May 2008

Our new life was off to a fantastic start. Thanks to his little blue pills, Walt made sure I was thoroughly fucked! I certainly had no complaints. Over the next several days, our routine was pretty much as I suggested. I'd ride him 15-20 minutes a couple of time during the ay, and longer at bedtime.

We needed to get the house ready for our things, which would be arriving in a few days.

Walt had purchased the house from his parents when they moved back east. It was an older Spanish style with nice courtyards in front and back. The front had a nice little yard, while the back one had a pool, patio, and small guest quarters. We had a nice living area with a small study. The kitchen and dining area would be great for entertaining!

I asked Walt if we could leave the house pretty much as it was, and just repaint the rooms! I loved it! Our first (and only) house! Walt was pleased. He grew up in it. I wanted to make changes to the master bath, but the kitchen could wait until I knew what I really wanted.

The guest house had already been renovated. Walt had planned to live in it while we did the main house, but, since all we'd do is paint, we'd live in our house. We needed to buy paint and supplies.

Unfortunately, that meant I needed more clothes: mine were still in the apartment, 2-1/2 hours away!

We got up early and ate breakfast at a local cafe. I knew what I liked, but Walt wasn't saying much. He wanted me to make all the choices. I reminded him that pleasing him was just as important as pleasing me.

After the paint store, we met with the local branch of his bank. We set up our joint accounts, with him protesting when I diverted part of my trust income into our shared accounts. He put the house in both our names and tried to pay it off. He didn't owe too terribly much, but was upset to discovered I'd already paid it off!

I'd already forgotten about how touchy he can be about supporting me. He was ready to chew me out. Wow! Our first fight as newlyweds! I was going to have to do some serious cock sucking later.

I batted my eyes and gave him my best Sex Kitten pout and put a finger to my lip, and said, "I love you, Walt."

He shook his head, smiled and pulled me close. " I love you, too, Angie." (Even men who like class occasionally want a Sex Kitten!)

Next stop was a local resale shop. I needed some old clothes for painting. I also need jeans and nice tops, plus a sweater  and shoes. It's a lot cooler at night here. I also wanted a nice dress forgoing out. We even found a skimpy bikini for me when we used the pool. I wasn't going to spend a lot since I had recently bought nice clothes. They would becoming shortly, along with the rest of things.

We grabbed bite at an outside café, enjoying the pleasant weather. Walt tried to hide it, but I saw him watching a very attractive woman walking by. I don't mind: it amuses me that he thinks I don't notice.

I kicked him under they table and said, " Hey! Eyes on me, buster!"

Walt turned red, then asked if I had noticed her dress and boots. (Of course, I noticed! I was checking her out, too!) She wore a very short black dress with thigh high black suede high heeled boots. Her ass also swayed nicely as she walked.

I was waiting for Walt to put his foot in his mouth, but he surprised me, and said, "That outfit would look better on you!"

"Okay, I want one like it!" I caught up the woman and asked where she bought it, explaining my reasons. She laughed and tossed hair. (Damn! I wanted her!) She said she wore it to turn heads. (She sure turned mine!) We ended up exchanging numbers and promising to get together sometime.

Walt watched me sway back to him. He usually likes watching me, but not this time!

"You got her number, didn't you!" Damn, he was angry! "Couldn't you at least wait until after our honeymoon?" 

I hadn't thought about how my dalliances would be viewed now that we were married. I started to apologize, but he shook his head and dropped his keys on the table. He told me to go home. He needed to walk.

This time, I knew the Sex Kitten routine would be a complete disaster. When I got home, I changed into my work clothes and started cleaning. Anything else might be the wrong thing. I'd cleaned most the windows and was scrubbing the kitchen floor when he finally walked in.

"You've been busy," he commented, then stood quietly.

"Are you hungry? I made soup, and I can make something to go with it."

He just turned and went to the sofa. I followed him and knelt before him.

"'Walt, I'm sorry. I don't know what to say."

He pulled me to his lap and held me. I just leaned into him and behaved. I felt I was in the middle of a minefield. Any misstep could spell doom.

When he spoke, I could hear his hurt. Andwhat he said hurt me deeply.

"You were always open about your needs. I can't say I approved, but that was the price of having you. I just didn't think you'd start again so soon." He said quietly.

"Walt, remember when I said I wanted you to myself these two weeks? That also meant I was only yours, also. I wasn't trying to pick her up. I don't know anyone here besides you. She looked like we could be friends. Maybe lovers further down the road, but not anytime in the near future."

 "Angie, I'm sorry. I was just resentful and jealous."

After supper we were preparing for bed when he pulled me to the sofa.

"Would you mind doing it here? he asked. "I think I'd like to suck your breasts a while."

I pulled my top over my head, leaving my bra. Sometimes, it's fun letting him undress me. He certainly enjoys it!

I sat on his lap and let him play. He kissed me, nuzzling my neck. He squeezed my breasts through my bra. His mouth moved down my throat and over my shoulder. He took a strap in his teeth and slid it off my shoulder, then kissed from my shoulder down to the top of my breasts.

