'Good Evening. I'm Carl Rivers and this is the six o'clock news. Heading our news is the aleged assault on on one of our local residents. Mike Davis, twenty-nine, was found in a motel in Riverdale, nude and in a compromising position. He claimed that he had been asaulted by two men but a review of the security video of the parking lot shows him entering the room with only one unknown male with which he was holding hands. The video shows the male leaving alone three hours later and Mr. Davis waving at him. The sheriff's department is investigating and the sheriff, Mr. Davis' uncle says 'No comment until the investigation is over.''

'Well, I'll be damned, Buck said. I know Carl well and I think I'll call him and see what else he knows. He got up and made a call, asking that Carl return his call as soon as he got off the air.

At almost seven, Buck's phone rang.

'Hey Carl. I know that you know more that you could put on the air so fill me in buddy.'

After a while, Buck thanked him and hung up.

'From what Carl and the reporters could find out, Mike went into the room with this guy at almost two yesterday morning and the guy left at five. When the maids went to clean the room, Mike was asleep on the bed with a dildo sticking out of his ass. He claimed that he had been drugged and raped and forced to perform oral on the guy.'

'But,' I spoke up, 'the tapes show him arriving with the guy and then telling the guy good-bye when the guy left?'

'You got it. It seems that our resident homophobe is really a closet case that goes to another town to have sex. I wonder if he'll still be ragging on the gays now that this is out or if he'll even stay in town?'

'I guess we'll find out the next time we go in for supplies,' I added.

Two days later Dad and Rick had to leave. the night befor we had one lell of an orgy. The night that they arrived home Dad called to say that Rick was totally moved in and that they were home and happy as could be.

'I'm glad for you dad. Give Rick a kiss for us.'

'I will and keep us posted on what happens to Mike.'

That Saturday Buck and I went in for supplies. Just as we backed up to the dock, he walked out all smiles.

'Well, hello, Mr. Fox. How are you today?' Mike's whole attitude had changed.

'Doing fine Mike but please, call me Matt.

'Sure thing Matt. And how is Buck doing today?

'I'm great Mike, but more important, how are you doing?'

'I'll live. What can I do for you gentlemen today?'

We gave him out list and soon he had the truck loaded. Once he was finished he got both of us off to the side saying, 'Look, I'd like to apologize for the way I've treated you tow and all the name calling. I'm really sorry. I admit that I am gay but it was all done to try and keep my secret. Can you ever forgive me?'

'Apology accepted. It's water under the bridge,' I told him, adding, 'Look, if you ever just want to sit down with someone and talk to help yourself feel better, give us a call and come out to the ranch.'

'Thanks, I just might do that.'

When we left Buck looked at me and said, 'It sure sounds to me like you're going to put the make on Mike.'

'Nope, I'm not but I'm damn sure going to leave the door open for him to put the make on one or both of us.'

Two weeks later when we went in for supplies, after loading us up Mike asked, 'Do you two have any plans for tonight?'

'No, none at all. Just sit out on the patio, have a few beers and count the stars. Why?'

'I'd like to come by if I may?'

'What time do you get off?' I asked.

'We close at six and I'll be out of here by half past then I need to shower.'

'Great. Get showerd then come on out. We'll fix some burgers and and have a beer or two.'

'Hey that sounds great. I'll see you two later this evening.'

When we left, Buck looked at me and asked, 'Are we going to have to put on clothes since he's coming?'

'Yea, but not for long. Trust me.'

'Matt Fox you are one devious bastard. I think that's one of the reasons I love you.'

'If you love me then be my lover.'

'Not now. We both need to date others and be sure of our feelings.'

We got the supplies put away and showered, together of course, then prepared the burgers and all for that evening. At seven, Buck fired up the grill and when we heard Mike's truck set off the alarm that someone had come thru the gate, he started the burger's cooking.

The alarm was a infer-red beam that sounded a signal both in the house and in the stable when someone came through the gate. It gave us time to get some pants on if needed.

Mike stopped in front and I yelled that we were out back. I greeted Mike with a beer and told him to make himself comfortable.

Buck and I were wearing only shorts and flip-flops. Mike accepted the beer and settled in a chair. The conversation was casual for a while then Mike said, ' I really don't know why you two are being so nice to me after all I've said about you and the names I've called you.'

'Mike,' I began, 'like I told you we don't hold grudges. You apologized and we accepted. That's all in the past. Let's just look to the future.'

'Thanks. I really appreciate that.' After a while he asked if we minded if he shed his shirt also. 'I'ts still kind of warm out,' he said.

'Hey, go for it. Shed anything else you want to,' I said.

