We returned from seeing Luke's mother and brothers, Jerry, 30, and Kyle, 28. Luke was happier than I had ever seen him. His family had totally accepted me and Luke hand even held my hand and kissed me in front of them. It seemed both normal and strange at the same time.

A couple days after returning I was still confused about my feelings. I lay awake with Luke sleeping soundly with his arm across my chest and his head on my shoulder. I knew I needed to talk to someone and knew who that would be.

The next morning after breakfast, I told Luke that I needed to go and check on my business and I'd be beck in a couple of hours. He said to hurry back because he didn't like not having me with him. I said I would.

I went to the store to see Joe, my manager. Joe and I had been best friends since school and although Joe was gay, I loved him like a brother. I knew that I could talk with him and he'd listen and advise.

When I walked in he smiled and said, 'Come to check up on me boss?' 'Fuck you,' I replied. He laughed and shook my hand.

'Joe, I need to have a serious talk with you. Let's go to the office.' As we passed the lounge he grabbed two sodas out of the refirgerator and handed me one. We went into the office and I closed the door. 'It must be serious if you are closing the door. What is it?' he asked as he opened his soda.

'Joe, I'm gay,' I said. In shock at what I said he dropped his soda on his desk. 'Yea, right,' he answered.

'Joe, I am gay.'

'Wh..What? Ho...How? Wh...When?' he stammered.

I filled him in on Luke from the first time I saw him. I left out no details, even telling him about our sexual encounters. I told him about my feeling and how they were growing. When I finished he looked at me and said 'Brad, from what you are telling me, it sounds to me like you have found your mate and have fallen in love. Take it and run. If he is all you've told me, don't let him get away.'

'Thanks Joe. So you think I ought to make it official and ask him to be my lover?'

'Fuck yes, and I'm jealous. Ever since school, I've wanted to have sex with you and you were untouchable. Then I met Tom and we became lovers but I still have the hots for you.'

I smiled and said, 'Well, that just might happen one day. I think I'll go find a jeweler.'

'Well, let me be the first to congratulate you.' He closed the blinds in his office and hugged me and looked into my eyes and when he did I kissed him lightly and said 'Thanks. I'll have you and Tom over soon to meet him.'

'You better,' he answered. I kissed him again and left. I found a jeweler and was soon on my way home with matching bands.

When I arrived home I kissed Luke and asked if he would mind getting me a cup of coffee. He hurried to the kitchen and when he was gone I slipped the ring box under the cushion of the sofa. I quickly went to the bedroom and stripped and returned just as he was bringing in my coffee. I sat on the sofa, took a sip, then set it aside. I asked him to to sit beside me and when he did I took a deep breath and slipped my left hand under the cushion to retrieve the box. I looke at him and said, 'Luke, there is something I need to ask you.' 'Sure, what is it?' he replied.

I opened the box with one hand and as I said 'Luke, will you be my partner for life?' I held the open box in front of him. His eyes grew large and began to tear as he said 'Oh yes baby. Nothing would make me happier. I'll be by your side for life.' He leaned in and kissed me after which we placed a ring on each others left hand. I led him to bed and we made hot passionate love, rimming each other ass, sucking and fucking for hours. Shortly after we were totally spent, the phone rang. I answered and heard a shaky voice say, 'Brad, this is Betty Conners. May I speak with Luke please?'

I handed the phone to Luke and said, 'It's your mom.' 'Hi, Mom,' he said, then the expression on his face changed and and I heard him say, 'Oh no. I'll fly back immediately.' He hung up and began crying. 'What's wrong?' I asked. When he could answer he said, 'My dad was killed in a car wreck a couple of hours ago.'

I took him in my arms and held him close as I said that I'd make arrangements for him to fly home. 'I want you to come with me, please. I need you by my side now.' I agreed.

We flew back out at daylight and was soon with his mother and brothers. She insisted that we stay at the house with her. After about a half hour she noticed the rings. She looked at Luke and smiled and asked, 'Son, do you have something you want to tell me?'

