I had been acustomed to being around cattle since I could remember, nothing that they did suprised me. They were sometimes onery, bull headed, going where you didn't want them to, and just plain dadburned cantankerous. And they were a might stronge and powerful. A headstrung cow could trample you, throw you over their shoulder, and if you got in the right position, they could possibly kill you. You really had to watch your every step.

We had gotten about a hundred miles down the trail, and I was stopped on my horse lettin him take a drink from this little creek like stream, when I heard this sound like no other sound a person will ever hear, I heard rattlesnake rattlers giving out their warning, My horse got spooked, bolted, started bucking, and the next thing I remember I was laying on my ass, flat of my back hurting, and my horse was somewhere else.

I looked around to make sure the rattlesnake wasn't very close to me and lumbered up and damn was my ass hurting and so was my shoulder. I had landed on the hard ground, hit a couple small boulders and was aching all over my body, especially my ass and shoulder.

I grabbed my hat which had flown off my head, and started walking toward my stupid horse which now was a ways from me, grazing in some fresh grass.

I got to my horse, got back up on him, still in pain from the jolt and took off back to the herd.

That night I was setting there by Cookies wagon by the campfire, still sorta achy and bruised from the fall.

I was setting next to Cookie, telling him about the incident of the snake and being bucked off the horse.

'Hey Daniel, I have some linament in the wagon, its good for bruises and such, want me to put some on you. I'll fix you right up.'

'Well I guess if it will make me feel better.'

Red had gone on up with a couple of the other cowpokes to watch the herd, and Cookie and I were by our selves by the campfire, drinking coffee and chatting.

Cookie go up a started rummaging thru his supplies in the wagon, seemed like he had something for everything there in that old wagon.

He looked over at me and held up this bottle of linament, 'Here it is,' he said with a big smile, now I can fix you right up.

He said 'Daniel, come here,' I walked to the back side of the wagon, pulled off my shirt and he started putting it on my bare shoulder, it took about a minute and I could feel the difference already. Then Cookie said, 'Drop your trousers,and I will get your ass for you,'

Not even thinking I dropped my trousers and He started slathering it on my slightly bruised hip, I was feeling better almost immediately. I was leaning there with my hands on the wheel of the wagon, naked as the day I was born, Cookie was rubbing my ass, and it was feeling fantastic,then I felt Cookies hand go up under my arms and around my chest as he leaned against my naked body there by the wagon, I felt his breath as he got close to my neck with his mouth,and his hot tongue as it started licking on my earlobe, I felt sensations coursing thru my body as Cookie began to take me on a ride to the stars.

I heard Cookie softly say, 'Daniel, I would like to collect on that promise you gave me the other evening if it's alright?'

By now I was feeling no pain, I said, 'Have at it Cookie.'

I leaned around and kissed this awesome, burley, hairy chested mature man, and felt some kind of jolts of electricity shooting thru my body.

He was bringing sensations to me that comes from years of experience.

I felt his hand as it slid up under my ass and rubbed my balls, and squeezing and stroking my now hard cock, a feeling of ecstacy wsa flooding my body as I leaned forward against the wagon and just moaned out vocal expressions of pleasure.

I heard Cookies trousers fall to the ground and I turned around to see Cookies awesome Burly, looking, hairy, manly body I looked down at his manhood standing out hard throbbing and thick, god his cock was thick, I watched as his foreskin slowly and gently pulled back without even being touched and saw that beautiful reddish purple looking cock head shining tight in the moonlight.

Cookie was quite good looking standing there naked. I knelt down and took Cookies cock into my mouth as I began massaging his big heavy full bag of testicles, they felt like two chicken eggs in that meaty hairy sack, they were so big, 'Oh yeah Daniel, thats it, Make Cookie Happy.'

I was taking his thick cock to the hair with each suck, Cookie was responding with his vocal approval and I was in my own zone as I sucked that awesome tasting cock, Cookie's own body aroma was awesome, it wasn't dirty or unclean just manly, I could taste his pre-cum slowly leaking onto my tongue, it was a sweet salty taste I came to love, Cookie had my head in his hands as he slowly made the movement of fucking.

I was now taking him to the hilt in my mouth each and every time I sucked and he was loving it.

I had my hands around his body holding on to his heavy muscled ass, I could feel his ass muscles tighten up hard each time I engulfed his cock into my mouth.

After about ten minutes of solid sucking on his awesome cock, He said,'Daniel I want that ass, its been a while since I tapped a young good looking ass like yours.'

