'Fuck! I don't believe it,' Matt said when he saw the man get out of the car. Matt was looking straight at Rick Thomas, his high school football coach.

'I loved the shocked look on your face, Matt,' Dad said.

'I can't believe this,' I said as Dad and coach walked up to us. I did the honors and said, Coach, this is Buck the hired hand here at the ranch.'

'Nice to meet you Buck, and Matt, you've graduated so please just call me Rick.'

'Okay,' I said, 'if iI can get used to it. I have to be honest about something. I always loved looking at you naked in the showers at school.'

'Oh, I saw you looking. I enjoyed looking at a few of the players in the showers but you were my favorite.'

'Small world,' said Buck.

'That it is,' I said.

Dad said he was going to take Rick inside to get settled. We said fine and returned to our chores. A few minutes later Dad and Rick came into the stable, both naked.

'Matt, your dad said that this was the standard attire here at the ranch.'

'It is,' I said and as Buck looked over Rick, he said, 'Matt, I can see why you were attracted to him in the showers.'

'Thanks, Buck, but you and Matt have his dad and I both beat in that department. Is there anything we can do to help and finish everything sooner so we can visit?'

'Fuck yea,' Buck said. Soon, Dad and Rick were cleaning out the stalls and putting in fresh hay.

Before long the chores were finished and we were all hot and sweaty.

'Let's head for the pond for a swin to wash off and coool down,' I suggested. At the pond we removed our boots and socks and all hit the water. After a lot of horseplay, we headed back to the grassy slope, all sporting boners. I got my first look at my dad with a hard on and it was beautiful.

We all looked at each other and Dad said, 'Damn, just like a bunch of horny over-sexed teenagers.'

We al laughed before I said, 'Another rule here at the ranch is that you have sex anytime you want it regardless of who's around. If Buck and I get ready to suck, we're going to do it right in front of you two. I don't know what it is but everyone says that sex with another man is so sinful and wrong. To me it is so natural. One man knows just how to satisfy another man because he himself knows what feels good.'

'Don, your son is a lot smarter and logical than I fucking gave him credit for. He'll do well with the ranch,' Rick said.

That night I took everyone out to dinner and the young waiter gave me an almost knowing smile when I pulled out my debit card. He was hot and the service great so I tipped him well.

'Thank you very much, Mr. Fox,' he said when he saw the amount of the tip. 'Please come back and see us again soon. Be sure to ask for Sam.'

When we walked out buck laughed and said, 'Damn, Matt, I think that waiter was putting the make on you.'

'You know, I just might have to come back alone some night near closing time and see if he needs a ride home.'

'Oh, is that so?' Buck joked.

We arrived home and after we undressed, we headed out to the patio, each with a beer. As we sat there, I looked around and said, 'One of the first things I'm going to do is put in a pool back here.'

'That sounds great. I tried to talk your grandparents into it but they wouldn't even consider it.'

On his second beer, Dad looked at me and said, Matt, you do realize that Rich and I will be sharing a bed while we're here.'

'Dad, I wouldn't have it any other way. Buck and I will be doing the same.'

'As if you two weren't doing it while your grandparents were gone,' he threw back at me.

'You're right, we did. Can you blame us?'

'Nope, not in the least.'

Rick laughed and spoke up saying, 'This is so fucking erotic and wild hearing a father and son discuss sharing a bed with another man.'

'I was thinking the same thing,' Buck replied.

Rick continued saying, 'The only thing hotter would be watching them have a good old fashion make out session, topped of with a hot sixty-nine.'

'Oh, fuck yea,' added Buck.

'well, son?' Dad asked.

'I'd like that, dad.'

Dad stood and walked to me and after taking my hand led me into the large family room with Buck and Rick following. Soon, we were kissing and making out, groping each other's cocks for the very first time. We were both turned on like you wouldn't believe. Soon, I flipped around and swallowed my dad's hard cock. He immediately did the same to me.

As we devouered each other's cocks like starving dogs, I glanced over and saw both Buck and Rick stroking their hard cocks.

It didn't take that long for dad and I to bring each other to a climax. We were both moaning and carrying on like hell as we shot our hot thick man juice into each other's mouth and down the other's throat. We were both swallowing greadily.

As we climaxed, Buck and Rick did the same, firing their loads out onto their stomachs and chest.

When dad and I seperated, without hesitation, I went to Buck and began Licking up and eating his load. I saw dad smile and he began doing the same to Rick.

When we had them clean, Rick smiled and said, 'Gentlemen, that performance was the hottest fucking thing I've ever seen.'

'You got that fucking shit right,' Buck added.

Before long we headed for our respective bedrooms, and after a while I could just make out sounds of pleasure moans emmitting from dad's room, however, Buck and I had some moans of our own going on.

