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TJ and Friends -- Chapter Five

Frank's first move was to reach out with one finger and smear the clear goo around the swollen head of TJ's big shaft, until it was all slicked up and shiny.  He leaned in with his tongue and licked the head clean, substituting his spit for the sticky pre-cum, relishing the sweet taste of the kid's cock snot. This was gonna be good.  

TJ had his own ideas at this point.  He was slowly getting back his usual comfortable feeling of being in control, and remembering that this had all started when these guys had invited him over to fuck them.  Well, fuck them he would.  Julio was busy slicking up Jacky's hole, big Frank was about to get his tool even harder than it was already, and then let the games begin!   

"Go for it, Daddy!"   It was time, and TJ was more than ready.  

Frank didn't need any more encouragement.  The kid was as hot as he'd thought, and even hotter when he took charge.   Frank had a submissive side which he seldom let out; Jacky and Julio both needed him to be the dominant man in their lives, and he was fine with that.   But sometimes he needed to let go a little, and he had hopes that this kid could get over his awe of the Frank's size and bearing and drive the bus for a while.   

Licking and slurping, Frank went after the jock's balls, washing them in spit, sucking them into his mouth, pulling back on them until the shaved ball sac was stretched out and TJ moaned a little.  The pre-cum continued to ooze out of the kid's piss slit, and Frank once again stuck his tongue out and licked off the swollen cock head.   Shuddering with pleasure, TJ put his hands behind Frank's head and guided him onto his thick cock.  The moment Frank's tongue touched TJ's swollen member, it was like the switch flipped and the young jock was in the driver's seat.

"Suck that big dick, man!  Yeah!  All the way down on it, you big fucking cocksucker!"

Frank complied, even though it meant a few moments when he gagged and choked on the thick jock meat which TJ was forcing into his mouth and down his throat.   Suppressing his gag reflex the best he could, Frank let the kid push into his throat, swallowing and gulping air when he could.  The noises, the drool, and the convulsive motions of Franks throat all combined to turn TJ into a rutting animal.  

"Yeah!  That's right!  Just like that, faggot!"  

Frank sucked and slurped, and TJ's dick responded: the nine-inch shaft got thicker and harder, the veins popped out even more, and the head swelled into a purple monster.  Frank had big hands, but it got harder and harder to get his hand around TJ's tool.  TJ, in turn, seemed determined to force his fuckmeat all the way down Frank's throat.  He pushed harder with every stroke, and what had started as cocksucking turned into a major face-fuck.  Frank was gasping for air and gagging on almost every stroke,  drooling massive quantities of spit and snot.   Any thought that he could dominate the young buck was gone for now -- this kid had no mercy.

"OK, old man!  Take a break.  It's fuckin' time!  Jackyboy, get that muscle butt over here!"  

They had asked him to top them, after all. And it was time they got what they asked for.  Julio slapped Jacky's butt and pushed him over to TJ's end of the couch.  Frank, released from cocksucking duty for the moment, sank back to watch the show, catch his breath, and process the fact that he'd just been called an old man.    

Jacky was ready.  He'd been well aware of what had gone down between TJ and Frank, and he was itching to take the cocky jock down a peg or three.  He was well-greased-up from a couple of Julio's big loads, the last of which was drooling down his legs as he got in position for a doggie-style fuck session.  He figured he'd let the jock get his cock head just inside his hole, and then tighten up so the kid couldn't get any further.  Jacky was a strong guy, and his ass muscles were well-trained from taking Frank's big dick several times a week; this tack had worked before, as Julio could attest.  They exchanged a knowing glance as TJ swaggered up to stand behind Jacky.  

"Ready, muscle boy?"  

TJ moved in, his cock jutting up at an angle.  He leaned in over Jacky's impressively muscled back, and stroked it, enjoying the feeling of all that hard sweaty muscle under his hands as he slid his dick up and down in Jacky's shaved crack, adding his precum and Frank's drool to the slime from Julio's loads.  He teased Jacky like this for a minute or so, until the big guy couldn't stand the waiting.

"You gonna fart around all night?  Watcha got, jock boy?"  

TJ put both hands on Jacky's hips, slid his dick so the massively swollen head was poised at Jacky's twitching hole.  He nudged the hole a couple of times to make sure he was lined up right. 

"THIS is what I got, Jackyboy!  Look Ma, no hands!"

Holding on tight to Jacky's hips, TJ easily penetrated the outer ring of muscle.  This was when Jacky's game plan was supposed to kick in, waiting for a pause, then squeezing and trapping the thick shaft before it could go further.  That sure as hell didn't work, and if he had a Plan B, that didn't work either: the jock never paused, ramming his dick balls-deep before Jacky could react.  In one breath, all nine inches of engorged fuckmeat was buried in Jacky's ass, leaving the muscle dude panting and howling in pain and frustration.  It fucking HURT to be taken that way, and the cocky little shit would pay!  No way was Jacky gonna stand for this!

Trouble was, he wasn't standing.  He was bent over the end of the hotel couch, his ass in the air and his face buried in the seat cushions.  When he looked up, Julio was smirking at him and shrugged.  And he could hear Frank chuckling ... 

"Guess you kinda got ambushed there, cowboy!"  

If this was an ambush, the main attack wasn't far behind.  TJ pulled back a few inches and plunged in again; this time Jacky was ready, and tightened up his ass to try to make it harder for the top boy to penetrate all the way.  TJ wasn't buying:

"Oh, no, buddy!  You don't hold many cards in this game, so lets get clear who's dealing!" 

TJ pulled almost all the way out of Jack's hole to get a running start, and then pushed hard, once  again ramming his hard tool all the way to the hilt.  The muscle dude swore in frustration.  This was NOT the way it was supposed to go.  

"You little sonofabitch!"  

Jacky started to raise his body from the couch, but TJ was having none of that: 185 pounds of high school jock muscle came down with all the leverage of his superior position, forcing Jacky's head down into the seat cushion.  The "little SOB" had the moves.

"Easy, big guy!  You invited me here to fuck you.  I'm fucking you.  Play nice!" 



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