Having a circle jerk with my friends was wild. I jacked off while being mirrored by Jack right in front me, beating his big meat. My best friend Mike by my side brushing his arm in mine while he jacked off and moaned louder each time - he was a pervert. Alan closed the circle, he wasn't trying to win the bet as much as he was watching all those big cocks being jacked. Alan and I shot our load right after Jack shot his -making him the winner. Mike was the last one, he grabbed my ass while his heavy load hit my body and face.

For the rest of the day we didn't bother putting our clothes back. We had dinner, did some shots and smoked pot. We decided to wake up early in the morning to go to the beach and since I had won the bet I kept the big bed.

"This bed is too weird" Mike said as soon as he lied down "Can't you just choose something else as your prize?"

"It is pretty bad.. But stop being such a pussy. Besides you already slept on it yesterday."

"Yeah.. But I told you I've been having back pain in the last days" he insisted. I rolled my eyes but suggested "Well ok, this bed is big enough for both of us. But I'm not going to sleep in the small bed!"

He got up and walked towards the big bed with a smile on his face.

"You're not going to sleep naked, are you?"

"You know I always sleep like this!" He said while he lied down next to me.


What is going on? I've always been straight! I've seen my friends naked so many times and it never bothered me. And since I saw Daniel naked I can't stop thinking about his dick. On top of that I'm thinking about Jack's body and Alan's hot mouth around my cock... and Mike's huge load. Mike. Well now he was lying naked right next to me, already snoring. The fact that I was only wearing a pair of thin boxers got me fantasizing even more, my body starting to sweat and my dick already getting hard. I could smell Mike's aroma, his skin touching mine, he grabbed my waist - he is awake! he said something in my ear and then came closer, aiming his hard cock right at my ass, he moved forcing his rock hard cock deeper inside my ass, I felt his tool rubbing against the crack of my ass about slid inside and some noise woke me up.

I didn't move. The second night in a road that I woke with a hard-on. The second night in a row that I had a wet dream. The second night in a row that I dreamed about my friends. This was so weird and the dream felt so real. I could almost feel him near me and that's when I realized his face was buried against the back of my neck. His arm over my waist and his hand resting less than a inch away from my dick. It wasn't a dream - his rock-hard pole was pressed against my crack, a thin layer of cloth being the only thing preventing his move. But was he a sleep? This was so wrong and so hot! I never had anything near my ass and now his hard cock was so close to my crack. But this was wrong!

I tried to get out of bed without waking him up. He just stayed there in the bed sleeping, his cock all alone after I left the bed. I removed my boxers and saw a wet spot - was it Mike's? I turned around to leave the room and bumped in a small table making everything fall in the floor. I prayed that Mike didn't wake up!

"Johnny" Mike said rubbing his eyes "Where are you going? Why are you naked?"

"I'm just going to get something to drink" I said turning to look at him, his hand had just found his boner.

"I guess we are both horny!" He said looking down at my dick.

"Haha I guess so" I said a little nervous, I didn't move.

"What do you say about us taking care of this?"

I shouldn't! But thinking about watching Mike shoot his load for a third time in less than 24h was making me even harder. I didn't know what I was doing but I was already seated next to him in the big bed. I was jacking my cock and him his.

"Remember when we were younger?" Mike said.

"You will have to be more specific" I said laughing.

"Right after my cousin taught me how to jack off" he said "And then I taught you!"

"Yeah.. we used to do it every day after school!"

"Yes! It was wild! And when we jacked each other!"

Where was he trying to get?

"Jacking yourself is much better than having a girl do it. They just don't understand our dicks like we do, you have to have a dick to know how to handle it, I guess.."

"You betcha" I agreed.

"But you knew how to jack me off"


"Was I any good?"

"I guess"

The movement had stopped but we both kept our hands in place.

"What do you say we try it again? We already jacked off today, it would be nice to feel something other than my own hand.."

"I don't know Mic.." I looked at his penis, his hands left his grip and went on my direction but I still wasn't sure. He pinched my nipple "Come on Johnny!"

I offered no resistance and he went for it. I followed his lead.

His dick had growned a lot since we last did this. I wrapped my hand on his cock - it was so warm. For a minute I forgot how to masturbate but once again he led the way. He started stroking my hard on and I started stroking his. His foreskin going up and down, up and down. His cock filled with blood and ready to explode for the third time. I pulled his foreskin all the way back and started playing with the head, a lot of liquid oozing from the top and filling my hand - he moaned. He was copying my every move, his hand going from the head to the base of my dick. My cock was rock hard and I started to moan and moved my hand faster as Mike made humping moves against my hand. His breathing getting heavier, his humping moves getting faster, until he came, shooting load after load in his chest and my hand. He had stopped moving his hand. His eyes were closed.

"That was awesome!" He took his hand back, mine was still holding his cum covered dick.

He opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Now it's time to finish you up!"

He put his hand back in my dick and started stoking. With the other hand he starting massaging my chest and pinching my nipple, his hand went down to my abs until it also ended in my dick. He started stroking my dick with both hands. I couldn't take much longer. My eyes were closed and one of his hand left my dick and started massaging my balls. "Hmmm" I moaned. He really knew how to take care of me. One of his fingers went even lower and touch the crack of my ass. He started playing with it, but never letting his finger slide in. I moaned louder, louder, louder and I shot my load all over his hand. I opened my eyes and saw my dick with Mike's hand pushing it in his direction. I followed the head of my cock all the way to his face and saw a massive load on his face right under his lips. He was smiling.

"So how was it?" He asked.

I just looked at his face and my body, smiling.

"Yeah I thought so" He added. He grabbed a t-shirt and cleaned his body "Now I can sleep!"



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