After he proposed, Walt suggested moving in and renovating a house he owned in Monterrey. It was much larger than our apartment, and would put him closer to most of his work. We could entertain easier, and have more overnight guests. I could go back to school here. Down side was it would put us another hour away from our families and friends.

Maddie, Stephanie, and the girls thought it would be great! The house had a pool, a small yard and a great view! (Besides my ass, they claimed!) Of course, I agreeed! I'd follow Walt anywhere!

Walt had planned to take a couple of weeks for our honeymoon, and go sailing. We would work on the house after we got back. I told him having him two weeks to myself would be honeymoon enough! We could take a honeymoon another time!

Walt and I were finalizing arrangements. I wanted a simple, casual ceremony, but he insisted I wear a nice gown, have bridesmaids and flowers. He said I would regret it later, if I didn't!

I was having a hard time concentrating. It had been a long two weeks, and I really wanted Walt to ram his cock up my ass! I had to remind myself, I wanted to be tight for our wedding night. I wanted it to be as close to a "first time" as possible!

Maddie offered her house for the ceremony and catered the food. Stephanie was my maid of honor, with Nina and Mia as bridesmaids. Roger was best man, and Maddie chose to be a grooms woman, wearing a stunning black formal gown!  Felipe gave me away while Mama Rosa, my adoptive mother, cried her heart out.

Walt's family lived too far away. He really didn't want them to attend. I would meet them later.

Afterwards, Walt and I were dancing to a very nice, slow number.

"Mr. Schumann," I whispered seductively, "Would you kindly place your hand on your wife's bottom?"

"Mrs. Schumann," he replied, "Shall I reach down the back of your gown to do it?"

I turned red and lay my head against him, smiling.

"I love you, Mr. Schumann!"

"I love you, Mrs. Schumann!"

I was 28, Walt was almost 50.

We made the long drive to our new home, where Walt carried me across the threshold. Looking back to when I was first with Dave those many years ago, I never imagined I would actually marry someone! For a very long time, in the back of my mind, I was just a boy playing at being a woman. Somewhere along the way, I became a woman!

Miguel treated me as one. Silve considered me a rival. I went from being a transsexual woman child to being a grown transgendered woman with Walt.

Steph had come up earlier and made up the bed in one of our spare rooms. She'd left a bottle of champagne in the fridge, and some snacks. She also stocked our pantry, a very nice gesture, since I didn't expect to get out of bed much for a couple of days.

I handed Walt a little package, and said with a wicked smile, "You might need these!" Inside were some little blue pills. He laughed, and pulled out his own package of little blue pills.

"I took one an hour ago." He smiled lustfully.

I slowly undressed for Walt, teasing him. He lay on the bed,his eyes filled with undisguised lust. I walked away to dim the lights, a sway in my walk.

"No," he said, "please leave them on!"

I still had my heels on so I walked around the room, just out of reach. He was stroking his magnificent cock. I was very pleased with how he looked at me.

"So," I asked, "Do you like what you see?"

"You're so damned beautiful!" he claimed. "You always know how to excite me!"

I lay face down on the bed and raised a leg to allow him to remove my shoe. He started at my ankle and kissed his way up the back of my leg until he reached my bottom, then kissed his way back down the other leg, removing the other shoe. He turned me over onto my back and kissed his way up the inside of my thigh, then back down to my ankle. He moved to the other leg and kissed slowly up to my hips.

Walt spent several minutes kissing the hollows of my hips before he took my cock into his mouth. He took my entire length in and licked the area bewteen my cock and my asshole. Shivers travelled up my spine! I moaned and squirmed beneath him as he continued licking and sucking, taking my cum in his mouth.

He slowly kissed his way to my navel, nibbling and gently biting as he went. He covered my stomach with kisses as he worked his way to the hollow between my breasts. Hw would fondle one breast while he kissed and licked the other. He lightly flicked his tongue across my nipples. I moaned and leaned my head back, encouraging him to kiss my neck.

When he finally reached my mouth, I held his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. It had been a long two weeks and I was ready to fuck him!

I raised my legs back over my head as Walt slid a pillow beneath my bottom. I wanted to see his huge cock as he slid it in my ass! His eleven inch cock is over two inches wide, making it a tight fit inside me. The head is even wider. It's like a baseball sliding inside me!

Walt lubed my asshole then lubed his cock. As he put the head against my asshole, I  clenched tightly. I was breathing rapidly I was afraid of the pain! I'd never been afraid before! Why now? Walt had fucked me hundreds of times before!

Tears ran down my face as I pleaded, "Walt? Please? Don't?"

He rolled off me and I ran to the bathroom crying. This was my wedding night! It's supposed to be special! Even magical! Not terrifying!!

I don't know how long I'd been crying when Walt covered me with a blanket. I turned and cried into his shoulder. He gently picked me up and carried me to our sofa. He held me on his lap and stroked my hair until I was cried out.

"I knew something was seriously wrong when you didn't demand I force myself in," he said quietly.

"As often as you have fucked me, I've never really watched it going in!" I cried. "I was suddenly afraid of the pain!"

He whispered in my ear,"We don't have to tonight, we can wait."

He seemed surprised when I cried, "But, I wanted this night to be so wonderful! Our wedding night should be special!"

He only smiled as he continued stroking me hair. He was so kind and sensitive, I knew he would never force me. I started relaxing.

"Walt, carry me back to bed and make me your wife?" I asked softly. "I love you very much, Mr. Schumann."

As he carried me back to bed, he said, "And I love you very much,Mrs. Schumann."

This time, I wrapped my legs around him as he entered. I  squirmed against his cock, slowly taking a little more each minute. It hurt exceedingly, but I was slowly relaxing.

After many long minutes, the head slipped past my sphincter and into my ass.

I gasped in pain,and grimaced, but pulled Walt's face to mine and kissed him repeatedly.

"Please, Darling?" I asked. "Don't stop," I said quietly. This caught his attention more than any screaming and yelling might have done.

"Are you sure?"

I smiled, tearfully, and said, "Mr. Schumann, I want you to fuck me now. But let's go slowly."

Walt slowly slid his entire length in, finally hitting the end of my chute. I could feel his cock head rubbing my walls as he slowly stroked in and out. The pain of entry slowly receeded the longer he fucked me. I don't know how long he'd been fucking me, when I noticed the pain was gone. I was soon feeling wonderful!

"Walt, I love you," I whispered in his ear. I could feel him smiling against my neck.

I held him close, enjoying the feel of his hard cock filling me completely. I wouldn't cum this time, but didn't care! Walt had relaxed and had found a pace that we both could enjoy!

I held him close as he filled my ass with his hot load. He rolled off and I snuggled next to him. I lay there awake, savoring these new feelings.

Sometime in the early morning,Walt started running his fingers across my stomach and then played with my breasts. He knew I was awake, but I wanted him to play with my body a little while.

Finally, he asked, "Are you too sore?"

I spread my legs wide and said, "A little. But if I'm not sore, then you aren't really fucking me, are you?"

This time, the pain rapidly faded as he entered me. He fucked me a little faster and a little harder, but still rather gently. I was content with that. Tomorrow, we can fuck harder.

I plan to show him just how good a wife I can be!


Angie K


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