After visiting with my grandparents on their horse ranch between my junior and senior years of high school, I realized that I was gay. I was facinated with looking at naked guys at school and at the gym where I worked out and checking out their cocks and ass'.

During my senior year I wanted more and more to experience sex with another male but never got the chance. Then my eighteenth birthday occured two weeks before graduation. My grandparents were there as was my dad. They are my late mothers parents. My mom died when I was ten and it's been just dad and I ever since. We both remain very close to my mothers parents. While visiting for my graduation, my grandfather told me that I'd get my graduation present when I visited them that summer. I wondered what it might be.

Now for my story. My name is Matt Fox. Like I said earlier my dad, Don, and I have been alone since I was ten. Every summer I'd visit my grandparents for two months and I loved it. Last summer, after I realized that I was gay, I became intrigued by Buck, their hired hand.

Buck is twenty-nine and one fucking hunk of a man. He has a large barrel chest that is all muscle and a well defined six-pack. His hair is covered with fine dark brown hair. He stand six-four and has deep blue eyes. I tried like hell last summer to get to see his cock but never suceeded, however from the bulge in his tight jeans I could tell that he was well endowed. I litterally lusted for him.

Now, I was going to get to see him again. I hope beyond all hope that this year I'd suceed and get to see his cock, and with luck get to taste my first man meat.

My grandparents flew back to Wyoming and I was to fly out two weeks later. Two days before my flight my grandfather called and said that my grandmothers cousin that she was very close to had died and that they needed to fly to New Jersey for the funeral. He asked if I wanted to delay my visit until they returned. He said that I'd be alone at the house as Buck would be out for at least a week repairing fences.

My grandfather raised a few horses on the ranch but most of his business was from boarding horses for others and providing pasture land.

'Grandpa, why don't I come on out as planned and if Buck doesn't mind, I can go out and help him with the fences.'

'That sounds good to me. Hold on a minute.'

After a minute or so he came back on the line. 'I've checked with Buck and he said that sounded great to him and that he'd enjoy the company and the help. He'll pick you up at the airport.'

I filled my dad in on everything and began packing. I flew out on Saturday shortly after lunch and as planned, there was Buck waiting in the baggage area. You couldn't miss him. His six-four frame with cowboy hat was impossible to miss. He greeted me and after we retrieved my bags we headed for the ranch.

As we drove, we talked about what had been going on the last year. I told him about my last year of high school football and how I had been working out.

'Man, that's obvious. I almost didn't recognize you. Man, you're really something.'

After moore small talk, Buck told me that Friday after taking my grandparents to the airport, he had stocked up the 'shack' with provisions.

The 'shack' as it's called is a small one room building up on the edge of the lake. It is just big enough to contain a refridgerator, freezer, stove, and has a toilet and sink in one corner. You bathe in the lake.

'We'll head out tomorrow after lunch so we can get an early start Monday.'

'Sounds good to me, but what about the fence supplies?'

'Well, thinking I'd be working alone, I took everything needed up there earlier in the week and spread it out anlog the work area. That's all done.'

'Man, you really think ahead,' I said.

Buck just looked at me and smiled.

We got to the ranch and after we unloaded my bags into my room, Buck said, 'Remember to pack light. We'll take the horses and put the tent and bags on the mule to haul up there.'

'Will do,' I answered.'

'And as far as dinner is concerned tonight, I'll whip up something for us. Come on over after you get settled.'

'Sounds good to me. You're the boss.'

'For now,' I thought I heard him say.

'What?' I asked.

'Nothing. Just mumbling to myself.'

He had a full one bedroom apartment attached to the side of the stables. I unpacked my bags and after changing into shorts, minus underwear, and tanktop, I walked over to Buck's.

I knocked and heard him holler 'Come on in.' I went in and as I closed the door, he stepped out of the bedroom wearing just a pair of shorts. He was shirtless and I couldn't help but stare at his muscular hairy chest, and he know I was looking. I didn't try to hide it.

'I see you changed and got comfortable also.'

'You bet. What's for dinner?'

'I had a couple of steaks in the fridge. I threw a couple of potatoes in the oven and in a while I'll grill the steaks.'

'Perfect, I'm hungry enough to eat mine and yours both.'

'Fuck you, bud, and the horse you rode in on,' he said with a laugh.

After a minute, he said, 'You're eighteen now aren't you Matt?'

'Yea. My birthday was about three weeks ago. Why?'

'You think your dad would object if you had a beer or two with me?'

'Nope. I've been having some with him for the last year. He just makes sure I don't drive if I've had just one.'

'Well, no driving to be done here. Want a cold one?'