'Hey man, don't give me that opportunity.'

'Why, do you like to go nude?'

'Fuck yea, every chance I get.'

'Well, so do we. We normally live that way out here. No one around but the two of us and we both have the same type of equipment. We'd have been that way now but weren't sure how you'd take to it.'

'Hey, it's your home. Do what you want. If I don't like it I can always leave, which would be doubtful.'

I looked at Buck and at the same time, we began removing our shorts. 'Feel free to join us,' I said.

Soon all three of us were totally naked. Mike was well built and well hung, although not quite as long and Buck and I but it was still impressive.

After we ate, I looked at Mike and asked, Mike, were you wanting to talk to us or just visit?'

'I need to talk to someone but I don't know who. You two have been the nicest to me since everything came out and I feel I could talk freely to you.'

'You can, and whatever you tell us will stay just between the three of us.'

Mike got up and got another beer before he began. Buck and I had already decided that if he started talking, we'd let him go to the end without questions or interruptions. Most of the time talking it all out is the best therapy.

'When I was ten my mom died. Dad became both mom and dad and we were close. When i was fourteen, he was killed in a car accident and I my uncle wasn't able to take me for some reason so I was placed in a foster home. They treated me well and I had plenty to eat. However they were extremely religious and I wasn't. When I was sixteen, I had gone to a park with some friends and when they left I stayed a while longer. There were some guys there without shirts playing basketball and I liked looking at their bare chest. At that time I didn't know why.'

He took a sip of his beer before continuing. 'A few months later I was there again and went to the restroom. I was at the urinal and there was a guy sitting on a toilet at the end of the urinal. There were no doors so he couls see me pee and I could see him. While I was peeing he began stroking his cock and I got hard. He tole me to step closer and he'd make it feel real good. I did and he sucked me off. I loved it. He said that it was only fair for me to return the favor. I was nervous and scared so I did and found that I enjoyed it, even taking his load which he said I needed to swallow to be a real man. I began going there regularly and by the time I was seventeen, I was going with guys out into the woods and we'd suck each other and fuck each other. I was loving it all but knew that if my foster parents found out that they'd turn me in and I'd be sent to another home, maybe not as nice. I was careful. At eighteen, I was on my own and having hid my sexuality for so long I felt that I needed to continue to do so.'

'So that's when I started being 'Mr. Macho' and calling others fags and queers. I was secretly hiding the fact that I was just what I was calling others. For sex, I would go to other towns where no one knew me. I was found out and some called me those names so I moved here. That was three years ago. Mr. Sims gave me a job and I've kept my secret until now. It's my own fault, because when the guy I met at an adult bookstore left, I forgot to lock the deadbolt. So there is my story. You know all about me. My uncle would have disowned me if he had found out. He going to close the incident out as an unsolved assault, mainly to try and save his face. But now, I really don't give a shit. Mr. Sims said that he didn't care as long as I kept it away from work.'

'Does it bother you that the towns people now know that you are gay?' I asked.

'It did at first but most of them became more accepting to me since I dropped the false front and am now just myself. Most are accepting the fact that I'm gay.'

'Mike, what would you say if I told you that Buck and I both love getting our cocks sucked, and loved fucking guys in the ass.'

'You're kidding?'

'Nope. We do like you did and go out of town for an evening and find a guy to service us.'

'Holy shit. Even though I called you two fags and all I never dreamed that you did anything at all with other guys. If yuo want, you no longer have to go out of town. Just call me and I'll take care of your needs.'

'Really?' asked Buck.

'Sure thing,'he said.

Buck smiled and knowing that I had set Mike up with my 'confession', asked 'Would you like to start now?'

'Servicing you two?'


'You bet.' Mike got up and came to us and sat between us, nervously grasping both of our cocks, one in each hand. We became instantly hard and Mike wasted no time in suck ing us both off, and swallowing our loads.

'Fuck that was awesome. I never dreamed this would happen when I came out here. When you two are ready again let me know. I want both of you to fuck me. I hope you enjoyed the first part.'

'Oh, believe me we did,' I told him.

After a while Buck went inside and retrieved the tube of lube. when he returned his cock was hard, lubed and ready. Soon his cock was buried up Mike's ass with Mike wanting more and telling Buck to fuck him hard and deep. Buck did and as soon as he had filled Mike's ass with his load and pulled out, I plunged in. Soon I was making my deposit up Mike's ass.

When it was over, Mike looked at us and asked, 'How often can we do this?'

'How about every Saturday night?' I said.

'Fuck yea,' answered Mike.

This went on for several weeks. Finally, one saturday when Mike arrived Buck and I were ready. As soon as Mike stripped, I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock asBuck dove into his ass and began eating him out.

