Being independently wealth has its advantages like sleeping late, not having to go to work and helping others. When my grandfather died I was left a trust of several million dollars, out of which I got an allowance of six thousand a month. That had to pay all my expenses and it did very easily as I do not live extravigantly. I get the trust turned over to me in it's entirety at age 30.

I have a two bedroom apartment with a study that I use for an art studio and only one bedroom is furnished. I did get an advance from the trust and opened a party supply rental company that is doing very well. I is run by my best friend, Joe.

My name is Brad Porter and I am 28. I have a degree in accounting and one in business. My favorite past time is painting landscapes and protraits. Here is my story of Luke Fisher, the homeless ex-Marine.

I look for that special sunrise or sunset to capture on canvas. I always have my digital camera with me. On my way out to the valley lake one afternoon late I saw him. He was on a corner holding a sign that read 'Ex-Marine Homeless Please help'. H appeared to be about 24-26, well buit but obvious that he had missed a few meals. He wore shorts sneakers and a tank top that revealed a hairy chest and had several days growth of beard. For some unexplained reason, I couldn't take my eyes off of him and had a strange sturing inside my body.

Soon, Iwas going by everyday to look at him. Using my telephoto lens I took photos of him, his face, his body, and when I printed them I realized that I had several of his crotch and the bulge it revealed. Why had I taken those? I wasn't gay.

Finally, one day I got up the nerve and with a five dollar bill tucked in my shirt pocket I passed by in the lane closest to him. As he approached my Jeep Wangler making his way down the line of stopped cars, I pulled the bill from my pocket and handed it to him and said, 'Hope this helps. I'm Brad.'

'Hey thanks man. I'm Luke. I've seen you pass every day.'

'I want to talk to you sometime about a proposition. I'll stop by one afternoon.' As the light turned green and i began pulling away, I heard him say 'I hope it's about a job.'

That was on Wednesday and on Friday evening I drove to the intersection and parked in the lot I used to take pictures. I sat on the hood of the Jeep and when he looked my way I motioned for him to come over. He grabbed a small bag and trotted over to where I was parked.

'Hey Brad.' 'Hi Luke. How was it today?'

'Not to good. Got enough for a meal but not enought to get a cheap room to sleep in.'

'Where do you stay when that happens?' I asked.

'I either sleep under a bridge somewhere or sneak into the back of the auto salvage yard up the street and sleep on the backseat of one of the cars.'

'Well, tonight you're coming home with me. I want to talk to you about something. Is that all you have?' I asked nodding to the small bag.

'Thats everything I own. Besides what I have on there is two shirts, two pair of socks and two pair of pants. No underwear tho. I hate underwear.'

'Me too,' I answered and immediately wondered why I said it.

We got into the Jeep and as we headed to my place I asked if he liked Chinese and he said he loved sweet and sour chicken. I said that I'd call and order a delivery. As we drove he asked if I minded if he showered as soon as we got to my place and i told him not at all.

We arrived and after we went in I ordered dinner and showed Luke the bathroom and where the clean towels were. Luke showered and came out with just a towel around him and said all his clothes were dirty and could he wash them. I said sure and took him to the washer. We talked as he started his wash and as we returned to the living room. I asked if he'd like a beer and he said he'd love one. As I handed it to him his towel fell to the floor. 'Oh, shit!' he exclaimed. I began laughing and told him not to worry about it and that I went nude most of the time.

'I had a college roommate that was a nudist and we roomed together for 3 years. I got used to seeing naked men and started going that way myself. If you want to, throw the towel aside and stay comfortable.'

'You sure you won't mind?'

'Fuck no. The nude body is a thing of beauty,' i said.

'I agree, it is a work of art and a masterpiece. Personally, I totally enjoy looking at nude bodies, especially men. Each one is totally different.'

'Very true,' I answered adding 'and yours is exceptionally nice.' My heart stopped for a moment as I looked him over taking in the structure of his cock, long, medium thickness, and uncut. Why was I so totally engrossed in looking at this mans cock? I thought. My own body began to stir.

The doorbell rand and Luke slipped into the kitchen out of sight while i answered the door. I placed the food on the table and said that I was going to get comfortable. Luke said that he'd unpack the dinner.

I returned to the kitchen totally nude and as Luke looked me over he smiled and said, 'Another work of art.'

'Well, I figured that if you were going to be comfortable so would I.'

He smiled and said 'I agree.' We sat down and ate and afterward grabbed more beer and both sat on the sofa halfway turned and facing each other.