I turned back around and wiggled my taught muscular ass cheeks at Cookie and winked at him like a Bar Room whore. Cookie Smiled raised his eyebrows and came up to me spit some saliva onto his hand slid a couple fingers up my shit chute, Since he was leaking that natural lubricant called pre-cum he needed no grease, he layed his love log against the opening of my anal canal an slid that thick hunk of cock to the balls in my ass, and held it there for a minute or so as he savored the feeling of having his cock in a hot asshole again, 'Fuck man, its been a long time since I felt this feeling,'

'It feels fantastic Daniel, man your ass is fantastic.'

Then Cookie started Fucking me, God did that man know how to fuck, he knew just the right angle to shove it in at.

Cookie was hitting that spot, that awesome spot, I didn't know what it was, but it was fantastic.

I let out a cry 'Oh God Cookie,'

He just slowly kept up that awesome pace and was making me more and more glad to be a man lover.

Damn I had never felt like this before, I was in a dream state after about ten minutes of constantly being screwed by Cookie. I knew that if he kept hitting that spot, whatever it was he was hitting, that was making me shudder and feel so awesome deep inside of my body, I would blow my nut before very long.

And then I heard him say, 'Oh Jesus, man, Oh fuck,I'm gonna cum,Oh shit,' and I felt Cookies body began to stiffen as he shoved his cock balls deep, he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight against him with all his strength and I felt his cock feel like it was swelling up and pumping and I knew he was unloading his man cream into my gut.

I was taken over the edge, and before I could get to my own cock to stroke it, I was firing off a load all over the wagon wheel, god was that cum shot ever intense. I knew Cookie was finished as he just softly groaned and held me tight against his body as his cock made little jerking motions while still inside me. I was really a happy dude at that point knowing I had made my friend Cookie Happy. And I didn't feel to bad either from the experience, I knew from that experience that age and experience does have its rewards.

Cookie and I walked down to the creek and washed the smell of sex off our bodies.

Setting there We began to talk, and drink coffee, both drained of our inhibitions, laughing, just enjoying each other I began to get a better feeling for Cookie's life and how he got here.

He began telling me about his life with his dad back several years earlier.

His father had also been a cook for a trail boss, He said, he was about seventeen when he left the lady that was keeping him as a little boy, his mother had died when he was a little boy and His aunt had basically raised him, he left here home and went to work with his father.

Life was hard for a young man, he had reached puberty and was feeling what all young men feel when their hormones went wild, Jerking off all the time was starting to get old hat and he finally got together with a couple cowboys that seemed to like young guys.

Cookie related his first encounter with man sex like this: He was in a barn putting down some hay for some horses when these two men, in their early twenties came into the barn, he knew one of them as the bosses son, and the other he didn't know.

The bosses son said, Herb, come down here I need you really bad, so I came down from the Hay loft of the barn to be of assistance to the bosses son. Then they grabbed me and took me into the tack room of the barn, Harley, the bosses son, held him while the other one began to strip him naked.

Cookie related the story with almost anger as well as pleasure in his voice,'They held me down and one of them bent me over a stack of feed bags there in that tack room and the other one undid his trousers and then spread my ass cheeks apart, I felt such pain as he used his spit and some other kinda oily stuff to slip his cock up into my asshole, god it hurt at first time, Harley fucked me like a whore, smacking my ass really hard, saying 'You love it don't you bitch, don't you, you want us both to fuck you.'

then the other guy pulled his cock out stroking on it as Harley fucked me roughly, beating my ass as he fucked. Then the other dude, who I never did know, said,'Suck this you little whore, if you bite my cock we'll kill you.' I started sucking his big, thick cock, and for some reason as they basically raped me I felt this strange sensation of loving what they were doing start to flowing thru my body. And before they were finished I was wanting more, I swallowed that guys cum and savored each drop. Truth was I even looked forward to each time they would come back for more. I loved it, and the more I got fucked and sucked those two guys off the better I liked it.

Then I finally went to work on the trail with Dad, I got to being the bitch of a several of the cattle hands.

They loved having a young piece of fresh ass to fuck.

Then the final part of his story amazed me.

Cookie had seen his Dad take off into the weeds one evening about dark, thinking he was taking a dump Cookie decided he would had to go and take a crap too. He went into the deep grass and thats when he saw his Dad standing there with this other trail hands cock up his Dads ass, getting fucked.

Cookie just said, I realized it was Like Father, like Son. So I just figured theres nothing really different about me.

That was really an awesome evening, setting around the campfire after having an awesome romp of sex, drinking coffee and relating stories of younger times with Cookie, and I knew that night wouldn't be my last time with Cookie, that man was good at sex and I wanted more.....

To be continued...



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