'What the fuck?' Mike yelled.

Soon Buck was fucking his ass as I sucked his cock. After I had produced results and swallowed the rewards, Buck filled his ass.

When Buck pulled out, we confessed to Mike that Buck had been gay for years and me just a few months.

We then both kissed Mike passionately, each sharing his tongue and offering him ours. Before the night was over Mike had sucked and fucked us both and we had done the same to him.

During the following week, we decided to offer Mike the job of ranch hand. He accepted and gave his notice to Mr. Sims.

I had a pool put in and the workers couldn't get used to seeing the three of us running around nude. The foreman however loved it and would join us in the house at lunch for a quickie.

I also had bought four thousand acres from a few of the neighbors and was on my way to desinging a private members only gay nudist camp site.

I had called and let dad know about the story with Mike and that we had hired him. Dad asked if he and Rick could visit.

'Dad, you do not need an invitation. You and Rick can visit any time you want. Besides, you just want to see what Mike has and join in on the fun.'

'Was I that obvious?'

'Yep. when can you two get here?'

'How about Thursday. We can stay until Wednesday then we have to get back so Rick can start football practice.'

'Great, do you need us to pick you up?'

'Fuck no. We'll rent a car and drive out.'

'I'm looking forwrd to it. See you two Thursday.'

I told buck that they were coming out but we agreed not to tell Mike. Let dad and Rick find us all three naked and watch Mike's reaction.

Thursday arrived and we were all in the stable whe the alarm sounded. Mike looked up as I walked to the door.

'I don't see anyone. Maybe it was someone turning around.'

We went back to work and I made sure Buck and I made a lot of noise so that Mike wouldn't hear them drive up.

They arrived and suddenly were standing in fron of the three of us. Mike nearly shit when he saw them.

I quickly ran up and hugged and kissed my dad then Rick and Buck did the same as Mike stood with his mouth wide open. I introduced Dad and Rick to Mike. I explained to Mike that my dad was also gay and that Rick was his lover and my former high school football coach.

'You asshole,' Mike said to me. 'You did that on purpose didn't you?'

'Yep sure did. Gotcha!'

soon dad and Rick were back in the stable with us talking as we finished up what we had been doing. They were both naked, and I could see Mike checking them out.

Later that afternoon, as we all sat out on the patio enjoying the new pool, I gave Mike a shortened version about how I found out about dad and my confession to him about me.

Mike looked at me and asked, 'Do you two, uh, have sex together?'

'Oh fuck yes. we love having sex together. In fact when we found out about each other, Buck and Rick wanted us to put on a show for them. We did and loved them watching us.'

'Fucking hot,' he said.

'Would you like to watch a father and son suck and fuck each other?' Dad asked.

'Man would I!'

'Come on Matt. Let's show him how it's done.'

Soon, dad and I were kissing and making out before getting into a sixty-nine. We didn't climax hen but soon I had my cock up dad's ass and climaxed there then dad fucked my ass. Mike was hard as a steel rod watching us. Dad looked at him and asked, 'Mind if I take care of that for you?'

'No, not at all as long as you both fuck me later.'

'Well Rick can fuck you now while i suck that steel rod of yours.'

'Perfect,' Mike said. Buck and I watched as dad sucked Mike off while Rick fucked his tight ass.

The week dad and Rick was there was a fun week, with sex every night. Before they left, however I showed them the progress on the camp site, and assured them that they would have free lifetime memberships.

Within nine months the camp site was finished. There was a large central shower room, work out facility, sauna, large restrooms throughout the area, and many trailer and tent sites.

Word gradually spread and membership inquires began coming in to a special post office box. The first guest to use the camp was a group of six muscular tattooed bikers, my lawyer, Brian Jacobs, and a fireman and police officer from upstate who were lovers.

The campsite was a huge success with all campsites booked every weekend. Since it was on private property and was a member's only club, there wasn't anything the sheriff could do although he tried.

Buck and I would stay at the campsite on weekends in our cottage and experience sex with many of the guest. We even had a major Hollywood star join and visit us several times a year.

That was all five years ago. the ranch has expanded and we now board twice as many horses as before. Buck is the ranch manager, Mike is the head ranch hand ad he has two others working under him, both gay. Buck finally agreed to be my lover.

These have been the bet years of my life. I have talked to dad and Rick about taking early retirement and coming to work for me running the campsite. I think they are going to do it.

The love everyone has for each other here is unbelieveable. Everyone, even the guest, is extremely caring. We are gradually getting to know all the members and they are getting to know each other. We are really just one big happy family.



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