Late May 2008 - summer

I woke the next day very sore, but very happy. We had the wedding night we both wanted. Walt was slower waking, so I took a quick shower. When I got out, I noticed a couple of gift boxes by my suitcase.

"One's from Stephanie and the other's from me," Walt sleepily said.

I opened his first and squealed in delight! Inside were several sets of Hello Kitty camisoles and bikini panties! The sets would leave me with a bare midrift. I was looking forward to modeling these for Walt.

"I know how much you loved your old tees. I kinda missed seeing you in them." He looked a little embarrassed as he continued. "I don't know your sizes: I asked Nina to come with me, since you are similar builds. The sales clerk looked at me with a knowing smile and asked if I was shopping for my 'daughter'. It didn't help when Nina (my adoptive sister) stuck her arm in mine and said "His fiance"!"

He then confessed, "I asked Nina to model a set to see how they might look on you. I.......I missed you."

"Did she look good?" I teased. "Don't worry, I trust you! Of course, if it had been Mia...."

Walt turned very red. I laughed and kissed him.

"Thank you very much! I'll wear these later! I fuck you as a thank you? Or because we're just married? Tough choice!"

I grabbed the lube and lay on my back. Walt kissed me as he worked his lubed fingers into my asshole, loosening me up. When we felt I was ready, I lifted my legs to his shoulders.

"Do it quick, Walt,  before I have time to think about it. I promise I'll tell you if it's too painful."

I gasped as he slid the head past the opening. My eyes were wide. Damn! It still was very painful! I asked Walt  to go slow until the pain receded. He looked doubtful, but I quietly implored him to continue.

"Walt, I'll be fine, I whispered. "Its our honeymoon. Please, don't pull away," I implored softly.

Walt seemed to be moved more by my soft spoken pleas than with my temper tantrums. He thrust gently, ever watching my eyes. as the pain receded.

"I think you can fuck me harder, now." I purred.

Walt saw the wicked gleam in my eye and started thrusting harder and deeper. I forgot the pain as the waves of pleasure overtook me. I was holding his face close as I kissed him, sticking my tongue in and biting his lip, My purrs became soft growls as I writhed beneath him.

"I see my little bitch is back," Walt said, smiling brightly.

"Yeessss!.......I'm back! And in full heat! What are you going to do about it?" I replied throatily.

He increased his pace and the force behind his thrusts. He hit the back of my channel each time causing me to flinch and grunt. But, since I wasn't showing distress, he continued hammering my ass. I was getting sore, but I loved it! My eyes glazed over as that huge cock filled my chute. It was like someone was fucking me with a baseball bat!

I exploded all over our stomachs. This was the signal for him to pick up the pace and finish. I could feel his hot load leaking out my sphincter. We untangled and lay there, spent. Walt ran his fingers across my stomach and I shivered with delight. I'm very much like a lazy cat. I always purr when he strokes my body!

I started to leave, but he pulled me back.

"I'm ready again, if you're not too sore," he said with a wicked smile.

"Not sore enough to say no!" (Wow! Those blue pills REALLY DO WORK!!)

He rolled me onto my stomach and spread my legs. Because of my difficulties last night, he made sure I was well lubed. As much as I can handle the pain, I was grateful for his consideration. I wiggled my hips enticingly and was rewarded by his fat cock head pushing against my asshole.

I clenched a little, but I was so well lubed, he slid right in! I gasped as I felt intense pain at his entry, but it faded as quickly as it came on. He reached around and cupped my breasts, squeezing slightly, while nuzzling my neck and ears.

"Are you okay?" he asked, "Would you mind if I tried fucking you harder?"

Being fucked the way I liked and in my favorite position?! Of course, I said yes! I was soon being forced into the mattress. I arched my ass up trying to take him in as deep as possible. Each thrust would roll my bottom up slightly. My expression goes slack when I'm being fucked like I want. The pressure against my ass walls was pushing me closer to coming.

"You feel sooooo goooood inside me!' I moaned.

I grabbed the sheets as Walt thrust harder and faster. He was breathing harder, a sign he was very close to coming. He dumped his hot load into my very sore ass. His cum was leaking by his shaft out my asshole. He lay on top a while, pinning me beneath him.