'Fuck yea.'

After a couple of beers and dinner we sat outside and watched the sunset. It was beautiful.

Shortly after, Buck said we needed to get to bed as we'd be heading out before sunrise.

'I thought we were heading out after lunch?' I asked.

'I thought we'd get an earlier start so we can take it easy tomorrow afternoon. Jus lay around and do nothing.'

'I've got no problem with that.'

I went to my room and while I showered I jerked my seven and a half in cock off thinking of Buck.

The next morning we headed out. We arrived at the campsite about noon. We set up the tent that we'd be sharing and gathered firewood.

About three, we were done with everything. We sat with beers, looking out over the lake. I suddenly had an idea.

I jumped up, took off my boots and socks. We were already shirtless. As I kicked off my jeans, I said, 'Last one in does the dishes.'

Totally naked I ran for the lake. Buck laughed and yelled, 'You mother fucker. You didn't give me a chance.' He quickly stripped and ran toward me. I finally got to see his cock and it took my breath away. It was at least eight inches soft and uncut. Below it were two lemon sized balls. Fuck he was beautiful naked.

He hit the water and we began horsing around and wrestling. My cock got rock hard and at one point my hand brushed against him and he was hard also.

'Alright already. I give up!' I yelled and walked out of the lake, my hard cock sticking out and up. I turned to face him.

He looked at my cock, smiled, and said, 'That damn thing sure doesn't look like it belongs on a teenager. That thing is man sized.'

He walked out exposing his hard cock. I looked at it and asked, 'Well, where did u get that thing?' Hard he was a little over nine inches. 'Is the Jolly Green Giant your father?'

He began laughing.

He began reaching for his jeans when I said, 'I'm staying this way. I've always loved going naked. Besides, we've already seen each other so what does it matter?'

'Good point,' he replied and threw down his jeans. 'I go naked most of the time when I'm up here alone.'

'Then do we have an understanding that whenever were not working we go naked?'

'Don't see why not?'

My dreams were actually beginning to come true.

We sat on the blanket by the fire and drank another beer. After a while I looked at him and said, 'Buck, can I ask you a question?'

'Sure. What is it?'

'When you were growing up did you ever jerk off with your friends?'

Turning red he said, 'Yea I did. there were three of us that used to get together and jerk off. We'd see who could shoot first or who could shoot the farthest. Why? Did you?'

'Just one friend. We only did it a couple of times. The reason I asked was that I'm horny as hell and wondered if you had any objections if I jerked off. It's so peaceful here.'

'Hey man go for it. Any bastard that says he don't do it is a fucking liar. Matt, I've dumped many a load out here myself.'

My cock was beginning to get hard and I reached down and began stroking. The feeling was fantastic and the idea of Buck watching turned me on like crazy. I glanced over and saw that he was jerking also.

'Decide to join me?'

'Fuck yea, why not. Another understanding. We can do it any time we want?'

'Fuck yea.'

We both stroked and soon we were both close. We both lay ack and shot our loads out onto our stomachs and chests. When it was all over, he looked at me and said, 'That was quite a fucking load you dumped.'

'Hell, your's wasn't small. Guess we should go for another swil and clean up.'

'Yea, I guess so.'

After cleaning up, we decided it was time to hit the sack. We went into the tent and both slept naked. At some point, I woke up and Buck was on his back, his cock pointed towards his stomach as he snored softly.

I had to feel it. Ever so slowly I reached over and gently took his cock in my hand. Slowly I wrapped my fingers around it. As I did, It began to stiffen. Soon it was completely hard. I slowly stroked up and down a few times then got scared. I gently lay it down on his stomach and turned over, My own hard cock wanting attention again.

The next morning we ate breakfast and headed out. Nothing was mentioned about what happened in the tent. I was safe.

We repared fences shirtless and about four headed back to camp. We arrived about five, stripped and headed for the lake.

After a while we returned to the trusty old blanket after each grabbing a cold beer. When they were almost gone, Buck reached down and began fondling his semi-hard cock. Soon it was hard as was mine--We both began stroking slowly.

Suddenly, Buck looked at me and said, 'Why don't we stroke each other. What yu did last night sure felt good. I was disappointed when you stopped.'

'You woke up?'

'Yea, and I was loving what you were doing. Someone elses hand always feels great.'

'I wouldn't know. Last night was the first time I ever felt a guy but I was curious.'

'Well, you want to stroke each other and find out how good it really feels?'

'Fuck yea. I'd love that.'

We took each other's cocks in our hand and began stroking. He was right. Having another person stroking you off was very erotic. Before long, he turned and said, 'I may end up getting fired but I just have to do this.'




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