It was Jack calling my name. He was naked – like he always is. He looked really good. His big green eyes looking down at me. He had a strong masculine jaw line. How could he have such broad and strong shoulders? His blond chest hair was in perfect measure to his big chest on top of a perfect 6 pack. His big strong hairy legs leading to his fat dong already hard on top of a large set of balls.

“Johnny” He called again with a smile on his face.

I went to him. He looked perfect. His dick was so hard. The head of his boner with a shiny drop of precum was getting bigger; actually, I was getting closer. His dick was inches away from me.


I woke up. The room windows were unable to prevent the sun light from coming in. Damn, it was hot. My body covered in sweat and my morning wood dripping precum. What the fuck was that dream anyway? Was I dreaming about Jack?


Wait! Someone was actually calling me. It was Mike’s voice and he was sleeping on the other bed. He was probably dreaming about something. What if he was having a dream just like the one I just had? Dreaming about me? No he couldn’t.

I gathered all my strength and got out of bed. Shit it was too warm. I looked over at Mike’s bed and he was still asleep. He was lying on his back with one hand under his head and the other arm resting at his side, his body also covered in sweat even though he was naked. His erection.. He had a erection! His cock was hard pointing upwards. Red field with blood.

Wait didn’t he just say my name? And he is having a wet dream? I walked to his bed. His expression was normal. My eyes went from his face to his cock, I wouldn’t know he was having a wet dream if his cock wasn’t hard. Pulsating. It was smaller than mine but it did look good, very thick and a large set of balls. There wasn’t a single hair but that was no surprise – I was with him when he shaved. And his cock was also… am I thinking about my friend’s cock? Again!?

I went back to my bed and sat thinking about what had just happened.

“Hmmm” Mike moaned but I did not dare look.

After a few seconds he moaned again – louder! I looked at his face then at his dick – it was still pulsating, raising and lowering itself, a drop of precum connecting the head with his stomach. He moaned louder, his cock raised itself again and then it happened, out of nowhere a huge load of cum traveled from his cock all the way to his head. Another landed in his neck and three others in his stomach. I was in complete shock.

“Hmmm” Mike moaned waking up – I looked away!

I looked at Mike who was now sitting in his bed with his eyes closed. His body covered in cum. He licked the cum that was near his mouth and then looked in my direction.

“Oh hey! I didn’t see you were still here, I just woke up” I lied looking down at his body.

“Hey Johnny, I guess I was having a wet dream” he said grinning “a nice one” he picked up a t-shirt and wiped the cum off his body “It is only fair since I’m sleeping in this shitty bed”.

I stood up and asked if he was hungry.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a second”.

I went to the kitchen thinking about what I had just seen. I have jerked off with Mike when we were younger but I haven’t seen him shoot a load in a long time and that was a nice one.

Daniel was shirtless lying in the living room sofa watching TV. His hand inside boxers – I instantly started imagining watching him having a wet dream, his big cut cock shooting all over his body.

“Morning” I said.

“Hey whats up?”

“Are you the first one awake?” I asked.

“I think Jack and Alan are awake”

“Where are they?”

“I don’t know” Daniel answered not taking his eyes from the TV.

“Well.. I’m gonna grab something to eat”

The tiny kitchen was a mess, I got a glass of orange juice and started drinking while I looked through the kitchen window. The juice was so refreshing in the warm weather, I think the sauna like weather outside the house prevented people from just hanging on the street. But there was some tree shadows outside that looked nice.

“Shit” there was a guy under a tree near the house getting a blow job by someone on his knees – that definitely looked like a guy. For what I could see the guy standing had his hand around the other guy’s head. The guy doing the blow job kept a rhythmic movement until he started deep-throating what looked like a massive dick.

My ex girlfriend try to suck my dick once after I insisted a lot but it wasn’t a good experience. But that was different, the guy looked like he knew what he was doing. It looked like he was an experienced cocksucker.

I looked again at them.

They were both standing, that cocksucker had his hand near his mouth probably cleaning the cum that spilled on his face. Did he swallow the rest? I mean if Mike swallowed some of his own cum, why wouldn’t this cocksucker swallow? I wonder if it tastes good or if each guy’s sperm tastes different. And how would it feel to deep throat a cock – Jack’s uncut cock. But there is no way I could ever deep throat Daniel’s dick – It is too big! Who’s sperm would taste better Jack’s or Daniel’s? My already stained with precum pair of boxers was getting some fresh precum and hiding my erection.

I felt someone passing behind me, his body softly touching mine, a dick covered by underwear  lightly touching my back – it looked like it was at least semi hard. He stayed in this position for a minute until his hand pointed to the guys I was looking at.

“There they are” Daniel said.



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