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TJ and Friends - Chapter 4

TJ reached over and held him, and they fell asleep in a sticky pile of cum and pre-cum.

"Looks like Spike got to him first!" said a deep voice. "Show time!"


TJ looked up at the two big men, who'd come in while he was asleep with his arm around the little guy. They were lounging on the other couch with beers in their hands, grinning at the fucked-out pair. TJ felt uneasy ... they didn't say anything for a long time, just took swigs of beer and looked at him.

"He looks just as good naked as I thought he would. Nice bod, reasonable amount of fur, and that dick looks like it'll do the job. How'd he take to being lubed up? You suck a load out of him?"

"Yeah, he came big as soon as I stuck a finger up his ass. He may be a top, but he took my prick like a champ and loved every minute... he was pushing back into me like a bitch in heat. You're gonna have fun with this dude."

TJ felt like he had to get back on top of the situation. They were discussing him like he wasn't even there, and no way was he gonna let them think he wasn't a real top. Truth was, he'd loved how it felt to take Julio's big loads up his ass, and the idea of getting plowed by one of the big men was pretty exciting, even if it was a little scary. But they'd asked him here to fuck them, and he was all about fucking guys! Before he could figure out what to say, the older guy stood up and stretched. TJ remembered his name -- Frank.

"OK. Here's how it's gonna go," Frank announced. "I'm gonna suck his dick for a while to get him nice and hard -- not that it needs much work. Julio, grease up Jacky's ass and we'll have him fuck Jacky for a while to get started." The big man took off his shirt, flexed his chest, and scratched the fur on his midsection.

"Think you can handle that, stud? Yeah, your cock likes the plan!"

TJ's dick had jumped to attention. He looked over at Jacky -- the bodybuilder had stripped off his skin-tight T-shirt and was stepping out of his shorts. 225 pounds of hard muscle wasn't the half of it: HIs dick was fucking huge. Frank had told TJ back in the bar that they were hung bigger than him, and it was true. His 9-inch tool was usually the biggest piece in the room, but Jacky had him beat even before he got all the way hard. The thing was veiny, thick, and pulsed with blood as Jacky stroked it gently. God knew how big it would get when it got all the way hard! He turned around and leaned on the back of the couch, showing off an ass that had spent a lot of hours in the squat rack. Big and meaty, just the way TJ liked them. Julio was still naked from his earlier fuckfest, and moved over to started running his hands over the hard globes of bodybuilder butt. Jacky groaned a little, obviously liking the way that felt, and reached down to stroke his big dick while the little guy worked on his ass. The dick was getting bigger and fatter and the veins stood out -- TJ was mesmerized, thinking about taking it in his ass and wondering if he could do it.

"Hey, kid! I'm over here!" The older guy had moved in front of TJ and hauled him to his feet. Even though the jock was a pretty big guy, he felt dwarfed by the muscle daddy in front of him. Trimmed beard, shaved head. Thick shoulders on top of arms that swelled with muscle. A chest covered with curly black hair, which continued down his abs into his jeans. Thick nipples jutted out from the massive shelf of the man's pecs -- TJ had a thing for nips, since his own were so fucking sensitive. He reached out, put his hands on the furry chest and squeezed... and discovered he couldn't make a dent in that muscular armor. The deep chuckle he'd heard before returned:

"It'll take more than that to make a dent in that, son! Work my nips a while!" TJ took a nub in each hand and squeezed gently, twisting and rubbing the tender flesh, which thickened under his touch.

"Fuck, that's it! Work those babies ..." TJ stroked and pulled and twisted; Frank made little mewling sounds as his whole body responded to the tit work, leaning toward TJ with a wide grin. There was only one place to go, and TJ went there: leaning forward, he grazed one of the swollen nubs with the tip of his tongue.

"Shit!" The big man shuddered. "Suck those tits, boy!"

TJ was loving the smell of the man's sweat. Turned on by the scent and the feel and the sight of the man in front of him, he lapped and nibbled at the tits, feeling the man shudder again with pleasure. He ran his tongue around the hard flesh, and made his next move: He took the nub between his teeth and bit down gently. The response was electric...

"God Damn, boy! Sonofabitch!" Frank roared. TJ hoped that was good. If it wasn't, he was sure as hell gonna get decked by this big daddy.

"He likes that. I almost made him cum once just by working his tits." Jacky had lifted his head from the depths of the couch to see what all the noise was about, and then sank down into the bliss of having his ass eaten out by Julio's talented tongue.

"Fuck yeah," said Julio, coming up for air. "You can't work em too hard, either, no matter how much noise he makes."

Encouraged, TJ went back at the big man's nips, licking and sucking and biting and twisting and pulling. Frank howled and squirmed with every move, making his pleasure clear. When TJ moved his operation to the big guy's armpits -- they were right next door, after all -- Frank simply went nuts. The kid had a great tongue and a fine appreciation for sweaty pits, and it took him a while to lick them clean. And then, finally, the jock took control.

"OK, big man, you were gonna suck my dick. It's time!"

There was a muffled snort from the depths of the couch.

"Yes Sir!" said Frank with a big grin, as he dropped to his knees. He'd wondered how long it would take the kid to assert himself. The kid's dick had been oozing pre-cum pretty steadily for a while, and Frank's first move was to reach out with one finger and smear the clear goo around the swollen head of TJ's big shaft, until it was all slicked up and shiny. He leaned in with his tongue and licked the head clean, substituting his spit for the sticky pre-cum, relishing the sweet taste of the kid's cock snot. This was gonna be good.



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