I Had just gone into Laramie to meet up with the rest of the crew that would be working the Cattle Drive.

I walked into the office and was introduced to the 'Head Hauncho' actually the trail boss, of the drive, A William Benson, he was a rough, tuff looking hombre from down San Antonio way, looked like he hadn't shaved in weeks. He smelled like the cattle we would be driving too, but being a cowpoke I was use to guys that smelled like the north end of a south bound horse.

I walked outside of the office and I noticed a wagon with all sorts supplies and pots and pans dangling from it, and I recognized it as the Chuck Wagon, I smiled at this burley looking dude, he was wearing a stetson hat, needed a shave and looked like a bull he was so muscular, looked to be about thirty seven or so, and I was really surprised at how friendly he was and so pleasant, I hadn't met anyone that had showed any kind of kindness up to this point.

'Hey there cowboy, you working this drive?'

'Yeah, thought I would give it a try for a change, and make some money.'

'You'll make the money alright, just don't let them there dance hall broads drain you of it.'

'Hey I know their game, they fuck ya and then bleed ya, been thru that already, several weeks back, but I'm smarter than they are, I don't carry much cash with me.'

'Thats the way kid, don't let them whores take any more than your cum.'

I smiled, then I said, 'By the way I'm Daniel, any what do they call you?'

'Well most of the pokes call me 'Cookie,' But my name is Arliss McMahon, from Fort Worth,' I been a cookin on these cattle drives for near bout twenty years now, started when I was a lad of seventeen.'

'Really? thats quite a little record.'

'Naw, my Paw cooked on them trail drives for nearly sixty years, got bit by a rattlesnake out in Arizona and died from it, sure do miss him tho.' you got a Paw thats alivin?'

'Yeah somewhere out there, he don't have much to do with me tho, called me a sissy, said I was a queer boy,' Ain't seen him since I was twelve, don't rightly want to either, wouldn't know what to say to him.'


'well what?'

'Are you?'

'Am I what?'

'You know, like your Paw said,one of them there queer boys, do you like getting it in the ass, or sucking a dudes cock?'

Totally taken back from Cookies question, I studdered a little trying to find the words to answer.'

'Hey Daniel, its alright with me, I was considered that most of my life too, but I didn't let on except to cowboys that wanted it too. Hey Man, I have had some big cowboy cocks up my ass over the years, and have had my cocks in some really good looking cowboys asses too, can't tell you how many dude have unloaded down my throat either, thats jus tween me an you,tho.'

'No shit man, I didn't know that went on on these Drives.'

'More than you know,Daniel, more than you know.'

'Wow, thats awesome.'

About that time another young dude looked to be about twenty or maybe a little younger walked out of the office, and said,'Hey guys, whats up? You guys working the Cattle drive too?'

'Yeah, He's the Wagon Cook for the drive and I'm just a cattle hand, My name is Daniel,'

'Hi, My name is Herbert, but everyone calles me 'Red' he took off his stetson hat and His Hair was like fire it was so bright red, I felt a little twinge inside my groin when I saw that red hair. Damn it glistened in the sunlight it was so bright coppery red.

I had set my sights on this kid. Cookie introduced himself and looked at me and sorta twisted his head to me in a 'theres a young hunk for you on this ride jesture.' I just looked at Cookie, winked and smiled, He already knew.

Well the foreman came out and got us together and we started outside town to get to the corraled Herd, God it was a large heard , about 800 head of cattle, we would be taken it to the Market yards in San Antonio. That was several hundred miles away.

We were ready for it, he gave us our orders told us the schedule, how he wanted it to be, then paired us off in twos. I was thrilled when he picked Red as my partner.

Red was real a joy for me, I watched his tight, shapley looking ass setting on his saddle, I got up beside him and noticed a quite large bulge in his crotch, my stomach was starting that feeling deep inside, and my mouth was almost watering as I watched him take a drink from his canteen, pour a little water on his head and take his bandana and wipe his gorgeous chest thru his unbuttoned shirt, It was so friggen hot that afternoon, there in August. He looked over at me and winked as I ogled his sexy manly looks,Damn he was hot looking. Red was one awesome looking young man, and on many occassions I foung my cock sticking down the legs of my levi's harder than a tree limb, once I even saw pre-cum leaking out into a wet spot on the legs of my jeans. It was an automatic reaction to his sexy looking body, I couldn't help it.

Later that night I had gotten dark, we had stopped the cattle drive beside this little 'Beaver River' which was more like a stream with little deep pools, the cattle had drank, and were bedded down for the night.

I didn't realize it but Cookie was pushing for me a red to get it on.

We were setting there, Cookie, Red and Me, by Cookies campfire next to the Chuck Wagon, having had a great meal, prepared by Cookies hand, I was just taking a swig of hot coffee when Cookie, looked at us two, and said, Daniel, Red, Its nice and dark out, why don't you two go up the stream a ways, strip down and take a bath? it may be the last time you will get one in a while.'

Red smiled and said,'Hey man sounds good to me.'

I looked at Red, feeling that little thing in my stomach, and said,'Yeah man, it would be a pleasant feeling on this warm August night.'

We grabbed a bar of lyesoap, and took off on our horses to take a dip in the stream.