I expected him to roll off, but he started thrusting slowly again. Again?? This quickly? Walt was making sure his new bride was thoroughly fucked! I was very sore at this point, but there was no way I was telling him no! It had been a very long time since he fucked me this many times in a row. He was fucking me like I craved! He pounded me another fifteen, twenty minutes before he dumped a smaller load in my ass.

We took a short nap, intertwined. I love that he is always willing to cuddle afterwards. I have always been highly romantic and was very lucky to find someone like Walt.

Afterwards, I opened the gift from Stephanie. We both laughed. She gave me several Hello Kitty sleepshirts and more bikini panties! She had even found a very short Hello Kitty dress! My lovers know me all to well.


We were both very hungry by this time. Walt wanted to go out, but I offered to fix something, then snuggle together.

"Uhh....The stove doesn't arrive till next week," he said sheepishly.

"I make a pretty mean PB&J," I responded. "Besides, wouldn't you rather see me prance around in one of these outfits making you a meal?" He thought about it, then motioned me to the kitchen.

I was almost finished when I felt Walt slide his hand inside my panties and cup my bottom. Boy, did that feel wonderful!

"I can remove these if you like," I purred.

"I kinda like doing it like this!" he said.

I rolled around to face him allowing him to slip the other hand in. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him.

"I thought you were hungry," I teased. That short nap must have revived him.

"For you," he replied, and spun me around to face the counter.

He slid my panties down, then worked a couple of fingers into me. I was still loose from the earlier fuckings. He dropped his pants and slid that wonderful cock of his all the way up my ass. He wasted no time as he grabbed my hips and started pounding my tender ass. Each thrust lifted me slightly from the floor. Two serious fuckings in one evening!

I held onto the counter to heep from falling. I was standing on my toes, barely touching the floor. Only Walt's hands on my hips kept me falling.


"I really love this view of your bottom," he said. "It makes me want to fuck you all day!"

"You know I like doggy style, too!" I purred. "You can always bend me over the table and pretend it's your desk!"

I could almost see the wheels turning in his lust crazed mind as he began fucking me harder! He was pulling me down to meet his thrusts. My feet were off the floor now as he guided my body on his cock. Holding my hips, he was in complete control as he rammed his huge cock repeatedly up my tender ass. I could tell him to stop anytime I wanted, confident that he would. However, I was really aroused by the fact that I was totally helpless in his hands. He could fuck me any way he wanted and I would be powerless to stop him. He is eight inches taller and out weighs me by nearly 100 pounds! Not to mention he is very strong.

This feeling of helplessness, along with the force of his fucking, caused something that had never happened before! I came, shooting my load on the counter wall. Shortly after that, I came a second time! 

I nearly passed out. For the first time, I'd had enough. I was ready to stop. But Walt hadn't noticed. He was still hammering my now very tender ass.

I suddenly went limp. Walt pulled me off his cock and carried me to the bed. He was worried he'd badly hurt me. I pulled him to me and kissed him. I smiled up at him, still weak.

"Damn, Walt! You sure know how to fuck a girl. That was fantastic!"  I looked over and saw his partially erect cock. "You're not ready to quit, are you!"

He looked a little guilty, but I could still see the desire in his eyes.

"Don't you think I have a fine ass?" I asked. when he nodded yes, I rolled onto my stomach and spread my cheeks.

"Never let a fine piece of ass go to waste!"

I must be crazy! I thought, then, No more blue pills! But I lay there smiling as Walt plowed my ass one more time.


The next morning I woke famished. The only thing we'd eaten the day before was a couple of bites of a PB&J sandwich. I was determined to make us a hot breakfast! I remembered Walt had an old camping cook stove in his SUV. Fortunately, it had instructions in its box.

Walt woke to the smell of coffee. When he came to the table, he went straight to his plate. I'd made him an omelette and toast. He was so hungry, he didn't stop to kiss me or slip a hand inside my panties! I was fixing mine, when he came up behind me and slipped his hand down, squeezing my bottom.

He kissed me and asked, "May I have another, please?" My first home cooked meal as Mrs. Schumann! Of course I was pleased.

We finished breakfast and I cleaned up. Usually, Walt helps, if he's home, but this time, he just stood behind me and held me, kissing my neck. I liked help like that. I took a little longer!


"Walt, we need to buy some groceries and fuel for your stove!" I hollered across the house."And I need some clothes!"

