In a few hours of being in the beach with my friends so much had happened. I found myself thinking about Jack's perfect body and Daniel's giant cock. I was woken a few hours ago by Mike, my best friend, calling my name while he had a wet dream that ended with a massive explosion of cum. After leaving the room I watched while Jack had his dick sucked by Alan who looked like an experienced cocksucker.

And now I am in the tiny kitchen, Daniel right behind me wearing just a pair of boxers, his semi hard pressing lightly in my back. Did he see what Jack and Alan were doing?

He finally moved along after staying behind me for what seemed like a really long time. His dick brushed my back following his movement. I did not know what to say.

Minutes after Jack and Alan were back in the house. "Weather feels great outside" Jack said smiling. He grabbed a water from the fridge. Alan sat next to me - the kitchen was way too crowded.

"I wanted to explore the other beaches" Alan said "Anyone wants to join me?"

"Nah.. I think I will try this beach with Mike and Daniel. This is the best for surfing. But maybe Johnny would go with you" He said looking at me.

"What is going on?" I thought to myself while I stared at Alan.

"So?" Alan asked.

"Ah, sure.. why not?" I replied - a million thoughts in my mind.

"Ok so do you wanna go change? Or maybe you'd rather just wear your pair of boxers... though they don't hide your bonner very well" he said grinning.

"Ah no I'm.. I'll be right back"

We walked and walked and walked. There was not as many people in the beach as I thought there would be and the few people were gathered in specific places. When we were in a rather deserted part of the beach Alan had an idea.

"It is too warm in here. Why don't we try the water?"

The water was very refreshing but soon Alan left and I followed him. He waited for me out of the water and stared at my body - was that his plan? Take me to a deserted place and suck me like he did with Jack? This was so weird but I couldn't help and my dick started to grow.

"How was your breakfast today Johnny?" Alan asked.


"Your breakfast, was it any good?"

"What do you mean?" I replied not understanding what he meant.

"Johnny please.. I saw you looking at us. You do realize that you were looking through a window, I could see you watching us... And I know what you want!"

"What do I want?"

"Please tell me that you chose this shorts because you didn't want the same thing you saw earlier".

I was confused but looking down I noticed that combining white shorts and white briefs for going to the beach might not have been the best decision ever. The water made them almost transparent and that did nothing to hide my growing erection.

I looked at him. "But I'm not.."

"Gay?" He completed my sentence "Neither is Jack" He came closer to where I was "But you don't need to be gay to get a blow job". He came even closer but saw that I still wasn't sure.

"Come on Johnny, let me take care of that big boner you have. When I saw your big dick yesterday night I wasn't sure how big it could get but damn it looks so good" My boner looked good? I wanted so much to feel his hot mouth on my cock, experience a real cocksucker deep-throating my cock.

"I mean.." he rested his hand on my chest and put his mouth near my ear " is your choice.." as he moved his hand slowly through my abs.

He got on his knees and reached for my shorts letting them slide to the floor. My cock was rigid with lust right near Alan's face. He opened his mouth slowly approaching my dick and stopped right before putting it on his mouth. He looked up at me and saw my lustful eyes watching him. I swallowed dry and put my hand on his head right before he started sucking on my dick, his hot mouth, his tongue exploring every part of my hard organ. I moaned lightly. He started to deep throat my dick. Shit! He really knew how to suck a cock. I couldn't take it. I reached for his head with my other hand and started to fuck his mouth. I humped and Alan swallowed, my cock going deeper and deeper in his mouth, disappearing completely. I wanted this to last forever, I moaned louder and louder until I couldn't hold it back any longer and shot my load down his throat. He took my entire load keeping my cock inside his mouth until I took it off.

He stood up and reached for a drop of cum right under his lips before he sucked the cum off his finger.

"Hmmm! You taste so good!" he said with a big smile on his face.

My ex girlfriend blow job left a bad impression in me but having an experienced cocksucker like Alan deep-throating my cock changed everything. On the way back Alan explained how he was not only gay but had been sucking Jack for two years.

We got to the house and I decided to go rest in my room but ended up sleeping for hours. When I woke up I went for a shower in Jack's room, soaping my chest and arms I started wondering what Alan thought about my body.