We got about a half mile away from the camp and we saw this graveled area along the stream, it looked perfect, the moon wasn't quite as bright as that night with Three Feathers but it was bright enough to really see well.

Red was a little nervous at stripping down, but I made him more at ease. He said, 'sorry I ain't never got necked in front of no nother guy afore, its a little embarrassin.'

' I smiled at Red and said, 'Hey its alright, you have two arms, two legs two eyes, two lips, two ears, and whats between your legs is the same as mine, maybe bigger or smaller it don't matter, were both men, with a cock, and two balls.'

'Your right Daniel, just a different experience fur me, thats all.'

I just started stripping in the moonlight, and Red started to slowly get undressed, he was holding his hands over his crotch when he got naked and I said,'Red, come here.'

'O.K' he said.

He was standing right in front of me and I said, 'put you hands up behind your head,' He did, and I looked down and saw one hell of a mans cock on this kid. It was at least as big as mine, and his nuts looked like they came from a bull.

I said, 'wow Red, what are you ashamed of, your cock is awesome, and those balls are gorgeous,' Red blushed, he said,'Really, no one ever told me that before, I guess cause no one's ever seen it before.'

I smiled and said, 'now I have and its gorgeous.'

Red was young, innocent, and just as cute as a bugs ear. I smiled and reached up and said,'Red, have you ever had sex with anyone before?'

Red said,'no never have.' He was starting to breath hard and I noticed his cock was bouncing upwards. I smiled and said 'Red that really needs some attention.' Yeah it does, I have to give it a good milking every once in a while, I guess thats what all guys do.'

'only if theres no one else to take care of it for them.'

'would you like to have me take care of it for you?'

'Well, I guess, sure! ifin you want to.'

I reached down and took his thick meaty light skinned cock into my hand and we walked into the stream of water naked together, his cock was throbbing by now, and I slipped back the foreskin on that thick purplish head and took fresh cool water and began to wash it off and make sure it was clean.

He was already enjoying the feeling I was creating, but I had just begun.

we finished up our bathing and got out and layed on a bedroll blanket I took from the horse.

I layed on my back thinking about the fucking I had given Three Feathers, and I wanted to feel what it was he had felt back then.

I told Red to wait just a minutes and I got me some goose grease from my saddle bags and warmed it up and made it oily and slicked up Reds cock, then pushed some up my turd canal.

I layed back down, looking into Reds eyes as I did, Raised my legs upward, just like Three Feathers had done, and told Red to put his cock into my asshole.

I could tell he had never done anything like that before, He was nervous, and jittery, but I started by kissing him on his lips and he loved that feeling, It was warm and so gentle. Red was getting into it after about five minutes, His cock was bouncing then He got up between my legs as I raised my as up to meet him and he put the head agains my opening, it took him a couple tries, and I finally relaxed enought ot open up to his thick meat, and it popped thru, I must say here it Hurt like hell, but I wanted to get used to it. I had him stay still still with his cock in my asshole for a while, and he said it felt so tight and hot inside my body, Finally the pain of his thick meat being inside me gave way to the most awesome feeling, and I told him to fuck me, and Reds carnal instinct took over and before two minutes had gone by I was being fucked by this gorgeous red headed cowboy, God I was in love with Red, he was in love with my asshole, 'Oh shit, it feels so damn good, Oh shit man, Oh shit, Im gonna cum,' and I wrapped my legs around his body and pulled him deeper inside my asshole and the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt, I could feel it as his cock flexed and unloaded his cum into my intestines, and I knew at that point what Three Feathers saw in this ultimate act of man love,and knowing Red was shooting his mancream deep inside my body, was the most fantastic sensation I have ever felt.

Red just collapsed ontop of my body and layed there. It was about twenty minutes later I felt him stir, 'You O.k.little Buddy?'

'Oh shit man, I'm more than o.k. I'm in love with you Daniel, I have never felt like I do right now.

'Your cock is still hard Daniel,'

'Hey I can take care of it myself.'

'No way are you going to do that, I haven't sone anything with a guy before but Im gonna learn, damn, that was fantastic,'

Red leaned over started stroking my cock for me, He was damned good, He said,'Im going to suck it for you, o.k?'

I said, 'Whatever you want, it's your baby now.'

He leaned over and started by slipping my foreskin back and putting his mouth over it. God his mouth was hot feeling, I was already so hot from getting fucked and I knew this kid was gonna get my load quickly.

I leaned up on my elbows and felt this beginner give a remarkably good headjob for a first timer, I had to tell him about the teeth a couple times but I finally started breathing really heavy and He felt my cock flex a couple times as it gave him a mouthful of my love sauce.

He gagged a few times but still attempted to swallow all of it.

It was almost morning when we finally got dressed and went back to camp, Cookie was already making breakfast when we got back to camp.

Cookie looked up at us and smiled and said,'Well Daniel, howd it go?' I just smiled an ear to ear smile and while Red was getting a cup of coffee I leaned over and whispered into Cookie's ear, I own you one, it was fantastic.'

Cookie looked at me smiled and said,'Believer me Daniel I plan to collect from you.' I winked at Cookie and smiled and said,'Thanks.'

To Be Continued............



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