I awoke Sunday morning alone in bed. I then smelled coffee brewing and bacon frying. I went and pissed and walked into the kitchen undetected. I slipped up behind Luke and wrapped my arms around his waist and said 'Good Morning.'

'Good morning to you too, sleepy head,' he replied and turned and kissed me firmly. We ate breakfast and cleaned the kitchen and when we were done I took his hand and led him to the sofa. 'Sit down. We need to have a serious talk.'

'I was wondering when this would happen,' he said with a solomn look on his face, his eyes teary.

'Wait Luke. Hear me out before you say anything and then cry if you want to. Agreed?'

'Yea, Okay.'

'Luke, when I first saw you, for some reason I was drawn to you. I wanted to paint your portrait and capture you rugged good looks. I even parked and took pictures and did sketches of you.' I showed him the pictures and sketches.

'Then I decided to get you off the streets. i was drawn to you and your body. I didn't know why then. It was all new to me. the feelings I was having. For some reason I wanted you. I wanted to hold you, hug you, and find some way to make love with you even if I had to get you drunk. Then you reversed it on me and made the first passes. I was so relieved. Two days ago it was all a fantasy. Now, my real self has emerged and I know that gay life is for me or at least I think it is. I have never experienced complete satisfaction like I have with you.'

I took a sip of coffee and continued. 'I don't know what the future holds but I do know that I am having feeling for you that I have never had for another man before. Maybe it the beginnings of falling in love but I just don't know. What I do know is that I want it to continue and see where it takes us. Is that agreeable to you?'

'Oh, fuck yes, Brad. I thought you were going to say it wasn't the life for you and tell me it was over. I couldn't have survived that. Brad, I know it's only been two days, but I do know that I love you and want to be with you. But I will respect that and not push the matter. We will let nature take it's course.'

With that, I leaned over and kissed him and held him close. We sat cuddled on the sofa for more than two hours, neither speaking, just cuddling and kissing occassionally.

'Let's get out of here.' I finally said. We dressed, if you can call it that, and jumped in the Jeep and took off. We passed a carnival and stopped and rode some rides and won a few cheap prizes. I suggested that we give them to some kids and he agreed to give all away except one red stuffed heart that he wanted to keep. 'You won this and I want it,' he said.

Late in the afternoon we returned home, ate some dinner and cuddled together on the sofa to watch a movie on TV. When it was over we went to bed, kissed and went to sleep in each others arms. That was one day with no sex.

From then on our routine consisted of breakfast then Luke would take his position on the lounge in my studio and I would sketch and paint. We'd take breaks and have lunch then continue. After a month and a half, I decided we needed a break of everything. Without telling Luke, I made reservations at the Ramada Inn in Luke's home town and puechased two plane tickets. At dinner that night I had them laying on the table. My feelings for Luke were growing stronger by the hour and I realized that I wanted him in my life forever, but I would wait and tell him in my own way and at the right time.

He looked at them and when he realized what they were he began crying. he composed himself and i told him that if he thought it would be better I'd not go. 'Hell no baby you are going. I want them to meet you.' I filled him in on our reservations.

He jumped up after dinner and called his mom.

'Guess what Mom. I'm coming to see you day after tomorrow.' He pressed the speaker button on the phone so that I could hear the conversation. She couldn't believe that Luke was coming to see her. 'Mom, I have something to tell you. I've met someone and I really care for him. It's Brad that I told you about and we have a wonderful relationship. If it develops further I can't say, but i've never been happier.' She was glad to hear it. I spoke up and said, 'Mrs. Conners, this is Brad Porter. You really have a great son and I really care for him. Only time will tell what happens. As for our visit, Luke insist that I come along. We will arrive at three day after tomorrow and be staying at the Ramada Inn under my name. Feel free to come by anytime.' She thanked me and said how good and happy Luke sounded and that she was looking forward to meeting me. That night we had incredible sex, sucking and fucking for most of the night. We slept in the next day and after waking we started all over again.

Time arrived for oour flight and Luke was as excited about going home as a kid in a candy store. We arrived and checked in and I must admit that I was extremely nervous about how I would be accepted. At half past four there was a knock at the door. Luke opened it and was greeted by his mother and two brothers.

He held my left hand as he introduced me and all immediately accepted me. They talked about how great Luke looked and how happy he appeared. They all made excuses to get away from his dad so that they could visit. To my amazement, before we left Luke had no problem kissing me on the lips in front of them all.

A week after we returned home, tragady struck.




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