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TJ and Friends - Chapter 3

When he began to probe around inside TJ's ass, he easily found the swollen and sensitive prostate. A few strokes, some extra suction and bingo! Julio was swallowing jet after jet of jock cum as TJ lost his mind for a few incredible moments, yelling his head off as he came.

It wasn't over. Julio had plans for what to do with the young jock while he had him all to himself.


"Jesus Christ, Julio! That was fucking amazing!"

TJ staggered over to a couch and slouched down, his pants still around his ankles. "That ranks right up there with the all-time best head I've ever had." Julio pulled the jock's shirt off, got down at TJ's feet, slipped off his sandals, and pulled his pants the rest of the way off. He grinned, and licked the nearest part of TJ's muscular body, which happened to be his bulked-up thighs. The legs in front of him were thick and athletic and hairy, but the inside of the thighs was smooth and tender. Julio slurped up and down that sensitive skin, watching as the thick cock twitched a bit and slowly started to thicken. TJ groaned, and reached out to stroke the little guy's head.

"You're something else, mijito!"

Julio sat back on his haunches, cradling TJ's balls with one hand, and reached down to slide his shorts off. His thin dark prick jutted straight up out of a trimmed bush of black hair, topping a pair of very large balls. The two Hispanic guys sat there for a moment enjoying the sight and smell of each others' bodies and anticipating what might happen next.

"Yeah, that was fun! A nice appetizer for the main course. I'm sure you've got several more loads in you, Papi."

The kid went back to playing with TJ's balls, and explained.

"I've got my place in this outfit... I suck dick, I get fucked, and I push big loads in tight holes. They call me the lube gun. Before one of the big guys pushes his horse cock up inside a trick's ass, I get it all slicked up. I've got a skinny little dick and it slides in easy without much prep. And I can cum time after time, without hardly any recovery time... in 10-15 minutes I can bust 2 or 3 loads of ball juice."

"So who greases you up, Julio?" TJ smiled.

"Just some spit and I'm usually good to go, even for you big guys. But right now I want to eat some of that fine jock ass! By the way, my nickname around here is 'Pico'."

TJ looked puzzled, as he tried to remember his Spanish, and then smiled.

"Spike! Hell, yeah, little dude! That's a hard little tool you got there."

"It goes in easy, anytime. Never have to use my hands. You'll see!"

"Well, I dunno 'bout that ... " TJ was hesitant to admit how much he wanted to get fucked, and felt that he had to maintain his position as a dominant top. But the idea of a slick fuck from the hot little dude's skinny dick was pretty appealing as a warm-up to the main event later with the big-cocked muscle studs.


The kid pushed him back on the couch and folded his legs up to his chest, exposing his hairy crack and shaved balls. Julio - Pico - was amazingly strong for his size. No problem manhandling the jock's big legs and butt so he was positioned just right. TJ wrapped his arms around his ankles to maintain the position.

"Relax, big guy. I'm good at this!"

"I'll bet you are .... OH FUCK!"

The kid lapped his tongue all over the jock's balls, slobbering spit all over, and then sucked them one by one into his hot mouth. TJ's cock jumped and swelled as the hungry mouth sucked and licked his nuts. Julio grinned; he enjoyed his work. His dick bounced a little, too, and started to leak sweet clear pre-cum... plenty of lube to get the big jock's hole all ready. His tongue worked its way lower, sliding over the sensitive skin between the base of TJ's ball sack and his pucker. TJ was lost again... any thought of being in control had gone, and he moaned and howled in pleasure as that long tongue did its work. Julio was working all around the asshole, now, the hair slicked down and wet as he probed and licked all around the orifice. The jock's hole had no hesitation about communicating what it wanted: it clenched and then opened up as far as it could on its own, begging to be filled. After several minutes of this, Julio let his tongue press against the opening and explore. TJ howled even louder as that long thick tongue pushed into his hot ass, just as Julio's finger had earlier. He wanted that slippery thing inside, bad! And he got it ... almost snakelike, Julio's tongue worked as deep as it could and moved around.

"Oh, man ... Oh, Jesus ... Oh fuck! FUCK! Yeah! Eat my ass, kid! Deeper!"

TJ was beside himself.

It was time. Julio pulled his tongue out and spit a big load of saliva onto the winking hole, raised his body a little, and positioned his dick. He nudged and pushed, teasing the jock's ass without mercy, slicking it up with his slimy pre-cum, until TJ, knowing exactly what was going on and wanting it BAD, huffed "Fuck me dude! FUCK ME!" Big Bad Top had turned into whiny bottom boy.


Done deal. Without hesitation, the kid nailed the waiting jock: His skinny dick slid all the way inside in one smooth motion. TJ shuddered, winced, his ass clenched and then relaxed to welcome the intruder, and he smiled.

"OK, little guy, show me what you've got!"

Julio knew how it would go. He did this a lot, with his buds and with the tricks they scouted up. He started a regular fucking motion, not all that fast or hard, but trying to watch TJ's body react when his dick hit the prostate. He knew that it wouldn't be long until he nutted for the first time, and it wasn't: After a couple of minutes he felt the familiar rising sensation in his balls, and he knew he was about to cum.

"Here goes, jock boy!"

And go it did. 6 or seven pulses and he filled TJ's colon with spunk; he could feel his dick slosh around in the soup, and saw some dribble out around the edges. The jock felt the hot sperm coat his guts, and felt the excess flow out and down his legs.

"Shit, man!" he exclaimed. "What a load!"

But this was just the beginning - Julio kept on pumping, his dick staying hard. This time he made a point of trying to hit TJ's prostate every stroke, and he succeeded on most. Clear pre-cum was dripping out of the jock's big cock; he was making little happy noises with every stroke from the little guy, and when Julio unloaded for the second time it was an even bigger dose of spunk, most of which slipped out the edges because there just wasn't a whole lot more room up in TJ's butt.

Julio knew he could go on like this for quite a while. But he suspected that TJ needed a break, and he didn't know when the big guys would be back and TJ would need to flip the switch and be a top again. So he slipped out - TJ didn't even notice, it was so sloppy in there - and flopped down on the couch. TJ reached over and held him, and they fell asleep in a sticky pile of cum and pre-cum.

"Looks like Spike got to him first!" said a deep voice. Show time!



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