I showed him the clothes in my suitcase. The girls had repacked while Walt and I danced at our wedding. It was filled with sexy fantasy outfits! The note read, "In case of boredom, wear these!" signed Steph, Maddie, Nina, and Mia. All I had to wear was my gown and heels and the Hello Kitty dress. Fortunately, Stephanie had packed my sneakers.

Walt laughed until I reminded him people would think he was a dirty old man, if he was seen with me in that dress! And that guys would hit on me if I went by myself.

Our first stop got me a sundress. I could buy more clothes later.

I hadn't bought groceries since I became Miguel's mistress, Walt used a service that delivered to the apartment. He hadn't bought groceries since he married his first wife.

I held up a huge cucumber and whispered I would keep it handy for when he was too tired. He turned beet red. Since we weould be using his camp stove another week, I bought things I could cook in one skillet. I was very thankful for all the cooking and housekeeping lessons Mama Rosa taught me.

We hit our first snag when it came time to pay for things. The girls had also kept my purse: it had my cash and cards. I had my driver's license and a few dollars in my clutch. Walt had to pay for everything since his cards were in his name. He was embarrassed: he'd forgotten to set me up on his accounts. He'd already said he didn't want me to use my trust for our household expenses. (He was really going to be surprised when he finds out I'd paid off the house as a wedding present to him!) He asked me to call Mrs. Daly (Wren), his secretary to finalize arrangements.

We grabbed a quick burger and I called Wren on the way home. She laughed and said she'd make arrangements with a local bank branch to set me up.

After lunch, I decided to discuss my new roles and boundaries with Walt. I also wanted to discuss our honeymoon activities further. I slipped into another camisole and pantie set and sat on his lap. I let him slip his hand under my top and play with my breast.

"Darling, I know I'm exhausting you, but I'd like to be able to brag that you fucked me two or three times every day of our honeymoon," I said , with a very serious expression.

His eyes went wide and he dropped his hand from my breast! His panicked look was priceless. He was thoroughly exhausted: he'd managed to fuck me four or five times yesterday.

I laughed and kissed him, then told him my plan. He was going to lay on his back and I would ride him a few moments. We would do this several times a day. When he was rested and recharged, then he could fuck me any way he wanted. He looked dubious, but said he would try.

"Good! I want you to fuck me at least once in every room of the house, and maybe by the pool. And in a closet, if there's room!"

I threw a pillow on the floor and said, "Let's start here."

I removed my panties, but left the top on. I thought it might add a little extra fun for him getting to my breasts. I eased myself down on his cock, expecting a lot of pain, but felt only a little at first. I was still very sore and only wanted to ride him a few minutes.

After about five minutes, I started to roll off, but Walt held my hips.

"Would you mind a few minute more? he asked.

I smiled, pleased he still wanted to fuck me, even as tired as he was. He never refers to me being a tranny. For the last several years, I've been his girlfriend, lover, and now, his wife. I rode him for another ten minutes, then pleaded soreness. He smiled, pleased with himself. I'm frequently reminding him that if I wasn't sore, then he wasn't fucking me enough


That evening, Walt insisted on taking me to dinner and dancing. He'd found a nice restaurant down by the marina. We took a walk by the water. I had a sweater in Walt's SUV, but I was still cold. It was nice having Walt hold me in his arms.

When we got home, I undressed him and pushed him onto his back onto the bed. I removed my panties while he lubed his cock, Our evening out was all the foreplay we needed. I raised my dress and slid down on his cock and started rocking. When I was sure he was going to stay in, I pulled my dress over my head and removed my bra.

I felt hypnotized by my rocking movements. His shaft was just sliding I me as I rocked back and forth. I realized I was hearing soft music in the background. Walt had a stereo in this bedroom. I smiled and let my body flow with the music. Walt played with me breasts as I swayed to the music. I was sore, but not painfully so. I reached down and stroked my cock. I'm sure my eyes were glazed over. I often get slightly flushed when I'm being properly fucked.   

I started stroking myself faster and soon creamed all over Walt's stomach. I stretched out and lay on top of him, his cock still inside me. I smiled my well-fucked smile and kissed him, before laying my head on his chest.

"I'm sorry I didn't make you come," I apologized.

"Darling, I came over an hour ago," he whispered contentedly. I looked at him sleepily as he explained. "You rode me nearly two hours! I've never seen you so contented and relaxed: you made me feel like the best lover in the world!"

Sleep came easily this night.


Angie K


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