He did say that my dick was nice. I looked down at my dick, it is nice I guess, not as big as I would like it to be but it was nice: somewhere in the 7.5 inches, a large set of balls hanging low and just enough skin. But the rest of my body was in good shape also, I have a big chest, hard abs with a trail of hair that leads to my crotch, not to comment on my ass which is pretty big for a guy.

Thinking about my dick and cleaning it was making it get hard so I turned off the shower and started towel off and then wrapped the towel around my waist so that no one would see my growing dick as I walked back to my room.

On the way back I got a glimpse of the couch, Jack was lying on it, one of his hands exploring his nakedness and the other stroking his meat. The guy got a blow job earlier today and was now jacking off. But he did look good. That didn't do anything to help my dick get softer, the eroticism of watching another guy jacking off was making me harder and harder. I guess I must have sleep walked to the couch.

"Hey Johnny" Jack smiled at me, his hand didn't leave his meat. He must have seen my hard on and said "Wanna join me?" changing position and giving me some space in the couch. He was watching some porn in his computer that he left on a chair.

I sat down naked and after looking at the porn I got a good look of his meat. It was about half an inch larger than mine, pointing downward, with a lot of skin for him to play. His muscled legs made it look much nicer. His big hands used the same old method of jacking off that I had always used. I was hypnotized by the movement, just thinking about how Alan had sucked both my cock and Jack's a few hours ago.

"You started the party without me?!" Mike said as he walked in already undressing. His cock getting hard in an impressive pace. This was becoming a circle jerk!

He didn't even bother sitting down, his cock was about 7 inches, very thick and was always ready to send endless ropes of cum through the roof. Out of the kitchen came out Alan already naked displaying his rock hard dick, the head covered in precum, his size was close to mine, but mine was thicker. Alan stopped right next to where I was seated, his cock on my eye level. I wonder how would it feel to suck a cock.

Everyone was here except for Daniel. Maybe this would be my chance to see how big his cock can get! Where is he? Where is Daniel? "Where is Daniel?" I asked not knowing if I should have asked it.

"He went out with a friend" Mike answered.

Shit! There would never be another chance to see how big is his dick. I looked around the hot room. Jack seated by my side, his body slightly covered in sweat, his leg pressing mine, his cockhead covered in precum.

"Just like old times right Johnny?" Mike said looking at me "Good old circle jerk"

"Yeah Mikey" I said laughing at him.

"Wanna bet who can cum first? If I win I get to sleep in the big bed!"

The jacking never stopped. "You've got yourself a deal"

In the heat of the moment, I stood up with Mike on my left and Alan on my right. Seeing all of us standing Jack decided to join us and closed the circle.

Now we were standing in a circle, all beating our meats, all looking around the circle for who would be the first one to cum. Mike tightened his grip and started to move faster, he moved closer making the space in the circle smaller. His arm brushing against mine. My own hand traveling from my fat cockhead to the base. Up and down, up and down. "Hmm" Jack moaned, his big cock filled with blood, ready to shoot. There was an intoxicating masculine smell. I felt Alan's left hand touching lightly my ass, he was worshiping my ass with one hand while he jacked off with the other. His eyes filled with lust watching my every movement. The porn in the computer was long forgotten but the sounds of moaning were still present.

There was too much tension. All 4 big cocks close together. I looked at Jack, his eyes closed and a drop of sweat now on his chest matching the drops of precum falling from his dick. This was great, I imagined Alan kneeling and sucking my cock with his hot mouth, I'd give anything to have that mouth again! I would..

"Ahhhh" I looked at Jack, his cock shooting a load that felt right on the middle of the circle, the others stayed in his fist. That did it for the rest of us.

I started moaning together with Alan, my eyes wide open watching my dick and his. My cum landed on Jack's dick and Alan's load hit Mike's arm. This was so hot! But it was over.. No! Mike was still beating his meat. He was doing it with his left hand, he looked at me and together we looked at his cock. He closed his eyes and started to moan. His dick sticking out and pointing upwards. With his left hand he pointed his dick towards me and with his right hand he grabbed my ass and brought me closer to him. A huge load shot on my direction falling in my face and another one on my chest the rest falling on my legs and on the floor.

With his left hand Mike cleaned his cum off my face.

"Seems like you will be sleeping in the big bed" Alan said grinning.



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