'd be getting the real thing!"

Walt's never complained about me having a cock. As long as I have breasts and a willing ass, he's okay. He tells me its a fair trade-off for not having periods and loving anal!

"If I'm going to fuck you everyday, the least you can do is fuck your willing husband."

I still hesitated.

"Angela Nikita Schumann! Get your pretty little ass over here and fuck me!" Walt growled. "NOW!!!"

My little soldier went into hiding. However, when I started lubing his asshole, I started feeling urges again. Besides, he has a cute, tight bottom!

I put the head of my cock against his tight pucker and pushed in as hard as I could. He rewarded me with a yelp. Maybe this won't be so bad, after all!

"Like that, Dearie?" I teased. "Does that make you feel good?"

I reached around him and held his stomach and chest as I thrust rapidly into his willing ass. Damn! This feels pretty good! I didn't realize what I'd been missing!

I lasted only a few minutes before I came. I lay inside Walt and on his back. This felt nice! And I was still hard! I started fucking slowly, savoring the feel of his ass. My cum provided more lubrication. His ass felt nice and warm and slippery.

I looked over in the mirror and started laughing. Walt looked over and started laughing, too! We saw this little transgendered woman fucking a muscular man easily a head taller and a hundred pounds heavier. A chihuahua fucking a wolf!

I fucked him about another ten minutes and emptied another load into him.

As I rolled off he asked ,"That wasn't so bad, was it?"

When I smiled, he said, "Good! Now it's your turn!" 

He then rolled me onto my stomach and buried his significantly larger cock balls deep in my ass!

The next day, I’d finished my shower and came out to find Walt on the bed, naked, stroking his nice extra large cock. He smiled wickedly and motioned me over. I was very sore from a long and thorough fucking earlier in the morning and resigned myself to another (and probably much longer) fucking. That’s what I get for having a tattoo on the top of my ass crack that says “ALWAYS OPEN! ALWAYS YES!” with an arrow pointing to my asshole.

I started to crawl on top to ride him, but he shook his head. He motioned me over and sucked on my cock until it was hard. He spread his legs and raised his hips slightly. I lubed my cock and slid into his asshole.

I couldn’t reach his face to kiss him, but I could take a nipple in my teeth and lightly bite it. He didn’t like that, too much, though. His long, thick cock felt strange against my stomach.  We both decided neither of us liked me fucking him this position.

Walt rolled onto his stomach and I entered him again. I could lay my head on his back while I fucked him. We agreed this felt better. 

Suddenly, I realized how natural and relaxed this felt! I will always be a bottom, and I will always be Walt's "woman", but I liked this. I loved Walt giving himself to me as freely as i give myself to him. I felt closer and more in love with my husband.

Okay, I can do this!

Walt has this habit of raising my skirt to fuck me when I scrub the kitchen floor. He says me ass sways while I'm kneeling and scrubbing. My cute little ass is too much for him to resist! Good! I may not need a cute ass to keep him, but is doesn't hurt (well...maybe it does hurt.) that he likes mine.

I was watching him kneeling, working under the sink when a deliciously wicked thought came to mind. He does have a nice butt, and I won't let a fine piece of ass go to waste! I quickly lubed my cock and just as quickly pulled down his shorts. I grabbed his hips as I pushed my cock all the way in.

Walt was surprised and bumped his head, cussing me. He was trapped under the sink and helpless. I was pumping as fast as I could. It didn't take long for me to fill his ass with my cream. I quickly wiped him up and left.

Wham, bam, thank you, Man!!

I quickly ran to our bedroom, Walt in hot pursuit! I lay back on the bed. Damn! My cock was still hard! Walt stared at me from the doorway. I smiled wickedly. I pointed at my cock, still messy from fucking him, and motioned him over. If he wants me to fuck him, he can suck me clean like I do him!

I lay back and enjoyed the sensation of him sucking my cock. I played with my breasts. He started to stick a finger in my ass, but I told him no. I wanted this to be a nice, long blowjob, but my little soldier had a mind of it's own. I stiffened and filled his mouth with my cream. Oh, well.

I don't have the urge, or desire to fuck him very often, but it's nice to know he'll let me. 


Angie K


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