'Yes mam, I do. Brad asked me to be his life partner and I accepted.' She began to cry saying how happy she was for both of us and hugged and kissed us both then looked at me and said 'Welcome to this disfunctionate family, I guess.' We all laughed. She left the room and a few minutes later she, Jerry and Kyle returned. They congratulated us and gave us a hug. Jerry looked at Luke and said, 'Let's go get some coffee. I don't think Brad will mind if you run off with your brother for a short while.'

'Not at all,' I said and Betty said, Kyle and I will take good care of Brad for you.'

'I bet. I'm affraid of what wild childhood tales you might tell on me,' he said with a laugh.

'Brad,' Betty said, 'I know Luke is upset about his dad, but I've never seen him happier. I can tell you two love each other very much.'

'Yes, mam, I do.'

I guess you are wondering why Jerry took Luke away. Well, Jerry has something he needs to tell Luke. I told him that Kyle and I would fill you in. You see with the exception of Luke's dad we are a very compassionate and understanding family. No one except John had a problem with Luke being gay. Jerry is gay also and that is what he's talking to Luke about. It's just that Jerry managed to keep his secret. He has a partner but they maintained seperate residences for appearances. I'm sure now that will change.'

Kyle spoke up and said, 'Had dad found out, Jerry would have been cut off as well. Jerry and I have discussed it and we plan to sign over one third of the business to Luke if he wants it or we will buy out his third. We are just glad that he has found someone. He is a very caring person.'

'You're not telling me anything there that I don't know,' I answered. 'And thank you so much for accepting me like you have. I can see why Luke loves you all so much.'

About then Luke and Jerry returned with another handsome man. Jerry came up to me and said, Brad, I'd like you to meet my lover, Greg.' We shook hands and he congratulated me and Luke on our union.

We survived the funeral and Jerry and Kyle told Luke about the plans for the company. an agreement was finally reached after much discussion. They convinced Luke to at least accept thirty percent of the company and vote on decisions when they couldn't agree and take a five thousand monthly salary. I pulled Kyle and Jerry aside and told them about my wealth assuring them that I didn't need any of Luke's money and that I hadn't told him about it yet with all that had happened.

We prepared to return home and invited Jerry and Greg to visit. They promised they would.

When we got back home I told Luke about my trust and that his money was just that his. The next weekend we invited Joe and Tom over for dinner Saturday night. We were clothed and after dinner I looked at Joe and said, 'So you've wanted me since high school, huh?' 'Fuck yes. You've always turned me on.'

'And I can see why,' Tom said.

'Well, why don't we all get comfortable,' I said and began stripping. Luke stood and did the same and immediately Joe and Tom followed. When we were all naked I looked at Joe and said, 'If Tom has no objections, Joe, it's all yours.'

'None at all. We have an open relationship,' Tom answered. Joe was immediately on his knees swallowing my cock. I looked over and Tom and Luke were kissing and groping each others stiffening cocks. Soon they were in a sixty-nine. I urged Joe off my cock and we got into a sixty-nine. They spent the night and before it was over we had all sucked and fucked each other.

Two months later Jerry and Greg visited. We told them from the start that we lived nude and they were happy with that. It turned out that it was the first time Jerry and Luke had seen each other nude since they were kids. As the evening progressed, Greg and Luke were having sex and Jerry and I were having sex. At one point, Jerry and Luke were on the floor and Greg was fucking Luke and I was fucking Jerry. Before we know it Jerry and Luke had worked themselves around and were sucking each other. Greg and I both climaxed and sat back and watched as the brothers sucked each others cocks for the first time. Later in the evening Greg and I watched as they fucked each other for the first time. The four of us get together about once every four to six weeks for hot uninhibited sex.

The painting is coming along and will soon be finished. The love Luke and I have for each other grows every day. We have taken a couple of gay cruises with Jerry and Greg. Kyle though married with a four year old son, stops by Jerry's when we visit and lets us suck him. We think he is working up to sucking and joining in on the fun we have. WE are letting him advance at his own pace, but we all feel that soon he'll be sucking our cocks as we suck his.




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