The next day we did our usual chores and soon relaxed on the patio. I had admired Rick's cock in high school and decided it was time for me to see what it tasted like. Without any warning, I walked over to hin, knelt quickly and took his entire soft cock deep into my throat, keeping it there as it stiffened. 'Oh mother fuck,' he sighed. 'This is a dream come true, or at least half a dream.'

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Buck swallow my dad's cock. Buck and I brought both men to a climax almost simultaniously. As soon as I pulled off Rick's cock and stood up he swallowed my hard tool. Dad did the same to Buck. When it was over, we each had sucked all of the other three guys.

Later, Buck said he wanted to barbeque for us. We drove into town to get what he needed and on the way in, Buck said he had a warning for us.

'Since we're going to be in town for groceries, there are a few things that we need from the farm supply. Mike Davis, the guy that works there, is a total asshole and the worlds biggest homophobe. If four of us go in, he might suspect something even though I'd introduce you two as his dad and uncle. I've made a list of what I need from the grocery, sso I think it might be best if I drop you two off at the store while Matt and I go to the farm supply.'

'Whatever you think is best,' Dad said. Buck handed dad the list and I handed him some cash, which he refused.

Buck and I arrived at the farm supply and backed in just as Mike finished loading another customer.

'Hey, Buck. I see you got the boss's grandson with you for another summer.'

'Not this summer or any future summer,' Buck said, not explaining.

'What do you mean 'not this summer'? He's here isn't he?'

'Yea, he's here, but he's the boss now. His grandfather had interest in New Jersey that he had to take care of so he sold the ranch to Matt. Matt is now my boss.'

'Yuo're fucking with me? You work for that punk kid? No way would I work for someone younger than me. How do you stand it?'

'Mike, he know as much about that ranch as his grandfather. He's great to work for and I'm just honored that he decided to keep me on after he took over. Mr. Sims didn't tell you?'

'No, but I still don't see how you can work for some yong punk kid.'

'Watch yoursel Mike. I don't take kindly you talking about my boss like that.'

'Is there a problem here?' we suddenly heard. It was Mr. Sims, the owner.

'No not at all sir,'Buck said. 'Just some friendly bantering.'

'Well, okay then. Mike get his order filled right away. Matt, how it feel to be a ranch owner?'

'Great sir. I never dreamed it would happen.'

'You grandfather talked about it to me on several occasions. He and I were very close.' With that remark, he game me a slight smile. I wondered if he and my grandfather had something going.

After he walked off and the truck was loaded, Mike looked at me with a snear.

'Mike, just keep this in mind. If you ever speak to me disrespectfully in any way in the future, Mr Sims and I will be having a long talk and I do mean long. Don't fuck with me or my help. Is that clear?'

Mike starte a second before turning and walking off. After we got into the truck and pulled away, Buck looked at me and said, 'damn man, I think you meant that.'

'I did. Did you see the look Mr. Sims gave me when he said that he and grandpa were close/'

'Yea, I did, why?'

'I think grandpa told him about me and I also believe that they had an occasional relationship.'

'That sounds logical now that you mention it.'

W4e picked up Dad and Rick and headed back to the ranch with Buck telling dad what happened word for word.

That afternoon after the barbeque was started we sat and talked. I asked Dad and Rick how they met.

Rick told the story. 'You know when we look back on it now we find it funny as hell.'

According to Rick, he and dad met of course when I started playing football. Both had the hots for the other but neither knew about it. It turned out that they had a mutual friend who did not know that they knew each other. He was having a party at his fishing camp but Rick said it was actually an orgy. Everyone stripped when they got there and it was no holds barred sex whenever anyone wanted it.

Rick said he got there earlier than my dad. He said he was on all fours with a cock in his ass and one in his mouth when dad walked in. He said that they spotted each other at the same time. He said that dad just looked at him and smiled. Rick said there was nothing he could do but finish what was started. When it was over they tlked and confessed to each other that they both had breamed of sex together and now was their chance. He said that they have been having regular sex since then with a few one night stands on each side thrown in.

Buck and I couldn't help but laugh. Rick asked about me and Buck and Buck told him.

'Man, when he grabbed my cock, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then when he stopped, I plunged down into hell. He had me so fucking turned on.'

A short time later, I looked over and dad and Rick were kissing passionately. Soon, I saw dad on his back with his legs raised and Rick had begun sliding his cock into dad's ass.

I turned to Buck and said, 'That's something we haven't done.'

'Would you like to fuck me?' Buck asked.

'Right now?'

'Sure why not?'

'Let's do it.'

Within seconds Buck was on his back and I was entering his ass. I was about to get my first male cunt. I fucked with gusto as Buck urged me to go harder and deeper. Rick climaxed in dad's ass and after he pulled out, they watched as I fucked Buck. After my climax, they gave us a round of applause. 'Nice show you two,' dad said.

