The break was finally here and I couldn't be happier! And this time there would be something different. Every break my friends and I would just stay home - not doing anything special. But we decided to do something new. We actually planned our break and rented a beach house. It wasn`t the best beach but it was the cheapest option to stay near the beach most people (that have money) go to.

As soon as classes were over we drove down to the beach.

My friend Jack went in the morning because "there would be too much traffic after class". Alan (jack's friend) went with him because Jack didn't want to drive all the way alone. I went later with my best friend Mike and one of his friends. I have seen Daniel a couple of times but didn't really like him, I mean who is him to be friends to my best friend..?

As it happens Jack was right and it did take us a lot of time to get to the place. If that wasn't bad enough Mike kept making fun of the way I drive and how I am a bad driver. That's the thing about Mike, he just makes fun of everything until it pisses you off but through the years I got used to it and I guess Daniel did. Daniel was jewish though he looked more like he was arab, he had a tanned skin, black hair and was very tall. During the long hours we stayed in the car I got to know more of Daniel and he seemed nice but I was still jealous of his friendship with Mike - I know that's weird.

When we finally got to the house the door was wide open and we saw that the inside was in such a mess as to say that Jack was living there. I mean every guy is kinda messy I guess but his bedroom was always a complete mess. He had a devil-may-care attitude towards everything which I thought was kinda manly, well this and his addiction to sports. The guy was good in every sport and practiced them all day long - making him very built.

We heard them talking in the kitchen and went there. Alan was sitting eating a sandwich and Jack was standing by his side, naked! I mean that wasn't the first time I saw him naked. He was very exhibitionist but I guess I would be too if I had his body.

They knew we would be hungry after the long drive and left some food for us. After a while of chatting I decided to go take a shower.

"Why are you going to take a shower? We are in the beach! We don't need to shower! We need to be more natural!" Mike said laughing.

"What do you mean? I can't shower while I'm here?" I asked.

"Or maybe being natural means we should all be naked like Jack" Alan said without taking his eyes off Jack.

"Yes! Why not?" Mike said and started to undress.

"Well that's not going to happen" I said. "Where is my bedroom Jack?"

"We thought you could share a bedroom with Mike, Daniel can sleep in the single bed bedroom and Alan and I will share the third bedroom."

I went to the room and was happy that I got there before Mike did because there was one queen size bed and one single. I hurried to leave my things in the bed and went to shower. I was already in the shower and realized it was broken.

I went to the kitchen wearing just a towel around my waist and asked Jack if his shower was working.

"I have an idea! If the shower isn't working why don't we try the sea?!" Mike said.

"Isn't it too late for that?"

"No! You kept saying how this break was going to be wild and you don't even want to go swimming after dark?!?!" Mike was doing his typical face to me.

"I'm in" Jack said with a smile. Daniel and Alan followed his lead.

"Ok, let me just get my shorts" I said.

"Oh JP you really know how to be wild..." Mike said rolling his eyes "But I think we should skinny dip!"

"Yeah! Let's do it!" that was the first time I heard Daniel's voice since we arrived.

"Hm..Okay I guess.. Let's go" I said.

There was absolutely no one in the beach and when Mike saw the sea he dropped his towel and ran towards it. Jack and Alan did the same. Daniel and I took off our towels and I told him:

"Well I guess it's our tu.." I was shocked when I saw him completely naked. His dick was not proportional at all. I don't think my dick is small but his was huge! He was about 6 foot 5 and his flaccid dick was at least 6.5 inches.

"Our turn?" He said as if he was waking me from a dream.

"Yeah" I said raising my eyes.

"Are you guys coming?" Mike screamed.

We started walking towards the water and I kept thinking about his dick, I mean it was huge! It was probably the first cut dick I paid attention to, but shit the size, how big would it be hard? And it was really thick, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not gay!! I was probably just jealous..

The water felt so nice, I dove and as soon as rose Mike splashed me and said we should play chicken fight. I thought that a naked chicken fight would be very weird not to say extremely gay but didn't say anything.

At first I didn't really want to play but soon I realized that we would need 4 people to play it and Jack and Alan were nowhere to be found. It was very dark and I kept looking for them. I finally saw them and called Jack's name.

They both came to where we were and agreed to play the game.

"My shoulder is in pain so why don't you team up with Alan, Johnny? I will be the 'judge'" Jack said.

I was sitting on Alan's shoulder and Mike was on Daniel's. Alan wasn't very built but he was good looking I guess. He was a good swimmer and very lean. But I felt weird being naked and having my dick touching Alan's neck.

"This is not fair! Daniel is too tall, Jack why don't you change places with him?"

Before Daniel could say anything Jack said "Don't be a pussy John! Just play the game". Gee, what was Jack`s rush?

We started playing and soon Mike grabbed my arms and Daniel leaned backwards. I crossed my legs on Alan's body and fixed it very tightly trying not to fall. Mike and Daniel did the movement a second time and Alan and I fell near where Jack was. When I was coming up I had my eyes closed and unintentionally hit Jack with my hand. I instantly opened my eyes and saw Jack's raging hard on pointing at me. I have seen many dicks but never touched any let alone a hard one.

When I came to the surface Jack had blushed and was staring at me. Mike was probably watching everything and said "HA HA Jack has a boner!".

"Grow up Mike" Jack said.

After hanging in the water for a while we decided to go back to the house and rest.


I was in my bed, Mike was snoring but I couldn't quite sleep, there was too much in my mind. Yesterday I barely knew Daniel and now I was thinking about how lucky he was that his dick was so big and how big would it be hard, was he a shower or a grower? On top of that I had my naked body pressed with Alan's and later I actually touched Jack's boner (why was he hard?). This was all so weird but I guess the only thing I could do was forget about everything...

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