Walt leaned back and looked at me, admiringly, then slipped his hand inside cupping me. He slid the other strap down, then freed both breasts. He gently ran his hands across them.

Walt has always liked my breasts. I seldom wore a bra under my tank tops. Because they are small (and partly because I wore a lot of Hello Kitty tops), he'd thought I might be a teenager.

Since I have no testicles, and have received treatments, my breasts grew slightly. A little reconstructive surgery (No implants, fortunately!) gave my breasts a more rounded look. I'm a 32C.

Walt sucked and played with my breasts and nipples several minutes. He's spent a whole afternoon playing with them on many occasions. I don't believe his first wife let him do much.

I removed my pants and panties. I walked away, giving him a view to my ass, looking for the lube. I noticed him looking at my small cock as I returned. Instead of climbing onto his cock, I stood on the sofa, my cock inches from his mouth.

"Suck this, first. Then you can fuck me."  I suggested.

Holding his head, I fucked his mouth. I didn't do this very often, maybe only a couple of times in the past. I wanted to fuck something, and his mouth was handy. I didn't last but a couple of moments before I dumped a load into his mouth.

I held his face close, making him swallow."Keep sucking!" I demanded.

It was an interesting sensation, him sucking my cock with it all the way inside. I was soon hard again, and fucking his face. He wanted to stop, but I wasn't ready. He could fuck me anytime he liked, and I wouldn't refuse him. He'd better damn well suck me when I wanted!

His tongue on the bottom of my cock felt wonderful! I wanted to stretch it out, but I really didn't want to try his patience. I lasted about five minutes.

"Swallow it all?" I asked. He shook his head, my cock still in his mouth.

All the while I face-fucked him, he was stroking and lubing his cock. It was nice and hard. After I forced the head in, I slid down his shaft until the head hit the end of my chute. A cock doesn't have to be very long to please me, as long as it's thick. Thankfully, Walt's is both!

I've measured Walt's cock two or three times. He's eleven inches long, and three inches thick. The head is even thicker! My mouth is a little small and I can't get more than the head in before my jaw starts hurting. He fills my ass nicely, though. He gets mostly erect, but, occasionally, he gets as hard as a rock. He grows about another1/2 inch in length. I feel as if someone has shoved a baseball bat up my ass! And, boy, does that feel fantastic!

While my favorite position is being fucked face down on the bed, (or on the floor, or up against a wall) I'm getting to really enjoy riding him, and seeing his face. Silve taught me how to kiss, but Walt taught me kissing is fun! Walt likes seeing my expressions change as I go from concentrating on pleasing him to relaxing and enjoying the ride.

I'd ridden him several minutes, when he gently pushed me off. He stood and pulled my up to him. I had to stand on my toes to kiss him. He lifted me by my waist and gently set me on his cock. With bright eyes, and a big smile, I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist as he carried me to our bedroom. When he carries me like this, I know I'm going to get fucked thoroughly!

I held on tight as Walt lay us down on the bed. Because of his size, he stayed inside. Just the short walk to the bed had brought me near the edge of an orgasm, and a few gentle thrusts later, I came all over our stomachs.

Walt started out slow, with long, gentle thrusts. (Then again, all his thrusts are long!) He slowly picked up the pace until he was pounding my ass.

"Getting sore, yet?" He asked mischievously.

 With a wicked gleam in my eye I answered, " Not sore enough, buster!"

"I took another pill."

I smiled, knowing we'd both be drained by the time he finished.

Walt fucked me hard for about ten minutes before he emptied his load into me. I could feel his cock twitching with each spurt. His mouth stayed on mine until he finished coming.

Walt got up and pulled me to the edge of the bed, turning me over. with my face on the bed, on my knees, and pulling my ass to his cock. He teased my asshole with his cock head, pushing enough the open me slightly, then pull back. He repeated this several times before he grabbed my hips and rammed that monster balls deep.

Since my face was buried in the sheets, Walt couldn't see my eyes fly wide open, or hear my gasp of pain. More often than not, that first hard thrust is extremely painful. The pain recedes after several thrusts, but not this time. Because of the angle, the pain stayed intense. All the pressure was against one side of my channel. I felt like I was being torn apart!

After a few minutes, the pain was getting worse and I tried to rise up on my arms, but Walt pushed my shoulders back down. I tried again and he pushed me down again. I was crying from the intense pain.

Finally, I managed to say, "Walt! Please! It hurts too much!"

I had to repeat myself several times before he heard and pulled out. He tries very hard not to hurt me, and was very up set to see me crying as much as I was. I motioned to let him know the pain was fading.

When the pain had faded enough, I raised upon all fours, offering myself to him.

"Bad angle." Then I seductively said, "Mr. Schumann, please fuck my ass as long and as hard as you want!"

He grabbed my hips and slid right in. It still hurt when he hit the end of my channel, but that pain I can handle.  Walt managed to come twice before he collapsed, spent. He woke me a couple more times that night.

A famous model once said the perfect wife should be a lady in the drawing room, a  master chef in the kitchen, and a whore in the bedroom.

I know I have the whore part down!


Angie K


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