I looked at Buck and said, 'Now I want to see what it's like to get fucked.'

'You mean that you haven't fucked yet?' Dad asked.

'No sir we haven't,' Buck answered. 'That was the first time for him to fuck me and he was damn good at it.'

'And I still want to see what it's like to get fucked,' I said.

Buck looked at me and in front of Dad and Rick he said,' Matt, your dad has always been their for all your 'first'. Your first words, your first steps, your first fall off your bike, your first football game, your first date, he's been there for it all except your first adventure into man sex. I personally think he should have at least one first in that catagory. I think he should be the first to fuck you, not me.'

'Buck, you are just as caring as Matt said you were. Matt, would you like me to be your first? I'd love the honor.'

'Yes, dad I would. Please.'

'Okay,' dad siad, 'but let me warn you, the first time is going to hurt like hell. The more u get fucked the less it hurts. But the first time is hell although the pain will turn to pleasure I promise. At any time yu just say so and I'll stop. Understand?'


'Buck, I'll let you do the honors of getting him open and ready.'

Buck got the lube and I quickly lay on my back and raised my legs just as dad had done for Rick. Buck greased his fingers and slowly inserted one in my rectum. Then a second. After a while he inserted a third then a fourth. Ever so gently he slid them in as far as he could. After a moment he said, 'Don, he's all yours.'

Buck let dad get into place before removing his fingers. When he did, dad put his cock against my hole and began to gently push forward. Suddenly the head popped in and I screamed. 'It's oklay son. I'll hold it there for now.' Tears rolled from my eyes. 'Would you like me to pull out and stop?'

'Fuck no. I can take it.'

Dad let my ass adjust to his size before continuing. The initial pain had subsided some. Ever so slowly, he began an in and out motion, going slightly deeper with each forward push.

After a while, the pain that was there suddenly disappeared and pleasure took over. I shuddered when dad would hit a certain sopt. He explained that it was my prostate, ane men called it their sex spot.

I suddenly felt dad's large balls against my ass and asked if he was all the way in.

'Yes, Matt, I am. How's it feel?'

'Better and better,' I said.

Dad began his rhythm, pumping in and out of my ass. I began to moan with pleasure. 'oh fuck dad, I never dreamed something up my ass could feel so good. Damn, it's great. Fuck my ass, dad. Let me feel it go off.'

Dad pumped faster and faster as his climax neared. 'Get ready son, I'm damn close.'

Suddenly dad screamed, 'Oh, Fuuuucccckkkk! I'm cumming!' His cock exploded and I felt his hot man cream spray out and coat my insides. As it did I could hold back no longer, and withut ever touching myself I shot a juge load out into my face and onto my chest. 'Oh, shit!' I screamed. 'Let it go son. That's normal.'

As dad's cock slowly soften he gently pulled out. I lay there trying to catch my breath, my eyes closed, my head spinning. I suddenly felt someone kissing me and it was dad, licking my cum off my face and chest. I turned my head to the side and saw Buck and Rick both covered in their own cum.

'Well?' dad asked.

'That was out of this world. I definately want it again.

'Baby, no one else gets it until I do. I gave the first honor to your dad and let him take your virginity. but I get it second,' Buck said.

That night when we went to bed, I'm sure Dad and Rick heard me screaming as Buck fucked my horny ass, not once but twice without ever going soft or pulling out.

The next afternoon dad told me that he and Rick were going into town and would stay the night there. I knew that dad planned to ask Rick to be his lover and move in.

Buck and I talked and I asked Buck what he would say if I asked him to be my lover.

'Right now, I'd say no. Matt, you need to get out and experience sex with other men. There might be someone else out there that turns you on more. Maybe someone else would turn me on. Let's not rush into this. After you have experienced sex with others for a while, if you feel the same way ask me again.'

I understood wht he said and reluctantly agreed. Chaning the subject, I asked him if the property adjoining mine could be purchased. He said he didn't know and asked why.

'I want to expand. I'm not sure yet if I want to take on more horses or start a membership only gay nude campground. But first, I want you to find a guy to take your place. I'd prefer gay but if not gay, someone that is gay friendly and could tolerate out nudity.'

'And what happens to me?'

'I'll still be the owner but you'll be the ranch manager, with a nice salary increase of course.'

He smiled at me then kissed me.

The next day dad and Rick returned shortly after lunch. They held out their hands and showed us matching rings, but not wedding bands. Buck and I congratulated them and celebrated.

Just before six, Buck got a call from a guy he had dated that worked at the local TV station.

'Buck, be sure to watch the six o'clock news. You're not going to believe it.'




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