We awoke there on the carpet just at dusk. I looked over at Luke and he was laying there looking at me and smiling.

'Hi stud, you ready for the second lesson?'

'Not now. I'm starved, let's go eat. Come with me.'

We are almost the exact same size and in a matter of minutes I had him outfitted in some of my clothes. We headed out for dinner after a passionate kiss at the door. as we drove Luke reached over and held my hand. We were acting like fucking silly teenagers.

We got to the restuarant and went in. I knew the owner and he was at the door and I lied saying 'Ned, you have something private? We need to discuss some business.'

'Sure Brad, this way.' He led us to the private room couples use for special occasions. There are curtains that close for privacy. The waiter brought menus and we each ordered a beer and when those were delivered we ordered our dinner. As the waiter left he closed the curtains.

We talked and I looked at Luke and started laughing. 'What's so fucking funny?' he asked.

'Luke, I've taken you into my home, fed you, slept naked with you, kissed you, had my cock in your mouth and your's in mine and I don't even know your last name.' He laughed and said, 'It's Conners. Would you like to see my ID?'

'No, smart ass.' About that time there was a knock outside the curtains and a moment later the waiter arrived with our meal. As he prepared to leave he asked 'Sir, are you familiar with our signal lights?'

'Yes, I am, Thanks, that will be all.'

He nodded and left and we ate our delicious meal as Luke told me of his dad catching him sucking a family friend and about the hell that arose. His mother and both his brothers are okay with it but not his dad. He said that was when he decided to jopin the Marines. He said his dad even went so far as to call them and tell them that he was a queer. HE said that they talked to him about it and he just said that his dad would do anything to keep him out of the military. They accepted his answer.

We finished our meal and I walked to the panel and pressed a button. As I returned to the table, Luke asked what I had done.

'Those are lights to signal the waiter. One id for dish pick up, one for bring check, a few others and one for do not disturb. That's the one I turned on. I want desert. I eased down on the floor and Luke turned in his chair. As he did I reached for the zipper of his pants and unzipped them and pulled out his cock. I immediately began sucking it. Before long, I was receiving Luke's thich hot load, swallowing every morsel that came from the slit. He smiled and went after his desert.

We returned home and stripped and I looked at Luke and said now I'm ready for lesson two. We got onto the bed and began kissing and carressing each others body. After a while he moved down between my legs and as he raised them, he pressed his lips and tongue against my virgin hole. I jumped as if I had been shocked. I grabbedt after a while he did and said, 'Brad, I want to fuck you and show you how good it will make you feel.'

'Luke there is no way in hell that I can take that up my ass. It just won't fit.' 'Yes it will baby. It will hurt a little but if you totally relax and trust me that will go away and you will be in heaven.'

Wanting to expeerience it all and especially with Luke I agreed. He lubed my ass and began with one finger, then two and eventually three and four. he had me lube his cock and as he removed the four fingers he immediately put his cock head in their place and eased it in.

As the bulboous head of his cock popped in a bolt of pain shot through me and I screamed 'Oh shit!' He told me to relax and talked softly to me not moving his cock. the pain began to subside and as it did a strange and wonderful feeling took it's place. He began to go deeper ever so slowly them pause then go further in. After a few minutes of this he leaned to me and kissed me then said 'It's all in.' 'All of it?' I asked. 'Yes, baby and it feel fantastic to me. Later I want you to fuck me, but for now, let me take you over the top.'

He began to pump slowly in and out and as he did I knew exactly when he was rubbing my male love button he had told me about. he could tell when he did and he began fucking me in earnest. Before long, I was squeeling like a whore off the street. 'Oh yes. Fuck me baby. Fuck that virgin ass. Oh yes Luke take me over the top. Fuck me baby fuck me.' his actions were bringing me closer and closer to my own climax and I wasn't even touching my cock. I could tell that he was getting closer and soon i could hold back no longer as my cock erupted sending huge streams of my cum into both our faces and chest. As my ass milked his cock he exploded filling my shit tube with what seemed like a gallon of his hot cum. His eruption went on and on. When it was over, he collapsed on top of me, spreading my cum over both of us. He looked into my eyes and began licking my cum off my face. I in turn did the same to him. Afterward I told Luke that he had just given me the best sex I had ever had. He said it was great for him also. He slowly began removing his cock from my ass and when he was out we looked at the cum that was smeared both in his hairy chest and on my smooth chest and laughed. We headed for the shower.

When we returned to the bed, we lay cuddled together and I told him that I didn't know what else he had to show me but from what I had experienced that I was sure this was the life for me and that I'd probably never go back to women.

'Never have i been so completely satisfied with a woman as I am now after having sex with you.' He smiled and kissed me. I looked at him and added, 'By the way, I'm not buying any furniture for the spare bedroom. You're staying in my bed.'

After a while Luke again began talking about his dad. He said that the family was well off and that his dad owned a large construction company and that it was to go to the three sons when he died but now he was out of it. He wished he could see his mom and brothers. I decided to see what I could do to solve that.

Later he looked at me and said, 'Baby, I want you to fuck me now. You don't have to be as gentle as I was, but I want your seed in me so bad.'

My cock began to stiffen and soon was completely hard. I lubed his ass and my cock. He had me use my finger first to find his magic button so I would know where to concentrate on. I entered his ass slowly feeling the resistance and soon the head popped in. 'Oh fuck yes,' he sighed. 'Shove it all the way in.' I did and the feeling was like nothing I have ever felt before. I began to pump in and out as he had done and could tell when I massaged his love spot. Soon, my speed picked up and as he squeezed his legs around me pulling me deep into his ass he said, 'Oh yes baby, fuck my man pussy. Give me that load. Oh fuck yes Brad fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh baby, you're going to make me cum. Yes baby, fuck that ass. Oh fuck Brad, I love you.' With that i begag climaxing and filling his ass with my hot load as he shot out onto his chest and stomach. After I completed my climax a lay on him again smearing cum between us and kissed him passionately. He looked at me and said, 'Baby, that ass is yours anytime you want it, which I hope is often.

Again we showered and went back to bed and soon fell asleep. Sunday, we went for a drive and found a small park with hiking trails. We got out and began walking. There were no other cars in the lot and as we walked we held hands. After a while I said, 'Luke, last night you said 'Brad I love you'. How did you mean that? Was it just a statement in the heat of passion?'

'No, it wasn't,' he said and stopped and faced me. 'Brad, I do love you in my own way. This time I've been with you though very short has been the best of my entire life. I could see myself really falling in love with you with no problem. You said that I could stay for however it takes you to do the portrait. Well, I hope the thing never gets finished.' He leaned over and kissed me. I knew that I was having some sort of feeling for Luke but I was confused.

To Be Continued...



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