My name is Daniel Dalton, altho related to the Dalton Brothers distantly I had nothing to do with them on a personal basis. It was the summer of 1876, July to be exact, when I went into Laramie, Texas and signed up as a trail hand on the upcoming cattle drive, times were tough then and I needed the money I would earn from the cattle drive.

I had to go to the office of the local Cattlemens Association there in Laramie to sign up.

I signed up, and went across the street to the local watering hole. I was only eighteen then but no one asked any questions about my age, I had been a hard working ranch hand since I was fifteen. I was nicely built, strong, muscular and looked to be at least twenty-five, so no one even asked my age. I walked into the 'Silver Spur Saloon' and bellied up to the bar and got a beer, took it and set back down at this table. This cute little Saloon gal came up and asked me to buy her a drink, I did, and the next thing I knew she was escorting my happy, horny ass upstairs to a bed room and proceeded to fuck my ears off. By the time she was finished with me, I was drained not only of my cum, but also all my money, at least what I was carrying with me. I had this habit of only carrying just so much cash to town to prevent just that sort of thing from happening and loosing all my cash.

I started back to the ranch on my horse, it located about four miles from town, I decided that after having a wild fuck like that gal gave me, I needed to take a skinny dip in the cool stream about a mile from the bunk house. I stripped off and gently walked bare ass naked into the stream, the moonlight on the water was gorgeous, the breeze was a warm gentle breeze and I was feeling just great, I got into the water was paying close attention to my cock and balls, sliding my foreskin back and washing the moisture off the head, and under that foreskin, wanting to make sure that saloon gal didn't leave anything there I didn't want. Man that water was feeling go fucking good against my balls, and sliding the foreskin back and feeling that cool awesome feeling water against my cocks head was starting to make me get another hardon.

I was alone under the moonlight naked, still horny, so what the fuck. My stiff cock was feeling so awesome as I started working my foreskin back and forth, Playing with my nipples, just having an awesome jerkoff privately under the night sky. God I was feeling great. Thinking back at the saloon girl that I had fucked she was damned uncomfortabel with the size of my cock, evidently she hadn't had many my size before.

I had always been proud of haveing a rather large cock between my legs, I had been told it was quite big by another cowboy that had seen it as I took a piss there on the ranch, so I got a yardstick, got it hard, and measured it, it measured almost nine inches and was thick enough I couldn't touch my fingers around the shaft portion of it when it was hard.

I had heard guys talking about fucking their mares or haveing a cow back up to stump, but that was not the thing for me, My hand would do just fine untill I got another human to have sex with, I wanted a persons touch or nothing at all but my own hand.

Well I was just standing there in water as it was touching and tickling and slapping just the bottom of my nuts, stroking away, when I heard someone making the clearing their throat sound, being startled, I jumped and came to my senses and there besides the stream was a young Indian brave that I had met Named 'Three Feathers' he smiled and said, 'Makeing self love, feels good.' I, being embarassed said,'Sorry, yeah, Just had to, it feels so good.'

Three Feathers jumped down off his horse and started taking off his clothing, his leg breaches, his headband, his loin cloth and I witnessed something I had never dreamed. I noticed Three Feathers was a beautiful man, His body was gorgeous,His beautiful bronzed skin almost glowed in the light of the full moon. His chest puffed up and manly, his stomach was sucked into his rippled abdomen muscles, he didn't have an ounce of fat on his body, he had muscular legs like a bullfrog, and his cock was almost as big as mine, and he was standing there admiring me as he walked toward the water naked, I noticed his cock starting to swell up and stick straight out, his foreskin starting to slip back naturally, it was beautiful.

I was frozen, I didn't know what to think or do. Three Feathers just looked into my eyes and said,'You are a creation of the great spirit and I want to make manlove to you.'

I had never done anything but jerked off with a couple buddies of mine when I was about thirteen or so, except that gal in the saloon that night.

Three Feathers walked right up to me, My big hardon sticking straight out, still in my hand, and his cock as bobbing in the water when he reached me.

Not knowing what to expect I looked into his eyes and I saw pure, gorgeous, beautiful man, nothing superficial,just awesome looking naked pure eroticly beautiful man. I was having feelings in my body that I didn't understand.

Three Feathers could tell I was nervous and he reached out and touched my face and smiled and said, 'Daniel,your like the wind of nature, your beautiful like the breeze of summer, your fragrance is like a moonflower.' I felt a feeling of excitement and happiness as I stood there looking into his gorgeous face. I had never looked at Three Feathers like this before, although I had seen him many times.

I found myself not just wanting to look but to touch, and I reached out and felt his skin, bronzed by the sun,weathered, smooth, tight against his muscles, his chest skin felt like velvet so smooth, and I touched his right nipple with my fingers and he let out a little wimpering sound, and he layed his beautiful head back, his gorgeous black hair blowing in the night breeze, and just let me play with his chest. I was in heaven, I was having feelings like never before, Three Feathers cock was sticking up like a tree growing out of a patch of thick bushes, his pubic hair, was black and bushy and his balls looked like they belonged on a bull, hanging down low and heavy.

