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I've also noticed that there's a great series here which is also about a guy called "TJ" -- written by TJ Tachet. Sorry about that, folks. I'm sure you can keep them straight... Well, you know what I mean.



Jacky stepped in. "Dude, you can do pretty much whatever you want with whoever you want. Tell you what ... we're in room 518 at the Hilton. Take some time to think it over, and if you're game, text us and plan to join us later."


TJ went back to his place and flopped on his bed. He was really turned on by those guys. His cock, finally released from the prison of his jeans, was stiff and leaking at the thought of boning either of those big men. And he'd gone out looking for action... so what was the problem? After a while of absent-mindedly stroking his meat and thinking, he figured it out. They had initiated it. They were in control. Maybe he was gonna fuck them, but it was their game and their rules. That would be a new experience. Was that so awful? And it really looked like they wanted him as bad as he wanted them. Frank had an almost plaintive tone of voice at the end, and Jacky sounded really sincere. What the fuck, right? What the fuck!

TJ texted the number that Jacky had given him, saying he'd be there in about half an hour. He showered, and (just in case) cleaned out thoroughly. It was hard not to jack off in the shower, but he held himself in control – he wanted to give those guys his best. Not that he couldn't cum more than once in a session, but still... he wanted to blow the guy's ass off, whoever it was. He debated which guy he'd do first as he drove over to the Hilton and took the elevator up to the fifth floor.

Julio opened the door, shirtless, barefoot, and wearing a pair of dazzle shorts. The kid was ripped up, with what might pass for an 8-pack of abs. He hadn't shaved, and his dark stubble made him look older; without the big guys to compare with, he was worth the trip all by himself.

"The guys went out to get some beer and shit. They wanted me to take care of you until they got here. Damn, dude, your dick just doesn't quit, does it?"

TJ had started to bone up on the elevator thinking about the evening ahead, and the outline of his thick cock was plain to see through his nylon warm-up pants. Julio reached out and stroked it gently through TJ's pants. He had a big grin and kept his eyes locked with TJ's as he worked the big dick. TJ felt like he should be more in control of this, but what the kid was doing felt so good that he didn't have any better ideas. "Fuck yeah... " was about all he could manage. Julio took this as encouragement, and with his other hand reached out and tweaked one of TJ's nips through his t-shirt. This damn near caused a convulsion, as the big jock's tits were, as the saying goes, hard-wired to his dick.

Julio's grin got bigger and his eyes twinkled.

"Looks like I hit pay dirt, huh, dude?"

In one fluid movement he was on his knees, TJ's pants were around his ankles, and his cock was entirely encased by a warm Mexican mouth. The kid had taken all nine thick inches in one gulp, with no hesitation. He swallowed a couple of times, which sent TJ even deeper into a haze of lust.

"Yeah, kid, milk my dick with your throat!"

Julio began to bob up and down on TJ's big meat, and reached up from time to time under the shirt to work the hard little nubs on TJ's muscular chest. The jock leaned back against the wall and basked in all the erotic energy. He was pretty sure that he was gonna cum pretty soon -- Julio was really good at what he was doing, and TJ hadn't busted a nut in more than a day. Once again, he had the feeling that he ought to be more in control of the situation, but it didn't seem to matter much.

Julio took his hands off TJ's tits and grabbed his ass cheeks as he sucked and licked the jock's dick and balls. One hand moved around to explore TJ's furry ass trench, and the response was immediate. TJ's dick swelled and he moaned as Julio's finger grazed his hole.

"Gotcha!" Julio thought as he played with the jock's asshole, very gently at first and then more insistently. He took his finger away, put it in his mouth to moisten it with spit and TJ's cock snot, and put it back right on the jock's tight pucker, continuing to lick and suck TJ's big dick.

"Jesus Christ kid ..." TJ abandoned any semblance of control. The little dude was calling the shots and man, were they ever the right shots! TJ pushed his hole against the kid's finger; he groaned as his hungry ass sucked in the slick digit. Julio let it stay where it was, enjoying the heat of the jock's guts, and redoubled his cocksucking efforts. When he began to probe around inside TJ's ass, he easily found the swollen and sensitive prostate. A few strokes, some extra suction and bingo! Julio was swallowing jet after jet of jock cum as TJ lost his mind for a few incredible moments, yelling his head off as he came.

It wasn't over. Julio had plans for what to do with the young jock while he had him all to himself.



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