'What the fuck are you talking about, Matt?' Dad asked.

'Dad, the day after you arrived, I followed you and Grandpa when you went out to the pond. I just wanted to be with you two,' I lied. 'But as I approached, I saw you and grandpa kissing, then saw Grandpa go down and suck you off. Then I watched as you sucked on him then let him fuck you, with you begging him to fuck harder and deeper. I saw it all so don't tell me it didn't.'

'Damn, Matt, I never wanted you to find out about me like that.'

'Why didn't you just tell me straight out?'

'I didn't know how you would take it. I was afraid that you would hate me for being gay.'

'Dad, there is no way in hell that I could ever hate you, regardless of what you did. I don't care if your gay, bi, or straight. All that matters is that you are happy. Now can I have an answer to my question?'

'Yes, you deserve that much,' he said and began his story.

He told me that he realized that he was bi his first year of college. During his second year, he began having regular sex with a married man at a motel. The guy told dad that he had a friend that he thought dad would like and introduced him to my grandfather. Dad said that they really hit it off and in order for them to have sex more frequently, would he consider marrying his daughter and see if he could produce a grandson. Dad met his daughter, my mom, and fell in love with her. They married and not long after I was born. Dad said that he and Grandpa had sex daily when he and mom visited.

'I see. Now I understand more why you were so close to them, especially Grandpa.'

'Yea, he and I have special feelings for each other.'

'Dad, can I ask you something else?'

'Sure. Now that all this is out in the open, I'll answer any questions that you might have.'

'Do you have anyone special in your life now that you are seeing?'

'Yes, son, I do. You know these late nights that I'm at the office?'


'Well, I'm not really at the office. I'm at his place having sex. I care deeply for him.'

'That's great. I'd really like to meet him. I have to make sure that he's good enough for my dad.'

'Son, he makes me very happy. Now that you know and since you will be living here running your ranch, would you have any objections if I asked him to move in with me?'

'None at all, Dad. But now I have something to tell you.'

Dad looked at me questioningly.

'From the beginning of my senior year I realized that I was gay, although I never acted on it. Not until this summer. When Buck and I were out working on the fences, I decided to act on my urges. I made advances on Buck and to my great relief he gladly accepted them. Dad, Buck is gay also and he and I have been having sex almost daily since that first time.' I filled him in on every detail of my relationship with Buck so far.

'I see. Has he forced anything on you? That is one thing I won't tolerate.'

'Settle down. Buck couldn't be more gentle and caring. We have a great time together. Would you mind if I call him in and we talk all this out?'

'No, not at all. I'd like to know where he stands in all this.'

I went to the intercom and called Buck.

'Yes, sir?' he answered.

'Would you come to the house right away. I need to talk to you. I'm in the kitchen.'

'Yes, sir. I'll be right there.'

When Buck arrived, I looked at him and asked, 'First, what's with this 'Sir' shit?'

'Even though you are younger than me by several years, I was raised that you always have respect for your employer. I'm just the hired hand.'

'well, knock it off. Now for the main reason I called you. Dad and I have been talking. As you know I saw Grandpa and Dad having sex. I have just told dad about us and that we have sex as often as possible. He's cool with it, I think, but he wants to talk to you. Remember, he's just being a protective father.' I could tell that Buck was nervous.

'Buck, relax. I'm not going to bite. I just have a few questions. I want to see if I get the same answers from you that I did from Matt.'

'What would you like to know, Mr. Fox?'

'First, since you're having sex with my son, why don't you just call me Don.'

'Okay, Don. What would you like to know?'

'Exactly how did the sex between you two start?'

'Well, it was all very casual and innocent. We found out that we both liked to go nude so we did just that around our campsite when we were mending the fences. Then one night, Matt thought I was asleep and reached over and began playing with my cock. It did surprise me but I was loving the attention. I didn't want him to stop but he did. The next afternoon we were talking and ended up jerking and I let him know that I had been awake and enjoyed what he was doing the night before. We ended up stroking each other and before it was over I could stop myself. I went down on him, knowing that I might get fired if Mr. Graves found out that I was gay. I had no idea that he already knew about me. It just sort of developed from there.'

'Well, at least your honest. That's basically the same thing he told me. Now, have you ever been overly aggressive with him?'

If you mean have I ever 'forced' anything on him, the answer is definately not. I would never do suck a thing. I care too much for him to even think of it.'

'That's all I want to know. I'm goping to depend on you to look after him and help him out here at the ranch.'

'Don, you have nothing to worry about. I'll take care of him.'

The smiled and shook hands but dad went further. He grabbed Buck and gave him a big hug then a gentle kiss on the lips, then said 'Thanks.'

'Well, since we have everything out in the open, do you have any objections if Buck and I continue our relationship while you are here?'

'No, son, not at all. However I will be jealous.'

'Dad, why don't you call your friend and invite him out. It will give us all a chance to get to know each other.'

'I'd like that. I'll call him right now.'

Dad went to the phone and while he was gone, Buck looked at me and said, 'Matt, I am so relieved that this is all out in the open. I've been nervous as hell about all this.'

'Relax baby. I've got a cool dad.'

'That you do,' he said and kissed me passionately.

While we were kissing, Dad came back in and upon seeing us laughed and said, 'Okay you two, cool it. You're going to get me all hot and bothered. My friend will be here tomorrow morning and then I'll have someone.'

'Dad, why won't you tell me who it is?'

'Because I want to surprise you.'

'Okay, be that way, but to drive you crazy, Buck and I both love being nude so we're going to stay that way here at the ranch.'

Buck looked at me and smiled. When he saw me begin to strip, he followed my lead and began stripping also. Soon, we were both totally naked except for our boots. Dad looked at both of us in awe. Then looking at me he said, 'Damn, Matt, it's obvious that you took after your grandfather in the cock department. Damn!'

Buck and I laughed and went about our chores. About an hour later Dad came into the stable where we were working. We looked up to see him naked as well. He smiled and said, 'Well, if you can do it so can I.' It was really the first time I had seen my dad this completely exposed.

'When you go pick up your friend, should we be dressed when you get back?'

'Nah. Let's shock the hell out of him.'

The next morning Dad left for the airport and Buck and I did our work. When dad returned, Buck and I walked out of the stable to meet them, both totally naked of course.

The car stopped and dad got out. We could hear a voice say loudly, 'Holy shit.'

Dad laughed and then the passenger door opened. The man stepped out and when he did, my heart skipped a beat. I was in total shock.




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