We began talking and I told Luke my idea.

'I'd like you to be my model and let me paint you. You'll get an hourly salary, live here, and be off the street. I originally wanted to do just a face portrait but after seeing you nude, I'd like to do a full body nude portrait if you'll let me.'

Luke looked stunned and said 'Hey, man, you can paint me any way you want me just as long as I don't have to go back on the streets.'

'Luke, I believe in helping out my fellow man when I can and I'll do it with you. You will never be back on the streets if I have any say in it.'

He tried to smile as a tear began t roll down his cheek. He leaned over and hugged me and said 'Man, I don't know what to say. How can I ever repay you?'

'Don't worry about it,' I said. 'But there is one small problem. I don't have any furniture in the spare bedroom yet. We can fix you a place here on the sofa, or if you won't feel uncomfortable I have a king bed and you are welcome to the other half.'

'I'll take the bed. It won't be the first time I've ever shared a bed with a man and probably won't be the last, but do you mind if I sleep nude?'

'Only if I can do the same,' I replied.

I thought about what I had just said and couldn't believe that I had said it. Never in my life have I ever thought about a naked man sharing my bed. What the fuck was going on with me?

We talked and Luke said he was from Georgia and that after an incident a few years earlier his father had basically disowned him and refused to speak to him or see him and forbin his mom from helping him in any way. He said that after he got out of the Marines, he got a job in a machine shop but almost any loud noise, he would freak out thinking it was an incoming mortar. He eventually got fired and went to the VA for help. He was there a year and was doing 90% better. He asked if he could call his mom and i told him to talk as long as he wanted.

He talked about an hour and i went to my studio to make sure that I had everything that I needed. When he finished he walked in and thanked me and gave me another big hug.

'I needed that phone call. Thanks.'

'You call her any time you want to. You don't need to ask.'

'Why are you doing all this, Brad?'

'I don't know. I really don't. But there is something about you that is forcing me to help you out and I can't resist or stop it and I don't think I want to.'

He just smiled and said, 'Well, thanks again. I'll repay you some how.'

'Forget it. Let's get some sleep. You look beat.'

'I am and those beers have me so fucking relaxed. And by the way, I'm not used to having much room to sleep but when I do I tend to spread out and throw my arms around so it I get in your way just wake me and tell me to get over.'

'Same goes for me. You feel free to do the same.'

We crawled into bed and I turned out the light. Within minutes, Luke was snoring softly but I was wide awake. After a half hour or so Luke turned over and was facing me and his hand came to rest on my lower chest. The feel of his hand on me felt good and my body began to react. My cock began stiffening and within seconds it was like a steel rod, throbbing along with my heart beat.

I lay there thinking and realized that I was actually turned on by this man. I wanted to make love to him. Mother fuck i was having gay feelings and couldn't help myself. What was I going to do? I had no earthly idea how to act on them or what to do? I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find Luke and I facing each other and only inches apart. I lay there looking at his bueatiful manly face. His arm was across my waist and I liked it. It had been months since anyone had shared my bed.

As i looked at him his eyes fluttered open and he looked into my eyes and smiled and slowly came forward and lightly kissed me on the lips and said 'Good morning.'

'Morning' I replied.

'I'm sorry. I don't know why I did that. It just seemed the right thing to do. I'm really sorry.'

'Luke don't be. Although I have never in my life kissed another man, for some reason I liked it and yes, it did seem the right thing to do. You can do it every morning if you want.' Why did I say that? Luke just smiled.

We got up and both used the restroom and headed for the kitchen to make coffee, both still nude.

As I prepared the coffee maker Luke asked 'Are we going to dress today?'

'Why should we? we are both comfortable this way right? So why get 'uncomfortable'?'

Luke laughed and said, 'You make a good point.'

'We will have to get dressed later. I need to pick up a few supplies from the art supply store and check on my business. You can stay here if you like and relax.'

'You hsve a business?'

I told him yes and what it was but that I left the running of it to my best friend and that I only went by once or twice a week to look over the books.

'Nice,' he said. 'Brad, I really would like to just stay here if you don't mind. I'll rummage through your pantry and find something to fix us for lunch.'

'That sounds good,' I said. I had my coffee and headed out, leaving forty dollars on the bar in case he needed to walk down the dtreet to the grocery for anything.

It was actually a test. I wanted to check his honesty. I really expected to come home and find him, the cash and no telling what else gone.

When I walked back in at almost noon I froze as I entered the room. The place had been cleaned and was immaculate. The bed was made and the aroma from the kitchen was intoxicating.