Three Feathers was so manly and bullish, his neck was thick and muscular,his arms had a leather band around his biceps and they were thick, muscular and veiny. Three Feathers was just an awesome looking Brave, a fantastic specimen of manliness.

I looked into his eyes and I felt him grab me and pull me into his body. I knew he was wanting, I could feel his cock as it pressed into my lower extremities, its thick meatyness was pressing against my crotch as he held me, and I felt a heat that came from within my body, I didn't know men could have these feelings, I was always told men just wanted to fuck a gal and get his nuts off and that was called making love.

I came to realize there was so much more to it than that.

Three Feathers pulled on me as he walked out of the water and we went and layed on the praire grass beside the stream, and laying there in the moonlight, we started makeing love.

I felt Three Feathers hand go between my legs as he gently rubbed my nuts and said, 'Daniel, your nuts are huge, big like pine cones.' I said, 'Three Feathers they like what your doing too.'

I reached over and started doing the same thing to Three Feathers, I heard him gasp sightly as I started rubbing his nuts and then stroking his thick uncut cock, I fell in love with a guys cock, Three Feathers Cock was a work of art, it was very thick at least as thick as mine, and just a hair under the length that I have.

Before I knew it, I had slipped down taking his that awesome uncut cock into my mouth, a first for me. I don't know why I wanted to suck it but I just did .

Three Feathers let out a groan and a gasp as I took his cock to the hilt. 'This is a gift from the Gods,' came out of Three Feathers mouth as I worked his cock as best I could.

He was lifting up his hips at each downward movement I made taking in his whole length and girth, almost gagging at his size. I wanted him to know just how I felt about this. I wanted him to be totally engulfed into my sucking, and making him enjoy it was my quest.

I had worked on his cock with fervor for several minutes when he said, 'Daniel, Im going to shoot my manjuice.' I started to suck him with more determination then, I was about four more minutes when I heard him moan really loud he raised up at the waist, and I felt his hands go around my head and shove my head to the bush as his Cherokee cock fired of its load of manjuice into my throat, I was a taste I had never tasted before, It was awesome, sweet, kinda salty musty tasting, but oh so delicious, I wanted as much of his cum as I could get at that moment, I just kept sucking on his cock. Finally Three Feathers said, 'Daniel, Daniel, stop please, its hurting now, The stream has dried up.'

I guess I had gone ballastic over this cock sucking thing. It was a totally different thing than anything I had ever thought about doing.

Three Feathers layed there on his back while his cock deflated, My own was still like a rock.

Three Feathers looked at me and said, 'Daniel, Make man love to me. Use me like your squaw.'

I wasn't sure at what he was saying. I soon found out. Three fingers went to his Horse and brought a shoulder Cherokee medicine bag, full of bones and different things to use for medicinal purposes.

I looked down, both of us still naked, and he took out this little pouch of something that looked like grease. He took some and shoved it up his ass hole and then began working some onto my cock, was I suppose to stick my cock in there?

Three Feathers layed down on the grass and lifted his legs up, hooking his knees under his arms at his shoulders, and said, 'Put it in me and make manlove to me.'

I moved over and took my place and he guided my cock to the opening with his hand, 'Don't be afraid,' he told me, 'I have done this before.'I gave a shove and my cock head slipped into his lubed hole, he gave out a little grunt, and shoved his ass against my body, my cock sunk nine inches deep into his asshole, and the feeling was fenominal.

I started to fucking this Brave like I had fucked that bar maid earlier, but the feeling was totally different and more exciting, I loved this feeling, Her pussy was O.K. but not like this, it was a feeling I cant' describe, but it was fantastic, His body was hot inside, my cock was wanting to unload its nectar and he was going wild with his hunching and fucking at me.

Three Feathers was saying something I couldn't understand, since I don't understand Cherokee, I just kept hammering, He was gripping my shoulders with his hands really tight, and he had a strong grip, He said, 'Daniel, Fill me with your seed.' And that was exactly what I planned to do. It took me about five more minutes, and I watched as Three Feather's cock started spasming and shooting a load of manjuice all over his stomach, then it happen to me, I jammed my nine inch love log into this Braves ass, and he held me tight against his body with his feet and legs as My cock fired out a load of cum that felt like you could have floated a boat in.

I was exhausted, drained and totally happy, gasping for breath, as I layed there on top of Three Feathers, still connected, my cock still buried in his ass.

He reached up and licked my cheek and I leaned down and started kissing Three Feathers, He was a little startled because they don't kiss like we do. Finally he got into it our way and we layed there and kissed for about an hour,exchanging saliva and doing the tongue dance, not wanting to seperate.

We held hands as we walked into the stream and washed off, hugging and just showing affection for each other. We layed there naked under the stars almost till daybreak.

Three Feathers told me to meet him there every night to do this again.

I had told him that I would be leaving on a trail ride in about two weeks he looked so sad. But I told him I would be back in about a month, he perked up.

I will anxiously await your return in one moon. I watched almost with a sadness as he rode off the next morning. But I knew that there were going to be many more time like this night ahead for me and Three Feathers.

To Be Continued...



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