'What the fuck have you done?' I asked.

'Is something wrong?'

'Fuck no. This place looks great. You've even rearranged the furniture and I love it. Damn, Luke, you're amazing and what am i smelling?'

'My secret stew. I needed a few things and the receipt and the change is there on the bar. Now go get comfortable while I dish up lunch.'

I glanced at the receipt and picked up the change and when I reached the bedroom I counted it. Every penny was there. I stripped and returned to the dining area as Luke was placing our lunch on the table. He looked me up and down and smiled.

After we ate, together we cleaned the kitchen and he asked when we were going to start work. I told him Monday and that today and tomorrow we were going to play. He smiled an evil smile at me.

We went to the living room and relaxed. He said he had called his mom again and had given her my number in case she needed him. We were sitting closer together this time. I was slumped down, my hands at my side and and my legs straight out and slightly seperated, just relaxing.

I had my eyes closed and I suddenly felt his hand on mine as he moved closer. My heart began beating faster at his touch. He leaned closer and kissed me softly again. I kissed him back.

'Brad, I have a confession to make to you. The reason my dad disowned me was that he found out I was gay. I've been gay since my senior year in high school. And i want to make love to you. Your body is so beautiful.'

'Luke, I have a confession also. Like I said earlier I've never kissed a man until this morning and definately have never had sex with one, but with you I want to. I masy find it's not the life for me but I want to find out. You're the teacher and I'm the student. I'm all yours.'

He slowly got off the sofa and lay on the floor saying 'Come down here with me.' I got up and lay in his outstretched arm with my head on his shoulder. he turned his head toward me and we kissed but this time I felt his tongue against my lips. I readily opened my mouth as I have done with past girlfriends and our tongues began to explor each others mouths. My cock quickly stiffened as I wrapped my arm around him and helt him tight.

As we kissed his free hand began to explore my body, first playiny with my nipples, which I never knew were so sensitive. we broke the kiss and he begas sucking and nibbling on them. I moaned in ecstacy. He licked lower, removing his arm from around me and soon he licked the tip od my rock hard cock. MY body shook with the excitement of his hot wet mouth taking in my cock head. He slowly swallowed the entire shaft and again I let out a moan. He began working up and down my shaft. I hadn't had a climax in weeks and I knew it wouldn't take long. As he performed his magic on my cock i could feel my insides churn and my nutsack begin to withdraw. I was getting close and I told him so. He kept at it and the intensity in my body grew to hights I had never felt before. Suddenly I felt the flood approach and said, 'Oh fuck Luke, I'm about to cum. Oh shit, don't stop. That feel so fucking good.' Then my cock erupted and Luke suddenly went all the way down so that the head of my cock was in his throat. Stream after stream of hot white cum shot into his throat and as he swallowed he was milking it out. He pulled back and collected the last half of my load in his mouth. Once he had it all he looked up at me and swallowed.

I lay there totally drained. He lay beside me and kissed me. I could taste the flavor of my cum and I loved it.

'Man, was that ever good.'

'Fuck, Luke, I've never had a climax like that before. That was fantastic.'

'I'm glad you enjoyed it but that's only the beginning.'

We lay together and kissed and I finally got up the nerve to reach over nd feel his cock. It was still rock hard. I began to stroke it and knew that I wanted to try and give him the pleasure he had given me. I leaned over and began licking and sucking one nipple while playing with the hair on his chest and the other nipple.

'Damn, man, you learn fast. That feels so fucking good.'

I continued lower and noticed precum oozing out of his foreskin. I licked it off and it was sweet. I slid the foreskin back and licked the precum off his cock head and then took it into my mouth. Surprisingly, I loved it. I slowly went deeper trying to swallow as much of Luke's cock as I could. I forced my throat to relax after a couple of gags and soon I had his entire cock in my mouth and throat. I held it there as long as i could before i started sucking him. He was moaning and saying 'Oh yes baby. That's it.'

I began sucking in ernest and his hips began responding as his nuts began to withdraw. I knew that his climax was nearing and tried to prepare myself. Suddenly his cock exploded and as my mouth began ti fill with his cum I almost choked but caught myself and was soon swallowing the mouthful that I had collected. Instantly, I fell in love with Luke's cum. I managed to swallow every drop.

'Fuck, Brad, are you sure that was your first time? You went at it like a pro.'

'First time, and I loved it.' We kissed and soon were both napping there on the carpet, wrapped in each others arms.




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